Aquino ouster, first step on the road to peace


All of the “peace pacts” signed since 2012 with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, especially that requiring the enactment of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) were made solely by President Aquino and a handful of his people.

The hastiness of the pacts’ signing reflected ulterior motives. Aquino lusted for a Nobel Peace Prize. His adviser on the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Teresita Deles, had made the signing of a peace pact with the Islamic insurgents, whatever it was, her career’s goal. And she, with negotiator Miriam Coronel, could have conceivably joined Aquino in getting the Nobel. Law academic Marivic Leonen made his legal imprimatur on the peace pacts his pole vault into the Supreme Court, and the quicker it was inked, the faster he could get to be the youngest justice of the High Court.

Not even Aquino’s Cabinet was consulted on the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro and on the BBL. Not the National Security Council, not the Liberal Party, not Congress even if — or because — it was under his thumb. Not the MNLF with which the Republic had signed an agreement binding under international law; not even the governor of the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao and its legislative assembly, which has been the nation’s attempt at peace with Muslims in Mindanao.

These pacts were signed at the peak of Aquino’s popularity, and when he was confident that with his billions of pesos in pork barrel and disbursement-acceleration plan funds, Congress would acquiesce to it. Nations would even cheer for it – after all, what country in the world would say that it was against this “peace” deal. Our rich neighbor, Malaysia, which provided crucial financial support, refuge and military training for the MNLF and the MILF in order to counter our Sabah claim, certainly cheered him on.

He can take his BBL with him when he goes: MILF chairman Murad Ibrahim in a light moment with President Aquino during the President’s Day two years ago.

He can take his BBL with him when he goes: MILF chairman Murad Ibrahim in a light moment with President Aquino during the President’s Day two years ago.

The BBL bill, the entire peace pacts are Aquino’s and his small clique’s promises to the MILF, not the Filipino nation. His mandate to serve six years as head of government did not give him the right to dismember the Republic, or to push it to a path that could last forever. He gave to the MILF something –the integrity of the RepublIc–that was not his to give. When he steps out of power, and maybe even lands in history’s dustbin, he can take his BBL with him.

The gullible, the simpleton, a few dumb entertainment-world has-beens, the MILF and its sympathizers, are saying: Choose, the BBL or war. It is a false choice.

The real choice now is on the one hand, embracing Aquino’s pact with the MILF that would dismember the Republic and lead to more wars in the future, and on the other, embarking on a new road to real peace.

The path to real peace can only start with the ouster of Aquino. As long as he is in power, the MILF will claim that this President promised to give them their own nation-state, that he must keep his promises.

Only with Aquino gone can the nation claim that this arrogant President didn’t consult its representatives, whether we wanted the dismemberment of the Republic or not. We have to begin again.

How do we begin, after Aquino is gone?

First, the new President has to tell the MILF: “Sorry, Aquino rushed his peace pacts with you in his foolish fantasy of being a Nobel laureate and promised the moon and the stars to you, which we cannot give.”

“We’re truly sorry that Muslims and other national minorities were oppressed through the centuries. But we don’t have a time machine to undo that, just as the US can’t undo the injustice done to the 566 Native American tribes by setting up a 51st State of Native Americans. Australia can’t create an Aboriginal Nation-State for the aborigines the English colonizers nearly exterminated.”

The new President has to tell the MILF: “Sorry but the agreements that set up the Republic – the 1897 Biak-na-Bato Constitution, the 1899 Malolos Constitution, the 1935 Constitution, the 1973 Constitution, and the 1987 Constitution – all rejected the notions of a Moro nation, Ilokano nation, Visayas nation, even a Cordillera nation.“

These all envisioned a single Filipino nation, with one territory, one government, one armed force. The territories in Mindanao you call Bangsamoro are not yours; they belong to the Philippine Republic.

Second, a “Council of State” should be organized, representing our elders. I would suggest all past living presidents, Senate presidents, House speakers and Supreme Court justices. To recognize the role of the incumbent Congress, there could be more representatives from the two chambers to join the Council.

It is this council that would undertake an in-depth study of the Muslim problem – they might even discover that the concept of a “Bangsamoro” is a myth – and reach a consensus on how to address the Muslim problem and what kind of peace agreement to offer the MILF.

