Aquino snub of Yolanda rites reflects his ‘buhay-pa-naman-kayo’ haciendero attitude


I couldn’t believe that President Benigno Aquino 3rd snubbed Tacloban City’s invitation for him to attend this year’s rites for Super Typhoon Yolanda’s second anniversary.

It was the worst disaster in the country’s post-war history, and the President ignores its commemoration?

It even seems that he had ordered his entire Administration to snub it, with only the secretary of the interior and local government attending it—something such official would do for even the most unimportant anniversary in some town.

What is it with this President?

He also skipped the first anniversary rites last year in Tacloban City, and instead, visited only Guiuan town in Eastern Samar. His clown of a spokesman, Sonny Coloma, said that it was, after all, the first town hit by the supertyphoon at landfall, and that the President had limited time. No one among the scandalously timid Malacanang press corps had the courage or intelligence to take Coloma to task and point out to him that it was Tacloban that was hit the worst, with over 5,000 of the 8,000 killed in that area.

The anniversary yesterday would have been his last chance as head of the country to commiserate with the millions of Filipinos in Leyte and Samar who had relatives who died in the disaster, or whose homes and farmlands were devastated. I don’t think this gutless president would even dare show his face in Tacloban City when he steps down next year. I was told that Aquino didn’t even have any other official activity scheduled for yesterday.

What was he doing? Competing with his nephew, Josh, in some X-box game, so he could forget how he utterly failed as President in responding to the calamity that had taken thousands of lives and cut a wide swath of destruction through the mid-eastern coast of his country? Even internationally renowned journalists Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour shamed him and his sidekick Manuel Roxas for their incompetence.

Identifying the dead in Tacloban two years ago: Actually, they’re dead, Mr. President.

Identifying the dead in Tacloban two years ago: Actually, they’re dead, Mr. President.

Is something really wrong with this person’s psyche that he cannot face up to his mistakes, and that he does not even have a bit of sympathy, let alone presidential grace, to meet face-to-face with a Marcos or a Romualdez?

Contrast Aquino’s rebuff of the Yolanda commemoration to the 10th anniversary of hurricane Katrina in August in New Orleans. Three presidents – the Republican George Bush, and Democrats Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama – were in communion not just with New Orleans but the entire America in expressing sadness over the tragedy that occurred 10 years ago and in resolving to correct the weaknesses that had delayed the government’s response. Even George W. Bush, who had been blamed for his weak, late rescue and rehabilitation response, had the balls to attend the rites.

Natural disasters
Other than wars or a common enemy, it is natural disasters that provide a community of people the opportunity to strengthen their sense of a common fate, sharing the same geographical curse, the same yearnings for a government with the resources and commitment to protect each one of them. In a word, Yolanda’s devastation could have helped strengthen our sense that we belong to one nation, that we have to strengthen that nation or perish.

The Katrina disaster initially sharpened the racial divide that had been a problem for the US as a nation. Subsequent efforts, though, by the US government, to rehabilitate New Orleans and build the dikes to prevent flooding, had served to strengthen the sense of nationhood of everyone in Louisiana, as the 10th anniversary rites had shown.

In our case, the Aquino Administration even divided the nation over Yolanda. After two years, it is unimaginable for Aquino’s sidekick, Roxas, to even tell the mayor in a meeting, but he did, as Tacloban’s streets were filled with thousands of unburied corpses: “You have to understand, you are a Romualdez, and the President is an Aquino.”

It is unimaginable that in a meeting in Tacloban, he snapped at a businessman who was distressed over indications of looting in the city: “Buhay pa naman kayo ah.” (“But you’re still alive, aren’t you?) That sounds like the typical haciendero attitude toward his tenants or servants who happen to have expressed some grievance.

With that statement, and his utter failure to prepare the government for Yolanda, I am astonished at how Roxas can even think himself a possible president of a country. Roxas and his staff had no clue how devastating a storm surge could be that when it slammed the eastern side of the country he and defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin were, literally I was told, caught with their pants down at dawn, and nearly drowned.

Bush in New Orleans
US President Bush joined the events in the first-year commemoration of hurricane Katrina’s devastation in New Orleans, and admitted:

“To the extent the federal government didn’t fully do its job right, I take responsibility,” he said. “I want to know what went wrong or what went right … It’s in our national interest that we find out exactly what went on so we can better respond.“

Why can’t our President even say half of that, when his rehabilitation efforts and funds for Yolanda were probably a tenth of that of the US federal government in New Orleans?

