Aquino, the first President to lose Philippine territory


I’m not referring to the future, to the likely loss of central Mindanao and even Sulu if we ever give that territory to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to run, as the BBL would if enacted into law.

What I’m referring to is Scarborough Shoal, which we call Panatag Shoal, or its Spanish-era name, Bajo de Masinloc. What the diplomatic community has known since 2012 and what the most objective analysts of the Spratly territorial dispute have known, we Filipinos either came to be the last to know or simply refused to believe:

Because of China’s aggressiveness and as a result of our bungling confrontation with the superpower in  2012, and the stupidity – and out-of-place belligerency – of President Aquino and his officials, Chinese ships now permanently occupy Panatag Shoal, and our coast guard vessels and even Filipinos seamen are now barred from entering it.

We have lost Bajo de Masinloc, and the 60 ancient maps that Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio says prove our claim aren’t worth the price of photocopies of those maps he had collected. The US defense department’s recent rattling of its sabers, warning China’s behavior in the South China came a bit too late for us.

I was shocked at this reality that we have lost Panatag Shoal, and angry with this government, after reading a November 2014 report of the CNA Corp. entitled “The South China Sea: Assessing US Policy and Options for the Future.” This isn’t just one of the plethora of articles on the South China dispute by academics and analysts.

The CNA stands for the Center for Naval Analyses, which its website describes as “a federally-funded research and development center for the Navy and Marine Corps. The Center also provides research and analytical services to other military and government agencies to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of US national defense efforts.” Its headquarters is in Arlington, Virginia.

In short, it is the US navy’s think tank, and it is paid for being objective and exhaustive in its analysis. Bad for us, it practically telegraphs the US thinking on the Spratly dispute, although obviously with a “deniability” posture.

The report pointed out matter-of-factly that in the past 40 years, China has been able to take other nations’ territory only in two instances.

The territory we lost. Map from CNA report, the boxed notations and arrows by the author.

The territory we lost. Map from CNA report, the boxed notations and arrows by the author.

Paracels first, Scarborough second

The first was in 1974 when Chinese troops and vessels fought off South Vietnamese forces on the Paracel islands, resulting in 53 Vietnamese soldiers, killed dozens wounded, one of its warships sunk and three others damaged. Chinese forces have since occupied the area. “The reality is that China has occupied the entire Paracel group for 40 years, and—short of military action by Vietnam to try and recapture the archipelago—will never leave, “ the CNA study pointed out.

The second territory acquired by China is Scarborough Shoal, in this case, though, the bully superpower didn’t need to fire a single shot. The report pointed out:

“From its perspective, China resolved the sovereignty dispute with the Philippines over Scarborough Shoal in 2012 when it established control over the shoal. Again, it is unlikely to relinquish it. The government of the Philippines is in no position to even begin to contemplate the use of force to recover Scarborough, and the United States is not going to become involved in any attempt to expel the Chinese.”

How did we lose Panatag Shoal, and who is to blame, other than, of course, the Chinese bullies?

Some background information: Although China has been claiming Scarborough Shoal, alleging that it is within its nine-dash line, there HAD never been an attempt from either Chinese or Filipino forces to permanently station troops there, with the competing claims seemingly ignored by vessels from both countries that use its lagoon as a refuge from storms. This “peaceful coexistence” of sorts changed suddenly in April 2012. You decide who is to blame:

April 10: Sailors from a Philippine Navy surveillance ship board eight Chinese fishing vessels anchored in the shoal’s lagoon. They try to arrest the Chinese fishermen for illegal fishing and “harvesting endangered marine species.” However, two Chinese maritime surveillance ships prevent the arrests, in circumstances that are unclear.

April 11: President Aquino orders our only warship, the frigate BRP Gregorio del Pilar, just “brand new” as the US coast guard had refurbished it and turned over to our navy in May 2011. “What is important is we take care of our sovereignty. We cannot give [Scarborough Shoal] away and we cannot depend on others but ourselves,” Aquino blustered.

April 12: Three Chinese Maritime Surveillance Ships (CMS), eventually increasing in number to 10, enter the shoal, bringing with them an astonishing armada of 31 Chinese fishing boats and 50 dinghies.

BRP Gregorio del Pilar leaves the area, according to Navy flag officer in command Alexander Pama, in order to replenish fuel and food provisions at Poro Point in La Union. However, a vessel of our Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and two Coast Guard vessels continued to remain near the entrance to the shoal’s lagoon.

