• Aquino orders review of fertilizer fund case


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd has directed the Department of Justice to review the P728-million fertilizer fund scam case with a view to refiling it in light of a testimony of pork barrel scam whistleblower Benhur Luy.

    Quoting Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda on Friday told reporters that the case may be reopened, but only if there is enough evidence to support it.

    Lacierda said de Lima wants “to confirm first whether that’s the statement of Benhur’s lawyer.” The lawyer, Raji Mendoza, on Thursday told The Manila Times editors and reporters in an exclusive interview that Luy is willing to testify on the fertilizer fund scam.

    De Lima has been “instructed by the President to review the case with the end in view of refiling the case, if it is still feasible and warranted,” Lacierda said.

    Mendoza said Luy is ready to tell everything he knows about the fertilizer fund scam which, according to him, was a “precursor” of the priority development assistance fund or pork barrel misuse, both of which were designed by businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles.

    Luy will come up with details of the farm inputs scam “soon” after the recent release of the Commission on Audit (COA) report on the anomaly, to which about 140 former members of the House of Representatives were linked, Mendoza said.

    “The fertilizer scam is a precursor [of]the pork barrel scam. He [Luy] said JLN [Napoles’ initials] was involved. He will give his affidavit to the NBI [National Bureau of Investigation] soon,” he added.

    The lawyer explained that Luy took time to reveal what he knows about the fertilizer scam because he was waiting for COA to release its report to back his allegations. The affidavit will be submitted to the NBI after which the Justice department is expected to charge Napoles before the Office of the Ombudsman.

    The COA reported that two-thirds of the P330-million worth of fertilizers was overpriced.

    The biggest amount cited by the auditors was a P123-million excess cost in the purchase of 166,781 bottles of Prime EC Foliar Liquid fertilizers. The COA found that it was overpriced by P717.50 per 300 milliliter bottle and P1,335 per 1 liter bottle.

    The Palace said it welcomes the testimonies of more individuals who would like to provide more information on the fund scheme, but said those testimonies will have to be evaluated by the Justice department.

    In a statement, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said the government is trying its best to give justice to Filipinos whose hard-earned taxes have been misused allegedly by politicians involved in the scam.

    “The President had said it is important for the truth to be revealed,” Coloma added.


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    1. The Philippine Justice System in one of the worst among the democratic system of governments in the world.It is slow, antiquated,corrupt, politicized, inefficient,and plain rotten.Why does it take years to prosecute political corruptions.Former President Joseph Estrada never went to prison and Gloria Arroyo is still playing sick for years.The pork barrel scam is no exception, Enrile will be sentenced by God before our Sandigan Bayan will take action.

    2. This bozo won’t stop at nothing to score at GMA. Right now it’s butata for Pnoy’s daang-matuwid as far as GMA is concerned.

    3. Ha ha ha! Nag-shift nanaman ang mga kolokoy ng iimbestigahan para mawala sa picture ang mga inaakusahang kasama ni Noy he he he! Galing talaga mandaya sa lahat ng panahon. Mapalit na nga naman ang State of the Nation Address ni pogi, nakupo alam na natin ang laman ng mga ito, walang accomplishment report….

    4. Very good, the Pork King will be suing himself.

      Let us see if De Lima will not sanitized the names of the respondents when records show that PNoy and ABad were among several GMA allies who were recipients of the fertilizer fund scams, when they were still tongressmen.

      The funds were released to the them immediately before the presidential election of GMA against FPJ, Lacson, and others and they were campaigning avidly for GMA. Maybe the funds were released to them because they were farmers of Hacienda Luisita at the same time that they were campaigning for GMA.

    5. Prosecuting every case of corruption seems to be a slow moving rueda or merry go round. Parang ferris wheel..gumagalaw,paikot-ikot wala namang nararating na resulta. Resign or take leave? Put them all in solitary confinement so others will think twice about stealing the hard earned money of the Filipino people. With the money that was stolen, we could have revived the dead Pasig River and updated the ferry services. Politicians are more concentrated on GHOST projects diverting money to their vaults rather than real projects with measurable benefits to the Filipino people. Shame on you thieves. C’mon Philippines, You deserve better.

    6. What happen to the findings of the Supreme Court regarding the illegal “DAP” which the President used to bribe the many Senators and Congressmen to impeach the sitting CJ Renato Corona =who voted with other SC justices to return the land to it legal beneficiary the Hacienda Luisita poor farmers who died fighting for what is right . isn’t that atypical of the many injustices done to the many helpless poor farmers, the Mendiola massacre and the Hacienda Luisita massacre ?

      • Nothing! If Hacienda Luisita. Is mentioned, Bading mouth will be covered with froth. Not because of smb but asong ulol.