Aquino runs after country’s biggest taxpayer


And who is the country’s biggest tax-payer ever, paying more than Filipino tycoons?

Manny Pacquiao.

But that doesn’t matter at all for President Aquino and Bureau of Internal Revenue head Kim Jacinto-Henares, who claim he is a tax cheat.

After all, it also doesn’t matter for them that after EDSA I, it has only been during Pacquiao’s fights that we all have intensely felt being members of this community we call a nation.

For them, it doesn’t count for anything that “Pacman’s” rags-to-riches saga inspires millions of young, poor Filipinos, and even future generations, to strive for excellence, to believe that with sheer hard work, they can break the country’s caste system.

For these two gun aficionados, it doesn’t matter that Pacquiao sent the message to the world that a Filipino can be among the greatest boxers on the planet, a world champion in eight divisions and now in the pantheon of humanity’s greatest athletes ever. It doesn’t matter that such a Filipino hero appears very rarely in our modern history, which we need so much as a nation, what with memories of Flash Elorde of the 1960s and the legendary Pancho Villa of the 1920s having faded for this generation.

Source of basic data: BIR annual lists of top 500 individual taxpayers. Notes. Data for Lopezes is the average for Manuel, Oscar and Eugenio 3rd. For the Ayalas: average for Jaime and Fernando Zobel de Ayala. Only Pacquiao, Pangilinan and Henry Sy were in the BIR listings for all five years.

Source of basic data: BIR annual lists of top 500 individual taxpayers. Notes. Data for Lopezes is the average for Manuel, Oscar and Eugenio 3rd. For the Ayalas: average for Jaime and Fernando Zobel de Ayala. Only Pacquiao, Pangilinan and Henry Sy were in the BIR listings for all five years.

It doesn’t matter for them that Pacquiao is the most well-known living Filipino in the world, so much admired that a Time magazine article that included him in its list of the 100 most influential people of the world waxed poetic: “Pacquiao has a myth of origin equal to that of any Greek or Roman hero. He leaves the Philippines to make it even bigger, conquering the world again and again . . .”

For Aquino, Pacquiao is just this boxer from some town in Mindanao who, after a fight abroad, would always go to his hated predecessor Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to be profusely honored. Pacquiao even had the gall to ignore him when he became president, and ran against his candidates. Why, he could even become loco, and make a bid to run for vice-president or senator, a big headache for him especially if his sister Kristina decides to run for those posts.

BIR has been politicized

It isn’t the first time that the BIR, like other institutions under Aquino’s term, has been politicized, “weaponized” against the president’s perceived enemies. It’s the first time though in our nation’s history. Even the dictator Marcos cringed from using the BIR as a weapon against his enemies.

Remember that Henares was one of the first “witnesses” Aquino mobilized in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona, and was even reportedly within Malacañang’s “core group” that plotted his removal by whatever means.

To incite the mob against Corona, she ordered an investigation into his wealth, concluding in a few days that the Chief Justice’s assets didn’t match his income, ignoring the fact that he had a corporate law practice before he joined government.

She testified that Corona had not submitted his income tax returns for certain years, only for the defense to explain that the Supreme Court submits all the tax returns of its justices and its entire staff in the so-called alpha lists.

For Henares, pleasing his boss at this time has become crucial, as she could still be Aquino’s last appointee to the Supreme Court, to be done April 2016 when justice Martin Villarama resigns. When she gets that post, we will all have forgotten that that’s her reward for attacking Pacquiao to bankrupt him, even put him in jail.

At first, she thought she was a shoo-in for Corona’s post because Mar Roxas together with Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and his big business network were intensely lobbying for her. After being nominated for that post, she had even boasted then: “I have an advantage over all the other candidates.”

She was told though that Aquino would appoint Lourdes Sereno, so she cleverly refused the nomination, hoping that there were after all still two slots the president would fill up before he steps down.

But was Aquino’s appointment in 2012 of young academic Marivic Leonen as associate justice his clear message to Henares that she wasn’t doing the task she was assigned to do when she was appointed way back in July 2012?

What was that task?

Consider this: The ink of her July 15, 2010 appointment papers had not dried yet, and she had not even moved from her old office to the chairman’s 5th floor office when Henares issued Pacquiao on July 27, 2010 a “Letter of Authority,” so innocuously called but which really tells a taxpayer that he is guilty of tax evasion unless he can prove he is innocent. That was the start of the project to attack and impound all of Pacquiao’s assets.

How could Henares in a few days time after she was appointed BIR chief decide that Pacquiao was a tax cheat, and order him investigated?

She certainly would have, if Aquino had given her the marching orders to do so. Pacquiao’s head may have been punched a thousand times so he could make money, but that didn’t make him stupid. How could he not have thought that Aquino and Henares were persecuting him?

“Pacquiao should set an example,” Henares arrogantly to media, by which she means that he should be paying his taxes.

But he has, and if not for the fact that it sets a terrible precedent that the BIR can be weaponized against Filipinos Aquino didn’t like, Henares’ attack on Pacquiao is a Kafkaesque theatre of the absurd: You’re the biggest taxpayer, but still they want more.

Pacquiao is the country’s biggest taxpayer for the years 2008 to 2012, based on the data in BIR’s annual list of “Top 500 Individual Taxpayers” which has been releasing for those years. The person whom the BIR accuses as a tax cheat paid a total of P170 million in those five years.

Biggest taxpayer in our history

I’d bet Pacquiao is even the country’s biggest taxpayer ever in our history.

Aquino and Henares should be pinning a medal on Pacquiao as the biggest taxpayer. Instead, they want more. And if he can’t cough up P2.2 billion, he and his family would be thrown out of their houses to the streets, and he could even be jailed for two years for tax evasion.