June, unknown dates: Senator Antonio Trillanes 3rd, acting as Aquino’s personal envoy to China told the president that the Chinese agreed on a simultaneous withdrawal of the Chinese ships and the BFAR vessel.

June 10: Aquino orders the Philippine vessels to leave the area. The Chinese didn’t. Trillanes in his written report claimed: “Around 02 July, I was able to negotiate the reduction of the CMS vessels to only 3.”

Filipinos now barred

Since that time, though, no Filipino ship or fishing vessel has been able to enter the shoal, now occupied by shifting numbers of Chinese government ships and fishing vessels. The Chinese imposed a 15-nautical mile restriction perimeter around the shoal.

That’s how bad it can get with a stupid yet arrogant President, who listens to the  counsel of  a megalomaniac senator. Now I understand why Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto del Rosario probably wanted to strangle Trillanes during a Cabinet meeting, and why the latter alleges the former provoked the Chinese aggression.

I think the Chinese haven’t stopped laughing at the Aquino government, rolling on the ground as they point their fingers at  Trillanes and del Rosario.

The CNA study indicated that the Scarborough Shoal episode had the effect of clarifying the limits of the US-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty.

The report pointed out: “US policy-makers have repeatedly pointed out that Washington takes no position on sovereignty claims, including those made by the Philippines on portions of the Spratly group annexed after the Mutual Defense Treaty with the Philippines was signed on August 30, 1951.”

“This means that the United States probably would not become militarily involved if the Chinese seized a feature occupied or claimed by the Philippines—as they essentially did in the case of Scarborough Shoal.”

The report continued: “But, if in the process of doing so, China were to attack a Philippine naval or coast guard vessel, shoot down a Philippine military aircraft, or kill or wound members of the Philippine armed forces, treaty language related to attacks on “its [the Philippines’]armed forces, public vessels or aircraft in the Pacific” (the South China Sea is considered as being in the Pacific) suggests that the treaty would apply.”

In plainer terms, what the American think tank for its Navy is saying is that the US would have come to the aid of our naval ships only if the Chinese at Scarborough Shoal had attacked them. But the Chinese didn’t, wouldn’t – or couldn’t, since our frigate turned tail, ahem, rather, had to leave to replenish its food and fuel supplies, and Aquino apparently got fooled by the Chinese and ordered our vessels to leave Panatag Shoal.

I hope there’s another confrontation similar to that in Scarborough Shoal before Aquino steps down, and we all sign a petition for him to be at the BRP Gregorio del Pilar to defend our territory.
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  1. Gianni Pansensoy on

    The ever escalating tension in the WEST PHILIPPINE SEA is reaching beyond its boiling point which paints the whole region with blood due to China’s invasion of the tiny islets that illuminates her desperate motive for oil extraction to satisfy her insatiable greed for energy. The balance of power is fast disappearing in the Asia-Pacific region which sooner or later will culminate into armed confrontation when China’s greed will simply eradicate every inch of patience due to her intolerable actions of stealing territories for her energy starved economy. China ignored any peaceful means of resolving territorial disputes and as a matter of fact she unilaterally resorted into a disgusting aggression which will be the very reason of a full blown nuclear war to annihilate mankind. China is suffering from a dreadful disease of national autism, she does things violently without realizing that somebody out there will be affected by that violence, perhaps she is living in a cage with full of rage without knowing that her plundering action might lead into a global warfare at the expense of humanity.
    To all freedom loving people across the globe, resist China’s invasion of the West Philippines Sea!!!
    To all who long for the survival of mankind on earth, resist China’s aggression that would lead to nuclear war!!!
    To all the environmentalists out there, resist China’s destructive exploitation of the atolls and reefs!!!

  2. Jonathan Brown on

    Mark Twain was one of a small minority of Americans who were supporters of the Philippines back when the US invaded in 1899. He wrote: “Not a single right is indestructible: a new might can at any time abolish it, hence, man possesses not a single permanent right.” It is the Philippines responsibility to defend what is the Philippines and it is sad that that is not seen as an opportunity. Rather than going around with a begging bowl for out of date, cast-off’s of former US military naval hardware, why doesn’t the Philippines start developing its own capabilities to make them. None of it is that difficult, if you can repair ships, you can make ships. Trouble is the money would disappear before the ships were made…

  3. The European druid on

    it frightens me that both China and Russia are in an aggresive mood. And I wonder why we Europeans do not hear from this aggression?

