• Aquino should be impeached, then jailed with Roxas over Mamasapano


    President Aquino 3rd’s sudden reference to an “alternative truth” to the massacre of 44 Special Action Force troops in Mamasapano convinces me – again – that there is something deeply wrong in this person’s psyche.

    Was the Mamasapano massacre such a trauma for him, over which he has been probably having psychotic nightmares, that he wants to create an entirely different narrative of that day of infamy for our Republic?

    Or is he so afraid that he won’t escape accountability in the next administration that he wants to change while he is in power the accepted, proven accounts of what happened in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, on Jan. 25, 2015?

    The President’s favorite newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer, as usual, jumped to Aquino’s aid by running “alternative” narratives of the massacre in its front pages the next two days.

    One was woven by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front which claims that the terrorist Marwan wasn’t killed by the SAF, but by his own aides, who were after $5 million bounty on his head put up by the US. That certainly robs the SAF of their victory, and makes the massacre of the 44 useless. That fits with Aquino’s implicit narrative that the SAF were massacred because their leaders didn’t coordinate with the army, and even were foolhardy to risk talks.

    Yesterday the other “alternative” narrative reported by the newspaper implies that the SAF weren’t really as good a force as they were depicted. Either US operatives or their mercenaries directed and undertook the operation, with two even killed in it.

    The article according to the newspaper, was based on a video clip by an identified “TV journalist”. This is rather strange since any journalist whether local or foreign, print or broadcast would claim such a scoop for his own, and not give it to another news outfit.

    This is disgusting.

    The massacre of our best fighting men the SAF 44 is one of the worst failings, if not the very worst failing, of Aquino.

    Pretending nothing was happening? Aquino, Roxas, and Gazmin midday in Zamboanga City January 25, 2015, while SAF troops were pinned down in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, begging for help.

    Pretending nothing was happening? Aquino, Roxas, and Gazmin midday in Zamboanga City January 25, 2015, while SAF troops were pinned down in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, begging for help.

    Aquino should be impeached, and after stepping down from office in 2016, he should be jailed for his complicity in the operations that resulted in 44 SAF troops massacred.

    His right-hand man, Manuel Roxas 2nd, could have intervened to save the police’s SAF, since the PNP was after all under his responsibility, as chairman of the National Police Commission. According to his sworn statements in the Senate hearings he was told of the operation early morning, and by mid-morning of the SAF’s difficulties. He didn’t lift a finger to give the SAF troops aid, even as he was with Aquino the whole day.

    Roxas should be barred
    And he wants us to elect him as commander-in-chief of all the Republic’s armed forces? Forget every blunder he’s done, forget his mismanagement of the MRT-3 and the Yolanda disaster management. His complicity in the Mamasapano massacre alone should bar him from having any public office, appointive or elective.

    Aquino, Roxas, and the AFP chief Voltaire Gazmin were together in Zamboanga the whole day, yet they pretended that nothing was happening.

    The details of Aquino’s complicity have been incontrovertibly established as facts. They leave no room for any “alternative truths”:

    Aquino was on top of planning ever since it was conceived in mid-2014, and even had three meetings in Malacañang with suspended police chief Alan Purisima and then SAF head police chief superintendent Getulio Napeñas, and even intelligence officer Fernando Mendez. However it was illegal for Aquino have had as operations man his bosom friend, Purisima, who had already been suspended by the Ombudsman at that time.

    For that, Purisima was charged by the Ombudsman for usurpation of authority. But it was Aquino who ordered him to usurp authority. Why isn’t he made accountable? Could Purisima refuse an order of the President, his close friend?

    He was on top of the entire operation as the tragedy was unraveling on January 25. He even boasted in an impromptu speech before the SAF two days later that “Maaga pa lang, tuloy tuloy na ang mga ulat na natatanggap namin.” (Early in the morning, I was already receiving reports on the operation.)

    He was with his top security officials in Zamboanga City that day, starting early in the morning up to dusk, on the pretext of checking on a bombing incident two days before.

    His planned scenario though was for him to immediately to go to Cotabato City, an hour by helicopter, to congratulate the SAF troopers for their capture of the global terrorists in Mamasapano, and to boast how he himself was on top of he operation.

    Yet even when he had received reports that the SAF troopers were pinned down and begging for artillery and air support, Aquino did nothing.

