Aquino still open to second term

President Benigno Aquino 3rd  addresses Cabinet members and his allies during the “agenda setting” meeting at Malacañang on Friday. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

President Benigno Aquino 3rd addresses Cabinet members and his allies during the “agenda setting” meeting at Malacañang on Friday. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

‘I cannot disregard the opinion of our people’

President Benigno Aquino 3rd has once again given strong indications that he has not cast aside suggestions that he run for a second term, saying, “I cannot disregard the opinion of
our people.”

Addressing Cabinet members and congressional allies at what was described as an “agenda-setting” meeting at Malacañang on Friday, the President continued to be coy about his political plans after his term ends in 2016.

“Some people have said it is my obligation to look for my successor and prepare him. There are some people who said that I should be the one to continue leading the country. I cannot disregard the opinion of our people,” he said.

But Aquino also shot down speculation about his running for a second term, refusing to name his choice of successor.

Trying to brush aside speculation as to who the likely choice would be, the President said, “I hope it isn’t me.”

The question that should be asked, according to him, is not who should continue the reforms he started, because “there is no other answer to that question but that it should be all of us who would continue the reforms.”

Aquino urged his allies to work to ensure that whoever succeeds him in 2016 “will continue our straight path.”

“When there are many who continue to doubt, let us be the first to approach them, and explain. When we are being rained upon by lies, let us fight this with truth and justice. It is only right for us to take the lead in spreading the news of our successes. If we shy away from this, the straight path will indeed be drowned by noise and lies,” he said, speaking in Filipino.

The President lashed at the critics of his administration’s programs.

“The problem is: They continue opposing us as we plant the seeds of progress, but I am certain that, come harvest season, they will be the first to try and take credit,” he said.

Aquino referred to those present at the event as his partners in reform.

He said those who are not at the meeting are against the administration, and that anyone supporting a candidate he has not yet endorsed is not an ally either.

“Of course… those who oppose us will push for their own candidate. And to those who are not with us today because their principles are inherently opposed to ours, is it not also natural for them to oppose everything that we have already done?” the President asked.

Not at the meeting was Vice President Jejomar Binay, whose spokesman, Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla, said was not invited because the event was exclusively for “coalition partners.”

As Vice President, Binay is officially part of Aquino’s Cabinet.

Instead, another Binay, his daughter Mar-Len Abigail, who is Makati City’s congresswoman and is a member of the majority coalition in the House, attended the meeting.

The President also took a swipe at the past administration.

He recalled the allegations of corruption that hounded former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo such as the fertilizer fund scam, the NBN-ZTE broadband deal and the alleged 2004 election fraud.

“Our citizens fell into apath, many of them almost gave up on their government because it seemed that dismantling the old system was impossible, given that the person who promoted such a system was at the very top,” Aquino said.

He narrated his administration’s achievements in education, infrastructure and social welfare.

“We are able to achieve this, why could others not? We not only did what we had to do, we went beyond what was expected of us. We not only made the impossible, possible, we made these victories the new normal,” the President said.


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  1. I am just amazed with this man that until now he does not realize to fit the job of a president. OGAG at STUPID talaga!

  2. GMA’s alleged corruption during her presidency remains unproven to this day, which is in contrast to the DAP and PDAP implemented under the Aquino’s regime which were declared illegal by the Supreme Court. In total amounts involved, GMA’s administration pales in comparison with the corruption under the Aquino administration. Which of these two is more corrupt? You decide

  3. The issue of amending the constitution to allow for more than one presidential term is not being handled with sufficient circumspection. It tends to fall into a “for or against” Pinoy position, when it should be discussed as a long term change to improve (or not) the governance of the country. If Pinoy and his supporters really believe such a change is in the long term interests of the country, and is not just about personal or party interests, they should propose change, but only to be effective for the NEXT incumbent of the office. To suggest change which would apply immediately will be seen in its true colors as purely self serving.