  4. due to corruption we are now suffering this kind of shit..i hate the Philippines government

  5. Its easy to blame anybody especially if you are not the one who is taking all the flak, and its easy to say that we should retake what is rightfully ours when you really don’t have any real idea of the threat after all, if You, the author were in Pnoy’s shoes, would you have done different? I think not, you would probably do the same sensible thing, because I doubt you would have the balls to drag our country into an open war, knowing well enough that our navy wouldn’t stand a chance of winning a fight. When you can’t fight, the only sensible thing to do is use diplomacy, and the dumbest thing you can do is start a fight that you can’t possibly win. And that is what Pnoy had done, he had use diplomacy to diffuse the situation and garner international support

  6. Sad to say we all lingers from the past but no leeson learned. Everybody in the comment section pinpointing Pnoy or Trillanes. Ask your self who voted these people in the first place? Did you actually did you part as a citizen of this nation? Lagi tayong nag tuturuan kung sino ang may mali kung sino dapat sisihin. But the real question is did you do something to make this country even greater? Instead of pinpointing fingers to one another start to act now by simply not buying china’s product. Take the initiative as much as possible to educate our children to be patriot by setting good example as good citizen of this nation. Walang mangyayari kung puro sisihan gagawin natin. Lahat bida kung mag comment but may ginawa ka ba para maituwid mo yung mga pinupuna mo? Think with initiative action done hindi yung think lang ng think

  7. gerryjoaquin on

    if i remember right it was gma who signed an agreement with china and vietnam to conduct the jmsu in exchange of soft loans from china which of course were used in spurious projects by arroyos administration. the jmsu enabled china to survey the territorial seas of the philippines and its resources. using this information china thus drew its nine dash border claiming most of the south china sea.

  8. Wolfgang Struck on

    Facts: 1. The shoal is a rock deep under water, not even a bird can sit there and rest. So, therefore, that is not a territory and could not be lost. Sadly, Pnoy cannot be accused of giving up territory. 2. Pnoy is selling territory of Marcos to the rich and shameless (developers, oligarchs, land grabbers) like the FTI for example. 3. Sabah has been part of the Philippine Islands until 1963 when Borneo was split into Kalimantan (Indonesia), Sarawak (Malaysia), and Sabah (Philippines). It was then President Macapagal, the one who falsely played father to Gloria, who sold Sabah to the new Federal Republic of Malaysia. 4. Marcos convinced, in 1965, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore to get out and go independent. They decided to get Sabah back by force. Marcos got together a secret army of 7,000 Muslim to train them for special action in Sabah. When the 7,000 poor guys were machine-gunned, Marcos had to be tight-lipped for his diplomatic standing, He was new in office. 5. The status of Sabah and the Spratly Islands is guaranteed in the Original Certificate of Title (OCT No.- 01-4) copy of which was deposited in 1976 by Marcos in the archives of the IMF under code name “Sultan Julaspi Kiram”. 6. The old document 01-4, originally from 1764, includes Hong Kong and Guam. The owner of the OCT No.- 01-4 according to the 1891 Spanish and the 1904 American titles is the late Prince Julian McLeod Tallano or his last surviving son which was Jose Antonio McLeod Diaz Tallano more popularly known in the Philippines as Dr. Jose P. Rizal who was boy in Calamba, Laguna, growing up as Jose Protacio Mercado.

  9. Trillanes, who has no experience or education on foreign relations and diplomacy and a mere coup plotter as small navy officer, was authorized by Pnoytard to engage Ina back-door diplomacy with the mission to negotiate with the Chinese military supporting 30 Chinese fishermen vessels to withdraw and the Philipine coast guard vessel to withdraw also. Both parties agreed, so the Philippine coast guard vessel left but only the Chinese fishing vessels left but the military stayed. When the Philippine vessel tried to return since the Chinese did not leave,they were not allowed to get into the shoal. Trillanes was hoodwinked (niloko) by the Chinese. Trillanes boasted he was able to convince that majority Chinese fishing vessel left but the military vessel stayed and would not leave. Secretary duel Rosario was fuming mad because the mediation of Trillanes was uncalled for and do not jibe or agree to DFA approach of its military staying put and demand Chinese instead to leave by itself. Trillanes mediation merely compounded the impasse resulting into Phililippine military losing its presence in the disputed area which if attack is ground for US intervention help. Phillippine position lost this leverage of being bullied and attack by the Chinese intruders that could have justified an international condemnation
    and U.S. Military support. Trillanes who have no foreign policy diplomacy experience presented himself to Pnoyas if he can solve this military issue and Pnoy, with his idiotic brain thought Trillanes being a Lt.Cmdr. Of the Navy is competent to do so,to the resistance of Secretary del Rosario. The rest is a bungling history by both Trillanes and Pnoytard that exacerbated the Chinese -Philippine rift over the Spratly and West Philippine sea, which is until now is getting steaming hot!
    Aquino and Yrillanes committed this great diplomatic blunder by withdrawing its military vessel from the shoal instead of staying put and staking its position no matter what happen or what Chinese bullying does! Both Aquino and Trillanes did not heed the advice of the DFA to stay put snd file a diplomatic protest. Rest is a discouraging history where the culprits are Aquino and Trillanes.
    You may also read Roberto Tiglao’s recent column on WestPhilippine Sea dispute with China.