It would be the Council of State’s representatives who would negotiate a political settlement with the MILF. If such a settlement isn’t acceptable to the MILF, and we have to choose between going to war to preserve the Republic, or agree to give up a territory to the Muslims, at least we would be doing so as a result of a national consensus, not because of the ideas of a small clique.

In the meantime, a ceasefire agreement with the MILF would have to be signed, but in such a manner that it would not allow – as they have done in the past 14 years – to expand their forces and modernize their armaments.

To wait for Aquino to step down in 2016, or a year and a half before we can start this process, is a long, long time. We have to start now.

Aquino must step down now for us to make the first step toward real peace. That would give meaning to the sacrifice of the Fallen 44.
FB: Rigoberto Tiglao


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    No, to a special law (BBL) or Contitutonal Amendment that will grant special treatment and status to Maguindanao region just because most residents have different religious beliefs (Muslims/Koran). It is unconstitutional under the “Equal oProtection Clause” of the Constitution, which provides that all citizens must have the same basic rights, duties and obligation and equally protected by the Constitution and the laws enacted thereunder. To surrender some governmental powers like police, military, national security, taxation, judicial system, trade and foreign policies to the Maguindanao autonomous region is tantamount to yielding the philippine Sovereignty which will territorially dismember the country for creating a separate and independent State of Islamic Maguindanao! In fact, even without BBL the MILF is already claiming “prior consent and permission” by MILF to all police or military operations in their alleged autonomous area of jurisdiction, like the PNP launch of Marwan and Usman operation to serve arrests warrants. It is ok to coordinate with MILF to prevent friction from the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement but the secrecy of police action need not be coordinated with them as the PNP is a national force that is over and above the MILF forces. In the first place the MILF should not maintain ARMED forces of whatever type as they are not legally so authorized. Further the PNP is there to serve and protect ALL people in the region regardless of religion. We embrace all our MUSLIM brothers not because we are Christians or Catholic but because we are PILIPINOS and they too are! And the Constitution and the National laws (like the Local Government Units under the Local Administrative Law) that apply to us must also apply to them as we are all PILIPINOS! Hence, No Need for Special law (BBL). What is needed is love, harmony and trust to have PEACE!
    The National Governance from President, members of Congress and Judiciary must recognize promote and serve the social, economic and political welfare of the region under the existing Constitution and laws, not by amending the Constitution or Comprehensive autonomous laws for the region.
    The National leadership must continue to maintain a sincere and honest dialogue with MILF or MNLF to pursue the full development of the Mindanao regions economy and its social and religious freedom to attain the elusive peace that has evaded the region for centuries!

