Aquino sits out Duterte oath-taking


As part of tradition not to steal the limelight from the incoming President, outgoing President Benigno Aquino 3rd will be in his home in Quezon City as a private citizen while President-elect Rodrigo Duterte takes his oath of office on Thursday.

In his final news briefing on Tuesday, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said Aquino intends to go back to his residence on Times Street in Quezon City and rest.

Coloma added that Aquino and Duterte will meet before the latter takes his oath of office at Malacanang’s Rizal Hall.

“They will have a one-on-one meeting inside the Palace after which President Aquino will move downstairs to the Palace grounds where he will be given departure honors,” he said.

President Aquino, according to Coloma, will go straight to his car for his departure from Malacañang, his official residence for six years.

Duterte will then go back inside the Palace for the inauguration ceremony.

During Aquino’s inauguration in 2010, he shared a car ride with then outgoing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from the Palace to Quirino Grandstand in Manila’s Rizal Park (Luneta).

Meanwhile, Coloma said preparations for the inauguration are yet to be made final.

Aquino has only a day left in office before his popular successor, Durterte, assumes power.

Duterte beat his closest rival, Manuel Roxas 2nd, the anointed one of the President, in the May elections on a promise to launch a tough campaign against criminality and corruption.

In accordance with the Constitution, he should take his oath at 12 noon of June 30, Thursday.

Duterte is expected to hold his first Cabinet meeting thereafter where he will also administer the oath to his officials.

A reception for members of the diplomatic corps will also likely be held where Duterte will discuss his administration’s foreign policies.


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  1. Salvador S. Diansay on

    Duterte always did things seemingly unthinkable but practical. Like holding his inauguration from the traditional Quirino Grandstand to Malacanang for the reasons to accommodate his invitees separate from Robredo’s and traffic disruptions. Other reason offered may still valid. But for me, it is better in Malacanang for him to avoid assassination attempts, if any. I know he is not afraid of it as proven in his meeting de avanci before the election. At least this time his PSGs will have a great sign of relief on security measures and be thankful for the decision of the president elect. Also for the history, his inauguration will become on record the least worrisome of all inaugurations held.

  2. I want to see some chinese drug manufacturers’ blood splattered on the pavement. Until that happens these supots will not be scared of their trade. Bato please blow some brains out. Or try the chopper special tour out in the WPS for a change. Have one of their compatriots witness the ceremony, set them free back to china after chopping off his 2″ dick.

  3. Truth Seeker on

    Aaaaayyyyyyyy nakupoooo Salamat naman at mawawala na ang pinakamagulo at nagpagulong pinuno (kuno) ng bansa! Salamat salamat at mag-i-iskapo na ang hunghang at walang nagawang presidente ng Pilipinas. Ngayon, tignan natin kung ano naman ang magagawa nitong bagong uupo sa puwesto. Nawa’y maging maayos na rin tayo dahil matagal tagal na tayong nagtiis, naghirap, nagpaloko sa gagong si Noynoy.

  4. Rizal Sychitpin on

    Finally, Malacanang will have a real man as occupant in the person of Pres Rody Duterte.