    Di lang si Pinoy ang may tupak na upang mawala ang Spratly pabor sa Tsina,
    central Mindanaw at sulu pabor sa BBL, sisihin din natin ang militar at law makers bakit di kinampohan ng militay ang mga boundaries ng bansa. ang mambabatas sana gumawa ng batas pag install ng military bses sa paligid ng pinas sabagay di nga makontrol ang abu sayyaf yan pang china na sleeping giant. anyway ang pinas matagl ng invaded nga intsik tax evaders wakang. tsino malaki negosyo Napocor kuryente kay Henry Sy, PAL kay Lucio Tan.mga malls sa intsik

  11. Helen Ramos on

    It all goes back to lack of experience and expertise in foreign affairs. Instead of going the way of making threats, given that the country is ill-prepared for military confrontation and should not in any way rely on big brother America to protect Philippine interest, we should have gone the diplomatic route with China, conducting joint explorations, and avoiding threats that do not work well with a super power. With all the wrong moves, we could be losing out on opportunities that will come with the mega projects of opening the silk road, roads and train connections all the way from south asia, India and Pakistan to Moscow, Central Asia, and Europe. The infrastructure alone, that will be laid down over a period of several years is immense and would open so much job opportunities. Think of the markets that will open up, all those economic possibilities and investment opportunities that we can tap. Threats and negative remarks are a mark of the inexperienced and incompetent leader. That is what we have in Benigno. If we had Ferdinand Marcos as president and Carlos Romulo or Raul Manglapus in foreign affairs, we could easily work our way through the maze and out of the quandary. Alas, we have Benigno the incompetent and the his not so experienced advisers.

  12. “I hope there’s another confrontation similar to that in Scarborough Shoal before Aquino steps down, and we all sign a petition for him to be at the BRP Gregorio del Pilar to defend our territory.”

    There will be more confrontation in the future, PNoy is a coward and a traitor like his father and grandfather.

    The Scarborough stand-off is just a matter of “game of chicken”, sad to say that our President is a big chicken. SCS conflict and BBL is just a result of coward and weak leadership…. How come a group of rebels can dictate the President of the state and Commander-in-chief of the most experienced (battle hardened) military in SEA?

    Nabubulag si Pnoy sa pangarap niya nakapag-iwan ng pangalan sa history sa papamagitan ng BBL. Wala siyang paki-alam kung ano ang nasa constitution, at wala din siyang paki-alam sa magiging resulta ng ginagawa nya.

    Iniisip nya siguro na ang pamilya niya ang tagapag-listas ng Pilipinas…

  13. Indeed, i’s just a poker game and the one who blinks loses. If I were the President and I have the naval assets, I will just position our vessels there and up the ante. That will test the cunning of the tsaynis on how to enter the shoal. Surely, they would not want to risk a war so they will never shoot any of our naval assets that will be positioned there. Alas, we have no naval assets to speak of.

    Hence, the homework is to imitate the US when it built all those Liberty ships during WW2 and build them all in two years. We create at least fifty slipways and build all the frigates, cruisers, battleships and patrol boats we can build using UP Natl Engg Center “expertise” (do they have one?). Maybe, we ought to call Rey at Mapua who once wanted to create a New People’s Navy. After two years, our naval assets can escort our DENR people who will then serve those Demolition Orders on a part of our territory. I guess I may have to be the President to do that because I don’t think all those guys and gals have the balls to do so. This is national pride and honor at stake besides our physical survival as a nation.