  4. Somebody who has a hidden personal agenda will try extremely hard to manipulate everything to his advantage, makes all kinds of excuses in order to justify the real consequences of his action , when he has failed miserably on all fronts and this is atypical .

  5. Whose opinion and which people is BS Aquino talking about? He must be referring to the opinion of sycophants he surrounded himself with who want him to have a second term so the good times of dole-outs of PDAF and DAP clones funded with “savings” from public works and Malampaya funds, will not end. Butch Abad himself disclosed that P130 billion of Malampaya funds are now gone, but no one is saying where all these money went. No transparency and no accountability what so ever under this corrupt administration.

    Just a week ago, BS Aquino said that there won’t be a second term for him. In the news this week, his lapdogs in the House said they won’t work to amend the Constitution anymore to give Abnoy a second term. Now that inept Mar Roxas is the laggard in the polls among the Presidential aspirants and has no chance of winning, liar BS Aquino is once again changing his tune. He is scared that he might end up in detention like Erap and Arroyo, for his abuse of power and abuse of public funds.

    Just say NO to Charter Change whether it be on the pretext of economic reasons, because once it the Constitution is opened, the lapdogs of Aquino in Congress will insert a provision giving any president a second term. We have to fight and stay vigilant in defense of our Constitution against the whims of politicians like Aquino.

  6. Bonifacio Claudio on

    Mr. President, as the muslims would say “Even before the women speaks, they are already telling lies, lies, lies”… Give them Bangsamoro and open the pandora box of Sharia Law. Of course, you are Christian and say “If they smite you on the left cheek, give them the other cheek”… But they are Muslims, not Christians. Muslims believe in jihad, believe in hara-kiri & kill indiscriminately, believe in “honor code” where men have the right to murder women on mere suspicions of infidelity… Muslims believe those who do not believe in Allah are infidels who merit to be put to death… etc etc… Of course you will say muslims have a different outlook in their everyday life, that Bangsamoro is their own and will do as they please. But if you think conscientiously, are you not doing tremendous harm to the Bangsamoro you intend to protect with islamic law above the civil law. Think not of the rich natural resources, but rather think of the miseries of the terrorized poor people of Mindanao this Bangsamoro will spawn. THINK OF THE “PEOPLE” even for once and not of the bounties of business opportunities with rich natural resources & the possibility of political gains come 2016 with the Bangsamoro leadership. Bangsamoro is a slap to the very faces of the “people” of Mindanao.

  7. PNoy, anong pinagsasabi mong – “I cannot disregard the opinion of our people”? panibagong lokohan na naman ito? di lang kaban ng bayan ang tinodas mo, kundi ngayon ginagamit mo na ang taumbayan upang maisulong ang kasakiman at pagkagahaman mo sa kapangyarihan politikal! anong ‘people’ ang iyong pinagsasabi? di ba mga alepores mo, 24/7 na nakapaligid sa iyo, ang nagpapaniwala sa iyong dapat lang magkaroon ka ng 2nd term upang di ka maisadlak sa kahalintulad na sitawasyon na dinanas ni PGMA? maghunos-dili at mahiya ka PNoy! itong mga patututsada mo ay isang pagpatotoo sa iyong pagkukunwari sa pagitan ng iyong political mantra – – DAANG MATUWID!

  8. Silverio Cabellon, Jr., M.D. on

    A change in the Constitution to make eligible any President in Office for re-election will make it possible to know whether the voters want him/her again to be President. If the electorate does not want him/her he/she will not be President. If the electorate votes for him/her then he/she will be President. So if the Constitution is amended in such a way to make any Past President run for the office, the electorate will determine who will be President.

  9. Just plain amazing. Bilib na bilib talags si PNoy sa kanyang sarili. Saan kaya niya kinuha tong abilidad na ito. kay Cory or kay Ninoy.

  10. May ka sabihin na ang babae lamang madalas magbago ng isip or pa bago-bago ng kanyang desisyon. Para tuloy gusto ko ng maniwala sa tsismis tungkol sa inyong mahal daw ng Pangulo.