Aquino stunned, livid over Lacson’s P424-B hidden pork accusations


President Benigno Aquino 3rd was stunned and blew his top yesterday over his – erstwhile? – ally, former Senator Panfilo Lacson’s revelations that the 2015 Budget has a huge component of P424 billion in so-called “lump-sum appropriations.”

These are the kinds of nearly discretionary funds Aquino and his camp could easily use to build up political mercenary support and to siphon off funds into their campaign kitty for 2016.

What got Aquino’s goat was the fact that he had thought Lacson to be an ally. He appointed the former senator last year as head of the post-typhoon Yolanda Rehabilitation Program, which, however, proved to be useless as Lacson had no authority at all over agencies that could rebuild the typhoon-devastated areas.

Some observers think that Lacson may be simply nudging Aquino to consider him as his vice presidential – or even presidential – candidate. Indeed, newspaper ads had come out over the past month urging him to run, portraying him as “incorruptible” since only he and Senator Joker Arroyo had never touched their pork-barrel allocations.

On the other hand, the more credible analysis is that the political landscape is undergoing a tectonic movement: Aquino’s political legitimacy and popularity have eroded so much that his allies are jumping off his sinking ship, and the way to seek mass support is, at this stage, to expose the corruption of the Yellow Regime.

Lacson also may have realized that having rejected the pork barrel funds throughout his 12 years in the Senate, he should make it his crusade to stop this or any administration from exploiting the funds for corrupt political patronage.

Lacson’s accusations – made in a speech the other day, significantly before the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants – aren’t off-the-cuff allegations made hastily.

Lacson, when he was still a believer of the Aquino Administration.

Lacson, when he was still a believer of the Aquino Administration.

He reported that he, along with a team that he had organized, had been scrutinizing the 2015 General Appropriations Act with a fine-tooth comb. The reason for this, he said, was that he had adopted as his “personal advocacy” his campaign for “the equitable distribution of the local budget to local government units.”

In the course of his investigations, Lacson said, he and his team were shocked to find out – on the basis of actual budget documents – that what was supposed to be a new system for authorizing and tightly monitoring budget releases (called the Unified Accounts Code Structure) was, instead, used to convert itemized accounts into “lump-sum” accounts, whose utilization would be at the discretion of the department secretary.

Discretion on how money is spent
“Lump-sum” budgets in effect, give the administration discretion on where and how to spend taxpayers’ money, practically nullifying the power of Congress to determine how funds are to be used.

For instance, the General Appropriations Act would specify the amounts that could be used for each region for farm-to-market roads. According to Lacson, Aquino’s Administration had managed to convert these into a lump-sum budget, with the department secretary deciding which farm-to-market roads in the country should be funded by his agency.

Lacson said he and his team – “so far,” he emphasized – found lump-sum appropriations in the following departments: Social Welfare and Development, P102.6 billion; Education, P80.7 billion; Interior and Local Government, P80.7 billion; Health, P75.4 billion; National Defense, P66.4 billion; Agriculture, P29.9 billion; Public Works and Highways, P11.4 billion; Transportation and Communications, P11.4 billion; Department of Environment and Natural Resources, P6.1 billion.

The National Irrigation Authority was also found, according to Lacson, of having P13 billion in a lump-sum budget, while the Philippine National Police had P6.7 billion.

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda had responded to Lacson’s accusations by ridiculing these as “doomsday assertions,” a slip-of-the-tongue apparently as the allegations could spell doom for his boss’s political support.

Lacierda also tried to make the accusations appear stupid by claiming that the allegations are over the Special Purpose Funds intended for the National Risk Reduction Funds, which “by the nature of these budget items, cannot foretell calamities.”

Lacson, however, was clearly not referring to these Special Purpose Funds, and had not even mentioned these. “I have only touched so far on the regular budget of 11 out of 21 major line agencies and I already discovered P424B in lump-sum appropriations,“ he informed me through e-mail.

