EVEN before super typhoon Yolanda wiped out entire communities in the Visayas, public satisfaction with President Benigno Aquino 3rd had dropped to a low of 71 percent, according to the September survey of the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

In the survey held from September 20 to 23, 13 percent of the respondents were ambivalent, while 15 percent were dissatisfied with the Aquino administration.

Of the 16 issues raised, scores were mixed with gains and declines evenly divided, according to the survey which was first published in Business World.

The SWS said the September scores were higher than that garnered by previous administrations, although it acknowledged that the survey was conducted before Yolanda struck.

Of the six issues raised, Aquino got a “very good” rating for helping victims of disasters (68 down from 73 in August 2012), providing basic elementary and high school education (67 up from June’s 58), helping the poor (54 down from 57) and transparency (51 up from 38 in March).

He got “good” ratings on defending the country’s territorial rights (49 up from 45 in June); promoting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (48 up from 41), foreign relations (41 up from 37), providing jobs (36 down from 38), fighting crimes (35 up from 31) and fighting terrorism (35 down from 36).

“Moderate” ratings were given for reconciliation with communist rebels (27 up from June’s 24), reconciliation with Muslim rebels (25 down from 29) and eradicating graft and corruption (23 up from 18).

“Neutral” scores were posted in ensuring that no family goes hungry (9 down from 19); fighting inflation (8 down from 18) and ensuring that oil firms do not take advantage of oil prices (0 down from 10).

The SWS polled 1,200 adults with error margins of ±3 percent for national and ±16 percent for area percentages.

The President has blamed media’s negativism for his slipping popularity but said he is not bothered by it.


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  1. 71% rating. Just admit it guys. He is aleady in the negative territory. Wag nyo nang itago yan. Baka next month wala na yan sa palasyo.

  2. Halatang halata na lutong makaw ang SWS survey na ito: ” he got good ratings
    on defending country’s territorial rights”, SWS baka sa mental kayo nag conduct
    ng survey; higi nga, ano ginawa ni Pnoy sa Mindanao, answer: Power sharing
    sa mga bandido, 2. Sa sabah, di ba tinalikuran niya ang grupo ng sultan na
    siyang may ari ng parte ng Sabah. Hindi naman siguro ganuon kabobo ang
    mga Pilipino para aprobahan at bigyan ng magandang grado si P’noy
    sa nasabing punto na kitang kita ang Kamangmangan niya para bigyan
    halaga ang kapakanan ng bayan sa mga territorio ng bansa.

  3. Gloria M. Kuizon on

    As usual, this President blames media for criticisms of his and his men’s wrongdoings.
    PRAY and campaign for the passage of a correct and anti-corruption Freedom of Inofrmation Act. This adminstration’s refusal to mobilize its congressional allies and PDAF lapdogs behind the FOI Act is a major proof of President Aquino’s and his Cabinet men’s corruption.

    Gloria M. Kuizon