• Aquino shows ‘proof’ SAF killed Marwan


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Thursday dismissed as “baseless” the supposed “alternative version” of the Mamasapano incident and has insisted that it was police who killed Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan.

    In a televised news conference, the President presented pictures that were said to indicate that police Special Action Force (SAF) troops were the ones who fatally shot Marwan contrary to an “alternate” version that he was killed by his own aide who then allegedly cut off his finger that was sent to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation for validation.

    Aquino said the photograph released to the public was a portion of the “whole picture.” He then showed another photograph of a SAF commando leaning on Marwan who still had all fingers on his left hand.

    The successive photos show the same policeman cutting off Marwan’s finger.

    “Let us recall: What does the alternative narrative say? It was posited that one of Marwan’s companions killed him, the same one who cut off his finger and gave it to the SAF. But it is clear from the presentation today [that]the SAF [troops]were there, we can no longer doubt that it was the SAF who took Marwan’s finger,” Aquino said.

    “This also means: All the other accounts about the alternative narrative are baseless, and consequently have no relevance,” he added.

    ‘Authentic, unaltered’
    According to Aquino, the authenticity of the photos were verified by digital forensic experts of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) who checked the SD (secure digital) cards where the pictures were stored.

    “Our forensic examiners concluded that the pictures are authentic and unaltered,” the President said.

    In response to expected questions on why these photos were only shown to the public now, Aquino explained that during formal investigations of the incident, none of the probers asked if there were other photos taken.

    He said he asked SAF commander, Chief Supt. Moro Virgilio Lazo, if there were other photos related to the incident. He submitted them to the President after he ascertained the existence of the photos.

    The President noted some “information peddlers” may be floating other narratives in hopes of getting the reward money. Marwan had a $5-million bounty on his head.

    “We must also remember: The bounty imposed on Marwan, whether in or outside our country, was enormous. It should not come as a surprise that there are many who hope to obtain the reward, and are trying to muddle the discussions about the matter. Our investigation has allowed us to gain clarity on the matter,” he said.

    Aquino dismissed reports of Caucasian-looking soldiers participating in the SAF mission, branding these as “kuwentong kutsero [a tall tale].”


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    1. Kayo naman…. kung makakalusot laang. He did it again! First, the OFWs box. Mr. Aquino, what happened to PERA, the investment program for OFWs. How about Lacson’s 8k-page yolanda recovery masterpiece? Seemingly, you poopoood on them.

    2. omg, he took back what he said! balimbing kahit sa sarili. I wonder what the yellow fanatic say about this (or are they that dumb as well)

    3. The truth is that P-NOY abandoned and betrayed the SAF commandos result in the massacre of Fallen 44 by the terrorist MILF.

    4. If many Filipinos not only PNP Officials and Men have seen these pictures since Day One of Mamasapano MASSACRE OF 44 SAF Officers and men, how come Pnoy just saw these pictures yesterday? Who hide these pictures to Pnoy?
      If it was MILF and Iqbal were the ones who floated the idea of ” Alternative Truth ” to Pnoy, they are only interested for the $5M rewards on the head of Marwan offered by USA. Besides, Pnoy should have know that there is only ” ONE TRUTH ” and Pnoy knows the ONETRUTH since DAY ONE, THE FIRST HOUR OF THE DAY TILL ALL 44 SAF WERE MASSACRED. DI BA SIRP?

    5. wasn’t it aquino who floated to the PUBLIC the idea of an alternative version?!? and now he comes up with an answer dismissing his own PUBLIC speculation??? crazy… and this person is a President of the Philippines!!!


    6. Jose A. Oliveros on

      But it was PeNoy himself during that interview by his favorite newspaper; in fact the unOfficial Gazette of his administration, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, who announced that there is an “alternative version” of the Mamasapano massacre that he was studying. Now, in the face of widespread adverse reaction from the public; not to mention possible alburuto by the entire SAF command, PeNoy is singing a different tune.

    7. Why float an alternative version wherein all along they will confirm that it’s the saf that killed marwan?

    8. Well Mr.President you floated your alternative version and it did’nt fly,,now these explanation of more pictures coming out,,you really are so s7^pid thinking you can fool people all the time,,,