It’s also shameful that Aquino’s favorite newspaper comes to his rescue and uses a lie as headline on its issue coinciding with the anniversary of the deaths of thousands of Filipinos: “Malacanang: We did better than US post-Katrina.” Is that paper covering up for the incompetence of his spokespersons?

Can’t Aquino and that paper focus on really finding out, in Bush’s words, “exactly what went on so we can better respond” (next time in case of any future disaster).

We should, perhaps, believe former Senator Panfilo Lacson’s account of what exactly went on in terms of this government’s response to the disaster. Aquino appointed him as the Presidential Assistant for Rehabilitation and Recovery, a position which turned out, as most people had expected really, to merely involve research work on what was needed to be done, rather than the authority to get things done.

Lacson also was apparently expecting Aquino that for his work, he would be rewarded an endorsement for the presidency, or just the vice presidency. Lacson squarely put the blame on budget secretary Florencio Abad, who he claimed, released only P84 billion or 52 percent of the P168 billion budget for the Yolanda rehabilitation program.

Lacson’s allegations and his numbers were confirmed by the World Bank in its October 2015 economic update, when it noted: “From the first half of 2014 to the first half of 2015, while government budget increased by 18.5 percent, government expenditures only increased by 8.5 percent. This slow pace is most evident in Typhoon Yolanda reconstruction spending.”

Forget the other failures of this President in the past five years. His Yolanda failure and his effrontery to snub its commemoration make his administration the worst in this nation’s history, his “daang-matuwid” this nation’s road to ruination.


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  1. Sir: Your comment in regards to three US Presidents gathering for the commemoration in New Orleans was incorrect. Former Presidents Bush and Clinton should be identified as such, former Presidents. Only the current sitting President should be referred to as President, Barack Obama. I respect your point of view and the suffering the Philippine people have endured and abhor the slow pace that the meager recovery has taken place. And this can only inhibit any aid for future disasters which is what I fear the most,

  2. PNoy has been consistent in his response to major disasters or blunders during his term. He does not want to be a frontliner when things get rough. He simply cannot handle it. This shows how sheltered he was from reality while he was growing up. He seems to be insensitive to major issues. The mettle of a president is his ability to face his constituents and assure them HE IS ON TOP OF THE SITUATION! Not only is he a weakling, he prefers to be blind or have blinders so he does not see the suffering of his people. A TRUE LEADER NOT ONLY LEADS BUT COMMISERATES AND CELEBRATES WITH HIS FOLLOWERS! PNoy is blind , insensitive and cannot face the nation in times of trouble …….Luneta bus hostage crisis, Yolanda, Mamasapano massacre….to name a few. A PRESIDENT MUST SHOW HIS FACE AND TALK TO THE NATION TO LET THEM KNOW HE CAN LEAD THEM OUT OF ANY SITUATION,

  3. priscilla santiago on

    nung election pa lang 2010, sinasabi nang theres something wrong with his psyche in his ateneo days, pinasinungalingan pa ng Ateneo. Now may reputasyon na ang Ateneo, ng pagpapasa ng estudyanteng may problema sa isip. kaya ba sya naging presidente dahil sa inyo Ateneo? nope, nadala lang sya ng magic ng nanay nya, now come to think of it, its not really magic, its a dark spell cast on the Filipino people

  4. Buti na lang hindi ko sinayang boto ko sa kanya. Tama desisyon ko na hindi sya iboto. Makikilala sya as “The great inutil president”

  5. After all these negatives thoughts against the president with no balls and brains, we therefore give zero votes for all local and national candidates of yellow shirts (LP) in the coming election 2016. Cheers!

  6. Huwag iboto si Roxas dahil nanganganib…ang Tulirong Daan bow…No way LP, Lambuting Partido…sige maglaro ka na lang sa computer hindi mananalo ang manok mo….This is the worst propaganda that makes Roxas in shame.

    No one is willing to VOTE Roxas…the wifey is so drastic too…walang mapili be thankful for having Robredo as your partner, lalo na kung wala pa iyan, lublob ka sa putikan.

