Aquino as president gravely endangers our nation


WHY did the AFP not aid the massacred PNP-SAF commandos?

Police Director Getulio Napeñas, the relieved head of the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF), told a sad, disturbing and legally significant detail about the January 25 massacre of 44 of his men in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. He said, as reported by the Inquirer, that his men were still alive at around noon that Sunday.

This was about six hours after the second PNP-SAF group, providing cover for the first group, ended up being in a gun battle with an army of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), and ran out of ammunition and became easy pickings for the rebels.

The Inquirer report has Napeñas saying that the last contact with the PNP-SAF commandos who were pinned down was before 1 p.m.

As early as 6 a.m. the besieged and surrounded PNP-SAF men had called the Department of National Defense for help but no reinforcements came. There are also reports that President BS Aquino’s peace process people and negotiators had contacted the top MILF leaders–to no avail. The MILF soldiers, boosted by Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) who are supposed to be a break-away army from the MILF, went on to slaughter our PNP-SAF heroes.

Philippine Army units were in Mamasapano itself, and not far away in Shariff Aguak and Awang. But these did nothing to rescue the PNP-SAF commandos. The logical conclusion one has to make is that these Philippine Army units were told by a higher-up to ignore the S.O.S. from their PNP-SAF comrades-in-arms.

In any combat operation especially one that involves entering an area that is more familiar to the enemy, preparing for “worst case” scenarios and mobilizing as much resources as possible, even if these won’t be used immediately, are imperative. And the top military brass, even the country’s topmost leaders, should be monitoring the operation–second-by-second.

In Operation Neptune Spear which the US military carried out in Pakistan to capture or terminate the now gone al-Qaeda supremo Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan on May 21, 2011, the US National Security Team monitored the operation from the White House so they could decide immediately what action to take if things went wrong. And the US was ready to deploy more resources and men from an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. In short, everything was well-planned and if something or everything went wrong, the top brass was there to make crucial decisions.

It seems Napeñas should be admired not just for taking on a bold mission but also for willingly serving as his superiors’ fall guy. He and his men bravely went ahead to perform their mission, encouraged by someone high up into thinking that they only had to worry about Marwan and Usman’s bodyguards but not about being surrounded by MILF armies. They were sure that the MILF fighters were now friends of the government and buddies of President Aquino.

A normal commander would have at the outset refused the mission and risk his men’s lives–if he were told that the Philippine Army units in the area would not back them up if something went wrong. And if he did not have the assurance that no less than the President of the Philippines, the AFP and PNP commander in chief, were not monitoring the progress of the operation and ready to give him and his men immediate assistance.

Napeñas is known to be a normal commander.

The fact that Napeñas asked for reinforcements as early as 6 a.m. and none came at all boggles the imagination.

Two or three helicopter gunships from the army or an artillery barrage from nearby camps could have turned the tide of battle or at least reduced casualties dramatically.

Heads must roll–for the refusal of the Philippine Army to help the PNP-SAF. President Aquino’s must be held accountable for ordering or allowing someone to order the AFP to stand down and ignore the pleas of the PNP commandos who had run out bullets and were at the mercy of the MILF armies around them.

The MILF leaders must also be held to account for the massacre and the mutilation of our fallen heroes. They did not act to stop the carnage, apparently despite being appealed to by President Aquino’s peace negotiators.

President Aquino and his peace-process people place a higher value on the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law than the lives of our men in uniform and the sovereignty of our Republic.

Our nation is in very grave danger with him–together with his closest and favorite officials and his treasonous peace negotiators–running our government.


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  1. mukhang pagulo nang pagulo ang seems na walang patutunguhan ang justice na gustong makamtan ng sambayanan para sa ating fallen PNP-SAF..mukhang pinapaikot lang tayong mga mamamayan sa katotohanan..
    who is telling the truth AFP OR the SAF?? at the first report AFP was questioned why they did not sent an reinforcement when the SAF asked for help their answer was their hand was tied so they can’t be able to send reinforcement that time and now after a days their statement is change???
    sa BBL naman sana pag aralang mabuti ng senado at kongreso itong BBL bago nila isabatas..upon reading the content of this BBL what i understand is power is the main point of this BBL its not’s only shows that MILF is aiming for power but not for peace..Sana isipin nila na hindi lahat ng mga tao ay makikinabang sa BBL but only those MILF,MNLF,BIFF na gusto lang ang kapangyarihan..
    For our government huwag nyo sana ituloy ang pagpasa sa BBL baka gamitin nila ito laban sa inyo baka mamaya nyan pag naaprubahan yan mamulat na kayo na wala na ang mindanao sa pilipinas or sila na ang namumuno sa buong pilipinas..Bago nyo sana ipasa yan pakinggan nyo muna hinaing ng sambayanan at kapakanan ng buong mamamayan ng pilipinas huwag lang kapakanan ng mga MILF at MNLF at saka isa pa hindi lang MILF at MNLF ang nakatira sa mindanao..