Lacson also said: “Apparently, there is a conspiracy between the executive and legislative offices to initially park lump-sum appropriations in the National Expenditure Program without intending to use the funds for the recommended purpose/s, but actually for the selected legislators to realign their identified PAPs (programs, activities and projects), hence they became pork under the 2015 GAA. We’ve seen this pattern in at least 2 agencies already.”

Supreme Court petition
“I plan to file a Petition for Prohibition with the Supreme Court and I’m confident I will get a favorable ruling against these provisions in the 2015 GAA,” he said in his email.

Lacson also had not even touched on the Aquino government’s “Pork Barrel 2.0,” its new version called the Bottom-Up Budgeting Projects. These total P20.9 billion this year, increasing from P20 billion in 2014, four times the P5 billion budget when it was called the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) in 2010, the last budget of President Macapagal-Arroyo.

The Aquino Administration has even imposed an information blackout on the utilization of its 2015 pork barrel.

Ever since Arroyo’s term, and until 2013, pork-barrel releases have been reported on the budget department’s website. It was such data posted on its website that, in fact, I used to show that PDAF money was released just before or during the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona – obviously bribes for Congress to file the impeachment complaint and for the senators to find him guilty.

It would, indeed, be political doomsday, to borrow Lacierda’s term, if the Supreme Court upholds Lacson’s petition – and a similar one earlier with the same allegations – that the 2015 Budget defies the Court’s 2014 decisions that the pork-barrel system and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) are unconstitutional and illegal.

Without its bribes to Congress through pork barrel funds, merely called differently, and without the money skimmed from these, Aquino’s political support would collapse, and his party would have zero chances of winning the 2016 presidential contest.

That’s why Aquino has been pulling his hair in rage over Lacson’s revelations.
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  1. Caloy Ferrariz on

    I had the opportunity to know Ping Lacson personally and campaigned for him in 2004 when he ran for president.. I can vouch for his integrity and love for country..

  2. bernard c. ramos on

    ang mahirap sa mga opisyales ng ating pamahalaan may nalalaman pala sila na maling nangyayari bakit hindi ora mismong mapatunayan nila o makita nila ang pagkakamali isiwalat nila hindi ngayon lang kung kailan nalalapit na ang halalan at halata namanna gumagawa na sila ng ingay at pangalan.kung ito ay tunay na krusada ni lacson dapat noon pa pinasabog na nya at di ngayong halata namang nagpapabango na sya ng pangalaqn para sa 2016 election.

  3. We have been fooled by this yellow tag. And we allow them again to happen all of these. We must go to streets to fight for the truth, we must have a civil war against these crocs!

  4. Corruption is the root of a nation’s poverty .. I believed Ping Lacson has the leadership to fight the corruptors. Ping for president 2016

  5. Wala ding mangyayari dyan sa pasabog ni Lacson. Hangang sa press release lang yan then wala na. Bakit kanyo? Takot si Lacson kay Pnoy. Matapang lang si Lacson sa mga babae tulad kay Gloria, Mirriam, De Lima. Kung sila ang presidente ngayon talagang hindi tatantanan ni Lacson mga yan…

  6. Pnoy is using MAFIA style of management by using money connections blackmails and other threats to make everyone kiss his ass.

  7. As an outsider, I would say from the reaction to your work, you have provided a great piece of investigative journalism. I would say that both you and Mr. Makabenta are proving to be two of the best assets that the Philippine people have. Now we must see if the Supreme Court will do it’s job.

  8. DAP was declared unconstitutional but Pnoy and Abad was cleared because they did it in good faith. With the new expose of Lacson, can this govt still defend themselves with the same argument?

  9. Abad and his team are not stupid. Even a non MBA person will ask this question what is the lump-sum appropriations. Of course this can be explain very well in due course. What I see here is similar tactics thrown by ex-military personnel to confuse the enemy. Don’t blow smoke in our arse! I might be OFW living in the ME most of my life but I know who is telling the truth. Lacson still has a lot to explain when he was the PNP chief. I wish he do the right thing and help our country move forward!!

