• Aquino still refuses to ‘Cha-cha’



    President Benigno Aquino 3rd is still firmly against the proposed amendments to the Constitution despite renewed appeals from Congress.
    Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. told reporters Thursday the President has not changed his position, saying that the Constitution’s restrictive economic provisions are not a necessary detriment to attracting foreign investments.

    “When the President visited Korea last October, he reaffirmed his position that the administration has no plan to revise the Constitution. He has consistently maintained that economic restrictions in the Constitution are not detrimental in attracting foreign investments,” Coloma said.

    “We remain focused on implementing the priority programs under the Philippine Development Plan that have been instrumental in the country’s attainment of consistently high growth rates for the past seven quarters,” he said.
    On one hand, Coloma noted that the Palace will not oppose any move by Congress to introduce constitutional amendments.
    “We respect the processes of Congress as a separate and co-equal body and whose members like the President are also elected to promote the people’s welfare,” he added.
    Aquino earlier said the government could further enhance the business environment even without touching the Constitution.
    To ensure the ease of doing business in the country, the President has signed an administrative order creating an interagency task force to implement reforms in the business sector.
    The Task Force on Ease of Doing Business will carry out the Gameplan for Competitiveness designed by the National Competitiveness Council and endorsed by the Economic Development Cluster, Coloma said.



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    1. It is difficult to discuss about something if you do not know what to discuss about. Revision of the Constitution? What is in there that needs revision besides the economic restriction as it stands, if amended will open the country to more foreign investment? The best thing to do in my mind is to open up for public discussion what the Tenet of the Constitution stands for, and let the public participate, instead of just handful. In this day and time, when trust in the LEGISLATORS are almost zero, shift some of the burden to the people to participate in the process, after all, we have a participatory DEMOCRACY Government in the country. Let the Citizens understand the Philippine Constitution after all, this will impact their lives. In the process you will be dealing with citizens more knowledgeable, and more responsive to their respective responsibility as a Filipino citizen.