• Aquino most trusted; Binay’s ratings plunge


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd has emerged as the nation’s most trusted government official, dislodging Vice President Jejomar Binay, whose approval and trust ratings sharply dropped in a third-quarter survey of Pulse Asia.

    Binay, who used to be the country’s most trusted and appreciated public official, saw an 18-percentage point drop in his trust ratings.

    From 57 percent in June, the Vice President’s ratings dropped to 39 percent in a survey taken from September 8 to 14.

    His approval rating also fell to 43 percent in September, a 15-percentage point decline from 58 percent in June.

    Binay used to enjoy performance ratings of up to 87 percent.

    The first to declare his intention to run for President in next year’s elections, he is under fire over corruption allegations during his term as Makati City (Metro Manila) mayor.

    President Aquino, meanwhile, scored majority approval rating in the September survey, receiving 54 percent.

    The President received a 49-percent trust rating in September, one point below the 50 percent score he got in June.

    Pulse Asia said Aquino is the only one among the top five government officials who got a majority approval rating in the September survey.

    The nationwide poll was based on a sample of 2,400 adults aged 18 years old and above. Error margin is plus/minus 2 percent at 95 percent confidence level. Face-to-face interviews were conducted.

    Approval and trust ratings of the other top officials of the land remained steady in the third quarter of 2015.

    Senate President Franklin Drilon’s approval rating rose to 50 percent from 49 percent previously, while his trust rating jumped to 47 percent from 45 percent in June.

    Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. recorded a two-point increase both in his approval and trust ratings to 32 percent and 29 percent, respectively.

    It was the opposite for Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, as her June approval rating of 31 percent went down to 29 percent in September.

    As for trust ratings, Sereno got 26 percent in September, down one percent from June’s 27 percent.

    VP resignation did him in

    Malacanang on Thursday said they are gratified by the President’s latest poll numbers.

    “We thank our bosses, the Filipino people, for expressing their continued trust in President Aquino’s leadership,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in Filipino.

    Coloma, meanwhile, attributed the decline in Binay’s trust and approval ratings to his decision to resign from the Cabinet.

    “It’s just reasonable to note that the shift in his status from being a member of the Cabinet to leader of the opposition would have a similar take on his performance and satisfaction rating,” he said.

    Binay, who is running for president under the United Nationalist Alliance, resigned from
    Aquino’s Cabinet in June.

    He was presidential adviser on overseas Filipino workers’ concerns and chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council.

    Binay grateful
    Binay said he remains grateful for the constant support of Filipinos, especially those from the provinces.

    “I am thankful that despite the Senate inquisition and the intensified campaign of lies and pattern of deceit against me, our [countrymen’s] faith in me remains steadfast and undiminished,” he added.

    “Whatever the results of the survey, my determination to uphold my responsibilities and serve our people will never falter,” Binay said.


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    1. How can it be possible for Pnoy to be the most trusted when he allowed corruptions that caused bad MRT service, worsening traffic, extremely high power costs, high unemployment, massacre of SAF 44, unconstitutional DAP and PDAF, unconstitutional BBL, existence of lump sums in our national budget, widening gap between the rich and poor, poor infrastructure, etc.? Sino nilloko ninyo Pulse Asia?

    2. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Unbelievable! Even the ignorant would not fall to this kind of joke. How could one still trust a president who have been continuously not telling the truth and whose only shield is the tuwid na daan when all of the daans now are butas-butas at pinagkakakitaan ng mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. I wish I could believe what I read and what the “False Asia” have been reporting. Its survey, whoever commissioned it, is definitely out of this world. Our only hope- GOD. God bless the Philippines.

    3. I truly wonder what is it that these people, one is a Bi-Polar, and the other one a Bisexual, keep saying that they won the battle against Marcos tyranny… including the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

      NINOY and CORY are the real tyrants of this country? They say that they won against whom? Marcos? It’s a big lie.

    4. It’s the unanswered allegations of corruptions that did Binay in and not because of resignation from cabinet. Coloma’s take on the drop of trust for Binay is, to say the least , off-tangent.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        All allegations. File cases and charge Binay in the court of law. If found guilty, let him rot in jail. But, to this day, it is still allegations and name dropping. Find all those allegedly tied to him. What is our law enforcers doing. God bless the Philippines.

    5. Of course this “survey” is a basket-case joke. If only to take note that all LP key officials led by PNoy are now trusted is an insult to the intelligence of the public. Hey, Pulse Asia, your survey used to be jokes and it never changed. Your surveys are still big jokes. Tell Tony Cojuangco not to continue pulling peoples legs.

    6. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      Binay will continuously go down the drain. It is of no use for Binay to continue his ambition to be president of this country. Majority of the Filipinos now realized that Binay only used his cabinet position from 2010 to the present for his campaign and so with his ill-gotten wealth. His kids like Jun-jun, Nancy and Abigay will soon realized that they too will end their sarcastic overconfidence of being absolved of their greed in power and money. Their dreams of staying in the Malacanang Palace (and planning to built more elevators from Malacanang to their ill gotten mansions) will just be dreams. Dreams of amassing more wealth by selling the Spratly islands to China will come to an end. Let us keep on praying to save the Philippines from the Binays.

    7. ‘False’ Asia (Pulse Asia) is the biggest joke in the country. Who’s funding every result? How’s the methodology? Where and who (in general) were the respondents, etc., etc.?