They have shamed Pacquiao in the world, to the delight of the West. Read the reports of newspapers abroad, from US Today to the UK Daily Telegraph one can sense their gloating over the problems of this brown boxer who thrashed their best fighters. Note Bloomberg’s subtle sarcasm: “Manny Pacquiao, the world-champion boxer and a national icon in the Philippines, had his accounts frozen as authorities seek to collect $50.3 million in unpaid taxes.”

What does it mean for Pacquiao to have paid P170 million in taxes in five years?

It means that he paid more taxes than any tycoon in the country, defining that term as inclusion in Forbes’ magazine’s list of the richest Filipinos.

Details of that on Wednesday, and to discuss the important, obvious issue: Even if Pacquiao has been the country’s biggest taxpayer in our history, that certainly doesn’t give him the right to reduce his taxes.

But did he really cheat on his tax returns? Forget the technicalities some writers have argued, and the answer is so obvious, that you’d realize that this attack on a living national hero is a quintessential demonstration of this administration’s depraved tuwid-na-daan mentality.

Ignore those news items Malacañang has floated that there has been muted defense of Pacquiao, especially by netizens. But the elite or even the middle classes never really cared about Pacquiao. But he is the hero of the masses throughout the archipelago and abroad, and Aquino’s attack on him would prove to be his biggest blunder.


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  1. If Manny Pacquiao is being squeezed out of all his earnings, he could have done what other international athletes do .. seek countries that gives tax shelter, then he won’t be too oppressed in paying so much taxes and harassed by his own country which, as revealed in recent headlines, does not really go to their rightful use anyway.

  2. this what we have called look who is talking, anyone can guess if we’ll get any pair judgement from tiglao with regards to present administration “no way, isnt it?? but, believe me 100% ask him about the previous administration and he will give you all positive answer and you can guess why………..

    • Krizh john,

      don’t you have anything of substance to say about mr. Tiglao’s article ? the article of mr. Tiglao is long enough for you to find something..or anything untrue or incorrect. stop attacking his person. it only shows you cannot deny the truth of his writings about the BIR’s conduct ( read: harrassment ) regarding Manny Paquiao’s tax payments.

  3. Noong natatalo, tahimik sila, pero noong nagbalik ang pananalo ulit ni Pacquiao, heto na…

    Kasi, kung may tambalang Bongbong Marcos / Manny Pacquiao sa 2016…tapos na silang lahat…

    A potent combination of intelligence and experience with sincerity, charm and heart for the masses, truly unbeatable! Solid North votesm with solid Visayan and Mindanao votes…

    After Yolanda, no more LP will ever win in their areas…



  4. Sam;

    I think ikaw ang Hindi makaintindi, documents were already submitted, it’s just how it is in America. They do not give you the original documents. Certified copies are sufficient enough to do transactions relating to tax. Hope you won’t insist again that he was given 3 years to do it. Reason, he can’t. Simple di ba. Again some comments are maybe there must be proper representation to verify the correctness. Think about this pag may time….

  5. Tanong ko lamang sa mga readers na tulad ko at iba ibang bloggers,: Ano ba talaga ang issue kay Manny Pacquiao????
    1) Siya ba ay tax evader? Siya ba ay nagbayad ng tax na kulang o mali?
    2) Ang tax ba na pinag-uusapan ay ang buwis para USA o Pilipinas?
    3) Ang copy of IRS niya nai-submit o hindi?, Peke ba?
    4) Ang amount ba may discrepancy?
    5) Ang IRS form ba isang document from USA private institution o USA Govt?
    6) Ang BIR thru DoF ay wala bang kakayahan o karapatan i-verify the authentication of that IRS copy from USA govt o private institution or agency?
    7) Totoo ba na imiiral sa Pilipinas ang bagong process na …….MEDIA COURT OF JUSTICE AND INVESTIGATION PROCESS???

  6. To Sam:

    Ikaw ba alam mo patakaran or law ng IRS dito sa America? If not then you should shut up too. From what I know, FYI, any winnings here are automatically deducted with corresponding tax from 30 to 40% unless requested to have it by installment. Further, if the winner requested not to deduct yet,surely it will be collected within the tax year. In short you can not go away with Uncle Sam. Maybe matalino nga si Henares and she doesn’t now the tax law here.

  7. Compared to Winnie Monsod, your analysis is patently biased! You should have established a timeline. Why would it take 2 yrs for Pacquiao to comply?

  8. The scenario – My political analysis:

    The Pacman BIR case is all political.

    President BS Aquino has to demolish any and/or all politicians who are more popular than Kris. They will field Kris as Vice President in 2016 and the only politician who can beat her in terms of popularity is Pacman.

    Kris will be the Vice-Presidential running mate of Secretary Roxas. Senator Jingoy Estrada and Senator Revilla were already demolished. Who is next? Pacman.

    Whatever President BS Aquino do, it is not easy to demolish Pacman – they will get demolished themselves.

    They also started to demolish Senator Bongbong Marcos. If Senator Marcos survive this demolition – the ultimate fight for the Presidency will be Marcos vs. Aquino.

    What is happening now with PDAF/DAP(unconstitutional) is more than “MARTIAL LAW”
    of the Marcos regime.