  2. If Aquino cannot be kicked out by legit and normal way, then most probably it is best to kick him out through abnormal means. He deserves that because he is an abnormal president.

  3. Ano nga ang totoong dahilan bakit hindi nagpadala ng reinforcement ang AFP…dahil sa walang kwentang peace talk na yan. Peace talk…talk nga lng yan walang peace. Kaya dapat tigilan na yan at panagutin na ang dapat managot sa fallen 44. Huwag nganga ng nganga Mr. President, kilos.

  4. Mutalib Rahman on


    I believe the fallen SAF was designated as sacrificial lamb.

    1. You don’t arrest 2 person with 400 battle geared SAF.

    2. Only 80 or less going into the operation while the remaining just sit and wait?

    So when the reserve SAF found out their teammates in trouble, did they going in? Nope… just sit and pray for help.

    What is actually happened?

    1. Did Philippines Government is testing if MILF is battle ready?

    2. 400 SAF? It’s more to run down a camp than catching 2 terrorist.

    3. Does Government understand that we haven’t reach the end of peace process? Why breach the peace agreement by doing solo?

    4. If you in MILF position, having 400 SAF going to your camp is the first signs of peace deal is dead and war just started again.

    We have plenty questions that need serious answer.

  5. The problem now is the Army is denying all the accusations against them. As I read all the articles in almost all the major dailies, the Army basically declares that the PNP/SAF is lying, while the PNP/SAF remain steadfast that they asked for help but no one came. I am afraid that the WHITE WASH ALREADY STARTED.

    • very well said for just a few days this AFP changed their statement while the SAF stick on their same statement since the very first moment..their own statement shows who is really lying and telling the truth..

  6. rumespunde daw ang mga Phil. Army sa area accdg. sa balita kagabi pero mismo ng mga SAF ay nandun sa gilid ng kalsada pati si Napenas. Bakit? hindi makapagpaputok ang Army ng pasabok dahil d alam ni Napenas ang location ng mga tao nya! palpak na plano. was not well planned! they did not think what they will do when the scenario went worst. anong klaseng plano. kahit d sundalo alam yan. mas madami ang naiwan sa gilid ng kalsada kesa mga pumasok! dba mas marami ang papasok? at ang mga maiwan lang ay mga reinforcement? pero ang pinaka masaklap, sa tagal ng laban, bakit d nila naarange ang air support? ang lapit lang ng Phil. Army Camp dun! ‘Tang inang Noynoy tlaga na ‘to! Bangungutin sana! Noynoy resign! Bakla!

  7. Noong una palang na tinanggap ng ating mga sundalo or police tanggap na nila na handa silang mamatay “for the love of the country” ang trabahong buwis buhay. Ngayon namatay dahil madami nasawi gusto natin pananagutin kung sino man ang nagkasala. Ang masakit lamang ditong tanggapin nag failed ang operation, paano kung naging successful kaniya kaniya bang pa pogian naman dahil hindi kaniya kaniyang turuan at sisihan? Ang BBL ang sagot sa matagal na hangad na kapayapaan sa mindanao. Matagal na naghihirap ang buhay ng mga kapatid natin sa mindanao. Ilang libo na ang mga namatay at hindi umunlad unlad dahil sa bakbakan. Ang hirap kase dito sa atin daming magaling. Kung lahat nalang nang sasabihin ninyo ay susundin sigurado kagulo tayo dito. Sa bagay kaniya kaniyang opinion iyan, ang mali lamang ay gamitan ng emosyon at mang himok ng ibang tao para magalit sa gobyerno. Palaging tandaan bago tayo mag comment kailangan neutral tayo, tingnan ang lahat ng bagay at tingnan ang positibo.

    • I agree with you sir that we need to look at both sides of the issue before we give our comments. So let’s look at the facts: 1) the MNLF wanted to govern their area autonomously so the government created the ARMM 2)some MNLF members did not like what the government gave so they “broke away” and before we know it, the MILF was born 3)Erap declared all-out-war on the MILF’s and managed to neutralize the majority of their camps, but he was ousted before finishing the job 4)the following administration then negotiated for a new peace agreement called the BBL which in essence will create an independent state that will be governed by the muslims 5)again (as expected) another “breakaway” faction appeared called the BIFF and the rest is history.
      As stated from the facts, here is my opinion, peace can never be achieved in Mindanao because we cannot trust the rebels with their words. There WILL and ALWAYS WILL be a “breakaway group”. Unless you’re willing to give away Mindanao, including its residents, to the rebels – then that’s another story. But if we really want to show the world that the Philippines is ours to keep and to protect, then we should show the world that we mean it. Yes, there will be casualties but at least our soldiers will have a fighting chance (or better chance, I should say) rather than having them massacred in front of their own allies.

