Aquino must step down, but continue being de facto president


MANY are asking: What happens if BS Aquino does “step down” as some implore him and others, more forcefully, urge him to do?

Many do not want Vice President Jejomar Binay to be the president as a result of Aquino’s resignation. They want the VP also to “step down” or resign together with Aquino.

We are not privy to the National Transformation Council’s plans.

We in The Times and many of our fellow citizens are hoping for this miracle:

NTC serves as President’s advisers and decision-makers
Prodded by his conscience—and urged by Catholic and Protestant bishops and other churchmen, Muslim imams, wise and respected Filipinos known for their probity, and holders of power in business, finance, industry, and persons whom the rank and file of the military and police forces look up to — President Aquino will patriotically agree to have the National Transformation Council serve as his advisers and decision-makers as to how our country should be swiftly reformed and transformed, in compliance with the Constitution and the other laws of our land.

For example, on the advice of the NTC, President Aquino will issue orders:

1. That all illegal government doings that have been identified as such in every executive department must be stopped, and everyone responsible for the wrongdoing be prosecuted.

2. That the most basic, vital and necessary proposed laws are certified as urgent and priority bills. His Excellency the President will then exhort his allies in Congress to pass these laws. The most urgent of these laws are those that address the massive poverty problem.

Strike down the illegal Smartmatic AES
3. That preparations for transparent, honest, orderly and fraud-free elections in 2016 be done. Therefore, His Excellency President Aquino will make sure that every bit of illegality in the implementation of the Automated Election Law or R.A. 9360–instituted by the Commission on Elections, in collaboration with Smartmatic, in the 2010 and 2013 elections, and poised to be repeated in the 2016 election–are struck down.

Those responsible will be prosecuted. Smartmatic and its corrupt automated election system using PCOS machines will be banned.

It is vital for the reform and transformation of our society and political system that a fraud-free, transparent and fool-proof election system be established. That system must guarantee that every citizen’s vote is counted and reported to the canvassing centers.

The National Transformation Council, and the institutions and forces that had worked to persuade President Aquino to work with the NTC, will also marshal their strength and powers of persuasion to secure the cooperation of the Commission on Elections to agree to all the election reforms.

If the illegal Smartmatic Automated Election System using the PCOS machines is not removed, the 2016 elections will be as defective and worthless as the elections of 2010 and 2013.

May God have mercy on our Republic and on us Filipinos and grant us this miracle.


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  1. Kahit magsama-sama pa sina Gloria Arroyo,VP Binay, Norberto Gonzales,Peping Cojuangco e hindi sila magtatagumpay na paalisin si PNoy sa pwesto dahil wala silang makukuhang suporta sa taongbayan

  2. NTC with elite members in the society? You don’t represent the true sentiments of the Filipino people. You can manipulate the government because of your financial machineries but in the end Vox populi will prevail.

  3. We won’t be having problems of succession or taking out an incompetent president if we have a parliamentary form of government instead of presidential. Dissolution of parliament due to no confidence or lack of public trust and support can be done through snap elections. No need for coups and people’s power. Elections will always decide who leads the country and no need for six long years to wait if an incompetent president is elected by mistake. Corruption stemming from patronage politics will be greatly reduced because campaign contributors will be wary of investing huge money as it is not sure who will be the Prime Minister and for how long he will be in power to protect their interests. The effectivity of the parliamentary form can be gleaned from Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Canada and many more advanced countries in the world. Uncle Sam’s presidential system is clearly not working for us. Time for change.

  4. I am not into any dictators taking control of the government. Law and order are the most important thing in keeping the people safe. We have laws. Let’s all follow them. Do not let us all become mini-aquinos where we disregard the rules, the laws and the constitution to achieve what we want. I know it is tempting to give him a dose of his own medicine but we cannot. If he won’t resign and we cannot impeach him, then we must follow the law and keep him until his term ends in 2016.


    It will not do any good to convene the National Security Council. This is obviously a ploy to save Noynoy Aquino from outright political demise as Jojo Binay knows that the only way for him to possibly become president is to have Noynoy finish his term. Nobody wants him at this point to replace Noynoy should the American stooge steps down. He is in fact the very reason why the national transformation effort is being delayed. And if he really cares about this nation, he should step down as well with everyone in the Senate and House in tow.

    Better yet, convene the Council of State that includes former presidents and senior statesmen and expand it to include religious leaders and other disinterested parties whose only concern is to save the State from further harm. After all the issue is how to save the state that has been severely destroyed by Nonoy and his cabal and not only the illegitimate presidency of Aquino. This is a plausible alternative for a graceful exit with pride intact and honor restored. Worth considering Noynoy, isn’t it?

  6. It will be very hard and difficult to accept but with heavy heart, one will be constrained to agree in this editorial that we leave PNoy as de-facto President. Lord have mercy on us if Binay, Drillon, Belmonte or Sereno will take over. The aforementioned will surely empty the Treasury of the Philppines and more man-made or natural calamities will again hound the Philippines.

  7. Vicente Penetrante on

    NTC as the “Council of Elders.” That will bring us back to Spartan times before Christ. Or feudal Japan. Reverting back to those times is not the answer. PNoy wants his “critics” to give “solutions.” He is already reversible from an employee listening to his “bosses” to being “father of a nation.”

    • the bigger problem if election say snap election is called, is the MAGICAL HOCOS PCOS OF THE COMELEC-SMARTMATIC tandem. kaya yung proposal sa editorial is to scrap the usage of this magical machines and ban smartmatic to operate in this country.

  8. Gloria M. Kuizon on

    Yes, I’m praying for this miracle to happen. The entire Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines–specially its present head Archbishop Villegas–should no longer have any qualms about supporting this call for the de facto and PCOS-machine produced President BS Aquino to step down. The Bishops’ voices are needed because that is the only way millions of Catholics can mobilize and transform Philippine society–and for elections to become democratic, transparent, honest and credible.
    The NTC includes also the leading Filipino Protestant prelates and Islamic clergy and imams.

  9. How about explaining the Constitutional legality of The National Transformation Council and how it can “legally” become our guiding executive body.
    IT WILL BE LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL. The President will follow the advise of the NTC and issue orders that will serve the common good. That’s all. All orders and issuances will still be signed by His Excellency President Aquino.

  10. Frankly, I do not see any possible way for a compromise on the NTC demand for the Abnoy to step down.

    In the first place, the demand for tje Abnoy to step down is premised essentially on the fact that he is an illegitimate president. He was not voted upon by the people but by the Hocus Pcos machines. Hence, he has no mandate. He is a mere usurper or an illegal occupant ( the street term is SQUATTER) who never had any right to ascend the seat of power. Because of this, jhe ought to step down.

    Second, his usurpation has brought untold sufferings and disasters upon the country, including of late, the gruesome deaths of our young SAF troopers who were mercilessly thrown to the lion’s arena in pursuit of his greed and ambition. His governance has been punctuated by an endless string of fecklessness, unconcern, corruption,banditry and plunder in a magnitude never before experienced in any regime.

    How then can we compromise the well- being of the republic? In my book, the only real solution available to us is to remove this evil personified.

  11. Binay should first take the initiative to step down or resign and return all the wealth he stole from the government.