  2. DAPAT ANG MGA SENADOR ANG UNANG PATALSIKIN…MGA TONGRESISTA…kaya nagkakagulo ang bansa natin dahil sa kanila!!!



  3. Hindi ko makita ay malurok ang sapat na dahilan upang hangarin ng iba nating kababayan na magbitiw sa tungkulin si Presidente Aquino. Wala rin naman akong nalalamang tao na maaring pumalit sa kanya sa ngayon na maipagpapatuloy ng tulad o higit pa sa ginagawa niya para sa ating bansa at ating kababayan. Ang mga tao o grupo na nagsasabing magbitiw si Pangulong Aquino sa pagka Presidente kung ang dahilan ay ang pagkamatay ng 44 nating bayani ay hindi basihan at walang kinalaman sa Pangulo. Ang Kongreso lamang ang may karapatang magalis sa Presidente sa pamamagitan ng impeachment at maging ang Korte Suprema ay walang kapangyarihan na tanggalin siya. Ang Presidente po ay hinalal ng higit nakakaraming Pilipino upang maging pinuno ng bansa. Ang Presidente po lamang ang may lubos na kapangyarihan na ipatupad ang lahat ng batas sangayon sa ipinaguutos ng ating Konstitusyon at mga batas na napagtibay ng ating Kongreso. Ang Presidente po lamang ang may lubos na kapangyarihan na kumatawan para sa ating bansa sa lahat ng pulong, piging, at kasunduan sa buong mundo na inaakala niyang kailangan at makakabuti sa ating bansa.
    Sakali mang nanggaling sa Presidente ang utos na dakpin ng PNP-SAF si Marwan sa Mamasapano noong Enero 25, iyon ay karapatan niya niya bilang puno ng bansa at hindi siya maaring sisihin sa kinahinatnan. Ang pagkamatay ng 44 na PNP-SAF ay hindi inaasahang at nais na mangyari. Ang PNP at AFP ay mayroong sariling mga patakaran at alituntunin tungkol sa ganitong mga situasyon at ang Presidente ay walang kinalaman doon.
    Tutuong malaki ang puhunan at malasakit upang makamtan ang kapayapaan. Masuwerte nga ang bansa natin dahil hindi pa natin nasaksihan ang malagim na karanasan kung saan daang libong sa ating mga kalahi ang mamamatay dahil sa paghahangad na makamtan ang kapayapaan. Halos lahat ng bansa sa buong mundo ay naranasan ang ganitong trahedya at hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa nila nakakamit ang minimithing kapayapaan,
    Dapat po ay magkaisa tayong lahat at ipanalangin natin na Diyos na magkaroon ng kapayapaan at kaunlaran sa Mindanao at mga karatig nitong pulo sa lalong madaling panahon para naman ang mga kapatid nating naninirahan doon ay maranasan ang mga biyaya na ating tinatamasa sa ating mga sariling lugar sa kasalukuyan.
    Pedro Albea

  4. Crisostomo Ibarra on

    Leaked diplomatic documents in Wikileaks showed the United States has a special interest in the natural resources in Mindanao and the ending of the armed conflict in the region, giving credence to a suspicion that the United States is prodding the Aquino administration’s peace efforts with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), including brokering the recent secret meeting between MILF spokesman Al Haj Murad and President Aquino.

    Wikileaks obtained documents dated February 2006 or prior to the botched signing of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MoA-AD) on Aug. 5, 2008 showing extensive reference to the untapped rich mineral resources of Mindanao and tensions in the region which hinder the exploitation of these resources.

    The leaked cable from the US embassy in Manila made particular reference to the so-called Liguasan Marsh in the Cotabato Basin spanning 288,000 hectares and is among areas controlled by the MILF.

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has already identified natural gas and oil deposits in three areas of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago: the Cotabato Basin, the Davao-Agusan Basin; and an area straddling Tawi-Tawi and Sulu. The Cotabato Basin, notably, includes the 288,000 hectare Liguasan Marsh, straddling the provinces of Maguindanao, North Cotabato, and Sultan Kudurat, according to the cable.

    It stated that this “swamp/marsh — which is an officially declared bird sanctuary and game refuge — remains an important MILF stronghold, home to an estimated 280,000 Muslims, and an area where members of the terrorist Jemaah Islamiya (JI) have historically conducted training and sought refuge.”

    It detailed the several roadblocks the government faces in exploiting Liguasan Marsh particularly what it called as “competing land ownership claims.”

    The cable recounted the clan of former Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Gov. Zacaria Candao staking a claim to 40 percent of the Liguasan Marsh, while other clans, including the Mangudadatus and Pendatuns, have claimed at least 50 per cent ownership.

    It also stated that MILF vice-chairman for political affairs Ghazali Jafaar as referring to the Liguasan Marsh as a “legacy from our forefathers” adding that the Bangsamoro people would not part with their lands in the marsh.

    “The MILF has created the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) to lead, manage, and determine developmental efforts, including in the Liguasan Marsh,” it added.

    It said separately, the Maguindanao tribe, which is the predominant indigenous and largely Muslim ethnic group living in and around the Liguasan Marsh, considers the marsh as part of its own ancestral domain.

    The cable added that the Maguindanao-based clan of the deceased Salipada Pendatun, the first Muslim to serve as a general in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), has also claimed ownership over the entire Liguasan Marsh by virtue of an original land title.

    “Though Pendatun’s daughter and legal heir, Bai Monera Pendatun, has said the Pendatun clan is open to sharing the marsh with others, she has opposed any amendment to the law that would allow titling of lands within the marsh,” it added.