    • Binigyan sila ng ARMMA. Umunlad ba? Inabuso ng mga lider nila. Ngayon, bibigyan ulit ng autonomy na iniba lang ang pangalan at pinalakas ang kapangyarihan ng mga lider nila diyan, ano ang tingin mong mangyayari diyan?

    • hi Bert how sure are you na BBL ang sagot sa nangyayaring kaguluhan sa Mindanao are you sure na pag ginawang batas na tong BBL ay magkakaroon na nang katahimikan sa Mindanao? if only you read kung anong nakasaad sa BBL i can say that far from peace ang gustong mangyari ng MILF but the truth is they want to form a new territory and a new government it only shows they are after for a power but not for a real peace..saka hindi ba kayo nagtataka Mindanao is here in the Philippines but what is the role of Malaysia here why every-time their is a meeting between the MILF and the government it’s being held in Malaysia as far as i know the center of our government is nasa pilipinas wala sa Malaysia at parehas naman na pilipino ang involved hindi naman Malaysian ang isa? just wondering and asking??

  8. Pnoy’s peace negotiators do not know how the MILF’s psyche. First, the MILF respect a superior force. They cannot risk losing men from artillery and helicopter gunships against which they have no effective defense as they were in the open.

    Second, the BBL is more important to them than it is to the government. Observe how determined they are for its approval. They can’t risk its losing the BBL when its approval is almost in sight by going to war.

    A token show of force at the right time – a few artillery rounds, the presence of helicopter gunships and the massing of troops could have saved some of the SAF 44.

  9. Think first before calling for Resign of PNOY. Kasi pag nag resign yan that’s the rejoice moment of Binay. We need a strong president na Hindi corrupt at walang political dynasty. Paano tayo makakapili kung instant president ang mangyayari?


    is the reason why PNoy get dumber & dumber (Incompetent).

    “Power makes leaders dumb. The more power you gain the dumber you get”.

    PNoy gain absolute Power from control of:

    1. CONGRESS (Senate & House of Representatives) – PNoy use Pork Barrel to get their full support.

    2. JUDICIARY – PNoy responsible for ouster of Corona from Supreme Court.

    3. AFP & PNP – as Chief of Staff.

    4. MEDIA (T.V. Radio, Movies Newspaper, Prints, etc.) – allows to condition people mind and influence voter’s decision.

    5. COMELEC – Smartmatic hocus PCOS machines.

    6. SHOWBIZ (c/o Kris).

    7. Family/Parent are influential, rich and popular.

    The dumbing effects of Power are:

    1. It reduces the complexity of your thinking. Absence of critical thinking make PNoy:
    a. to over-simplify
    b. no vision
    c. lost foresight of things
    d. poor logic
    e. problem solving skills.
    f. no-sense of observation
    g. unaware of our real problems.
    h. lack of imagination & creativity.
    i. can easily be manipulated or lied upon by people around him.

    2. It Limits your ability to consider alternatives. PNoy decide quickly and validate his decisions.

    3. Permits you to treat people like objects who get things done rather than human beings. (e.g. PNoy’s disregard of sacrifices of our Fallen44 PNP SAF).

    4. Closes his ears. Powerful people like PNoy minimize what others know. (e.g. DILG Mar Roxas & Deputy PNP Chief Leonardo Espina).

    5. Decreases your interest in others. You matter more.
    6. Inspires preoccupation with self. The world revolves around himself.
    7. Struggles to understand the perspective of others.

    The Danger of Incompetent & Arrogant Leaders are:

    1. Incompetent & Arrogant Leaders create dumb organizations, poor planning, and failed missions.

    2. Incompetence/Stupidity is contagious and can spread (viral).

    3. Incompetence (Stupidity) can be fatal / kill people.

    “Evil isn’t the real threat to the world. Stupid is just as destructive as Evil, maybe more so, and it’s a hell of a lot more common. What we really need is a crusade against Stupid. That might actually make a difference.”

    Ways to spot PNoy lacks competence & humility:
    1. How do PNoy talk to his people?
    “buhay pa naman kayo”
    “hinde ako pumupunta sa libing ng hinde ko kilala.”
    “wala sa schedule ang pag arrival honor for Fallen44 PNP SAF”.

