• Aquino: Now a president/commander on sufferance


    The term “on sufferance,” according to Oxford Dictionary, means “sanction or acquiescence under conditions of bare tolerance.”

    In American English, the American Heritage Dictionary defines “on sufferance” as

    “Absence of objection rather than genuine approval; toleration”; “agreed to but unwillingly”

    It offers a second meaning (archaic): “The suffering or undergoing of something bad or unpleasant.”

    It was in the sense of being “barely tolerated,” that the Economist described electoral democracy in Hong Kong as “Suffrage on sufferance.” It is barely allowed by the Chinese mainland.

    President Aquino, as president and commander-in-chief in the Philippines, has crossed into this dubious realm. Filipinos can barely tolerate him as president and commander-in-chief of our men in uniform.

    You get the drift of the times from the many comments being reported in print, broadcast and digital media.

    One broadcaster called the President “mamasapanot” (a wordplay on the site of the SAF 44 massacre and Aquino’s baldness).

    One texter said he/she would prefer 10 GMAs (Gloria Macapagal Arroyos) to one Noynoy Aquino. What a turnaround!

    After loyally adopting the administration line that the Maguindanao massacre was a “misencounter,” ABS-CBN experienced a rebellion. Its radio arm DZMM dumped the word and used “massacre.” And then Teddy Boy Locsin in his Teditorial called it a massacre and blasted the weasel word out of the building.

    A crisis of the presidency
    President Aquino is experiencing today the gravest crisis of his presidency — one that has been triggered by the massacre of the 44 commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, and the resulting shock, anger and outrage of the Filipino nation.

    Nothing in the five years in office of our 55-year-old president rivals the impact and damage of this tragedy on Aquino’s leadership.

    Not the battering of East Visayas by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan on November 8, 2013, despite its awesome size and destructiveness.

    Not the Luneta hostage-taking incident in August 2010 (he was barely two months in office), which resulted in the death of 8 Hong Kong tourists and inflicted great damage on Philippine relations with a valued neighbor.

    Not Aquino’s setback on his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) in the Supreme Court, which ruled in June 2014 that his diversion of billions of public funds to his discretionary control was illegal and unconstitutional.

    While all these episodes were each marked by grave shortcomings of leadership and competence, the massacre of the SAF 44 towers over them all because Aquino’s failure and accountability in this one is total (from the conception and execution of the mission to its aftermath) and it is nowhere mitigated by any factor.

    With Yolanda, he could plead that an Act of God was involved. He did not cause the catastrophe. He just aggravated the human misery afterwards.

    With the hostage-taking incident, the botched rescue was a failure of lower-level officials. His failure came when he froze in the face of crisis, and doggedly refused to apologize to Hong Kong authorities afterwards.

    With the spectacular downfall of his crooked DAP scheme, he could claim that his Rasputin-like budget secretary Butch Abad orchestrated the looting from start to finish. He only signed the orders and documents. The Supreme Court provided him an out; he can claim he did the crime in good faith.

    Six unpleasant scenarios
    As Aquino stands today, he is staring at several looming and unpleasant scenarios:

    1. His possible overthrow and ouster from office by people power backed by police-military action.

    2. His possible impeachment for betrayal of public trust and unconstitutional acts.

    3. His voluntary resignation of the presidency which an evident majority of the people are demanding.

    4.The total evaporation of his legacy that he once fantasized would include winning a Nobel prize.

    5.His demotion from kingmaker to mere observer of the national elections next year.

    6.The takeover next year of a reform-minded government that will not hesitate to file charges of plunder against him, which would mean detention.

    7. The collapse of the Aquino dynasty and political brand.

    In sum, Aquino is facing a crisis of survival. He must find life support fast for his presidency to survive.

    One movement for regime change
    The idea that Aquino is now a leader governing on sufferance by the Filipino people constitutes the greatest threat to his presidency.

    Everywhere, we can sense the erosion of support for Aquino.

    Many Filipinos are ashamed of him as their president. Soldiers and policemen can barely think of him as their commander.

    Many who voted for him in 2010 have professed voter’s remorse. And those who did not vote for him wear that rejection now as a badge of honor.