  7. At first when Abnoy announced that he will run for President and alleged to continue the good service left by his mother this is the end of it. He will not be a good President. My friends, relative and coemployees laugh at me. Now, I proved to them they were wrong and I was right. This President has low or no E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) at all but he has high I. Q. judging from corrupting and prostituting our legislators and judiciary, respectively. He is no. 1. He run the country like Hitler and runs his Liberal Party as the Nazi. What he wants what he gets by all means
    This Mar Roxas runs for President No No No he blew his way when he gave his chance to mentally unqualified

    • Again Mar Roxas wil certainly lose but Leni will win. The President will be Meriam. I have not been wrong in may political analysis. The scenario is this Noynoy and his thieves of gang will be jailed just what he did to GMA and to prevent this scenario PCOS and COMELEC will worked for Leni. Upon assumption to office by Meriam and Leni coup de tat will takes placed. Just what Cory did Freedom Constitution again to replace 1987 constitution. Leni will be the President of the Junta and after new constitution and election. She will run the country.

  8. Because his is an Aquino and the invitation came from a city ruled by a Romualdez, who happens to be related to a Marcos, the mortal enemy of the Aquinos. The man is full of anger, hatred and lust for revenge. Let hem be, either way, time will come when he too will be judged.

  9. If I were the Tacloban voters they should snub PNoy’s presidential beat Mar Roxas and his line up. The Phil. is better off without these incompetent LP people running our gov’t from DOTC, Bureau of Customs, DSWD to Department of Agriculture. These people are stupid and incompetent.

  10. As expected this incompetent president and his blind minions are made to self destruct. Not one among his cabinet secretaries would dare tell him on his stupid response in cases like this. They will even justify his ineptitude. Now he is endorsing his equally incompetent roxas who married korina a potential gafe and a tyro robredo who dont have an idea of being a national leader, only using the name of her late husband.

  11. kasalan ito ng mayor ng tacloban, hindi nya pinalikas mga tao at nandun lang sya sa mansion nya.

  12. Hope the pilipino now learnd from trajec mistake, electing a pres base on popularity is a disaster,A trlple disaster, a trgedy to vote a man without a family, how can he lead??? Have you ever wonder why he still remain single,,his a …..what?????!!.Yes!!!!! Eh di,,na WOW tayo.

  13. Ano maaasahan mo sa isang Presidente na may Sira ang pag-iisip? hindi dapat maging public servant ang ganitong mga tao..

  14. Expectations were so high of the son, Noynoy, made to appear as a clean and untainted person who cannot be corrupted. Ironically, “abnoy: turned out the corrupter. As seen, his diabolical moves were patterned after the devil (who tempted Judas). He baited the Senators and Congressmen in the legislature through PDAF and DAP, as well as fed the mainstream media through fat envelopes (envelopmental journalism). I am reminded too of a bi-polar colleague at work who was vindictive. Both are deviiish – they think and operate.the same way! What a menace! A President who was a creation of PCOS, Poll Surveys and mainstream media remains untainted of any success, having no compassion at all for the Filipino public. What a shameful legacy from the Yellows, the oligarchs and the LP!

  15. Julita S. Fernandez on

    Guilty of his indifference to the Yolanda incident? Now he is showing his indiefference again!Afraid to be asked where all the donations have gone???

  16. Jorospe Marcelo on

    My conscience is clean, I did not vote for this retarded president. I just hope and wish that he goes directly to jail after his term of office expires (ang tagal naman ng june 30, 2016).

  17. It’s exactly the same attitude that PNoy displayed towards the Fallen SAF44 heroes. By not even mentioning it in his SONA he somehow believed in his sick mind that the Mamasapano debacle did not happen. Despicable indifference and ingratitude from the ‘sick mind’ of Asia.


      Pnoy is a true Benigno, a reflection to his lolo and papa.
      While American and Pilipino soldiers were dying of exhaustion in the infamous death march in April 1942, Benigno Senior was drinking sake wine with Japanese Generals. At the back yard, Ninoy Aquino was playing patintero and eating sushi with young Japanese boys.
      What else can we do?

  18. It is true that this administration is a “palpak” and no “malasakit” to the citizens. We must not be fooled again by PNoy and his minions by voting for another PNoy clone in the Boy driver Mar and his partner, the no-clue Leni Robredo. Let us learn our lesson.

  19. The attitude of this sitting president to such a serious calamity, showing no sensitivity must really be ‘annoying’ to the residents of Tacloban, or, aptly, “Noy-noying”! Poor Roxas, he has to continue the programs of this administration.