  9. Bobby Ulili says:
    December 2, 2013 at 8:10 pm
    not because the previous admin was bad – doesn’t mean this current one is good. i mean, look at the country now.

    but at least is not as bad as the previous administration.

    w/ regards to tax issue w/ MP, the law is maybe harsh but it’s the law. whoever you are, whatever status you have in the society you have to follow the law and the law says we should pay the correct taxes because this is our obligation as a citizen. while abiding to law one has also to follow implementing rules and regulations, in short processes. wala namang sinabi ang BIR na hindi nagbabayad ng tamang buwis si MP or hindi sya nagbabayad, ang pinapagawa lang ng BIR ay ifile nya ang mga certified docs na nagpapatunay na nagbayad sya sa US ng tax. hindi sapat yung pinapakita ni MP na deposit slip or whatever as proof that he paid taxes. that is not a official docs. ang hirap kasi kay MP porket sikat sya at alam nyang sa kanya papanig ang sentiments ng publiko idinaan nya sa media war. kalokohan yung sinasabi nyang nangutang pa para sa victim of yolanda e P1.1M lang naman ang na freeze sa bank accounts nya. pulitiko na rin kasi e..puro kasinungalingan…

    • There is no problem in law but the one who implements it. Manny did pay taxes and submitted documents. According to some lawyers, certified copy and deposit slips are sufficient to justify his tax payments but the BIR make it heavier to Manny, requesting him for original copy which is not easy to get from IRS.yung BIR nga will take 2 to 6 months in producing original copies yung IRS pa kaya that have millions of clients?

      My point is Manny is a law abider but this malicious BIR trying to use law for their agenda of increasing tax collections to glorify Aquino administration.

      Manny is not a criminal nor tax evader.But the BIR abuse the power by garnishing the properties and accounts.Not fair for a heo like Manny who has been mistreated by his own government.

  10. At the end of the day, Pacquiao will still be the winner. PNOY became president because Cory died and he got into the spotlight. He was never presidentiable before his mom died.

    Pacquaio is already very famous and now, they are making him the “oppressed hero”. This is what Joseph Estrada is in the movies and he became president. It will not be far fetched if Pacquiao become President because of this stupidity by BIR.

    BIR already waited three years. Why do it two days after the guy lifted the spirit of the nation. It is really done in bad taste.

  11. Lilibeth Fesalbon on

    Someone is asking how Manny outearned those business tycons like MVP, Ayala, H. Sy, ect, first you should know the difference betwen individual income tax vs business or corporate tax. Manny and these tycons are all paying income tax, however these tycons does not have big salaries or compensation compared to Manny, why? because they are business owners, majority of them don’t ask big compensation, therefore they are not on the list of top individual tax payers. Most of thier expenses including the salary of househelp, driver, security guard, bodyguard, ect. are charged to thier business as company expenses. So why focus to much on how much they pay when they file the ITR, instead think about how much business tax they pay, they are paying billions, don’t be surprise if I say that all Manny’s fortune is only a fraction of Henry Sy’s business tax for one year.

    • Makikita ba yang corporate tax sa bir list na billion tlga corpo tax
      ni Sy?or ur just one of d salvation armies….

  12. dapat si henares imbestigahan din ang kanyang mga itr para malaman din ng mga mamamayan kung anung klaseng tao sya at ikumpara sya kay manny, pati ang pangulo imbestigahan din

  13. Felicitas Naguit on

    All sides were heard. The truth is there maybe some discrepancy in the tax payment which should be corrected. As explained 30% was paid in the US for every bout but here in the Philippines total tax payment should be 32%. Manny has accountants and lawyers they must attend to it. And I believe he is more than willing to pay if the discrepancy is found. However, the other side is correct when told that BIR must run also after so many big fishes not only Pacquiao. There must be truth to some comment that Pnoy is vindictive to whoever is not within his political circle. As President he should show fairness and sound judgement. For Kim Henares she told Manny was given three years to comply then why only now that he is again revive popularity that he is being targeted. Is it just a coincidence?

  14. he was given two years to show the certified to true from irs, bob arum is not employee of irs, he is a promoter, why worry if you truelly paid your taxes here in america, just show them the proof that is simple and correct way that you are a good taxpayer, what about your mom’ s three house, how did she have does if no income at all, now it is the time not to be arrogant and cocky, showing all the lavish parties, brand new vehicle, with no income, of course BIR will notice, you should be low profile, look at those millionaires

  15. Manny should not be ‘demonized’ if he has tax liabilities. Is he the only ‘big fish’ who might have tax liabilities? With what he has given the country, he should even be afforded a “compromise” with whatever tax due him. Wrong moves wlll never bring out right results. Justice will always prevail.

    • justice will prevail without compromise…and the blind folded justice will not weigh anyone or anybody by their accomplishments, awards, other distinguished recognitions inside or out of the country but through due process and fair trial…

  16. ito bang si sam ay nasubukan ng magbayad ng buwis? tamang kabisado niya ang patakaran sa BIR. pag may time, alamin at malalaman mo na ang target ng ahensiya ay ‘yung mga nagbabayad ng taxes. ang dapat habulin ay ang mga HINDI na nagbabayad at walang mga resibong negosyante. once you are on their list, taon-taon ka ng bibisitahin ng mga ‘yan.

    tanong-tanong din pag may time..

    • at ano sa palagay mo si manny pacquiao…hahabulin ba sya kung nagsumite sya ng tamang dokumentong kinakailangan ng ahensya…un ang issue…ngayon kung may mga establishment na hindi nagbibigay ng resibo o nagre-remit ng tamang vat o e-vat bakit hindi mo ireport…wala kasi akong alam na business establishment na ganyan ang gawain…malamang ikaw mayroong alam…makakatulong yan at siguradong hahabulin ng bir…

      kung bisitahin ka man ng bir taon taon tungkol sa tax payment ay natural lamang dahil trabaho nila yan…hindi ba?

      i don’t need to pay my tax in the phils…because i remit it to the irs…

  17. There is a difference in the percentage payment of taxes between the U.S. and the Philippines. The U.S. charge 30% of your income while our country charges 32%. So, the BIR is entitled to know how much is the total earnings of Pacquiao for our BIR also can collect the 2%.