  14. Let us relocate our bilibid prisoners to live free in those habitable , but controversially claimed islands, reefs and shoals. Obligate them to perform defense duties for our country: be in the West Philippine Sea. There, we can relocate our informal settlers, and altogether provide them adequate shelter, and basic facilities just enough for them to tide things over. Colonies, as have been proven, enable man to lead, gain self esteem and have hope. By achieving in one’s own way (i.e. like having done some good for our country), sense of pride synergizes the colony/community. Let us not laugh at the thought. But wasn’t Australia and Caledonia the livable space of yesteryears’ convicts and political prisoners?

  15. Sadly we Filipinos have no martial tradition or spirit.We think only that a strong military is for actual war not in terms of serving as a deterrence for would be aggressors and put our national security entirely on the US.The Philippine Military Academy only serves as decoration to show that we have such an institution.The best fighters we have ,unfortunately, are those in the south who wages a war of secession from the republic.
    The PMA should just be converted into a civilian institution.Sort of a competition to UP.We can train officers through the ROTC program or the Officers Candidate Schools run by the AFP.Can anybody say that the PAF Flying School produces less competent pilots than the PMA.PMA is too expensive yet produces not many exceptionally competent officers.We need wise and patriotic political leaders and military officials who can protect our national security.Martial ability is just not about marching smartly in colorful uniforms only.Many have done that through the Boy Scouts.The military geniuses in history are strategic thinkers not just brute fighters.

  16. We are loosing mindanao from interior forces, what more from a more powerful outside force like china?
    Well thats what pinoys get for voting for “PENOY” who used his parents (not his skill) to become president.

  17. Dapat making matalino pag dating ng botohan…mag-I sip ba go iboto aNG I sang politico. Kayo din aNG may kasalanan Kai’s ibinoto ang I sang bobo at Sira…

  18. PNoy and his cronies in LP are the scourge of our nation and Grace Poe is their very willing corruption victim.

  19. We made Chinese very rich (like it or not). Go to Binondo, Divisoria ang dami daming tao, di mahulugan karayom 95% ng negosyo China product. Everday sa BOC libong container ang dumadating galing China. Philippine is one of the country that made China very rich and this is what we get from making them very rich.

  20. Johnny Ramos on

    Disputed territories in the international waters cannot be settled in the International Courts simply because the framers of this court have violated it. The Guantanamo base is still being disputed in spite of the area is actually located in the island of Cuba, the United States continously occupy it. The island of Falkland is still under the British in spite of the great distance from it. Israel have yet to give up most of its occupied territories. Our disputed territories could have been settled if only we have bilateral talks with China.

  21. Amnata Pundit on

    We all know that the country has lost more than the Panatag Shoal since 1986 when the ordinary housewife and her gang of Ninoy Aquino cultists gained power. There is a line in a John Travolta movie that goes: ” This looks like the work of 10 chimpanzees.” Well, the government and the politics that goes with it nowadays looks like the work of a thousand chimpanzees. Who let the chimps out? Why, Cory and the EDSA forces, who else? How do we put the chimps back in the cage? Not by democratic means, thats for sure.

  22. Eliseo Tumbaga on

    Who was the president who lost Sabah to Malaysia earlier? This is much bigger territory, and lost much earlier… When Marcos tried to regain Sabah, he succeeded only in having the Jabidah Massacre. which triggered the Moro rebellion in the 1970s.

    • Justaskingseriously on

      The Jabidah Massacre has been shown to be a hoax. Rigoberto Tiglao wrote extensively on this. You can easiy research it by typing his name along with Jabidah Massacre. Such a big irony that in Ninoy’s efforts to debunk this massacre, Ninoy unwittingly (or not?) helped Malaysia. Now Malaysia’s reverse Jabidah has the full support of Ninoy’s son (BS) in the form of the babala and bababa. “Babala” and “Bababa” are terms coined by Francisco Tatad in his columns. BBL and BBBill respectively. The Philippine claim to Sabah still stands.

