• Aquino: Rivals fear my endorsement in 2016


    TIAONG, Quezon: PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd on Monday was firing on all cylinders as he made his first public appearance since rumors spread over the weekend that he had collapsed and was critically ill.

    Speaking to reporters during a briefing about the South Luzon Expressway Toll Road 4 project in Tiaong, Quezon, a combative Aquino accused his political rivals and critics of spreading rumors about his health. He also dismissed claims that the administration was even behind it to gain public sympathy amid the backlash over the Mamasapano incident.

    “[I’m sure you have heard of the rumors that spread Friday midnight, entering Saturday. [The rumors] said I collapsed in Malacañang, that I have a serious illness, while others said I was in the ICU [intensive care unit]. When they saw me Saturday night with no health problems, a new rumor came out, that it was us spreading the rumors to get the public’s sympathy],” the President said in Filipino.

    “[To those who believe this, listen to the wise words from the elderly: We gain nothing from gossips. Indeed our determined critics will find fault in everything we do],” he added.

    The President said he suspects that these were parts of efforts to weaken his endorsement power in 2016.

    “[I] asked myself: They already know I won’t run next year, then why do they keep criticizing me [as you and I make our way to]the polling precincts next year, which made me suspect that these gossips were deliberate. I’m appalled [at]what our rivals have been doing. Why did they go this far?” he asked.

    The President, however, promised that he will continue pushing for reforms in his remaining 465 days in office despite critics taking every opportunity to put themselves above what is good for the country.


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    1. “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” These words I first heard from your father, whom I believe is a hero.
      And I have learned time and again that he is right!

    2. The “folly” of a king are twofold, to be without counsel and to heed the wrong one. But the worst evil is the failure to undo it’s fruit.
      Mr. President, your father once challenged then president Marcos to be “unique” and do the right thing… sir, with all due respect: be unique

    3. God resist the proud and He lifts up the humble.
      It’s never too late to do the right thing, mr. president- “Tao lng” po tayong nagkakamali.
      Draw upon the example of your parents, HUMILITY ni madam Cory ay COURAGE ni sen. Ninoy.

    4. Ego, is the name of the game of Pnoy. If you want something from him, tickle his ego, and surely you will get what you want. This is the result of believing in his circle of clowns. He believes it and enjoys it. Once he is out of power, he will have only his close family ties to depend on.

    5. Of course, all politicians are afraid and fear that they are endorsed by simyon for they know that such endorsement is their kiss of death. Surely, people will surmise that those who were endorsed by him are groomed to protect him from incarceration. That would b similar to Teodoro whose political stock plummeted the moment he got endorsed by Ms. Gloria. Hence, they would be so afraid that they would be publicly endorsed. They would just prefer to get the campaign funds. Anyway, they know that the guy is what they call in Filipino as “uto uto”.

    6. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

      si Mar Roxas ba kamo – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!

      by the way, binubugaw ka ni Kris kay Pia Wurzsback. Pero ang gusto mo LANG talaga ay yung GOWN ni Pia, di ba? – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!

    7. Joseph Santos on

      Malamang kasabwat si Binay sa pagkalat ng “collapse” rumor laban kay President Aquino. Siya kasi makikinabang at uupo na bagong pangulo.

    8. Tama na, sobra na ang panlalait kay Presidente Aquino. Hindi maganda ang magtsismis tungkol sa kalusugan ng tao.

    9. Lagot si Binay kay PNoy. Siya pala may pakana ng tsismis tungkol sa pag-collapse umano ng pangulo nung weekend.

    10. “The President, however, promised that he will continue pushing for reforms in his remaining 465 days in office despite critics taking every opportunity to put themselves above what is good for the country.”

      (1) We cannot accept this from the mad dog from Malacanang. Evidence shows he is an INVETERATE LIAR.

      (2) His critics do not put themselves above what is good for the country. It is him (the abnoy) who does this . Who is the perpetrator of the DAP>? Who bribes legislators to do his bidding? Who refused to tell the TRUTH regarding the Mamasapano carnage? Who is responsible for the massacre? We can go on ad infinitum and find that it is him who has been the CURSE of the country..So why blame the critics for his ignominious downfall?

    11. Sila pa ang takot sa endorsement ninyo??? Hindi po ba the OTHER WAY around?

      Ano itong mga gimik ninyo ni Kris na kesyo may romance sa inyong mamumuo ng Bb. pilinas? Diversion talaga?

    12. The comments here says endorsement would result as follows:
      certain death, kiss of death, full of himself, hubris(excessive arrogance), Talagang matatakot ang tatanggap ng endorsement from liar, and REALLY? YOU IDIOT!… hahaha

    13. Samuel Santos on

      It’s not PNoy’s endorsement that opponents fear, but his huge “war chest ,” brimming with taxpayers’ money, which he’ll make available to his candidates in 2016.

      • Sam, kayang tapatan ni Marcos, the “war chest” of El Ladron Loco. I wish Marcos will seriously consider running.

    14. Ironic, it may sound but BS Cojuangco Aquino III, may be spot on on this one. Imagine, that someone whom he hates most, who is on the rival camp trying to vie for a government position, will be endorsed by him, for sure that candidate is looking to face certain defeat.

      While on the other hand, BS Cojuangco Aquino III will sidestep another candidate from his own party, whom he knows he can play ball with, because he knows that it will help make that candidate win, and in so doing he can assure himself of that eventual aid that he will seek, right after he steps down from the presidency, as cases upon cases against his mis-governance mounts.

      We may call the bluff – a reverse psychology.

    15. We will see the value of Aquino’s endorsements in the 2016 polls. I believe that any endorsement from Aquino or the LP will mean certain defeat in the polls. The people have learned.

    16. Stop day-dreaming, Mr.

      Your endorsement has no value. As mentioned, it is a “Kiss of Death”. View Jet Li in your Play Station 2 or 3. Mauyong.

      And for close to 5 years now, you have consistently bragged about your reforms. Aber, why don’t you start enumerating them. Sige na, bata. Baka mapaniwala mo kami.

    17. Talagang matatakot ang tatanggap ng endorsement mo Bulaan Sinungaling Aquino! Ask Chiz Kung bakit di ka pina attend ng kasal nya LOL!

    18. It would be a political downfall if an endorsement will come from the sitting President. Learn the lesson from Gibo Teodoro’s candidacy. He was a potential winner, with the good credentials as a person. What happen then?

    19. What kind of senseless statement is this? Why would his rival politicians fear his endorsement for the 2016 elections. Heavens, he can endorse all he wants but who will listen to him?. In fact, I think, the candidates fear his endorsement as a “kiss of death”.

      So can this madman please refrain from irritating us with his hallucinations. Puede ba, we don’t have time for hogwash!

    20. One may call it hubris, bravado or ego but, whoever clings to the coattails of this sitting president is committing a “political suicide” despite his presumptuous claim of “power of endorsement in 2016…