• Aquino rules out second term


    Finally, President Benigno Aquino 3rd has spoken: He will not seek another term.
    In a forum with business executives in Makati City (Metro Manila) on Tuesday, Aquino said seeking another term will not solve the country’s problems.

    “There are some quarters that were saying I should try and go for a second term. I don’t think that’s a right solution,” the President added.

    “We all have a timecard in this world and we have to prepare for the eventuality of being called to meet our Maker. So, there has to be that continuation of people of like mind who will deliver on the promises that are real, not just self-serving or nice, pleasant to hear,” he said.

    To ensure that the reforms he initiated will be sustained after 2016, the President added that he will vote for the “right candidate.”

    He, however, did not name the candidate whom he will support but he asked business executives to elect the right leader.

    “If I can ask you also to discern properly as to who is extolling populist sentiments with no substance as opposed to [one]who not only says the right things but who you can trust to delivering the same,” according to the President.

    Aquino earlier said he would consult his “bosses” [the public]if they wanted him to seek another term, a possibility he first floated in a television interview in August.

    He has since come under fire from critics, many of whom claimed he was destroying the legacy of his mother, late former President Corazon Aquino, who resisted calls for her to run again in 1992.

    The Constitution bans a President from seeking another term.


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    1. The constitution bans second presidential term, so don’t run Prez Pnoy, This is outrageous if you decide to run, a blatant disregard to the constitution the basic law of the land.

    2. I hope P’noy is not lying in saying he will no longer run for second term. His mismanagement of the Philippine economy is very telling. The progress currently enjoyed by RP is not because of his handiwork but because of the programs stated by GMA according former secretaries of GMA. What new good initiatives had P’noy started in his administration?
      The likelihood is that another signature drive will be initiated by Aquino thru his loyalists and later claiming that because he cannot refuse the order of his bosings “the People”, he is changing his mind and will instead run. Lumang script na iyan. Ginawa na ni tita Cory.