    Furthermore, it’s the duty of every taxpayer to file income tax regardless of which country you earn your income. That’s transparency.

    • PH should not only consider the tax liabilities that Manny may have but the honor, pride, and fun he brought us. Abroad, especially in US, Filipinos are very proud that other nationalities can easily identify them because of Manny. But paramount to them all, is the economic effect of the huge amount dollars that he injected to the economy. We should note that his dollar winnings brought down the inflation rate, just like the aggregate dollar received by the government from the OFWs. Every OFW is a hero because of sending dollars to the Philippines; and how many thousand OFWs Manny is doing. It’s not even enough that government should honor Manny because of enormous pride he gives, the government should also give tax credits for the effects of his winnings to the Philippine economy since 2008. We might not have realized that all of us Filipinos enjoyed the inflation effect of his winnings, if not of that, inflation could have surged to higher from 11% to 15% which could make all Filipino poorer. Can the government translate the tax effect of his winnings into tax credits rather than collecting more from him. Kapal naman.

  18. pacman is not an opponent of the administration by the 2016 national elections…manny must be at least 40 years old by 2016…he can run for the senate seat…there are 12 available seats by then…

  19. Simple and Clear……BIR is looking for document that Manny paid taxes in America. Manny show the proof.. BIR ask for original document. Manny will not be able to show since only original true copy will be given to the tax payee and in addition the request should come from the requesting agency.”CONCLUSION” by BIR, Manny is tax cheater since he can’t show the document….BRAVO!!!!! IT”S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!!

    • what the BIR received is the letter/certification from bob arum’s office that they have remitted the right tax money to the IRS…just a simple certification not valid documents that can be considered by our agency…isn’t it just fair that they have to follow and respect our rules on tax payment and remittance?…the agency waited for 3 years…hindi ba’t sapat na itong pagbibigay kay pacquiao…

      try to think about this pag may time…

    • All 1040s’ including 1040NR are filed with the IRS. That can never be produced thereafter to anybody or anyone. Only a certified true copy can be had. That should explain why Manny cannot present an original. When a US taxpayer files his tax return, it is the original that is filed and a copy would be left with the taxpayer. That copy could be accepted or not when presented but a certified true copy from the IRS should suffice (actually in most US courts and government agencies, transcripts of the 1040s’ issued by the IRS are acceptable in lieu of certified true copies. As I understand, these transcripts were presented but the BIR, in all its wisdom rejected it)). If the BIR insist on the original and would not accept a certified true copy, BIR would be asking the impossible. In cases of e filing, a copy of the return can be printed by the taxpayer as his copy. But even in this instance, only a certified true copy can be produced, not an original. And why would not the BIR accept a certified true copy? Not even US courts could compel the IRS to produce the originals. That is the law. If the BIR refuses to accept a certified true coppy, it would only mean either of 2 things. The BIR are not knowledgeable to IRS requirements, rules and regulations on tax returns offocial reproductions, or BIR is purposely asking the impossible to spite, harass, bedevil Manny due to partisan politics.

    • isn’t we have treaty or agreement with IRS regarding this situation? why can’t BIR ask this details in behalf of the tax payee? is it supposedly the job of BIR to seek this information on their own not with the tax payee since the proof of burden is from BIR that the tax payee information on the record is not correct and fraudulent? if you think any body can create any document for this….WELCOME TO RECTO!!!

    • Simple logic: If Henares want the true copy of this Income Tax Return then she should ask this from IRS and not from Pacquio o baka naman kaya takot si Henares na ma disappoint ng IRS dahil wala siyang confident na makuha niya ito sa IRS :). She want evidence then she should gather it herself. Kailan ba nangyari na ang ini imbistigahan ang mag provide ng ebedensya? Hindi ba dapat trabaho iyan ng nag imbistiga?

      2% tax lang pala kinakatay na nila si Manny dito? Hindi ba alam ng administrasyon na bawat milyon na nilalagak ni Manny sa bansa natin ay nakakatulong ito sa growth ng economy natin. Perang nilalagak ni Manny sa Pilippinas ay hindi na kailangang hiramin ng administrasyon para lang ma maintain ang ating GDP growth of our country. Ang pera ni Manny ang isa sa dahilan kung bakit tumataas ang rating natin sa Moody’s, dahil confident ni Manny sa President Aquino administration ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit lumalago ang ekonomeya ng Gensan at Pilipinas. I just could NOT comprehend the benevolent intention of BIR Kim Henares in attacking our National Hero.

  20. Kaya may immunity from harassment ang mga big fish na businessmen sa BIR kc nagbibigay sila ng under the table o party sponsors ng gobyerno. Di ba?

  21. Looking at the list provided by Tiglao, How could Manny Pacquiao “out-earned” these blue chip certified tycoons the likes of MVP, SY, AYALA,LOPEZ, TAN and TY? Or is there something they “KNOW” that Manny P doesnt!

  22. siguro kahit anong negatibong salita ang ipahayag mo Mr. Tiglao isa lang ang masasabi ko saiyo mahirap ibagsak ang isang gobyernong pinamumunuan ng matino at malinis ang pagkataong presidente ng pilipinas maa aring may mg abulok sa kanyang mga napiling tao pero mas marami pa rin ang matitino at ginagampanan talaga ang kanilang mga tungkulin hindi kagaya nung kapanahunan mo na naging isang pamagat kayo ng awitin ni ka fredie aguilar na “bulag, pipi at mga bingi” kung sa kapanahunan ni gloria eh isa ka ring oposisyon sure akong kahit isang daang pahina na laban sa gobyernong arroyo eh mapupunan mo sa dami nang pwede mong mapuna at masabi but sad to say nga nataon na kakampi ka ng kanyang administrasyon kaya ayun, bulag pipi at bingi member ka….