  10. I always think Panfilo Lacson can not be relied upon to his closes friends and relatives. When you’re with the guy just don’t make any remarks because he’ll use it against you, He has always the chance to speak when he was in government side why now?

  11. Dapat lang na maexpose and karumal dumal na gawain nitong nasa administrasyong aquino lalo na ang presidenteng abnoy. GINAWA NILANG MAFIA ang pulitika upang makapagnakaw sila ng harapan sa taong bayan na ang akala nila lahat ng kanilang kaalyado ay tapat sa godfather nilang si Abnoy. Kulang na lang ipagbili ni abnoy ang pilipinas sa intsik sa tsina at sa malaysianong intsik..maybe this moronic president want the filipino to fight each other…civil war.. this is what i feel..

  12. arthur keefe on

    A country of 100 million cannot be run entirely from the center, and devolution of budgets to Departments and to LGUs makes sense, both for efficiency and for accountability.The problem is not the principle of lump sum allocations, but the behavior of those handling these lump sums. Corruption at departmental and LGU level is the real problem. Whether this is orchestrated by Pinoy is not proven here.

  13. i thought we’re in the right path to daang matuwid.and whose to be blame this time. Well thank you mr. senator lacson for perfforming your job very well hope to see more of your deep and sincere service to the people of the philippines. i just wonder if the hon.president really wants a daan matuwid or simply wants to hide his full motives. With this information alone it ‘s shows a clear and present danger amongst tax payers who in one way or another been pressured and hardly pressed for the luxury of some corrupt gov’t. officials. Fellow filipinos be alert because this kind of action is a clear trat to democracy and our children’s future.

    • you are truly correct sir,,,it’s for our children’s future… when revolution comes i will surely join… this is enough and too much for 20 years of corruptions…

  14. Noli Padagdag on

    One area for Filipinos to improve the social economic status of its people is to strengthen the agricultural sector specially the welfare of the farmers and fishermen who are preparing the basket of food of the people and yet tagged to be having the lowest earner (personal) in the society. Bakit ganun? My observation is that the funds for farmers is the favorite of the politicians and officials to be corrupted, example fertilizer scam and Napoles peoples organization are usually group of farmers. It is very clear that funds for the welfare of the farmers is the most favorite source of wealth of the wicked honorable politicians and officials in our government.system.

    • Portia Manlapaz on

      Sad to hear about the greediness of our elected government officials, billions of money was wasted, our farmers were always used, farm to market roads, fertilizers needed. Our government should subsidize their needs since agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Bawat barangay sana ay may mechanical dryers para pag dating ng tagulan at di sila makabilad ng paly ay may back-up, at mga tractors katulad sa Japan, mechanized farming at may panangga pa sila sa crops nila pag tuloy tuloy ang buhos ng ulan or snow. Sa La Trinidad, Benguet maron silang ginawang bamboo at plastic na makakapal to protect their crops , mga gulay para di masira. Maraming pera na kung ginamit sa tamang paraan , napakaunlad na sana ng ating bansang Pilipinas. Ang infrastructure laging sub standard madaling masira konting ulan lang parang mamon na nawawalan ng hangin, nagiging moonwalk. Ganon din sa trasportation, ang railways kailan sisimulan, nabasa ko recently na may bidding na para sa railways papuntang Bicol Premiere train sana isali na rin ang papuntang Aparri at Ilocos to Manila. Malaking tulong ito sa mga mamamayang Pilipino , 12 hrs ang travel time Cauayan City to Manila kung sa train ito marahil nasa 4 na oras na lang. Sa Zurich, Switzerland meron silang TGV Lyria – high speed train going to Paris it will take you 4 hours travel running at 286kms/hour. Sana isaisip ng mga mambabatas at ng ating Presidente ang kapakanan ng nakararami, para sa susunod ng generations. God bless the Philippines. Let us all vote wisely this coming election. Yung may pagmamahal at malasakit sa bayan at disiplina.