    It stated that the head of the Alamada clan, Rebecca Dilagalan Alamada Buan, has separately claimed 14,000 hectares in North Cotabato Province, near the borders of Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur. “Meanwhile, the Ampatuan clan, led by Maguindanao Gov. Andal Ampatuan and ARMM Gov. Zaldy Ampatuan, politically dominate the region, also including most of the mayors of the 11 municipalities of Maguindanao, eight municipalities of North Cotabato, and one municipality of Sultan Kudurat that encompass the Liguasan Marsh,” it added.

    The intercepted cable was transmitted long before the Maguindanao massacre in 2009 where 51 people were slain over an election-related dispute and in which the Ampatuan clan is suspected of having carried out.

    The cable said the Philippines National Oil Company (PNOC) began exploring for oil and natural gas in the Liguasan Marsh area in 1994 under Geophysical Survey and Exploration Contract (GSEC) 73, which covered all of Maguindanao, North Cotabato, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudurat, Sarangani, Davao, and Bukidnon provinces of Mindanao.

    It added that Malaysia’s national oil company, Petronas, partnered with the PNOC for the exploration of the marshland.

    “By the late 1990’s, they had located natural gas and/or oil in five sites, including Datu Piang (Dulawan) and Sultan Sa Barongis in Maguindanao and Lambayong in Sultan Kudurat.

    According to the PNOC, the estimated natural gas deposits in Sultan Sa Barongis alone would be enough to fuel a 60-megawatt (MW) combined cycle power plant for 20 years.

    “The PNOC had hoped to use this gas to support the power requirements of Mindanao as well as for industrial applications. However, the PNOC and Petronas suspended operations in the Liguasan Marsh area due to threats from the MILF and extortion by local mayors and political warlords,” it added.

    It cited incomplete data and unconfirmed reports that the Philippines may have untapped mineral wealth worth between $840 billion and $1 trillion.

    It said the US Geological Survey hopes soon to conduct a more comprehensive survey of minerals, with funding from the Philippine government.

    A special advisor on the GRP-MILF Peace Process in the Office of the President recently described Mindanao in particular as “a treasure trove” of mineral resources, including gold, copper, nickel, manganese, chromites, silver, lead, zinc, and iron ore, it added.

    It cited data from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau that up to 70 per cent of the Philippines’ mineral resources may be in Mindanao.

    “Interest has grown significantly since a December 2004 decision by the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Mining Act. Companies that are up to 100 per cent foreign owned may now pursue investments in large-scale exploration and development of minerals, oil, and gas. As of early 2006, there were 23 mining projects nationwide,” it added.

    Multinational firms are already eyeing areas in Mindanao for possible projects, it said.

    The cable stressed that despite official optimism over a final GRP-MILF peace agreement by the end of 2006, disputes over land and natural resources, clan conflicts (locally called “rido”), and tensions between Muslims and Christians will remain important undercurrents and challenges to peace and development in Mindanao.

    “Diffusing such tensions will be a major challenge for the GRP-MILF peace process during the years ahead, requiring careful governance and significant amounts of foreign assistance,” it said.

    Malacañang had repeatedly denied the participation of the United States government in the meeting between Aquino and Murad in Tokyo but it had refused to reveal details about the two-hour meeting.

    Murad, meanwhile, expressed hopes that the government peace panel could submit its counter-proposal in the ongoing peace negotiations during the resumption of formal talks in Malaysia on Monday.

    “We hope that the Philippine Peace Panel shall finally submit its draft of the political compact and so that we can start the discussion on substantial agenda,” said Murad.

    Murad was upbeat over the resumption of the peace talks with the government of the Philippines (GPH) following the Aug. 4 “secret” meeting between him and President Aquino in Tokyo, Japan.

    Formal talks between the MILF and GPH peace panels will resume in Kuala Lumpur on Aug. 22 to 24.

    “That meeting in Japan was a significant breakthrough, a landmark progress and development for the peace process between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the MILF,” Murad stressed.

    The MILF chairman pointed out the government and MILF agreed to fast track the ongoing peace process and negotiation.

    Murad said that it is important to note that MILF saw in President Aquino the commitment and determination to resolve the conflict within his administration.