    • the story you read is part of propaganda to demonized and destroy marcos. they succeded eventually. now, after three decades in the hands of the victors, where are we? one will spent his life time telling what is wrong of everything after that, yet, we are still at it. isn’t it now the right time to be curious about the real truth behind. the truth are coming out, one by one, one after the other, since the nineties. start knowing the fact of the so called trial of the century in the US. read about doy laurel, his personal letter to cory about the will of marcos. the real culprit behind the death of ninoy. the reasons why the need to destroy macoy. behind marcos marshal law and the cold war. the dots that need to be connected are too long perhaps..
      garbage in, garbage out propaganda is taking its toll to the life of every filipino. we could hardly distinguish a lie and a fact, hoax or not and etc..we are losing wars against all fronts threatening our very own survival and the people after us. we can’t continue living with it. we need to seek the truth, the real’s all out there!
      the one behind ph steering wheel is a big fraud…the product of our ignorance!!

    • Jabidah massacre is just a myth, kwentong barbero.

      If you will do a honest and careful research, you will know the truth about it. Even Ninoy who is very eager to expose that “massacre” trashed everything he got ‘coz he realized that it was all a lies. Only Pnoy (BS) believes in that story… not a surprise; mahilig sa kwentong pambata si Pnoy eh. Sad to say, Malaysia already capitalized on that story and used it to ignite rebellion in Southern Philippines.

  23. Vic PenetranteVic on

    Why is Congress, who can declare war, not immediately and seriously deliberating on the Scarborough Shoal issue?

    • lakan kildap on

      to deliberate what? waging war against a country that has fought the US to a standstill during the Korean War using only infantry weapons and mortars?

  24. Aquino given a problem will make it worse. He does not know how to be diplomatic and only knows bribery and threats. Of course China is not afraid of threats and its government does not accept bribes. So he decided just not to talk with China anymore. Stupid.

  25. The Philippines lost Sabbah since the creation of Malaysia and that was a long time ago. What did the bias author do then as member of the administration of Pres. Arroyo in order to ensure that China will not grab Spratly today? they done nothing!

  26. Braincleaner on

    Ang tanungin natin sa ating mga sarili ay kung bakit sa kabila nang pinagyayabang nating “demokrasya” at pagiging tuta ng Amerikano ay wala tayong salapi at armas upang ipagtanggol ang ating mga teritoryo at mga sarili bilang mamamayan ng isang bansa. Ang tanungin natin sa ating mga sarali ay kung bakit ang sigasig natin sa pag-claim sa mga isla ng China Sea na lulubog lilitaw, maging hysterical na anti-China, habang lantaran natin isinuko ang Sabah sa Malaysia, kahit na ito ay nagbabayad pa ng renta sa Sultanate of Sulu. Isang teritoryo na pinipilit bawiin nang mga Pilipino kahit sa pamamagitan ng armadong pagkilos ngunit sila pa ang pinahuhuli ng gubyerno ni BS Aquino III. Isang teritoryo ng Pilipinas na pinatunayang hitik na hitik sa yaman, at tinitirhan ng milyong Pilipinong inaapi nang Malaysia! Isang teritoryo na kayang-kayang ipanalo sa international arbitration kung tutulong ang sinasabi nating mga “kaalyado” sa pangunguna ng US! Isipin natin itong mabuti, kung totoo mang meron pa tayong kakayahang mag-isip!

  27. redvegetarian on

    By now we should be used to our role in the international community as the ultimate “pushover” militarily, without even a minimal defense capability. It is better to relinquish our claim to those rocks since we don’t have a means to defend or retake it. It is foolish to believe that China will abide by the UNCLOS decision if it goes in our favor. This is a hard lesson learned from a country where politicians and government officials does not have a grain of nationalism, and the people too busy to earn a living to mind about a pile of rocks and corals in the middle of the sea.

  28. Rolando Galara on

    Part of Ph territory can be sold by the president of the country? After the loss of the shoal, part of Mindanao is on the brink o being dismembered through the BBL which Aquino is boldly supporting under the guise of peace solution. Malaysia and China are aggressively claiming our territories. How much money is involved in this treacherous act by the PH authorities? Election is fast approaching and these
    Countries can dangle their price to the power-hungry Filipino politicians. I hope Juan de la Cruz will wake up one day, that the soil where his nipa hat stands, still be a part of PH territory.

  29. What is taking the UN SO LONG to come up with a decision regarding China’s encroachment and the UN law regarding the seas?

    What will the UN do if it decides in our favor and yet China does not abide by its decision? Will it be a toothless decision?

    The only conclusion is that we are back to the LAWS OF THE JUNGLE where strength is the rule to subdue the weak ones. Let China go to HELL with their added territories!

