• ‘Aquino not liable for SAF deaths’


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd is responsible, but not liable, for the killing of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, according to Dasmariñas Rep. Elpidio Barzaga.

    The vice chairman of the House Good Government and Public Accountability panel argued that responsibility is different from liability.

    In his speech at the graduation rites at the Philippine National Police Academy last week, the President appealed for understanding and said that is carrying the full weight of the responsibility.

    “The President is responsible, as Chief Executive, for the workings of government but he cannot be held liable for every error committed in the bureaucracy—from a simple typo error in a memo to the mistakes of those directly serving under him,” Barzaga said in a statement.

    Aquino has addressed the nation thrice on the Mamasapano incident, but these speeches failed to stop the public’s hostile sentiments against him since he has adamantly defended the involvement of former Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima despite his suspension by the Office of the Ombudsman.

    “The speech was very sincere, direct to the point and sensible. The president, once more, took responsibility. The president said he would bring this tragedy with him until his final day,” Barzaga said.

    “He spoke the truth: the sadness brought about by the deaths of the 44 SAF can never be remedied by any speech or report,” he added.

    But Rep. Terry Ridon of Kabataan party-list said Aquino’s stance only shows that he has no remorse.

    “Note how the president didn’t even ask for the public’s forgiveness. Mr. President, the public understands – we the people understand that it is you at fault in this botched operation,” Ridon said.

    But for Barzaga, Ridon and the rest of the critics are beating a dead horse.

    “The issue has already been stretched too far and this is as far as they can go because the people know that they have an honest and trustworthy leader in President Aquino,” the lawmaker said.


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    1. Pete Gabriel on

      Mr. Aquino is the country’s CIC. He has the burden of command, and ultimately responsible for the decision that was made for this somewhat failed military operation. Are we going to forget the 44 SAF? No, are we going to let Mr. Aquino move on and continue governing this land? Yes. Our military and police knew the dangers of the job, when they signed up. They died doing the job that they signed up for, that is protecting the constitution and enforcing the law. They are heroes, what our concern should be now is taking care of the widows and children that have to deal with their loss. Let us take care of them because they made the ultimate sacrifice.

    2. Roldan Guerrero on

      Barsaga is one of the 2nd rate prosecutors who participated in the Corona impeachement. It is very obvious that these people were given big rewards by the DAP King which until now they continue to enjoy. Barzaga being a lawyer, 2nd rate as i have said, never played good against the wits of the deceased Serafin Cuevas, who lost the case for lack of BRIBE MONEY they could offer to the impeachment case. Cong. BARZAGA, HOW MUCH BRIBE DID PINOY GIVE YOU?

    3. Kung ano ang iginuhit ng tadhana iyon ang magaganap. Ang sabi ng Mamay, huwag matakot sa kulog at lintik, ang pangambahan mo’y pagdating sa iginuhit ng kapalaran..lalo na nga’t mayroon kang utang!

    4. 60+ days since President BS Aquino abandoned and betrayed the SAF commandos result Fallen 44 in favor of the BBL and MILF.Still no justice for the Fallen 44.Traitor Deles and Ferrer should be arrested for treason and the murder of the Fallen 44.

    5. Nakalibing na ang SAF 44. PLEASE, don’t let the issue die with them.
      And, yes, reminder to Manila Times, don’t let the criminals at DND “bury” the issue. Worst yet, the evidences and paper trail.

    6. Carl Cid Inting on

      Aquino’s allies are clearing him of any liability before any honest-to-goodness investigation has been done. Anyway, that will be settled after PNoy’s term ends.

    7. Elpidio Trinidad on

      Noynut wasted so many opportunities to comfort hurting filipinos in the wake of the massacre in Mamasapano. Noynut and his nutteam were too busy concocting diversionary scenarios to expultate the biggest nut case RP politics had produce. Everyone was expecting a somber and apolegetic person but instead they witnessed the same person after the aftermath of the Luneta massacre. I say to the Nutteam to refrain uttering slanderous words in shielding the NUT!

    8. How can you expect a LIAR will tell the truth? You considered your self Responsible but not Liable? O come on what a stupid reasoning from a stupid prepaid congressman. Tell that to the Marines!

    9. Mr. Barzaga, it is the other way around. The people know they don’t have an honest and trustworthy president in Pnoy. For if they did not, his trust rating would not have plummeted despite False Asia being the one reporting.

    10. Dasmariñas Rep. Elpidio Barzaga’s lack of logic is betrayed in his defense of the mad dog in Malacanang.To point out: anybody responsible is also liable in case of any legal infraction. Responsibility is a generic term while liability is a legal term. They mean the same. Anybody responsible cold also be held liable in case there is a legal offense attached to irresponsibility.

      Semantics will not exculpate the Abnoy from criminal charges attached to his irresponsibility and neglect and whatever criminal offense is imputable.

    11. We have to understand the our President action and decision is always for the good of our country. But how can he be blame for all his action when he doesn’t even make specific and detailed decision on the front line like Mamasampano incident? Mali ba aprubahin yun lumusob at hulihin si Marwan knowing he is a foreign terrorist. But any movement on the ground wala na alam ang presidente bec. He is not a combatant himself. Sa dami at laki problema ng bansa natin paano mo magampanan kung lahat na detalye pakialam mo.

      • In this case nakialam siya sa operation at nasa planning siya at ginamit niya ang suspendidong PNP chief na si Purisima ! Kung ang mayor na I suspend ng Ombudsman ay hindi maaring manungkulan bakit ginamit niya at nakinig siya ka Purisima?