    “For us in the MILF leadership, we want to solve the problem during our time,” said Murad.

    During the “secret” meeting, Murad personally brought up the MILF’s proposed Bangsamoro sub-state which would share power with the national government.

    The MILF admitted that the proposed sub-state is just a “reframed” version of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MoA-AD) which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2008.

    The peace process between the government and MILF started in 1997 with the ultimate objective of solving the conflict in Mindanao and the Bangsamoro legitimate aspiration for identity, homeland, self-governance and right to self-determination.

  5. Crisostomo Ibarra on

    Here’s the reason why we can’t achieve peace in Mindanao:

    Philippines discover deposits of oil and gas in Mindanao

    Huge deposits of oil and natural gas have been identified in at least three areas in Mindanao, according to the Department of Energy (DOE). DOE undersecretary Guillermo Balce said these big potential sites in Mindanao include the Davao to Agusan basin now being explored by the mainland Chinese company Seng Hong Exploration; the Cotabato basin which covers over 1 mm hectares in Liguasan marsh; and the area straddling Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

  6. You forget that Aquino has a clear 6-year mandate from the people, unlike your boss who’s election was always in question. You also forget that the most economic gains have been realized during Aquino’s term: the highest 5-year growth of the economy, the high confidence of investors, competitiveness ratings. You fail to realize that you are highly inferior to the person you criticize, which is the reason why no one listens to you.

  7. >>> iF THE cOMMUNIST pARTY OF THE pHILIPPINES & New People Army (NPA) had a NDF (National Demcratic Front or Federation), That revolutionary group, terrorist group of MILF & BIFF have also their NDF which is Noynoy Deles Ferrer.

  8. This is only possible with the consent of the military, but when the demand for GMA’s head was at its height because of the Garci tapes almost 10 years ago, the military issued a statement saying that the “Armed Forces were only used in EDSA 1 and EDSA 2, and we will not allow ourselves to be used again.” To me, the clear but unspoken words were “we were only used by the yellow forces.” It was the all-yellow scenarios being put forward then that saved the day for GMA. NAGSAWA RIN ANG MILITARY. Let me propose a non-yellow program of action for the military that they can consider if ever they find the balls to take this golden opportunity to protect the people as called for in the Cory constitution and make history by arresting our slide towards national destruction and moral degradation the diabolically inclined yellows have been leading us to for the past 30 years. Arrest BS, Binay, Drilon and Belmonte and all Cabinet and government officials appointed by BS and instruct both houses of congress to choose a new Senate President and Speaker. These two and the Chief-of-Staff will serve as co-Presidents for a maximum of 6 months during which they will be made to swear on the Ten Commandments (the original not the Church version where they excised the Second, “Thou shalt not worship other Gods before me”) that they will only do what will pass the test of maka-Diyos, maka-Tao at maka-Bayan and accomplish the following, 1. Replace all Comelec commissioners with non partisan lawyers and IT experts and make them install an open honest system within 6 months 2. Replace all GMA and BS appointed SC justices since the two were illegitimately elected as the result of cheating and therefore their terms should be co-terminus with the two. Replace them with career judges from the judiciary ONLY as these are the ones who live and breathe legal decisions everyday unlike those from private practice who are only glorified fixers whose ties to law firms and clients will not be automatically cut off with their appointment. 3. Replace all COA commissioners 4. Replace customs officials with military officers to eliminate smuggling. Yes they are not incorruptible but customs officials are already HOPELESSLY CORRUPT 5. The military alone, not the Speaker and Senate President co-Presidents, should appoint 11 or 13 former SC justices and former Dept of Justice secretaries only except those GMA and BS appointees to rewrite the constitution in six months. To make sure there will be no influence of political partisanship in the appointments which would merely preserve the status quo this task should be preserved only for the military . The smaller the group the faster the work. 6. Replace all Cabinet officials only with congressmen, senators, elected governors and military officers as those from private sector only have vested interests to bring and besides this is to conform to the principle of power sharing which is vital in this undertaking. 7. Hold presidential elections and the plebiscite within six months, no extensions ! 8. File charges against the arrested officials- building a case against them should be the easiest part of this program- NO BAIL. 9. Postpone all PPP projects scheduled for bidding. !0. Replace all BIR Commissioners and file tax evasion charges against the top 100 corporations, give them the Kim Henares treatment. The next president will decide whether to make all these appointments made by the troika permanent or not. Now, I wonder what the NTC program is, that is if they really have one.

