• Aquino offers Duterte help ‘in any way’ post handover


    Outgoing President Benigno Aquino 3rd has congratulated his successor, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, offering him assistance in any manner even after the end of his term on June 30 so the new government would not have to “reinvent the wheel” during the transition.

    It was the first time that Aquino and Duterte spoke on the phone since the tough-talking Davao City mayor won the presidency by a landslide in the May 9 general elections.

    In an interview with members of the Malacañang Press Corps during a farewell lunch at a restaurant in Manila, Aquino described his conversation with Duterte as “pleasant.”

    “I reiterated the offer to be of assistance, in any and every manner that they need it. And, more or less, it was a pleasant conversation, that’s how it ended,” he said, adding, Duterte did not reject his offer of help.

    “Parang natuwa naman siya [Duterte]. Hindi naman tinanggihan at parang pinasalamatan yung alok natin. Sabi ko ano ba matutulong namin sa inyo, sa transition at sa pagkatapos para hindi na kailangan yung parang reinvent the wheel. [It seemed he was happy with the offer. He did not turn it down. I asked him what help we could give in the transition and beyond so that he won’t have to reinvent the wheel],” he added, without elaborating further.

    The phone conversation took place when the President-elect’s transition team visited Malacañang on Thursday.

    Among those who met with him and Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa were incoming Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, executive assistant Christopher “Bong” Go and incoming secretary to the Cabinet Leoncio Evasco Jr.

    “Members of his staff went to the Executive Secretary [on Thursday]. The Executive Secretary brought them to me. We shared some of our experiences in the past six years [with]them,” Aquino said.

    “We went through Malacañang to show them the physical layout and then we proceeded to Malacañang Park, showed them Bahay Pangarap and the various facilities within Malacañang Park and that’s where they got in touch with President-elect Duterte,” he added.

    It was on the day after Duterte met with his Cabinet appointees in Manila for the first time since his proclamation.

    Without the mayor, the Duterte group visited Malacañang for a largely undisclosed agenda.

    But Aquino said both transition teams discussed preparations for Duterte’s inauguration at Malacañang’s Rizal Hall on June 30.

    “I don’t know if I can speak [about]the preparations. I think his spokespeople have been talking about their preparations,” he added.

    It would be the first presidential inauguration in the Palace since the late President Carlos P. Garcia’s 1957 oath-taking.

    Garcia was Vice President to President Ramon Magsaysay and took over as President when Magsaysay died in a plane crash.

    The country’s Presidents usually take their oath at the Quirino Grandstand at Luneta (Rizal Park) in Manila.


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    1. Elpidio Montebon, Jr. on

      The incoming administration needs all the help it can get. Let’s give it to them and wish them success!

    2. Convicting Aquino allies of misuse of the pork barrel fund then seize their ill gotten wealth which would put billions back into the treasury and give the new government something to work with.

      Convict Aquino and Abad of misuse of the DAP Fund

      Seizing Hacienda Luisita which is bigger than Manila from Aquino clan would be a good start since it was supposed to be given to the farmers over 40 years ago according to the loan terms.

      When politicians corrupt their office and steal the people money they should be convicted and everything they own seized and forfeited.

    3. Hugas kamay na naman si Abnoy. Nag-offer na naman ng tulong pero hindi ba niya naisip na ang mga ginawa ng kanyang administrasyon ay puro kapalpakan (puro korapsyon)? Stupido Abnoy. Stay home at hintayin mo na lang ang mga kasong ipa-file against you.

    4. fidel S. Pescador on

      bumira na naman c boy sisi at ano naman ang maitutulong mo Aber??? tama na wait mo na lng ang subpoena mo …God bless Philippines…

    5. A few weeks ago , Pinoy said that we are entering a dictatorship era. Now he said he will help Duterte in the transition period. Where the heck are you going ? This Duterte does not need your help. You have created too many enemies like the senior citizen and lately the nurses. He vetoed both measures. These 2 ideas are 90 percent right: first.. Kung walang anak ang isang lalaki, siya ay BAOG, Kung walang asawa o girl friend and isang lalaki, siya ay BAKLA , Kung wala siyang buhok siya ay PANOT. All of the above are Pnoy description.

    6. Barrio Durian on

      To our loving and scary Pres. Digo…Happy Fathers po sa inyo. Mahal ka ng taga little Baguio sa Davao…

    7. Pampanga Chorizo on


      Kawawa ba si ninoy? Dahil ang anak niya kaisang-isang lalaki matanda na at baluktut na kaya? Ayaw na niya na magkaron pa ng marami Aquino. Kaya siya na nagmatangdang lalakwe na lang. Poor ninoy sana katulad ka ni Digo maraming bata kahit sa labas. Kahit babaero na mahal pa rin ng Taong Bayan. Hinde katulad ng iba na walang anak na sinusuka pa ng Taong Bayan…Pweeehhhhh

    8. Brian Enriquez on

      As the Calvo if he like women??? Then he need help from Digo on how to shire or Bore a child the best way your partner will feel the heavenly joy of love between a woman and a man. Not Man for a man. Woman for a woman like the Lesbian and the Gays. He should be the one who need help. Unless he is not a man at all. Prove it now You and Mar Roxas should battle with the Abus in Jolo. Like your show of in Zamboanga City against the MNLF. Bring your sharp shooter buddies to the Jungle of Indanan, Parang,Panamao,Luuk, Talipao and never mind the Maimbung area. Since, The Tan’s control it for you. Just give it a try honestly it’s fun in the Philippines when you start exchanging bullets with those crazy Abus…We hope you will still have a show with Mar…Before the end of this month. Show your Bravados again Mr. Aquino !!

    9. Wilfredo Ticzon on

      Aquino should just leave and stay away. He has done enough damage already.

      • Pakitang Lakas on

        He better put-up his own Beauty Parlor. Maybe he is trying to convince Digo to have one too. Pnoy and his followers should sail to china and attack his motherland with his loose cannon. And bring all his minions please …Waray-waray ta dong.

    10. Peter Gonzales on

      An incompetent and mental basket case offering help to a very able incoming administration? Just go home!!!

      • Pakitang Lakas on

        They should never provide pnoy a lifetime security at the cost of the Tax payers. He is a tough guy…Then no need to provide a lifetime security like the rest. He will walk alone like the rest of the brave ordinary citizen.

    11. Jose Samilin on

      I blessed the pleasant phone conversation of the two Presidents, Aquino and Duterte for their kind cooperation in managing our country and their beloved people. May they give their best.