  20. Why all local government offices have improved tremendously, while homeless people has not been addressed. Why make a monument and spend that much on an edifice where it did not address the real need of the living?

  21. Sagutin ito no Aquino at kanyang mga kakutsaba sa pag bulsa ng pera na hindi sa kanya. Ito ang pinakamalaking kaso ng PLUNDER na ginawa sa Pilipinas at sa United Nations at mga bansang nag ambag na tumulong sa victima ng bagyo.

  22. Manny De Guzman on

    Ang taong may tupak ang ulo at manhid hindi alam ang ginagawa.Tiyak nagmamadaling umiwi yan para maglaro silang may tupak ang ulo.

  23. Abala sa paghihiganti si NOYTARD at sa paninigarilyo,paninisi ang gago kaya wala na siyang panahon para sa pangngailangan ng mga nasalanta ng mga kalamidad at ng ordinaryong pilipino.Dagdag pa dito ang kanyang pagka-ABNOY.Sa mukha pa lang ng gago mukha ng sinto-sinto.Malas ang Pilipinas at nagkaroon ng isang mapaghiganting pangulo.

  24. Yolanda -‘innocent victims sandwiched like meat between an uncaring leader and a corrupt government’

    If you cannot find compassion for the dead, then you will not have any empathy with the living.

    Pnoy aquino has disgraced the nation once again, aided and abetted by clone Mar Roxas. Their lack of morality and leadership is tantamount to cowardice.

    ‘Cowardice is a trait wherein excess self-concern override doing or saying what is right, good and of help to others in a time of need — it is the opposite of courage.
    As a label, “cowardice” indicates a failure of character in the face of a challenge’

    “A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of
    the brave, and cowards can never be moral”
    Mahatma Gandhi

  25. Sa buong mundo kapag may nangyayaring malaking disaster,ang pangulo ang unang-unang nag-aalay ng bulaklak,paggalang sa mga namayapa, iba! Iba talaga ang puso nitong si Aquino parang walang pakiramdam!!
    Masasabi mo talagang hindi normal!!meron talagang tama!!sa utak!!

  26. Michael M. Lumbao on

    I agree with you Mr. Tiglao. This is the WORST administration our nation’s history.

  27. Very clear points you raised here Mr. Tiglao. It is indeed a mystery why Pnoy still not able to understand the clear reality that he is ruining the office of the president because of his “haciendero” mentality. The Pilipino people should be smart in the next election and not be misled by this government’s propaganda.

  28. Of course, we are not surprised that the Abnoy will ignore the invitation of Tacloban City to grace its 2nd anniversary rites for the victims of typhoon Yolanda. He can never face the ghosts on the past; of people who died because of his incompetence and whose families he had abandoned.. It is truly sad to reflect that had we another president, we would have a more caring, more responsive government.

    This amboy has been one big nightmare and curse upon the nation. Sad to admit, his own mother Cory had already been forewarned by the old Chinese seeress in the Buddhist temple that she visited during her visit to China. We should have remembered that prophesy when he ran for president. But of course, he did not win honestly..

  29. At least it prove na tinatablan din pala ng hiya si Pnoy at Mar Roxas. I bet the duo will never show their face in Tacloban City when the Presidential campaign starts next year. Malamang kukuha pa ng mas Maraming boto si Miriam kaysa kay Mar Roxas sa Tacloban kung meron man siyang makukuhang boto.

  30. It has come to a point that, with the endless litany of bungling and missteps by this sorry creature, (it became hard for me to call Aquino a man, much less as president) from the Mamasapano debacle where he stupidly boycotted the arrival of the SAF 44 in favor of attending the opening of a car assembly plant, his desperate bullying for the unconstitutional BBL, and now the shameless snob of the commemoration of the Yolanda victims. make me question the true mental state of this creature. What I found bothersome is that, because his circle of cohorts and minions are well fed, fat, and satisfied, nobody questions his mental stability, luckily still not to the point that national security may be compromised. Hopefully, 2016 will bring out an iron-fisted, disciplined leadership, which may be our only desperate hope to get out of this cesspool of despair our people are wallowing in for generations. Otherwise, Quo Vadis, Pilipinas?

  31. Mr. Tiglao nothing is expected from this inutile president… The worst president the Philippines ever had…..