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  1. For example, if the Philippines enacts a law that forbids a company to dump waste in your rivers or improve safety standards for workers, the affected Corporation can sue because this will add cost to their production therefore reducing their profit. A similar deal was created called NAFTA and was sold as a panacea for the countries involved, all it did was impoverish millions of working people and enriched corporations. There are more issues like poverty, education, healthcare and the environment. Organize yourselves and oust these politicians who have betrayed the country but work just as hard at actual solutions rather than get consumed by the blame game.

  2. I get that this has been the culture. Regular, working class folks should work to elevate the discussion. Don’t waste your time in these politicians, instead vote out the ones who are useless and put pressure on the deserving who are elected to actually conduct “The People’s Business”. For instance, are Filipinos aware that the Trans Pacific Partnership is heading your way? This is a deal that will basically cede your sovereign rights to Multinational Corporations who decide to operate in the Philippines. Corporations wil have the ability to sue the Philippine Government for any action or laws enacted that will interfere with their profit, actual or perceived.

  3. I am a Filipino American who happens to be a progressive. I get so frustrated with the small mindedness of the political discourse back in the Philippjnes. Don’t get me wrong but the US has been mired in the same thing since “W” and though the present. Filipinos need to think deeper as they are designed to. Avoid making comments that are shallow and uneducated. There are real issues in that country that need to be resolved. Folks spend way too much time and energy on how to slander and cast blame on each other instead of having constructive discussions to move the country forward.

  4. I am neither a leftist or communist. I am a simple citizen of the Republic. I was there in the march to ask for the resignation of Aquino and his cabinet including corrupt officials like Binay. A lot of citizens who are not affiliated with any political organization were there to voice out their frustrations and sentiments against a corrupt government and inept leader in the person of Benigno Aquino. People are clamoring for change and radical transformation of society. We deserve a better government. We have the right right to demand for a change of a regime which we believe has grossly violated the Constitution when it authorized DAP and PDAF which were used to bribe politicians. We are calling for the resignation of Aquino and his entire cabinet because they are surrendering our sovereignty and cause the dismemberment of our country by pushing the passage of the BBL which seriously violates the Constitution. If remain passive and allow the regime of Aquino to continue what kind of future is in store for us and the younger generation of Filipinos?

    • I had been wondering ever since that all of the presidents of the Philippine had been called to “resign” or “step down”. And since then I questioned, after resignation who will succeed? After the successor had been installed will there be no more call for resignation or step down? If we follow the call how often will we change our president is it not chaos ff monthly of yearly we change president?

      And John Balao, I believe you are not veteran of this calls for resignation You maybe just carried by curiosity to join the group for even your reasoning is just a copy paste of off-repeated words I heard maybe a thousands time from the past.

      I am just saddened by the fact of including in your reasons to your calls which was popularized by “spoilers of peace” in 2008 like “surrender of sovereignty” and “dismembering of the country” because of his pushing for the passage of the BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law).

      I challenge you then to show the public or in this loop any single provision of the BBL that will justify your baseless speculations of surrender of sovereignty and or dismembering the country.

  5. Mabuhay!
    Aquino alis kana – huwag mo
    ng hintayen na ibabaka sa Palacio

    Ang taong bayan – hindi nila kailangan ng
    isang Presidente na sira sa utak.

    • Mabuhay si President Aquino. Yan ang Presidente nakakapagpakulong ng mga active na Senatong at tatlo pa. Sino mga Presidente ang nakagawa ng ganyan. Para sa akin mahusay siya.

  6. Mga LEFTIST and mga NPAs lang ang nag-rarally. Wala namang naniniwala sa kagagohan ng mga militanteng yan dahil ipagbibili lang nila ang Pilipinas sa China.

    • Lumang-luma na po yang “facts” na alam ninyo. Ang mga militante, lalong lalo na ang mga National Dem Front, na hawak ni Joma ay kalaban na ng mga komunista sa China. Ito ay dahil naging “capitalista” ang partido komunista ng China at ang gobyernong Chino mula noong magwagi si Deng Xiaoping laban sa mga tunay na kampon ni Mao Tsetung (Mao Zedong).
      Ang partido komunista ng Pinas ay Maoist pa rin tulad ng kakaunting mga komunistang napakatapat sa Leninist-Mao Thought tulad ng mga kawawang pula sa Peru (kung saan nakulong na ang katumbas ni Joma nila) at ang mga pinakamalakas na partido komunista sa Nepal. Dahil dito si Joma ang pinakatangyad na Maoist sa buong mundio,
      Ang mga kakampi ng China rito sa Pinas ay ang mga komunistang-kapitalista na rin.

    • Nakita mo bang puro leftist nga yan? Maraming gusto mag resign si Aquino form the left, right, center, bottom and up!

    • You apparently are not educated on the meaning of what a leftist is. Let me enlighten you. A leftist is the label put on anybody that is seen as socialist. What is socialism you might wonder. All socialism is, is a theory that allows the working poor as well as every other citizen of the country to share and benefit from the means of production. So when people are out in the street and expressing desent that is the highest call to duty of each citizen. It is your individual duty to be involved in the discussion. For those who sit back and make fun of this kind of expression

    • you should actually question why YOU are not participating and be thankful that your fellow citizens cared enough about the Republic to risk life , limb and liberty to oppose wrongdoing. After all it is known the world over the very poor record the Philippines has in human rights and free speech.