    Stand down
    It wasn’t that he was stupid or was paralyzed to rescue the troopers. The chairman emeritus of this newspaper, Dante Ang, had reported based on his reliable sources that Aquino actually ordered the army to stand down, as their efforts to rescue the SAF troopers allegedly would risk his peace talks with the MILF. This claim has not been refuted.

    Aquino and Purisima have covered up for the President’s complicity. The transcript of Purisima’s cellphone conversations with him that was submitted to the Senate hearing had a yawning eight-hour gap, which is impossible. No one in the Senate he controls, not even Senator Poe, had the guts to subpoena Globe or PLDT if in that eight hours, Aquino sent text messages or talked to Purisima.

    Of course Globe and PLDT would not, as they have claimed, kept the actual text messages in their data bank. All that’s needed are the logs whether Aquino and Purisima’s cellphones were sending messages to each other during those eight hours, which the telcos explained they have (how would they charge you if they didn’t?).

    US President Nixon fell from power to a great extent because he could not explain an 18-minute gap in tapes of his conversations with his officials involved in the Watergate scandal. Here, Aquino and Purisima can’t explain an eight-hour gap that could have established without a shadow of a doubt whether or not the commander-in-chief allowed his troops to be massacred.

    Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares exploited the investigation in the Senate, lucky for her as she was head of the committee on public order which had jurisdiction over the issue. The investigation catapulted her to national attention, so much so that she thinks she can be president — because of her seeming boldness in declaring that “Aquino must own up to the responsibility for the massacre.”

    But she in effect aborted her committee’s report by not submitting it to the plenary for discussion. Technically therefore, her report, which she announced in a press conference in March, five months ago is still pending. i.e., without conclusions. Llamanzares was in the best position to call for deeper investigation over Aquino’s role that led to the massacre. She didn’t.

    What kind of a country have we become, when our Congress has lost all its values, and all its balls that it can’t bring justice to the massacre of our best troops?

    What kind of country have we become that a President dare think he can revise history with the help of his favorite newspaper, so he won’t be haunted any longer by nightmares of SAF troops shot point-blank in the face by Muslim insurgents?

    FB: Bobi Tiglao


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    1. Just remember, a vote for Roxas and his KKK friends in the LP in 2016 is also a vote for BS Aquino’s acquittal.

    2. Ang SAF 44 na nagbuwis ng buhay ay nsa call of duty at bilang sundalo ang Mamapasamo ay isa lamang sa kanilang trabaho pra gampanan ang kanilang tungkulin.

      • Oo, pero may pananagutan sa kanila ang pamahalaan na huwag silang ipagkaluno sa kalaban, huwag pagtakpan ang naging pagkukulang sa kanila, at huwag silang sisihin sa kanilang pagkakapaslang.

      • ed,tama ka.sila ay namatay sa pagsunod sa kanilang tungkulin bilang pulis.pero mga pulis lamang sila,hindi sila mga superhero.kung binigyan lamang sila ng sapat na reinforcement during the encounter(immediately ha.), eh baka natalo pa nila ang mga kalaban ng gobyerno.ayos na sana dahil nakuha nila ang subject sa mission nila na si marwan.

        may pananagunatan dito ang pwesidente dahil sa ganitong kaselang operasyon, ay meron syang direktang nalalaman at pagmamando kung ano ang gagawin ng mga nasa operasyon….

    3. mohaqwer tikbalang on

      iyan ang napala ng nakikialam, nagsusulputan tuloy ang mga di kanais nais na issue wawang mar di pa naguumpisa talo na, pahamak talga yan si ate de5

    4. Kung si Grace Poe ay nanindigan na i-submit sa Plenary ang Mamasapano SAF 44 senate hearing report na siya ang Chairman, at sa imbestigasyon ay liable si PENOY na pinirmahan ng lahat ng miyembro ng committee, meron sana pagkakataon na masampahan ng impeachment si PENOY. Mukhang nahiya siya kay PENOY at nilagay sa basurahan ang committee report, Ngayon na nagdeklara na siya na tatakbong Presidente ay nagpasalamat pa siya kay PENOY sa DAAN MATUWID. Nasaan na kaya ang prinsipyo ni Grace Poe? Kung sa Residency at Citizenship ay nagsinungaling na siya, paano na kaya kung maging Presidente nga siya? Baka mas malala pa siya kaysa kay PENOY?

    5. gabriela silang on

      unfortunately, impeachment is out of the picture….no time and no ball congress.
      we can only hope that aquino’s inconvenient truth will be out when he steps down….then, we will know the real truth…my only fear is aquino will never be jailed…
      he will plead INSANITY!

