Aquino mum on aircraft shopping anomalies

FLYING SOON President Benigno Aquino 3rd grins as he views a scale model of the FA-50 Golden Eagle, which will join the Philippine Air Force “flying assets” by December. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

FLYING SOON President Benigno Aquino 3rd grins as he views a scale model of the FA-50 Golden Eagle, which will join the Philippine Air Force “flying assets” by December. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

CLARK AIR BASE, Pampanga: President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Wednesday once again bragged about improved governance under his “daang matuwid (straight path)” mantra as the reason why the nation’s air force has more force than air, but was silent about controversies hounding the government’s aircraft acquisition contracts.

Speaking at the 68th anniversary of the founding of the Philippine Air Force (PAF), Aquino said the good governance of his administration has led to better public funding and services to the nation.

He cited his administration’s achievements in modernizing the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

In just five years, Aquino said, 55 projects were completed for the military, surpassing the 45 finished projects of the past three administrations.

“My administration’s straight path broke the cycle of hopelessness and neglect of your welfare. Because of good governance, we managed to improve the capabilities and materiel needed by our soldiers,” the President said in Filipino.

Aquino reiterated his promise to acquire modern aircraft and weaponry before his term ends in 2016.

The President enumerated the types of aircraft that are on the government’s shopping list.

But he failed to mention the controversial UH-1D helicopters from the US, which had been the subject of an expose by The Manila Times.

The deal was said to have been rigged to favor Rice Aircraft Services Inc. and its joint venture partner, Eagle Copters Ltd of Canada, with the help of local contacts and officials at the Department of Defense (DND).

The Manila Times expose prompted the Senate and the House of Representatives to call for a congressional investigation of the modernization program. The Defense department also scrapped the P1.2-billion UH-1 helicopter project and ordered the blacklisting of the supplier.

According to Aquino, some of the air assets soon to be added to the PAF inventory include two more units of C-295 medium lift transport and eight Bell 412 combat utility helicopters, and six close air support aircraft.

Two of the 12 FA-50 Golden Eagle light attack aircraft that were acquired from South Korea are scheduled for delivery in December.

In order for the modernization efforts to continue, Aquino urged soldiers to continue upholding his platform of governance to ensure the modernization of the AFP.

The President said his government is pushing for PAF Flight Plan 2028 to transform the air force, which he says was left “grounded” because of corruption and poor governance in the past.

This program, however, will span three Presidents. Aquino only has 364 remaining days in office.

“That’s why we need to side with the straight path. If we divert from this path, I’m sure the direction toward positive change, which we already started, would face a stumbling block,” the President said.


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  1. :He already mastered the art of lying hehehe and when that lies repeatedly said becomes the truth now,that’s how he thinks hehehe.Aquino has a delusion of grandeur

  2. bugok, kung hindi pa sinakop na ng china ang schoroah shoal hindi ka kikilos. kailan mo lang iyan pinoprocure.. Gago…ngayon magpaliwanag ka sa ating mamamayan bakit nawalan tayo ng isang isla>>>?? animal ka… kailan pa darating warship mo o patrol boat mo… iyong pinagmamalaking mong patrol boat hindi naman patrol boat iyon. pangrescue iyon. parang rubber boat……. ginagago mo ang pilipino. ano ang akala mo hindi namin ang mga modern equipment for military… inutil na sinungaling pa..

  3. With Sec.Gazmin and his gang of thieves at the DND the AFP will never get a quality weapons,all bulok and will put our brave soldiers lives in danger.

  4. The Philippines could have all the advanced warfare equipment it needs without spending a dime. A win win. Give the US bases and get military equipment and support. Not only would this elevate the Philippines out of its politically paralyzing inablity to defend itself angainst outside territorial intrusions, but would also enaqble the Philippines to finally address its own internal terroist elements. Imagine the Philippines giving China an ultimatum that could be backed up: Get out of the West Philippine Sea, you have 3 days or you will be forcibly removed. China never would have dared to annex Philippine territory with the US in Clak and Subic.

  5. will span 3 presidency? the next president for sure will cancel all pnoy’s hallucinations. pilipinos are loving people, we don’t need war. we need the angel of peace, not death.

  6. He, he. PNoy must really be a pin-head not to know about all the corruption going around. Either he does not care about these corruption or he does not know what it is.

    • the hell with corruption that’s part of our culture. at least he had accomplished more in AFP modernization including the salaries and benefits for our uniformed men and women including the PNP who now issued one of the best side arm in the world and that is the GLOCK pistol.

    • I Remember... on

      Don’t take Emilo seriously, he is a yellow stain.
      He just don’t understand that without corruption the police would have more equipment of better quality… Glock pistols or not. Why not 2 Glock pistols idot?