    Various groups have been moved to action by anger and shock over the SAF massacre.

    The Catholic Church and other religious congregations have coalesced into a movement that agitates for Aquino’s resignation, and seek to install a National Transformation Council in his place. They are openly agitating for “regime change.”

    Groups representing the various social sectors are also demanding resignation. Only business seems slow to find its voice.

    Not surprisingly, leftist groups are a major part of this growing movement.

    The historian Howard Zinn has written: “Those who have power and seem invulnerable are in fact quite vulnerable. Their power depends on the obedience of others, and when those others begin withholding that obedience, begin defying authority, that power at the top turns out to be very fragile.”

    The massacre has caused massive demoralization and restiveness among military and police personnel.

    Members of the bureaucracy are similarly agitated because of stagnant salaries and benefits, and the looting of the treasury by top officials and politicians.

    Civil servants and men and women in uniform are close to disobeying orders and refusing direction, because of Aquino’s failure to do right by the fallen 44 or 64, and his coddling of Muslim rebels.

    When this happens, left, right and center will fuse into one powerful movement for regime change. For Aquino that will signal the beginning of the end.

    President Aquino will discover, at last, the meaning of what he told his countrymen at his inaugural five years ago: “kayo ang boss ko.” You are my boss.

    He did not mean it then. He will know it now.



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    1. The President , like all of us may not be perfect. his presumed mistake maybe over stated. of course we dont like what happen to the 44 SAF who died in a tragic manners. it really hurt everyone feelings. He may have make a wrong decision but his true intention is good ,would not have wanted and expect this turn of events no ones does right. as long as we can see in him . sincerity in performing his duties and mandate as president . lets try to understand him and his position.
      Many good thing have happen in his administration no one can deny it. his long term plan for us will bear good fruit for all the Pilipino to enjoy. hope his legacy for us is enough to soften our heart . be forgiving specially to a hardworking and straight forward President. What he invest for all of us is the future and dignity of this country.

    2. He (pnoy) must resign. I do not believe in his leadership (obviously, he doesn’t have it) not then, more so not now. We need a thinking leader and not the “blaming” one who obviously, will not grow up and can’t move on from what happened to his family(which of course, thinking electorate already know what really happened). For whatever is left of his decency, he should pack up and leave Malacanang and please, he should bring with him everyone else in his family including cris aquino.

    3. Pustahan tayo maglalabas ng survey ang SWS saying that this Chief Retardate ay mabango parin sa tao …

    4. We took too long to realize that the biggest terrorist is just among us – president PNoy himself! His methods are hidden in plain view and yet we refused to recognize how much damage he has done and continues to do to our nation. Let us yank him out of that post NOW!

    5. abs-cbn tinitira na si boy sisi?? incredible, is it not? baka nagpapapogi na ang abs-cbn para hindi sila ipitin ng papalit kay boy sisi in the immediate future or july 1, 2016 which ever come first. nakita na nila siguro na ang manok ni boy sisi na si boy pickup ay walang pag asa and only the hocos pcos machine can make him president at a great danger to the nation’s stability

    6. Na Hudas ang Bayan nang isang lahi nang mga Judas na mga Makapili(Collaborators, ng panahon ng mga Hapon- na may mga suot na Bayong sa Ulo), na Penoy Simeon da3rd ang RP.

    7. muriel magtanggol on

      Tanggalin si Aquino, pero huwag ipapalit si Binay o si Drilon, utang na loob! Kung military take over leading to a transition government, mas mabuti. Let us not make the mistake of not wanting to sack Aquino, only because Binay will take over. Something can be done and i wish those in the know would do what is best for our country!

      I don’t think we can expect Aquino to resign voluntarily because decency is something we cannot expect from him, among many other things!

    8. I can not tolerate Aquino as president and commander-in-chief of our men in uniform for a moment longer. He has brought too much shame to us all. His rule breaking, his law breaking, and his focus on himself only are too much to bear any longer.

    9. jose b. taganahan on

      Yes, I agree that Pres. BS (bull shit) Aquino lll is now a president/commander-in-chief on sufferance. It would have been ideal to kick him out from the Presidency were it not on the law of succession where a larger would would have happened if we removed Aquino and replace him with VP Binay who is perceived (and rightly so) as super corrupt.