      • He will have Roxas or Poe pardon him. If either one is elected they will insure that Aquino and the plundering liberal party will not face justice.

    6. I don’t think if the purpose is to jail Pnoy or to get fair justice for SAF 44 first. Which is the more important?. pointing to 1 person as a liable will always be the pattern to all politician.. It could be pGMA or Erap or Ramos. Or whoever is president.. Why don’t you just let the justice system take care of that.. Press are just giving a false statement or false alarm to the public rather which is the truth behind..

    7. pati pala truth may alternative na rin… saan ka pa!..ah! yun nga pala ang ating nakasanayan kuwento, “alternatvie truth”, matagal na! ang mga aquino ang malaking bunga nito…

    8. This article written by Mr. Bobbi Tiglao is one for the books. We know what to do to him when he steps down. Jail Pnoy, Mar, Purisima, Gazmin and all the Generals who obeyed Pnoy when ordered not to use artillery and sacrifice the lives of the SAF commandos for the sake of Pnoy’s beloved BBL.

    9. Kundi Di pa nag karoon ng peaceful assembly ang mg INC Di pa nila maasikaso at Di mabibigyan ng justice ang Saf44!!

    10. Continue the good work Sir. Expose the culpability of this callous and traitor president. His liability for the death of the 44 SAF has no alternative truth as he is trying to do now.


    11. What kind of country have we become? We are still the same Catholic country and that, Mr. Tiglao, is the root of the problem.

      • Canuto mag isip ka…it’s the national character that is the root of the problem not Catholicism. Whatever religion you are in or any organization there are character issues. Human weakness Canuto. It’s the system that we have. Catholics outside the Philippines or anyone from different organizations seem to assume different characters once out of the country. Most OFWs toe the line. They prosper and bring it back to PH. That most Cathlics do that. SO it is not the religion it is the character.

    12. All the members of his cabinet were already there that day for the photo ops. indication that they were the ones who had planned it months ago. just like Obama’s Binladen operation style. but it didn’t turned out as planned, as the 44 SAF were asking to be rescued that early morning but no help were send due to this BBL issue…

    13. It was saddening to see that it seems no one wants to stand up against the government and DOJ to get justice for SAF44

      Except for INC, that bravely reminded us of injustices, especially to their two members in SAF44

      But what happen? Everyone gone berserk because of the traffic they’ve caused. They cursed the INC like they have done such a grave crime. I can even hear an officemate of mine, an INC, villified and mocked by angry colleages because they can’t go home early.

      We should be thankful that we are still alive and can take some rest when we got home after that traffic mess, while they brave the day and night there.

      I was now started thinking of hyprocrisy of those people that keeps on saying that this government is so incompetent and insensitive, yet hated INC for their brave action against the government

    14. The Mamasapano massacre is the biggest blunder of Pnoy during his presidency. During the critical moments of the SAF troopers during the firefight Pnoy was probably taking directly to Alan Purisma and mostly likely blaming him for the failure of operation so instead of planning to rescue the troopers almost everyone with Pnoy in Zamboanga got yellow fever to suggest anything to him. I suggest for the relatives of the slain SAF troopers to pray for more and join the campaign of VP Binay so they will get justice next year.

    15. What kind of a country have we become? We have become a nation of corrupt and dishonest government officials, stupid voters and apathetic citizens.

    16. Aquino should have been impeached and jailed because of DAP even before Mamasapano even happened but with the current #Philippines government setup the chief executive approves pork barrel allotment for the legislature and will only get impeached if he loses his ‘power to buy’ votes. Talk about checks and balances. Moral of the story, history is written by the highest bidder. #gisingpilipino

    17. I am one of those whose biggest regret is voting for the Aquinos. Now, my blood is boiling at his every word and action. If I may compare his sin to the sins of pres. Marcos, I believe his are worst because the victims are not only the simple, innocent victims of typhoon Yolanda; but, he is insulting the capabilities of SAF44, PNP -our very own servicemen who we all are proud of. Bakit hindi pa sya pwedeng i-jail ngayon? Talaga bang untouchable ang presidente? Kaya habang tumatagal kumakapal ng kumakapal ang mga mukha ng mga politiko eh kasi hindi ina-apply ang batas sa kanila. Walang kwenta na talaga ata itong demokrasyang ito

      • Before you voted in 2010, you should have asked: Is the recent death of a person’s parent a logical criterion for electing that person into public office? If you and millions like you had asked yourselves this, we wouldn’t be finding ourselves in this mess today. Hindsight is 20/20 vision, so I hope in the coming election you and those who voted for Penoy will not elect the next president based on your emotions. There’s simply too much at stake for our nation.