  15. And I thought NoyNOy was mad he didn’t know about the pork although he must had a whiff or it.
    He was ballistic pala kasi nabuking ang luto nila!?
    Who’s the chef this time? Pls stand and be recognized.

  16. angel paredes on

    with this story…hindi kaya magsolian ng kandila sila ng kumpare niya na si Ayong Maliksi na chair person ng PCSO o kaya ang huli booted out by malakanyang from the same position.

  17. the supreme court has the wisdom to separate pork from the meat,File a case with the SC and the latter would just be very much willing to decide it in accordance with their recent decision on the PDAF AND DAP cases.

  18. Larry Ebersole on

    words will come to nothing if no actual actions are taken; if all is true,let the case be filed and let us all rally behind it to show our patriotism, and make sure that the thing is resolved positively. until then, it is just a grandstanding.

  19. angel paredes on

    this time i salute the gentleman from imus. the big question is …will it just be a mere big bang? Pursuing this expossee in the right way to the end will surpass all you have done as a senator.

    • well i guest the answer will be coming from us only as a Filipino… Lacson have done his job and now it’s time for us to do what is necessary… i wish all Filipinos will revolt, i wish we could… it’s for our children’s future…

  20. Go ahead Mr. Lacson, reveal what you know to stop the evil doer of this lunatic ,insane, dementia, moronic president. The greatest Thief of the Philippine National Treasury, the Pnoy and Liberal Parties. Sa mental hospital ang kalalagyan nitong presidenteng na ito. Bumigay na sana…DONT ELECT IDIOT and STUPID PEOPLE.

  21. The corrupt and incompetent ship
    of the yellow gangsters is fast sinking, allies are in panic mode.
    Now, we know why this incompetent leadership doesn’t
    want the FOI (Freedom of Information Bill) approved.
    They want an information black out on the use of the budget to hide the
    loot for their political ambitions in the coming 2016 elections.

  22. joseluis hierbas on

    Paano na sa tuwid na daan, dapat just follow the right way to avoid accident. Pagmay curbada sa dulo di mag kurbada. Pag palaging tuwid ang daan palaging may aksidente. Kawawa ang lider ma-ubos ang buhok. Palaging mag mugmog ng dura.

  23. Andres oligo on

    That’s the way this aquino government easily took peoples’ money. Sana tamaan kayo ng paala ala mula sa Dios!!

  24. Eusebio Seballos on

    Panfilo Lacson has axes to grind?

    I checked the

    Can’t figure what budget item Lacson is talking about. Can anyone find an example item or items Lacson is talking about?

    Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers unless you can verify what is said in the article.

  25. Jessie Pechanga on

    The Aquino administration and all the tentacles of his regime truly conspired in how to manipulate and to twist the scam of the pork barrel,

  26. jesus nazario on

    Hair-pulling on a hairless pate is an awesome “acrobatic” act which can receive raves in a circus show. Why doesn’t Aquino apply for that job after June 30,2016 and finally receive honestly hard-earned money ?

  27. Now, I know why Sen. P. Lacson did tried his best to avoid being captured of that murder case during Gloria Aroyo’s presidency. He pretty well knows that he is innocent.. Kudos to Sen. Panfilo Lacson. This is the kind of a leader that put the peoples welfare ahead of anything else. With my hand clasp, I vow my head for your desire to
    make our country free of corruption….

  28. Akala ko ba na declare na as illegal any pork barrel, DAP, PDAP or what not by the Supreme court? Ang lakas naman ang loob ni PeNoy at aBAD. This is a clear defiance of the law and the Supreme Court ruling. Is these what we call “TUWID na DAAN”? Obviously this is an election budget meant to buy their victory thru buying votes and bribery in their last remaining days in Malacanang. And also making sure that they will be free from a persecution from the next administration. Asked regarding these 424 billion pesos lumped sum in the 2016 BADGET, a senator said that it’s implementation is with safeguards! Wow, were you borned yesterday Mr. senator cheese?

