• ‘Aquino not dishonest, he’s incompetent’


    SOME bishops and various groups will continue their call for President Benigno Aquino 3rd to step down even if Manila Archbishop Antonio Cardinal Tagle withheld support to the National Transformation Council (NTC) which has called on the president to resign, Archbishop emeritus Oscar Cruz said on Wednesday.

    Cruz said Tagle’s statement that Aquino should be allowed to finish his term will not stop some of bishops from pursuing their call for Aquino to step down.

    “I understand him [Cardinal Tagle]. He has all the right to say that he does not like the NTC. The movement espoused by some churchmen for his [Aquino] resignation continues notwithstanding the expressed opinion of Cardinal Tagle,” the prelate told reporters during the weekly Fernandina media forum at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City.

    Cruz clarified that the NTC, which he supports, is opposed to a military coup. He however noted that the president has no longer the moral ascendancy to lead.

    “Hindi po masama ang Presidente. He is not a dishonest person but he is just an incompetent president,” he stressed.

    Cruz, former president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), said a number of priests and nuns across the country have signified their interest to join the movement that seeks Aquino’s resignation.

    “Sa tingin ko, habang tumatagal ang panahon dumadami ang grupo ng mga obispo at madre ang nagsasalita na at naniniwala na ang Pangulo ay di na dapat magpatuloy pa sa kanyang pamamahala sapagkat hindi na po kaya,” Cruz said.

    On Tuesday, the militant Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) asked Tagle to hear the demand of various groups for the resignation of Aquino over the Mamasapano tragedy.

    The cardinal earlier questioned the credibility of those pushing for a transformational council once the president steps down from his post.


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    1. For all the lies that this president uttered it is with no doubt that he is DISHONEST. And yes, who knows maybe he has stolen money too which is safely hidden somewhere. INCOMPETENT.well no question about it, I agree more than 100%.

    2. but there are lots of incompetent politicians in the country because the voters can be bought and vote based on popularity. sample is Pacquiao, Imelda Marcos, Imee Marcos, Vilma Santos, Revillas, Estradas, etc. that’s why the country is still the sickest man of ASIA

    3. Roldan Guerrero on

      There is no question on who will succeed Aquino since the succession of power still works. The vice President will succeed. If we became deaf and blind for 5 yrs. we must stop. Considering the abuses Aquino did, Binay will not do the same. The VP is constitiotionally legal to be the next president. Kicking Aquino out of malakaniang is very imperative and should not be delayed so to stop him from inflicting more serious damages to the people and the nation.

    4. It is important to look at the people behind the National Transformation Council and know why they are pushing for a so-called “Caretaker Government” to replace a constitutionally elected government. Would the country put its trust on former Marcos and Arroyo cronies to run the government or do we want the senate investigation to continue and ultimately come to a fair conclusion on the fallen 44 SAF’s.

      What is a “Caretaker Government” and what are its functions?

      Briefly, a Caretaker Government is formed on the basis of a “national consensus”. It can not be formed by a few. It is an “Interim Government” task to temporarily run the day to day operation of the government until such time when a new president is elected. By law a caretaker government is not involved in “Policy Matters”. The policy making power is assigned to another group of people with “no party affiliation”. Under this scenario, with no central figure directing operation, I can see corruption over and over and over again.

      When US president John F Kennedy was assassinated, America grieved, they mourned but they did not come to a halt…they moved on. As Filipinos, we have grieved with the family of the fallen 44 SAF’s but should the future of our country lie on the death of the brave 44 SAF’s? Should we allow the National Transformation Council to put our country to a stand still or do we move on like America?

    5. only a fool cannot realize he’s being fooled.. he accepted he’s a fool in public.. so he is fool…

    6. Anima A. Agrava on

      Archbishop and Cardinal Tagle should learn more about the real political conditions of our country. Either he is a partisan for the Aquino Liberal Party-Abad-Belmonte-Drilon ruling coalition or ignorant of the bad things that the Aquno admnstration has done, things that Archbishop Arguelles, Cardinal Vidal, and the many Catholilc bishops who are with the Naional Transformation Council. He blissfuly thinks the electoral process can be relied on in 2016.
      His igborant view will foster the prolonged reign of evil and corruption and the desruction of the Philippine Republic.
      As in Mexico, whose Institutional Revlutiuonary Party ruled for more than 50 years, the Philippines will be ruled by politicos like Noynoy who pushed the RH Law and abetted corruption by his friends and allies all thse almost 5 years of his regime.
      This is because Aquino with Brillantes made Smartmatic-PCOS machines the boss of our electoral process. Cardinal Tagle really has helped promote a bleak future for us Filipinos by promoting ignorance about the loss of our power to choose our leaders done by the Comelec-SDmartmatic PCOS machines.

    7. Hindi po masama ang Presidente. He is not a dishonest person but he is just an incompetent president,” he stressed.

      I do beg to disagree. Since the surfacing of the DAP which aquino and his cohorts have tried to defend and the latest SAF 44 executions, he is already considered as dishonest because of the all the lies they have been telling everybody. HE IS BOTHE DISHONEST AND INCOMPETENT. The very least that can be said about him is at least he has not stolen anything. But then who knows? Maybe he has and its just very well hidden.

    8. For the Pajero recipients, why do you disregard the moral principles of being a Christian for monetary considerations. Cardinal Tagle is totally correct for who is morally right at this time to head the NTC. The Binays, Cojuangcos , NPAs, Bayan, LEFTISTS are just taking advantage of the situation to promote their own interest. Binay has no more chances of becoming the President thru the 2016 elections so he will have resort to engaging in the activities of those ambitious people. Wait for the 2016 elections.