      • You are right. I prefer Aquino than the super corrupt Binay who cannot explain to the his unexplained amassed wealth. Binay’s wealth does not equate his salaries as mayor and Vice President .

    10. butch casimiro on

      There should no more be a Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) cut that bullshit Law! why? because there are Muslims on all over our system of government from the Executive, Legislative, Senate, Congress, Department heads, National and Local Level, Military and the Philippine National Police, Civilian, Private and public offices, they all abide of one law ( The Philippine Constitution) and one leadership which is theElected President and the Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines .. our present leadership government is very stupid enough in dealing with those faction of Muslim rebels may it be MNLF, BIFF all those factions.. wipe them all and abide our Constitution….

    11. Aquino’s character descriptions are the following: callous, insensitive, heartless, hypocrite, incompetent, aversion to teachings of Christ due to approval of RH law and the President totally lacks the qualities of a statesman. He should resign now. Any minute longer he stays in Malacanang is a disaster.

      • Jose Nacionales on

        You can include judgemental. Look what he did to Ms. Nora Aunor as a supposedly our National Artist. Now its his turn to be judged. Ang bilis talaga ng karma…

    12. vagoneto rieles on

      The years 2011, 2012, and 2013 were incredibly good years for the Philippines and her leaders. Economic growth was phenomenal, (heretofore unheard of anyway). The Philippines was gaining confidence as well as cognizance abroad, and the Filipino started to believe in himself once again. The President basked in the limelight, (deservedly), as the leader who made and guaranteed a wholesome and fertile investment climate. To some observers, however, the real impetus was the large, stray and idle capital in the region (and internationally), that was looking for action; and, the fact that the Philippines was the least developed country in the area that had reasonable infrastructure. Idle capital will always seek a friendly vacuum.
      These successful developments did not escape the attention of the President and his functionaries. They ratcheted-up their ‘making nice’ offensive by addressing graft and corruption aggressively in 2014. Now, as darlings of a fawning media, and the object of an adoring public, they couldn’t seem to do wrong. They were capable of accomplishing ‘anything’ they wanted to do. What was gravely wrong, though, is that they inordinately so believed in this illusion…too much. Hubris, unfortunately, feeds on itself. President Aquino was soon set-up to be the ‘Emperor-without-clothes’.
      It now seems that President Aquino (with his PNP buddy Purisima), just chewed on something they couldn’t quite swallow.

      • I really wish I could agree with you that pnoy merely miscalculated the momentum our country was on in terms of economic gains that were inevitable given the regional climate as you said capital will seek a “friendly vacuum”. What you might have perhaps missed to perceive is pnoy was incapable of miscalculation anything, the economy of this country has moved up or down without him or his administration doing anything so it seems wrong for anyone to say that he can deservedly claim credit for any uptick in our economy. Pnoy unreservedly has done just that and worse blames everybody else like Gloria when it is shown that it is actually bad. I actually pity this man thinking how he can manage to live with himself despite all the negative comments and feelings of so many around him. Do not kid yourself you know this too don’t you?

    13. sonny dela cruz on

      Only No.1 scenario is needed to save the country from the Aquino gang. Then we can move on for a better Philippines.

      • sonny dela cruz on

        He will never resign. He might extend it like Marcos did, because he knows the consequences when he leaves office.

    14. And what about the massacre and ambushes of civilians done by the leftists or NPAs. I do agree that a national transformation council but not with the leftists who will advantage of the situation. The leftists or the NPAs are worst than any other terrorists in the whole world. For the group of colmenares, Reyes and others, I would to them “shout your mouths” and let the truth commission or the national transformation council do their jobs.

    15. Malakanyang and the MILF probably wish that they had acted quickly on a POPE FRANCIS suggestion — CENSORSHIP of media when it comes to religious items. All this talk about SAF44 and Muslim fighters hacking at gobyerno-Pilipinas soldier bodies could have been stopped. It presents bad image of Muslims. CENSORSHIP-NOW creates great opportunities, right?