  29. nongski palomar on

    Good work Sen. Lacson. This is the very worse na “liko liko na daan” na pinagdakdakan ni pnoy hangat andyan si sec dbm walang mangyari sa bansa natin palubog tayo. PDAP din yan iniba lang ang pangalan. . .

  30. Odnalor Obirt on

    Nothing is surprising about the allegation of the former senator Panfilo Lacson. Pnoy and the Liberal Party is in the stage o planning how they can manipulate the 2016 election to win. First objective is to find the financial resources to bribe people they can use to cheat in the election returns. They had the first move already by putting the nephew of aka Iqbal as a Comelec Comissioner. IT’S GOD’S WILL THAT WE HAVE PERSON LIKE PANFILO LACSON WHO WITHOUT FEAR, RESERVATIONS AND HAS THE GUTS TO UNCOVER AND PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED THIS KIND OF DIRTY TRICKS BY THE AQUIINO AND LIBERAL PARTY MEMBERS. TO HELL TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRAITORS TO OUR COUNTRY, THE PHILIPPINES.

  31. Conrado Maramag on

    Bottom Up Budgeting, Special Projects fund, bagong names ha?.. parang DAP Parin Sir aSecretary And Mr. PRESIDENT.

  32. I know and believe Lacson’s integrity. Only Lacson speaks the truth with courage as he was never interested in corrupting pork barrel fund by not accepting it. Straight faced the Aquino allies made use of every opportunity to loot ppl’s money to use for their own dirty political ambition and to enrich themselves w money and power. These people does not serve their country and kababayan patriotically but only their own vested interest to loot people’s money.

  33. Ganyan din ang gusting gawin ng Aquino cohorts sa Coco Levy Fund sa pamamagitan ng EO 179 & 180. Buti na lang nag file ng Petition for Prohibition ang Confederation of Coconut Farmers Organizations of the Philippines at nag-issue ng TRO ang Supreme Court para ditto. Kung nagkataon ubos ang Coco Levy Fund and its fixed assets

    • The other sectors shall emulate from the example of coco farmers to fend their own backyards from useless waste of funds intended for farmers not for irrelevant politics.

  34. Please go and file the petition Senator Lacson…it’ about time to stop the never ending money power thru peoples tax, people’s money of Pnoy and his ever dearest Mr. Abad. They will always make palusot…now they termed it SPF or Special Purpose Fund…i also believe these money will be use for his bet to win in the 2016 election…..Thank you Senator Lacson.

  35. But without much hair to pull, Aquino’s anger would amount to nothing. What he could do is to refute point by point Lacson’s accusations and explain to the Filipino people why they are not lump sum budgets.

  36. Again, we are fooled by our government leaders with this 2015 national budget. When can we have patriotic people in the government?

  37. Again, Filipinos are being fooled by our government leaders. When can we have patriotic people in the government?

  38. Senator Lacson is such a principled man such that when he sees a wrong he is all-ready to scream about it even against a man who had help him one time or another. Senator Lacson was the Alcaras victim of the oppressive Macapagal-Arroyo presidency. Like Father Mercado, I will vote for Lacson to any national elective position he may run any time. A better tandem may be Duterte-Lacson or Lacson-Duterte. This team is the one than can easily kill the evil that presides over de Lima first and the rest of the corrupt government men, drug syndicates and other crimes.

  39. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    14 July 2015

    Former Senator Panfilo Lacson is not known for being irresponsible, meaning not given to irresponsible accusations, especially concerning the President. He is also not known to have been tainted by Corruption involving “pork barrel” funds during all the years that he served as a Senator. You can say that he is “as clean as a whistle!” A “rara avis” of a Senator, indeed.