    • not because the previous admin was bad – doesn’t mean this current one is good. i mean, look at the country now.

    • Mukhang ikaw ang bulag,pipi at bingi.Bka nga magpapakamatay ka pa pagnapatalsik si Abnoy o kaya matulad Kay GMA na pinakulong nya..You know what karma is?what goes around comes around.

  23. Here’s a job for Kim Henares. And I DARE HER to do this to prove her supposed “crusade”.

    If you are REALLY going after big fish so that they will pay the correct taxes, you should go after Lucio Tan who would rather pay the fines that the correct taxes. Let’s see how far you will get with this.

    Oh, and one tidbit of information for you. Lucio was a huge campaign contributor to PNoy’s presidential run. Gooooooooood Luck!!!!

    • prove your comments…show proof that lucio tan did not pay the rightful amount of tax…it will help the government…BIR chief is asking for the proof of pacquiao’s tax payment in the IRS…the agency is waiting for the pertinent documents since 2010…we should have wondered why the agency waited for 3 years and gave too much leniency to the boxing superstar…another thing…the BIR did not file any tax evasion suit…now the BIR is accused of being politicized…


    • Sus di nga ba naglalabas ang BIR ng listahan ng mga top payers ng bansa,but you can’t find the names of those in FORBES list in top 5.Si kristita pa nga ang pinagmamalaki nilang top payer.Dapat habulin ni Henares yong mga tycoons noh!!!bwisit!!!

  24. Impeach Aquino. The vilest president our country has the misfortune to find itself in. I never believed he got elected anyway. He was elected using a corrupted PCOS system, all thanks to the CIA. Remember his family has been behind the scenes since Spanish times. His paternal grandfather was a Collaborator during the Japanese times being Speaker of the House. His maternal grandparents tricked President Ramon Magsaysay into selling then Hacienda Luisita with the government even guaranteeing the loans. They had Magsayasay killed in a plane crash courtesy again of the CIA. Cory Aquino Aquino got installed as president again courtesy of the CIA. And for the 3rd time the grandson the schizo BS A gets installed thru PCOS again courtesy of the CIA. How evil can a Clan be?

    • isa pa ito ang maisip eh siya nang isusulat ano naman ang pruweba mo na nandaya nga, papayag kaya yung mga kalaban sa presidency na di maghabol at mag protesta kung nadaya man siya? hay naku alahoy!!!!!

  25. This time, i beg to disagree with mr. tiglao’s opinion. Sino pang dapat maging ehemplo ng pagbabayad ng buwis? di silang mayayaman, regardless of how they created their wealth.. lalo na si manny na isang congressman. blunder is not the right word to describe what ms. henares is doing… it’s call of duty.

    • iyan ang tama at matalinong pag iisip yung iba kasi kung ano na lang maisip eh siyang isusulat at matanong natin magmula ng maupo si pinoy may masasabi naba tayong magandang salita na nagmula kay Tiglao at Tatad (a.k.a wag buksan ang envelop at baka mabuking ang magnanakawa??)…

    • Ed Belen, but never before they have done this to any Chinese blooded businessman to freeze and seize properties. This is the very first time in history of our country that a citizen who pays taxes being striped off of his hard work. Why? Is that because Manny is an easy target?

    • call of duty when you run after all the other tax cheats like some of the businessmen,legislators,celebrities and professionals not only Pacman.But I wonder if its a call of duty as some others here who wanted us to believe,maybe it’s the call of Aquino is more appropriate and Henares ambition to sit in the SC.That is what it is noh!!!gullible fanatics!

    • correct ka dyan Ricardo,kac nagpapalakas si Henares para matapos ang termino ni Abnoy,maipromote sya to the SC.Di kac nag courtesy call si Pacman kaya pinahabol ni Abnoy…


    After all, it also doesn’t matter for them that after EDSA I, it has only been during Pacquiao’s fights that we all have intensely felt being members of this community we call a nation.

    For them, it doesn’t count for anything that “Pacman’s” rags-to-riches saga inspires millions of young, poor Filipinos, and even future generations, to strive for excellence, to believe that with sheer hard work, they can break the country’s caste system.



    • the BIR simply has to request from the IRS; but it would rather squeeze pacquiao than do it, for obvious reasons.


      it is not the duty of the BIR to make the request from any agency inside or out of the philippines…you should know this matter if you pay your taxes…anyways, just in case you wouldn’t know it…it is the month of april each year that many filipinos line up in certain areas/place where they have to submit they income tax return…VERY SIMPLE FOR YOUR INFORMATION…it is the responsibility of the tax payer to SUBMIT all pertinent documents with regards to his ITR…

      try to think of this pag may time…

    • that is what this Abnoy and Henares wanted us to believed,demonizing Pacman in their media blitz.Bkit di nila utusan yong tsimoy nila dito sa embassy at ipaconfirm doon sa IRS kung totoo nga yong declared amount ni Pacman.

    • Hoy Sam,It is also the duty of BIR to investigate if the taxpayer is telling the truth or not in their declarations.What research have you done that I might have missed.Baka naman nagbababad ka masyado sa daily inquirer,Philippine star at ABS-CBN na Pulos kasinungalingan ang pinagsasabi at naniniwala ka pa sa survey ng dalawang bayarang agency na SWS at PULSE..