    • Im sorry, I meant the Second Commandment the Church excised is “Thou shalt not worship graven images” and the troika should swear by the Ten Commandments because there DO NOT STEAL is clearly spelled out.


  10. At best, it’s a great disservice to the Filipino people which is calls for “expulsion” and, at worst, it’s treason which calls for imprisonment.

  11. These Three Traitors ( Pnoy, DELES and FERRER) Betrayed Brave 44 & Pilipino People!
    The intense obsession of these three TRAITORS for the immediate passage of the Bangsangmoro Law drove them to be LIARS and disregard the heroic deeds of the Brave 44. The triumvirate traitors (PNOY, DELES and FERRER) justified and defended the MILF for the massacre by accusing the SAF forces of going into “exclusive territory” of the MILF without its permission? The SAF Brave 44 died in line of duty for serving arrest warrants to 2 international terrorists (Marwan and Usman) which MILF are giving Full aid, comfort and safekeeping to these terrorists. Instead of helping the SAF to bring to justice those terrorist, MILF forces massacred the SAF forces instead of at least investigating and finding out the purpose of SAF presence in its area. DELES lost her own logical and patriotic judgment by defending the MILF instead of declaring the peace talk on indefinite hold or basically dead on the water for Its own MILF murderous killings, lack of sincerity and good faith in achieving a truly honest to goodness peace. Pnoy on his part covered up, lied and has been dishonest in not admitting his role in making the “GO”order to the SAF operations and the stand down to military for reinforcements of the sieges SAF units. Pnoy is even influencing his allies in Congress and the police and military in the Senate hearing to cover up for him by not asking and answering direct question of Pnoy’s personal order and knowledge and participation in launching the operations. Pnoy is a big liar for his gigantic stupidity and cowardice for not admitting command and personal responsibility in the boondoggled raid. Pnoy incompetence must now reckon with his designating Mar Roxas as his “Deputy President” to make sensitive and delicate decision on ticklish issues of national concern in running the government machinery. Pnoy must just be a figure-head and not to quit coz the successor , VP BINAY, is a long-time corrupt official who won’t provide clean governance but will wipe the treasury clean instead! At least Mar Roxas is straight-forward person and clean image from corruption. Though he might not be a mass appeal kind of politician, Mar is honest. Pnoy must just relax and smoke on the side and look for a wife instead of managing the affairs of the government. That is if Pnoy has sex-appeal with women, who seem to be jilting him after few dates! Why “TULO LAWAY”. Yakiiiiii!
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  13. Should MILF take control of some parts of Mindanao, there are spoils to be had, and big name players in our society will partake in those spoils, they have in store for them, base on National Statistics Coordination Board’s report way back in September 28, 2008 – ” What is at stake is considerable. According to the National Statistics Coordination Board, Mindanao contributed 17.7 percent of the gross domestic product in 2006. The region produced 48 percent of the country’s gold, 63 percent of its nickel and held 18 percent of its charcoal reserves. It dominated the production of rubber, pineapple, cacao, banana, coffee, corn and coconut, and produced more than 40 percent of food requirements and 30 percent of food exports. It also supplied 90 percent of the country’s timber.

    In addition, the region has significant energy reserves. The Liguasan marsh in central Mindanao, which is currently under MILF control, has an estimated 1.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves. Just off Mindanao, in the Sulu Sea, there are an estimated 67 million barrels of oil and 228 billion cubic feet of gas reserves, according to the Philippine energy department in 2002.”

    And these are opportunities the republic will face to lose, which the Filipinos cannot afford to give away – if BBL is passed.

  14. Leodegardo Pruna on

    P-Noy has gone beyond the boundaries of his position. It is however the people around him who are not only incompetent but greedy knowing that their boss can be tricked around to follow their whims and caprices. The Boss however ignorant he is cannot avoid being held accountable as head of state and commander in chief and therefore could be reasonably charge with treason. God bless the Philippines.

