Aquino: Promises can’t be achieved


FOR President Benigno Aquino 3rd, promises cannot be broken but they certainly cannot be achieved during his term.

On Tuesday, Aquino admitted that the fruition of his “legacy” of good governance cannot be seen during his term and that the people can only enjoy its benefits during the time of his successor.

“If others reaped what we sowed, that is okay. But [my successor]will have a better start and the people can be assured that he will go a long way,” the President said in an interview.

He almost mumbled when asked about his legacy, citing feats achieved by the Education department in terms of providing additional school buildings, the construction of road networks and improvement of airport infrastructure, among others.

“If there is a singular legacy that I am leaving and I hope our countrymen will get used to it . . . that this is what good governance can do. And whoever will be my successor, this will be the platform, the base from where he will begin,” the President said.

Aquino marked his fourth year in office at the 67th anniversary of the Philippine Air Force at the Air Force City, Clark Air Base, Pampanga province, where he was guest of honor and speaker. He has barely two years remaining in office.

When asked about his thoughts on the past four years, he maintained that he takes “pride” from “a lot of the things that were accomplished.”

“I think the clearest example are the schools. In 2011, for instance, [there was]budget for] 8,300 classrooms . . . and by the time of the SONA [State of the Nation Address] there were only 18 made . . . Eventually that number became 66,800. And as you know, we finished that last year. So [the impossible]has been accomplished and we have had the wherewithal now to support the K-12 program, which will need more classrooms, teachers, desks, et cetera,” Aquino said.


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  1. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    I am an OFW in Singapore since 1974.
    It took Singapore 20 years to become a develloped country, with a continous leadership of a,very strict and bright leader ( Lee Kuan Yew), And Political Party in Power (PAP), and continuation of their Policies and Master Plan for the development of Singapore. The Philippines President and or his Party has no guarantee for continuation.I believe that the Philippines has no Master Plan.
    The Philippines can only hope for an improvement of their lives in one Presidential term.