    • Bobby Ulili: dahil hindi maibigay na Cong. Manny they have to stick to that particular ALAS para makatay nila si Manny at obvious gusto nilang sila ang makinabang sa pinaghirapan ni Manny, in other words nakawin ang pera ni Manny. Masahol pa ito sa rubbery 2.2 billion pesos, how the hell Cong. Manny could even pay that!

      SAM: kahit mga police investigator tangunin mo kung responsibilidad ng ini imbistigahan nila ang mag provide nang evidence. Also, tanong mo rin sa CIA kung si terrorist ba ang dapat kumausap sa MI5 tungkol sa alam nila sa Terrorist na nangyayari sa England.

  27. too much inggit nadarama ni panoy and cohorts led by henares she wants to enjoy the benefits she gets fr abnoy poor ph oh my poor ph . only in the ph if you are on the other side and you are sikat inggit ang kay pinoy imagine duringthe time of pgma everytime paqiao won he paid courtesy to gma but now the present occupants of malacanang harrassed him and wants him to become poorest and put behind bars kahit wala kattoohanan ang bintang ganid hidhid at inggit ang nadarama ni pinoy

  28. Sa gobyernong ito basta oposisyon
    ka sisiraan ka, Abnoy kasi at may
    illusion of grandeur ang namumuno.

  29. this is a classic example on how facts can be twisted… simpleng tax payment lang ang issue at masyado ng ginugulo!

    • Jose: you call this a simple tax issue? Hindi na tax issue ang nangyayari dahil nga na froze na ang mga accounts ni Manny at seize pa ang ibang mga assets niya! Common! You must be kidding!

  30. Pacquiao payed the IRS in America, yes its true..Or maybe he wants to evade taxes for the Philippines by not telling his true income..Who knows..Why he don’t present his certified receipt from the IRS if he payed for it. Thats what the BIR only wants to see..Scared that he will be caught cheating upon filing his tax..Who knows..The biggest tax payer of the country???That will not make him immune to BIR audit..Go Henares ..You are doing a wonderful jobs for filipinos.

    • pasensya na, hindi kasi kami hinahanapan ng “certified true copy of itr” kung umuutang kami sa bangko dito sa u.s., “xerox-copy” lang ang binibigay namin. tanong ko lang, saan nakuha ng bir yung P2.2 b? sa internet, news tsismis o dun din sa “drawing sa papel” na binigay ng top rank sa bir?

    • TO NESKI…

      your america is not philippines and philippines is not america…SEE THE DIFFERENCE…just tell me if you did not get my point…

      don’t comment if you do not know what you are talking about…nakakahiya lang…you should have done your research first before sending your comment…the amount asking by the BIR is in compliance with the rules and regulations of the agency…tax computations per se…we do also have justice system in this country where this complains against the boxing superstar will be heard and litigated…kaya ang sinabi mong PhP2.2B ay base lamang sa internet, news tsismis o drawing sa papel is none sense…do your research first my dear…don’t think that we are fool and ignorant of what is lawful and right in this country…

    • Nagbabayad naman si Pacman,mas mataas nga ang ibinabayad nya kaysa doon sa mga contributors ni Abnoy eh.Hindi kac nag under the table si Pacman.

    • Odong,di po nagbibigay ng certified true copy ang IRS,ang binibigay po nila ay xerox copy lang.Ang hinihingi ni Henares ay certified true copy.What I do not know if the IRS would allow that.Ano naman ang magagawa ni Pacman dito kundi ipakita Kay ambisyosa Henares ang xerox copy….

    • To Sam
      You’re the one who can’t get the point geez…BIR simply asks certified true copy of Pacman’s ITR from IRS,but only xerox copy was given to him which he presented to ambisyosa Henares,Kac yon ang binibigay talaga ng IRS.Cguro nakukulta na ang utak mo trying to defend the Abnoy.Be careful you might end up in Manda with him

  31. Here , President Aquino can use the BIR to harass his political opponents. There is not one comment against this. A president is hari here until they lose power and become targets themselves.
    In the U.S., when the U.S. IRS went after Republican Tea Party Groups, their powerful allies in the U.S. Congress, had very combative committee investigations. The Republicans dragged President Obama’s Appointees in front of them.President Obama had to discredit the investigation and contain the political damage. Even President Obama’s Democratic Party Congressmen were denouncing using the IRS harassment.
    The USA has political maturity that our nation lacks. There is the legislative branch that they will defy the President. There is a give and take. Also, U.S. Presidents from opposite parties can go into retirement without fear of retribution.



  32. The intention was to divert the people’s minds off Aquino’s failure on Yolanda. Kim Henares to the rescue… Bravo!!!

    • Ray: Bravo to your comment. Ang nakakatakot, ang pag iisip ng mga mahihirap na tao ay hindi ganyan ang tingin nila sa sitwasyon kay Pres. Aquino kundi isa siyang magnanakaw sa perang pinaghirapan ni Manny. There is nothing wrong to collect tax but their action towards it is far worst than typhoon Yolanda.

  33. There is a problem in your comment Vince …you only believe 1 side of the story ….that presented by the BIR but as an insider who knows the facts…this program to make manny pacquiao look like a tax cheat started when he refused to transfer to the rulling LIBERAL PARTY.

    Unlike the BALIMBING corrupt classmates of the president who was formerly of the erap party but suddenly became liberal when PNOY was proclaimed (mmda chairman now) Manny refused the offer to turncoat.

    the IRS already taxed the earnings of MANNY in America and this was presented to the BIR but they wanted an “authenticated” document which manny cannot access or request officially from the IRS but only the BIR can access or request thru a GOVERNMENT TO GOVERNMENT communique’

    HENARES is a bata of PURISIMA and MAR ROXAS and she has performed poorly as commissioner so she has to look good to the President via the head of Manny on a platter.
    But so many unresolved issues like the PEACE BONDS, the giving f CORPORATE TAX BREAKS (Billions) without oversight by the WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE of Congress and many other issues and violations of rights of taxpayers.

