• Aquino prodded me to use my pork – Lacson

    Former senator Panfilo Lacson                 Photo By Alexis Corpuz

    Former senator Panfilo Lacson
    Photo By Alexis Corpuz

    FORMER senator Panfilo Lacson on Tuesday revealed that President Benigno Aquino 3rd advised him to use his P200-million Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), or pork barrel, but he turned him down.

    The former police general who completed his two six-year Senate terms in June said he could not in conscience use the pork barrel to enrich himself or to finance his projects.

    “The President talked to me sometime in 2011 and told me to use my allocated PDAF. But I refused, saying I know how it is being abused,” Lacson told The Manila Times at the Kapihan sa Manila Hotel.

    “He said I can use my pork barrel provided I implement it correctly,” he added.

    Lacson said he knew of colleagues who also refused to use their pork barrel at first but eventually did upon the prodding of the President.

    The former senator, however, said not all lawmakers are greedy.

    “In 2003, not all were getting commissions,” he added.

    The Supreme Court ruled early this month that PDAF is unconstitutional. The legality of the pork barrel was questioned following charges that a huge slice of the pork barrel of several lawmakers was released to nongovernment organizations controlled by Janet Lim Napoles.

    Three senators—Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada—were charged with plunder at the Office of the Ombudsman for the alleged abuse of the PDAF.

    The National Bureau of Investigation is set to file charges of malversation against several members of the House of Representatives for releasing their PDAF to questionable groups.

    Lacson said that Aquino needs the support of all government officials and the public in his drive to stop graft and corruption.

    “He should be supported by his Cabinet members and the entire government machinery. It is seldom that we have a truly clean President. My advise is for him not to be selective and include even those who are his allies in the Lower House and the Senate,” he said.

    Jaime R.Pilapil


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    1. Ang kailangan natin LEADER ngayon ay katulad kay Mayor Rodrigo Duterte…
      “IRON FIST” LEADERSHIP para magsitino tayong mga PILIPINO…
      para mawala ang mga KRIMINAL, tulad ng DRUG LORDS, CARNAPPING at KIDNAPPING,
      Kung wala tayong DISPLINA sa ating sarili…wala din patutunguhan ang ating BANSA kahit sino man matinong LEADER ang ating ilalagak sa Malacanang…

    2. Alberto R. Araojo on

      Ping Lacson is very much qualified compaired to other presidentiables. Nobody is perfect, remember that.

    3. Ping Lacson…lets us not forget history .Escudero? Beneficiary of Dap 99million? How I wish there will be someone to run to the highest position without any backgrounds in Politics whose integrity and honesty is beyond compare..isa sana sa mga retired justice ang maging Presidente.

    4. Clean presidents are ok, good president are much ok but what we need to do is change our system of governance so let’s support charter change to a shift to Parliamentary system.

    5. Rosauro Feliciano on

      We certainly need a person who can lead our country like super Yolanda to wipe out all parasite-left-over of the martial law era and start all over again without worrying about barriers to progress.

    6. Lacson is a clever guy, he is very manipulative, he once lied that he doesn’t have any dollar account in the US but it was reavealed that he has many businesses in the US.
      He once said to legalized illegal drugs in the Phils, imagine our youngster buying addictive drugs over the counter. He has ways of earning his campaign fund, he can earn it in peso but most of the time in dollars. This guy has plan of becoming the president so he starts now to convince the filipinos that he is honest by not accepting the PDAF.

    7. According to Mr. Lacson, “in 2003 not all were getting commission” Hmmmmm, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” Ping Lacson apparently knows the PDAF anomaly even in 2003, following the logic suggested by Edmund Burke, the evil that is PDAF triumphed because the good man Ping Lacson did nothing since 2003. I suppose we will judge him when he “weighs-in” in 2016. It is not enough that he did not partake of the trough. The fact he did not say anything makes him an accomplice does it not?

    8. >>> P. Lacson goes back in the media news sitcom.THAT’S THE STYLE OF A WISE MAN IN THE FIELD OF POLITCS. I remember during his period in Erap regime, he was the Chief of PNP. One time he was interviewed and asked him, if he has a plan about politics and /or planning to run as a senator, or VP or President after his term in PNP.

    9. how can p-hoy remove the tiwali in his circle when practically all of them are his barkada? aside from that maybe one of the reason why he can’t remove, is he also has something to hide!!!!! if you are an honest leader, once you know that one of his men has an anomaly, you immediately remove just to preserve the integrity of the institution……pag my usok my sunog….

    10. Hanga na sana ako sa kanya (Ping) kung hindi dahil sa huling linya niya tungkol kay Pnoy. Obviously he doesn’t want to incur the ire of the president who did everything for him to evade the law at the time when he was a fugitive. His attack on the president is very mild. I consider his advice to the president as hypocrisy that is aimed for “use” in the near future.

    11. Rafael Dela Monroyo on

      The only trustworthy politicians in the Philippines are: Senators Escudero and Grace Poe. I hope they run on the next election.

    12. This Pinky Lacson is a very, very smart operator. Now that he knows that his kumpadre PNoy is going down, he is starting to reveal negative things about him. Never mind if he is already out of the government but if Ping is an honest government official he should start spilling the beans on the activities of his close friend, PNoy. I have the eerie feeling that Pinky Lacson is planning to go back to the political arena to run for a higher office, maybe the Presidency. We shall expect Lacson to continue in his evil way of destroying his BFF Pnoy for his own agenda.Very clever Abangan!

      • he is a good PRESIDENTIAL material. everyone is afraid of him becoming president because he is not corrupt. in his 12 years as senator, he should be very wealthy now if he used his pdaf.

      • Read his mind! He did it to Erap to prop up the people’s awareness on his ambition to become President. He is doing it now to BSAquino although in a very subtle manner that will not antagonize the supporters of his friend. Very clever indeed! He throw punches aimed to the President but from a very comfortable distance.

    13. Senator Panfilo Lacson is one, that the country can trust when PNOY’S term ends in 2016. The country needs a strong, honest, and patriotic president whose love of God and country is of paramount importance for rebuilding the country’s justice system for more reasonable time to adjudicate cases and to run after the dishonest people corrupting the government, among others. With all the corruptions in the country which allegedly involved a lot of legislators, one begin to wonder, who can you really trust to be the next President of the Republic? May God guide the people in 2016 presidential election to elect somebody who is smart, honest, with very strict conscience to lead the Republic moving forward. In the meantime President Aquino needs the support of the people, his cabinet, legislators to rebuild a country devastated by natural events and rebellion by some of our citizens.

    14. Kayo ang Boss Ko! on

      Pasensiya ka Lacson hindi ganoon ang boss mong si Abnoy, dahil pati siya magnanakaw! King galit siya sa mga kasama niya kapag nagnakaw, dapat tinanggal na niya, bakit kaya hindi niya matanggal? Mag-isip isip kayo.

      • Makoy from Australia on

        this is a classic example of Filipino crab mentality….. not only they want to see their country suffering but they also want to bring down their country to its knees! corrupted mind is the root of the problem