    2. How do people talk about PNoy Presidency?
    – Weak, Push over, Soft
    – Incompetent, Stupid, Dumb
    – Detached
    – Uncaring, Insensitive
    – Untalented
    – Corrupt, Denial, Deceit
    – Hypocrite

    3. How do PNoy support others?

    4. How do PNoy’s celebrate the accomplishments of others?

    5. How much time do PNoy & Kris spend talking about themselve and legacy of parents?

    6. How much time do PNoy spend calmly listening?
    PNoy only listen to people when forced by world trending on Twitter (Social Media) #NasaanAngPangulo.

    7. PNoy tolerate his people work behind the scenes? Despite of being suspended – PNP chief Purisima allegedly called the shots in SAF covert mission that led carnage in Maguindanao.

    How can our next President or future leaders be protected against the arrogance of power?

    How can our nation develop humble President/Leaders?

    Filipinos must start to identify, promote, create & vote humble leaders. Ways to develop Humble President/Leaders:

    1. No dress codes – be simple. Look & Act naturally like everyone else (common tao).

    2. Leaders must be approachable. Remove physical barriers that create inaccessibility.

    3. Develop transparency by approving FOI bill (Freedom of Information). People must knows how government is spending Public Funds. Secrets protect inequity and promotes suspicion, distrust and doubt.

    4. Expect more execution and less talk. Talking without execution encourages arrogance.

    “A smart leader requires humility”.
    “Humble leaders are smarter than arrogant”.
    “Getting smart requires humility”.

  11. Yes. With Aquino in charge of our government and armed forces our country is on dangerous ground.

  12. I don’t want to spoil the academic exchanges but people all over the world should be enlightened of the truth from our holy Bible saying that today and tomorrow we will be led by leaders who are unusual, incapable, and worse, not God-fearing. The world will eventually become a car run by squared-wheels. This is an alarming truth and we have to struggle and overcome such unending trials. Let not the satanic leaders dampen our spirits, belief, faith and love in God and HOPE!

  13. Ang BBL, according to MILF, kung hindi raw maipasa ang pag grant ng PH Govt ng territory ng Islamic State, gyera. Pag maipasa na, kung hindi ma-expand ang territory, gyera. Kailan matatpos ang pananakot ng MILF ng gyera? Ang damo, from time-to-time, gugupitan mo para di lumago ng sobrang sobra. Year 2000 pa naman yung ERAP All-out-War, so matagal na 14 years ago, kaya yang mga bagong fighters ng MILF ay feeling superior na, eh dapat i-refresh ang bangis ng gobyerno.


    Section 3. Contiguous Territory – The areas which are contiguous and outside the core territory may opt at ANY TIME to be part of the territory upon petition of at least ten (10%) of the registered voters and approved by a majority of qualified votes cast in a plebiscite. (Article III, Sec 3, House Bill 4994 Bangsamoro Basic Law)

  14. There was an earlier report of the Army unit in the area responding to the request for fire support by PNP-SAF that their hands were tied. If this is true then this would give credence that there was indeed an order to stand down from higher authorities. this must be thoroughly investigated as this is tantamount to betrayal of the highest order. The operatives in the field deserve better.

  15. It seems our country is totally helpless and in quandary on how to address this problem of an inept sitting president. Its been proven that the impreachment mechanism can never be relied upon given the fact that Congress can easily be corrupted by the president through the system of pork barrel making impeachment of the president highly improbable. Now we are in a situation where Aquino is leading our country to perdition because of continued disregard to our constitution and established operational protocols yet nothing has been done to effectively stop him on his tract. Even when he openly flaunt the SC when it chastised him on the issue of PDAF and DAP, Congress, supposedly an institution separate from the Executive branch, instead shamelessly sided with Aquino and even threatened SC with budget cuts. Now, Aquino together with Purisima clearly placed the law in his own hands, without any regard for the chain of command and standing order of suspension by Ombudsman, disregard good reasoning and safety of the combatants in that ill-fated SAF 44. This incompetent and mentally unfit president should be removed but how? Our constitution lacks an effective mechanism on this aspect. Not even his conscience can make Aquino admit his incompetence and culpability on the death of the SAF 44.

  16. Sabi ni Napenas sa DND kailangan namin ng reinforcement before 6 am. Tumawag si Gazmin kay Noynoy at kumunsulta si Noynoy kay Deles. Ang decision huwag na papasukin ang mge AFP at mga natira pang mga SAF para hindi na malagay sa alanganin ang BBL, di bale na mamatay ang mga 44 na SAF. So yung pagpunta ni Noynoy sa necrological services ng mga patay na mga pulis pakitang tao lang? What a shame that we have a President like this! All the Filipino people are very angry except those crocodiles in Congress and the Senate and ask Pnoy to resign now.