  15. Bert O. Romero on

    I thought it’s every government’ s goal to entice revolutionary groups – communist-inspired NPA’s, Muslim-secessionist groups, even private armed groups – to lay down their arms, form a political party and join the country’s political mainstream by participating in elections. I have been made to believe that electoral democracy -despite its flaws – is a much more preferred route to political power than taking up arms against the duly constituted government. The MILF, just like the MNLF before it , has abandoned secession as its goal and formed a political party in anticipation of the forthcoming elections in the Bangsamoro as envisioned in the BBL. The BBL may have its flaws but jettisoning it and turning our backs to the peace process with the MILF may be likened to burning the house to get rid of some pestering rats! Isn’t it prudent for the government and MILF to sit down and revisit the BBL and find common grounds to strengthen it instead of abandoning it all together?
    After all when when this sound and fury and the accompanying smoke have dwindled and died down, the Supreme Court may declare BBL unconstitutional as it did on the MOA on Ancestral Domain during the Arroyo administration.

  16. It’s sheer arrogance that’s keeping the Brat from admitting that his BBL is constitutionally impaired, and it’s love of glory that made pursue that Peace Process cum BBL feverishly.

  17. jose b. taganahan on

    Junked the constitutionally infirm (as opined by many constitutionalist including 2 retired Supreme Court Justices) proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) as submitted by Pnoy to Congress and start negotiating with all separatist groups in Mindanao. But our AFP and PNP should be prepared in any eventuality incase any of the separatist groups would waged war against the Republic.

  18. The erudite ideas and writings of Mr. Tiglao is incisive and very enlightening. I agree 101% that Abnoy’s blatant intention to dismember the PH by giving out a portion of our native land the Muslim MILF is highly TREASONOUS. It is an actionable wrong, per se. Now is the time for all Filipinos to rise and kick out Abnoy from the seat of power. The SOONER THE BETTER. Let’s do it NOW. Ano pa ang hinihintay ninyo, HA? Huwag nang patagalin – my goodness!

    • I am from Mindanao, i really appreciate the writer of this which really very very true. Mr. Aquino did not think about our situation here in Mindanao after BBL will become a law. It has a big impact to Christians living in Mindanao as i say “you cannot trust them and never trust these Muslims involved”. The BIFF and MILF are relatives, friends and close families that is why our Fallen 44 was massacred. Remember blood is thicker than water. They are all traitors and will always be an enemy to the government. Mr. Aquino is not the man to give peace in mindanao, ALL OUT WAR is the answer just like what Pres. Estrada is doing. God is always with us, i really pray hard when i learned that BBL is on its final stage of deliberation because i know what will happen. I don’t believe on Referendum because here in mindanao whatever they want to win will win…..ever since THERE IS NO ELECTION happened in muslim areas here in mindanao. Thanks for the writer of this column….an eye opener to all. NO TO BBL…

  19. Noynoy is saying that the ARMM is a failure. Of course that is true. But, what he is doing now with the MILF is right just because he has the backing of other nation such as US, Malaysia and other countries? Totally wrong! Other countries are supporting the peace pact because they have the difficulties in dealing with our bureaucratic procedures unlike in the prospective Bangsamoro Autonomy government. What the Sri Lanka government did was a simple common sense decision without fanfare and support of other countries and now enjoying peace as a whole nation.

  20. Those rebel leaders in Mindanao are just the same as those warlords in Sudan, Somalia and in other parts of Africa. Accepting peace pact with one of them such as the MILF will not guarantee lasting peace in Mindanao. The best solution for a real peace is first wipe out all the private armies including the MILF, MNLF, BIFF and the Abu Sayyaf in the region of conflicts and then strengthen police power and at the same time maximize livelihood programs and social reforms and education. Former President Estrada was right when he attempted to do this but was cut short due to corruption scandal. Those people opposing all out war is totally wrong. See what Sri Lankan government did to their rebels? They were all wiped out. But their government brought honest livelihood projects, social reforms and education afterward and now they enjoy lasting peace. Noynoy is selfish and incompetent. Shall we trust him to make peace with one rebel only so he can have his legacy and the people in Congress are acceding to his line of thinking just because of a promise of more bribe money? I hope our people in Congress can see the above suggestion as the best solution to the Mindanao problem.