      • we share the same sentiment. I regret to have voted him for president. I wont trust any liberal ally come election time.

    18. Keep it up, Mr. Tiglao.We’re behind you in this new twist on the Mamasapano Massacre. We believe PNoy is trying to extricate himself from the mire he is in neck deep. PDI, we all know is a rabid supporter of PNoy and is serving as a mouthpiece of this failed President.

    19. Pls understand his shortcomings, he just missed some therapy sessions & medications.

      All right. There, there…

    20. Nabasa ko yung sabi ng isang US Sundalo Kay MGEN Pangilinan 6ID Commander “Fire Your Artillery Now” ang Sagot ni Pangilinan “I’m the Commander here nobody can dictate me. Hayan na massacre tuloy yung SAF 44. Buti pa yung puti meron Malasakit sa mga Pilipinong SAF 44 e yung kapwa natin Pilipino na me authority para tumulong sa Ora’s na yon ay walang pakialam. Nakakatulog pa kaya mga yan?

    21. If you all believe both Aquino & Roxas are guilty, why not file a case against them? Stop the criticism, go where it hurts them. Expose the truth not by writing an article(s), go straight to court. That is assuming our court system is reliable.

      • Mary, what court? This pathological liar has has got all authorities by the short and curly’s. Wait till he steps down. On the other hand if this is just a story by the writer, why does he not take him to court? The president is an utter IMBECILE.

      • The president has immunity and can only be oust by impeachment. The problem is the congress and court under control of the majority LP and appointees…

      • ernesto catingub on

        madam mary: are you aware that aquino was the one who appointed cj sereno in the supreme court? are you aware that aquino was the one who appointed ombudsman morales? how can you file a case against them? it’s useless but just wait until he finish his term and let us see what will happen

      • madam mary. Did you know that truth is first unmasked by a written article. C’mon … Be not one of those hypocrites who continue to glorify aquino as saint…

    22. “Alternative truth” sounds less unsavory compared to Revisionist lying. BSA can call it whatever he wants, but he shouldn’t expect people (Noytards and gullible folks aside) to buy the gold-covered poop he’s trying to sell…

    23. ferdinand concepcion on

      Whoever voted and believe in Aquino… should ask themselves now…. can’t you see that you made a big big blunder, and that the country is now suffering from the incompetence and many lies of this mis-administration. This “alternative truth” is one of the many lies, w/c unfortunately some “ignorants” or “yellow fanatics” may believe. That yellow newspaper Phil. Daily Inquirer, should be boycotted, for being the mouthpiece of this yellow mis-govt. I wonder how much was this newspaper bought, that it’s now a lapdog of Aquino. It’s also sad that some or still many professionals like my officemates in a multinational company, still believe in Aquino, despite the many and glaring sins he committed against the people. He has no visible legacy, except to make the yellow cronies, Ayalas and Lopezes, richer. He should be really hounded down, after he step down.

    24. Mr. Tiglao Please continue to expose the ill publicity of the President so we can be updated always, thank you for a very wonderful informations.

      • The term “alternative truth” is truly an oxymoron. There is only the truth of what happened. The alternative to the truth is called a lie.


    26. Adolfo G. Roldan on

      If the facts of the Mamasapano massacre as presented in the above article…President should be impeached…and jailed …likewise Roxas should also be held accountable being the head of DILG…Senator Poe should likewise be held accountable for her failure to submit hher committee,s findings about the Mamasapano Massacre…

    27. Leandro Aragoncillo on

      Mr. Tiglao, there is no doubt that President Aquino III and former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas are equally liable in the botched Mamasapano operation. Aquino should have ordered Roxas to facilitate the change over of duties and responsibilities from Purisima to Espina before the final stages of the operation.

      Section 8 of the Republic Act No. 6975 states that the head of the Department of Local and Interior Government (DILG), referred to as the Secretary, shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the National Police Commission, “directly responsible” for the Philippine National Police. The DILG, which has supervisory control over the PNP, failed to facilitate the turnover of the duties and responsibilities assigned to the Chief of the PNP, after former PNP Chief Gen. Alan Purisima was suspended. This failure by Roxas has ultimately resulted in the death of 67 people, including 44 SAF commandos, and critical injury to 18 others.

