• Aquino rejected truce offers, prolonged crisis


    Mr. Tiglao you don’t understand the Mindanao situation. We Zamboangueños are fed up of all these peace talks & ceasefires. These terrorist had done this several times before & gotten away by ceasefires & safe passages. This time I think the President’s decision not to give in to the demands of these animals should be praised and commended. You people from Luzon needs to understand that to solve this conflict is to ELIMINATE those mnlf (or whatever you call them) terrorists!!
    James Balan, jamesbalan@ymail.com

    Which do we people prefer, to give-in to the demand of the rebel in order to let them leave scot-free so civilians would be released to prevent what we may call the “blunders that prolonged Zamboanga City crisis”, or not to give-in resulting to what has happened now and giving the rebels the chances to regroup for more attacks? We have learned bitter lesson from the “MNLF Cabatangan siege” also in Zamboanag City in the early nineteen nineties and so our Commander-in-Chief took that bitter lesson under the circumstances. We heard from military men say that it is better to bleed during training than bleed to dead at war. Yes those who died in this prolonged Zamboanga City crisis did not die in vain because they died for saving more lives of those did not born yet. They are remembered as TRUE MARTYRS because they were truly innocent people who did nothing wrong or even part of the war; a war not of their plan and implementation. We should start each day with a prayer asking HIM for wisdom so we can make discernment in fullness.
    Rosauro Feliciano, rosauro_feliciano@yahoo.com

    Manila times should have not publish this baseless allegations of Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao; besides, he is putting up salt to the wounds of the Zamboanguenos. Our Mayor and the President did the right decision to eradicate the disease of the society.
    Pfrancisco, pfrancisco88@yahoo.com

    I respect your opinion but i think you don’t understand the whole situation in zamboanga city. we had given them safe pass before and look what happened. they returned to the city killing more people, burning more houses and displacing more families.
    Joel, jgfernando82@gmail.com

    First Good Day to You Sir. About the opinion of safe passage on releasing the hostages may have some similarity to what do you describe us Tunisia Formula is not that us wanting and entirely applicable.We have to look at the number first four hostage taker and more obviously in Philippines than 200 MNLF Second Abdul Malik has house in Zamboanga he is too familiar with the terrain.Third the preposition of the ammo and high powered guns shows that it is carefully plan ahead of time.This makes the situation much harder to understand if they are for peaceful rally or they have other plans.Fourth I dont know how the peace process and some Muslims would look at this considering many hostages are Muslims.The important thing for me is that we should never glorify both sides.In war there is no pure victory everybody is a loser.The important thing is that immediate talks should happen especially the moderate faction of MNLF.Let us talk peace and no other else.Rally,symposium,people to people exchanges. Dialogue.
    Roddiski2354, bruwnswick@lycos.com

    The Pres. made the right decision,it was not only his but the whole Zamboanga who did not want to negotiate w/ them because they have done this before.Ariba PNoy!!!
    Roberto Enriquez, butchenriquez@hotmail.com

    He allowed a war happened to poof for himself that he is powerful he didnt see the effect of his decision now after 18 days past the question now is how much money they spent, how many houses lose burned, even churchsmuslim nasira, it only shows that pnoy ay kulang sa i . un sa pork cno ba ang may pnakamalaki pork barel cya 1.3 trillion cya lang ang may karapatan gumastos wal kau pakialam. ang daming ibang problema ng pilipinas dinaagdagan pa nya
    Romeo, omeng@yahoo.com


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    1. And now you don’t even understand the cause of war in Zamboanga City you sacrifice the lives of thousand innocent civillian even your troops burning houses and mosqe killing civillian you hide the truth by using a black media propaganda, you fight 200 MNLF fighters only versus 40 batallion of your Armed Forces which is Marines, Army, PNP, SAF, SCOUT RANGERS, SWAT, DEMOLITION , NAVY, AIRFORCE AND MEDIA All your’s but you are failed, shame on you nagsalita kapa “TAPOS NA ANG MALILIGAYANG ARAW NIYO” anung nangyari umabot ng 19 days ang bakbakan sumigaw kana ng cease fire hindi na kaya, tapos sabihin niyo its over mission accomplish talagang walang hiya kayo! Walang modo.. You better magaral ka ulit kung ano ang kasunduan ng MNLF and GPH I give you the link http://Www.mnlfnet.com our official website..

    2. If we are truthful God is with us, luzon and visayas the home of infidel and tyrany lead by a cruel satanic government striken by calamity which is typhon, flooding and landslide 200,000 people affected, billions of pesos loss and damages private property and agriculture. So you think Aquino You are on the right way? You must judge your self you are on the devil way, esthertic brain damage you dont even clean the mesh inside your house. Nagpanggap kapa na lalaki ka halata kana isa kang impostor ng mga bakla the curse government.. The curse of God..