  21. The latest news about the MILF NOT willing to surrender the men who murdered the 44 SAF men and NOT to return the firearms they took from the dead men – is PROOF that the BBL is a STUPID agreement with these Muslims.

    This minority group dictating to the Republic, after killing the policemen, that the policemen are the ONES at fault? How Stupid can Aquino, his minions and our Congressmen get for making agreements with the MILF?

    Get rid of them and the …….!!

  22. The best for president pinoy to is amend the constitution from presidential to parliamentary form of government and adopt federalism. A very good legacy of pinoy to the pilipino people. I think there is enough time to these before he finish his term.

  23. Your mention of the overwhelming ambition of the Abnoy to win the Nobel Peace Prize at all cost is not far-fetched. In fact, he was really expecting that the capture of Marwan would be the final hurdle to win this award. He was in Zamboanga, near the scene of the Mamasapano encounter to be at hand at a moment’s notice to march to the scene of the capture, confident of bagging the award finally.

    The white man killed at the Mamasapano slaughter was not an American. Deles volunteered the information during the Senate hearing that the white man was a Norwegian. Now, isn’t this a great coincidence? Could he be someone from the Nobel Peace awards from Norway, who came here to bear witness to the incident of the capture and to authenticate the claim of victory of the Abnoy? ONLY THAT, the expected success turned out to be a failure. The 44 SAF troopers sent to the MILF territory to arrest were massacred, including the Norwegian guest. What a tragedy! God does confound the works of the proud and the unconcerned like the Abnoy. Now it’s head that is on the block.

    • To the Editor,
      The Nobel prize maybe a reward sought by the President however it might not be the only goal of the hungry pack. Remember there are many valuable natural resources in Mindanao such as oil and gold mining and the massive investments from overseas cartels have already been instigated. This is a test of sovereignty make no mistake and will take a very strong government to resist the forces of evil.

  24. Very, very well written. Hoping the yellows even some will read this article. It will explain deeper how and why PNoy is selling out part of the Philippines for his personal, his own benefit. He should be tried for TREASON, including Leonen, Deles and Ferrer as well as the MILF leaders who participated in this sham of an agreement.

  25. A Nobel laureate, did you say? Does PNoy think the Nobel committee dumb? I am sure there members and resources to find out the question of constitutionality of BBL. PNoy must surely be a delusional psychopth.

  26. sonny dela cruz on

    We have to learn from the United States how they were able to make a lasting peace with the American Indians. They were given their own country to take care of their own tribes but peacefully respect, obey the laws and work together with Federal government. They don’t have any armies, they don’t have any police and they don’t have guns. The Federal government gives them free education, financial help to run their tribes, now they have their own casinos and no one complains. These Moros want they own state, they want their own armies and police and now they want P80 Billion pesos from the christians tax payers? Ano sila sinuswerte? GISING MGA KABAYAN! Ang kailangan dito ay all out war ng magising sila sa KATOTOHANAN.

  27. Nobel laureate, did you say? Does PNoy think the Nobel committe dumb? PNoy must surely be a delusional psychopth.

  28. Roldan Guerrero on

    A well written concept that would lead to the road for real and everlasting peace for our country. The BBL is a pact done by a Boy and Terrorist Leaders who are trying to shatter our Republic finally becomes a thrash. Aquino`s frustrated plan to create a sanctuary for him to hide , of course the New Bangsamoro Republic will accept him with open hands, together with his KKKs once he finishes his term, if ever he can be succesful, now totally has gone with the winds. What he should do now is to assemble a battery of lawyers to defend him of the crimes he committed. How nice would it be to see this country fully united, all citizens whether christians or muslims, putting hand together to make this country great again.

  29. Agree! Stupid Aquino must step down now, 1 more year is too long for him, he will create more problems than a solution. Step down Mr. Bull Shit AquiNO, you’re no longer fit to be a leader of this country since the beginning.

  30. Ceding territory by a nation should never be an option, unless lost in war. Parts of Mindanao must not be allowed to become a safe haven for enemies of the Republic.