    I just hope people dont believe everything they read from henares and company because they twist the truth to benefit their own political agenda.

  34. Yung na nga ang problema ngayon, naghahanap pa ng original copy yung BIR ng IRS. Bat di na lang nila i-confirm sa mismong IRS agency yung mga papeles na sinabmit nitong c Pacquiao? Kung makilatis ang mga taga BIR mas makilatis pa ang mga taga IRS. O kaya alam nilang ganoon ang dapat na hakbang na gawin nila, or inaakala nilang tanga ang mga pilipino kaya sinasabi na lang nilang IRS receipt is to be submitted. O ayan, binigyan na sila ng copya, ah dapat po yung original sir. Tanga, di i confirm nyo sa agency kung peke ba yan, bat anong akala nyo, porket marami akong pera kaya kong i peke lahat ng mga dokumento? hiyang hiya naman ako sa inyo noh?

  35. What i’d like to see in jail are the “rich and traditional politicians” who steal people’s money for their ‘selfie” interests and evade the COA including BIR the corresponding documents and tax payments and not to make example of the “ordinary Pacquiao”.

    • Mr. Pacquiao is not an “ordinary” perfson. He is an elected official of our land… a congressman and a billionaire. Pacquiao’s accomplishments and the pride that he brought to our country as one of the world’s elite athletes is appreciated. But, that doesn’t exempt him from paying his taxes and/or abiding by the law of our land. The law applies to all. If anything else, he should be the one setting the example to the Filipino people.

  36. i’m no fan of the BIR but there are many wrong arguments in the article

    it doesnt matter how much good you have done to the country, it doesnt matter that you were once a tapayer, it doesnt matter how bad other taxpayers are, it doesnt matter if the BIR was weaponized before in the corona trial. This tax case stands on its own merits. All of those above dont suddenly turn pacquiao into a saint who is incapable if doing wrong

    and if you ignore all those irrelevant arguments the only thing that matters is the tax case itself. If pacquiao already paid the IRS then he should have presented the proper papers to the BIR long ago when the case was first brought to his attention.

    • Agree!!! In my opinion, There’s a difference between paying BIG and paying FAIR. Considering all the notices given to him over the years to just present documents and to subject his financials to audit. No one is above the law no matter how widely celebrated you are. He should have fixed that from the first notice instead of being a complete brat ignoring the govt. Just because what?…he is popular?

  37. I have yet to sense any tinge of arrogance on Manny’s demeanor unless you will consider his consistent invocation and surrender to God’s power and providence as the reason for his prominence and status which some idiot will liken to Manny claiming a special position in God’s kingdom. Yet pnoy would thrash him with statements that Manny go to court and not to media very much like what you might hear from palenke folks who so readily say “e di magdemanda ka!” anytime they find themselves with nothing better to say. With an autistic mind what else can be expected anyway. “Mababao talaga!”

  38. That is how evil Kim Henares is, she would brag closing small restaurants, flower shops but OMG, what have you at the end of the day? Small fishes and a Country’s Pride as her priorities.

    Send to jail the big businesses instead who are ‘real’ tax evaders. The ….. [Ed’s note: Here the comment writer lists some of our country’s big names in retailing, real estate and other business)…who are not even correctly remitting the VAT that they’ve collected from their customers. THESE ARE THE REAL PRIORITIES not Pacquio.

    • ano pa ba sa palagay mo ang ginagawa ng BIR…tulad nitong paghabol nila kay manny pacquiao…small entrepreneur ba ang tingin mo sa boxing superstar?

      if you know that there are big personalities/entities who do not pay right amount of tax and you have evidences then be a help to the agency not just speculate…may nabasa ka lang na may mga establishments na hindi nagre-remit ng tamang VATnaniwala ka na…how about paniwalaan mo din ang mga statement ni kim henares tungkol sa paghahabol kay pacquiao…give it a try pag may time…

  39. Hipokrito si Aquino…nagmamalinis sa labas sa loob marumi at mabaho…ngayon lang tayo nagka presidente ng hambog, mahilig balikan ang mga kalaban nya at batang isip…

    • ano naman ang pagmamalinis ni pnoy…is this your speculations or a creation of a wild imagination…show some proof…

      sino naman sa palagay mo ang dapat habulin ng pamahalaan…nasa nakaraan ang maraming pinaghihinalaang pagnanakaw…ano naman ang makikita mo sa darating na araw kung wala pang transaksyon…try to think about this pag may time…

    • Sabi nila bago mangyari ang lupit ni Yolanda sa Tacloban. Kapag mga Kabalen and Kasibanua ang mag kasama as team. Malagim ang Malas aabutin ng taga Pinas. Ewan ko kung totoo. Iyong isa Matandang Mayaman. Wala naman asawa o nobya sa buhay. Ano kaya ang difencia sa Pagkalalaki. May mga tsismis ang mga badar. Buwisit lang daw ang buhay kapag walang babae nagmamahal. Ang Isa naman alam natin gusto talagang maging president. Patawarin ang mga pnoy at pnay sa pagkakamali kung sakali man lang mangyari na mas siguro.