      As noted, Roxas is considered a “Yes Man,” and it seems that no one in Malacanang has the audacity to bring PNoy bad news. The “alternative truth” PNoy was floating in the media only showed how dysfunctional the administration appears in times of chaos, confusion, and incompetence – in terms of both crisis analysis and crisis management.

      • and i wonder why former Sec Robredo was not in complete control of the PNP during the hostage taking in Luneta….

    28. don’t worry, only 9 months remaining and Noynoy will be out of Malacanang. After that, he will definitely go to jail. right now, we’ve heard that many justices and lawyers are preparing the charges they will file against Noynoy once he is no longer president. Tingnan natin kung makakaangas pa rin siya kapag hindi na siya presidente.

      • Why wait for nine months of continuing ineptness, inanity and incompetence that seems to go beyond 2016 with the way they have allowed to outsource our 2016 election to a private party? Since I have no mony for filing fee, can someone file a petition to discontinue the outsourcing of the conduct of our forthcoming election? There is already an anti-trust law so smartmatic can be prevented as a sole-vendor supplier aside from being a foreign entity which should never be allowed to do business in our country?

    29. The news reports I’ve read on the subject, seem to indicate this conclusion” “That Pres BS Aquino III really planned to come up with the ‘peace agreement’ with his eyes on the Nobel Peace Prize. Dream on.

      However, with such an ambition, there seems to be bias for the Malaysian Government and the MILF, at the expense of the Philippine Government to the extent that even the death of 44 SAF is of no consequence and the exploit of the group being taken for granted or doubted, even by their own CIC, What a shame!

      I hope the ‘brothers’ of the 44 masacred SAF and their families will be patient enough to wait for the justice they’ve been waiting for. Meanwhile, in the legal street lingo, “Just-ti-is”!.


      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        No amount of dreaming by P-Noy of receicing the “Nobel Peace Prize” would matter because if ever the Malaysians who arbitrated will get it for they will claim that without them nothing of the sort would ever happen. But one thing certain is that Coronel and Deles would be crowned princesses in case the impossible happens. God bless the Philippines.

    30. Hindi na dapat pagtalunan kung sino ang nakapatay kay marwan!
      Ang tanong ano ang ginagawa ng US at ni Aquino sa zamboanga?
      Paano makakarating ang SAF44 sa dakong iyon kung walang nag utos sa kanila?
      Ang masakit ang US ay may drone Sa Lugar at nakikita nila ang nangyayari sa oras na naiipit na ang mga SAF!
      Ang tanong hindi ba NILA inabisohan si Aquino kung ano ang dapat gawin para makuhang buhay ang SAF 44?
      Ano ang dahilan, bakit ang lahat ng General ng military at ng pnp ay walang ginawang hakbang ngayon mahaba pa ang oras?
      Sino ang pumigil sa kanila upang irescue ang mga kasamaan nila?
      Hindi mo paniniwalaan na hindi nila nakikita o nalalaman bawat minuto ang nangyayari dahil kasama NILA ang US sa pagplaplano?
      Dapat talagang may makulong hindi lang si Aquino at Mar,pati na ang mga General na pikit matang sumunod kay Aquino!

    31. Not only that Aquino’s psyche is defective but we have a totally brainless president. In his desperate attempt to save himself he further buried himself.

      If we will subscribe to his floated “alternative truth” which was actually echoed from Iqbal’s statements then we will admit the fact that the US participation of Oplan Exodus was huge that is, from training to execution. If this is so, this will buttress the testimonies of residents in the area that there was a drone and a US helicopter buzzing above early on that faithful morning. Therefore Aquino, Roxas, Gazmin, and all the top generals of the AFP and PNP were watching the live feed from US pilots, in real time. This fact will galvanize Dr. Ang’s report that Aquino issued the stand down order knowing the whole situation of the SAF operatives.

      If Aquino was just following his advisers by floating his alternative truth then it only proves further that he is a totally brainless person, talking without thinking.


    33. Reynaldo Casayas on

      This article is like a bomb to the yellow army and its ally grace poe. Keep hitting them mr tiglao until these bastards will be thrown to jail.

    34. What kind of country have we become ?

      Apparently a country without honor or justice which accurately reflects the corrupt politicians that control the government. Probably something other countries should keep in mind before getting involved or doing any business with the Philippines.