    I say it is unseemly of President Aquino to have reacted violently to Mr. Lacson’s lurid revelation that the next Budget of the Government has P424 billion in pork barrel funds spread among the Government departments and agencies. If he tried to get across the impression that he did not know about this, no Filipino in his right mind would believe him. He is supposed to know as President what his Annual Budget contains–because he is supposed to have a hand in crafting it.

    Mr. Lacson has kept his “cool.” He says he plans to petition the Supreme Court to declare “unconstitutional”–again!–these “pork barrel” funds in Mr. Aquino’s next Annual Budget.

    If the Supreme Court says so, that will be a sad day for President Aquino.


  40. Senator Chiz should explain the issues raised by former Senator Ping with regards to the 2015 budget before the precedent and Senator Poe go around the country for their Presidential bid. Otherwise both Senators Escudero and Poe remain suspect
    that they will use taxpayer money for their campaign kitty under the Aquino administration. We will hold judgment for a while until things unravel….Senator Ping a true Patriot….

  41. I may not agree with Senator Lacson, but at least he exposed something to analyze.
    Keep writing what is worth reading.and let someone answer the article. Nothing is more interesting than to keep voters inform whats happening behind closed doors .

  42. Samuel Santos on

    Perhaps, Lacson’s latest revelation/accusation could be interpreted as tantamount to a declaration of his candidacy for president in the 2016 national elections.

  43. Ang masakit na accusation dito ni R. Tiglao versus the president:”That’s why Aquino has been pulling his hair in rage over Lacson’s revelations’. Anyway, plaudits for your diligent analysis on the pork barrel which we know has been camouflaged with a different name so the members of the Congress remain submissive at the power -that-be. I’ve been reading you at the Inquirer then.

  44. I like it pulling His hair. But much better term is untoging His head agaist the wall.

  45. Lacson should consider running as vice president in the coming election. if he had accepted to be the vice presidential candidate of Fernando Poe Jr. in the last 2004 election, FPJ and Lacson could have won as president and vice-president, respectively. and when FPJ died that year, Lacson would have been the next president.

  46. Ay naku ano bayan. Kung totoo yan at sinangayunang
    SC, ikulung lahat ang mga sankot diyan. Manhid at dapat kamay na bakal ang gamitin sa mga mandarmabung.

  47. fortunato barres co on

    ang tindi talagang magnakaw nitong si boy kulangot at ng mga galamay nya, mga magnanakaw!

  48. Justaskingseriously on

    That is exactly what I call “putting a name and face on corruption.” Corruption is so rampant and yet BS keeps on being regarded as an incorruptible ass — too dumb to be Machiavellian. That is exactly part of being Machiavellian: to appear dumb and even mentally challenged.

    Lacson is a hero! The nation owes Lacson for saving them from doom.

  49. with continuous exposition on noynoy’s evil scheme on how he wants to control the three branches of the government using people’s tax money, it is not farfetched to see noynoy becoming totally bald every time he pulls his hair with each expose’ before his term ends!

    • P.Akialamiro on

      By then, he will be ready to follow the fates of Erap and Arroyo….. to the jail!

  50. P.Akialamiro on

    This is the kind of information the people should know and kept informed about. But, what is strange is that, it takes one who is out of Congress to examine and reveal such ‘anomalous’ and ‘sneaky’ plans of this administration. We have either a ‘dumb’ Congress, as in dicated by many of its members. or, they are in ‘cahoots’ with BS Aquino, in perpetuation of his “baluktot na daan”. Or, still, they are waiting for the implementation of such budget, so that they can dip their hands, too, in the ‘cookie jar’. The Aquino persuation way, “‘bribery”. Pilipin palitiks!

    But, Aquino may be successful with all these ‘sneaky’ plans, but sooner or later these will all boomerang and redound to his downful and his party, if not the downfall of the entire democratic government in the country.

    We need more clones of former Sen. Lacson, and this writer, who cares about the country. Thank you Mr. Lacson and you should go back to the government. I hope you will file a case against this with the Supreme Court, which is the last bastion and savior of our democracy.