  40. Blunder talaga si Henares dito. Walang effort to contact IRS. Agency to agency agreement/coordination yan di ba?

    • what do you do when you are filing your own income tax return (this is done in the month of april every year)…sila ba ang nagpupunta syo o ikaw ang nagsusumite ng iyong mga dokumento sa designated area/place where your employer or business is located…

      simple…it is our obligation to submit to the agency what is required…
      maawa ka na lang sa mga maliliit na manggagawa na pumipila ng ilang oras upang makasunod lang sa itinakda ng batas ukol sa pagbabayd ng tamang buwis…

      samantalang itong kay pacquiao ay binigyan sya ng 3 years upang mag-comply…subali’t di rin sya sumunod…

      try to think about this pag may time…

  41. In the US nobody can escape paying taxes on every winnings, earnings, bonuses, etc. Before a person can get his winnings like what pacquiao did, the tax was already calculated and deducted from the amount he was to receive. In short, he paid higher taxes every time he fought, win or lose., because taxes in the US is higher and more so, in dollars. What I am not aware of is, if he has no businesses in the Philippines, are they taxing him for his bank account? Besides, he has lots of charity done that even people in America are aware of. These are tax deductibles every time he files his taxes. comparing to Mr Sy who is engaged in major businesses that are earning, pacquiao if he has earning businesses would be nothing compared to Mr Sy. He may just have a lot of money in his bank account. Did the IRS take into account that fact? Or, as my dirty mind already concluded, are they running after him the same way they ran after corona? In pinoy’s vocabulary, once you are an “enemy” you must perish. And oh, I am sorry, he is a very religious man, and so is family. Jesus must have told him something different like “do unto your enemies what they did not do to you”…..

  42. As a filipino, I am saddened for having a president who is not mentally sound. Before,
    I just shrugged this information off thinking that it just one political propaganda. But,
    the way things are actually happening in the Philippines the information regarding
    this abnoy having been subjected to psychiatric examination according to Carmen
    Pedros and Fr. Bulatao are true, correct and accurate. So, nakakalungkot dahil
    ang ibunoto ng mga Pilipino ay sinto sinto at sira ulo. Imagine a president who no
    longer have any respect of the law. Just spend taxpayers money(DAP) without
    congress approval? No less than the Supreme Court decided that the PDAP is
    unconstitutional. Of course his crocodile allies in congress maintain that what they
    did was legal. Ang bansang pilipinas ay nagisa sa sariling manteka. Taxpayers
    money was used according to reports to bribe these crocodiles in congress to
    impeach an enemy which is Corona? No other president resorted to this kind
    of corruption. Only this sira ulong abnoy. Ang senate naman ay puro na lang
    probe, probe and probe. Without any result only grandstanding. How can they
    effectively conduct the probe when they themselves partook of the loot? What
    about Abad? Are they untouchables?

  43. Thats what a good government should be..because you are a boxing champion or whoever you are who brings honor to the country, does mean he/she is exempted to be audited of his/her earnings. I don’t understand, when the Philippine government will strictly imposed the laws to all, its bad, and if they don’t its bad..What can your country do to you to make it successful which are not bad. Pinning a medal the goverment should do, but not letting him pay taxes is the most insane and stupid recommendation because of his popularity. Thats why you have a road to drive your car because of taxes to mention one. Be intiligent in your commentaries.

  44. Can Pacquiao escape the IRS? I don’t think so. Nobody thinks so. It’s only Henares who believes that the Pacman can evade paying taxes in the US & gets away with it.

  45. Kayo ang Boss Ko! on

    Wag na kayong umasa sa gobyernong ito; noong mga nakaraang panahon, di naglalagay ng VAT sa mga condo dues, ngayon doble doble ang mangyayari sa VAT na yan! Ang tanong, kapag meron bang dapat i-maintain sa condo, gobyerno ba ang sasagot? Hindi ba ang association ng condo….suwang nga eh ang gobyernong ito eh! Simple lang mga igan!

  46. Kayo ang Boss Ko! on

    Simple: inggitero ang mga taga Malacanang! Kasi naungusan sila ng di kailangan magnakaw….sila paramagkaroon ng kayamanan, kailangan magnakaw!

    • sino naman ang mga naiinggit kay pacquiao at mga magnanakaw din…sabihin mo at maglabas ka na pruweba para masampahan ng kaukulang kaso…hindi ba mas makabubuti yon…

  47. And yet again, demolition job by Pnoy against his perceived enemies. Barring any coups or Edsa, come 2016, jail for BSAquino, de Lima, Henares, Drilon, Belmonte, Roxas and all the corrupt in Congress. We should pay for bilibid to be repainted yellow!

    • While taxpayer’s money is known to have squandered by no less than the people who occupied the high post in the government as exposed in the PDAF and DAF perceived scam, it looks untimely for BIR to show having hard nosed look in the people’s eyes in pursuing intensified tax collection campaign, people have their inherent right to have the assurance that the money they are giving to the government in the form of taxes doesn’t fall to wrong hands.
      In this country we are paying tax in everything we do! We buy medicine 12 % from the price is VAT, we pay our electric Bill 12 % VAT, we buy petroleum 12 % VAT, Sin tax for Alcoholic Beverage, every minute every second of the day, tulog ka man o gising nagbabayad ka ng Tax sa gobyernong ito, iba pa yong mga local taxes na pinapataw sa bawat galaw ng tao… the big question is, are we happy with the services the government is giving in return, when the government build a hospital, to avail the services you pay!, put-up taxpayers money for school building, you go to school? you pay!, in spite all these, the government has no enough money to build roads for us, so there is the Build Operate Transfer scheme then we pay toll fees… You buy a car you pay tax, register it with the LTO you pay tax, buy a petro for the car you pay tax, drive the car you must have a driver’s license, to get one you pay tax, use Tarlac Pangasinan La Union Expressway (TPLEX) you pay toll fee, then Via SCTEX another toll fee, to NLEX another toll fee to SLEX another toll fee…..