  30. CESAR R. VILLA on

    The issue here perhaps redound to the not so celebrated Senate investigation by former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile on alleged backdoor negotiation starring Senator Trillanes who was allegedly handpicked by Aquino to undertake backdoor negotiation with the Chinese regarding the infamous alleged scrimmage by Filipino fishermen versus their bully Chinese counterparts..Enrile was trying to force open the backdoor deal made Trillanes but to no avail there was glaring defiance and pointed denials on his part.. In fact some quarters in the upper chamber believed the issue raised by Enrile cost him his seat as Senate President and ended to his unceremonious detention.

  31. CESAR R. VILLA on

    Perhaps this was the gist of the one-time Senate investigation courtesy of

  32. What would the author have the president do; sacrifice 100 Filipino lives to draw the US into a Chinese Philippine conflict? The president did all he could do and the Chinese simply lied to his ambassador. The Chinese act like dishonorable dogs when it is to their sdvantage.

    • “Sacrifice 100 Filipino lives” for the sake of recovering lost honor in Scarborough.” – gist of author’s article…WHY NOT? Where is the bold spirit of Lapulapu as his 500 warriors armed w/ bamboo spears attacked Magellan and his battle-scarred troops armed w/ Castilan swords and blunderbuss? Where has the courage of a Gen Gregorio del Pilar and his 100 katipuneros go when they closed the Tirad Pass against the American sharp shooters? Where are the 100,000 USrAFFE troops who battled the superior Japanese forces for 6 months in the fortress island of Corregidor and jungles of Bataan?

      Are they just distant memories for us now, nice yarns to tell our children and grandchildren, while we allow the Trillanesses and Aguinos to sell out our patarimony?

      Are our young people only good to wage battle in the internet? In Counterstrike?

      Where are our vaunted Filipino “balls?”

    • The last stansa of our national anthem is “Ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo” Mamatay ka sa iyong inang bayan is heroic.
      April 10: Sailors from a Philippine Navy surveillance ship board eight Chinese fishing vessels anchored in the shoal’s lagoon. They try to arrest the Chinese fishermen for illegal fishing and “harvesting endangered marine species.” However, two Chinese maritime surveillance ships prevent the arrests, in circumstances that are unclear.
      Ph Coast guards surrender the chinese poachers to the chinese coast guard that they caught fishing in Ph territory. Diba kaduwagan yon? They easily give in w/o a fight to the Chinese threat. If our Ph CG stand there ground it’s possible that Chinese CG is making a bluff because they know it’s Ph territory. If they attack our PH CG they will be heroes like the fallen 44 and the world will condemn the Chinese as the aggressor and a bully. And for sure no Chinese reclamation is going to happen if they attack Ph CG. If a leader is weak, for sure everybody under the leader is also weak.

    • “The president did all he could do”? Wrong!

      The moment PNoy ordered the withdrawal of PN ships, Philippines already lost its territory. As i’ve said the Scarborough stand-off is a “game of Chicken”. ang unang maihi sa salawal ay talo… Sad to say hindi lang naihi sa salawan si PNoy, natae pa sa takot!

  33. Its all our faults we voted for our presidents now we’re cry babies. We would be better off if we’re under the umbrellas of superpower nations like USA or China than our very corrupt leaders.But that ship had sailed.

  34. Paano natin aakin ang lugar na nakalubog at halos hindi nakikita!paano natin proprotektahan ang mga lugar na ito,kung wala tayong salapi at armas? May mga isla tayong sakop ngunit halos walang ginagawa ang gobyerno natin upang umulad ito at. Matayuan ng kampo ng ating mga sundalo!
    Ang US ay hindi makikipagdigma kung tungkol lang sa mga lubog na isla!
    Sariling interest lang nila ang pinoprotektahan kaya sila narito!hindi upang tulungan tayo!
    Kailangan gawin ng gobyerno kung paano makukuha sa diplomasya ang china!! Ang puro pagtahol at pagsunod sa US ay hindi makakabuti sa bansa!
    Parang sugal yan kapag mababa Ang baraha,lie low muna!

    • Crisostomo Dela Cruz on

      Palagay ko kasama ka sa nagrally sa U.S. embassy at utak anti US ka pa rin. Anong after ng US sa Philippines ngayon na puro corrupt ang tao sa gobyerno ninyo. Puro anti US sentiment kayo pero Kapag May problema US naman agad ang inisip ninyong tutulong. Mag rally kayo sa China embassy at sila dalan dahan inuubos ang lupang minamahal ninyo.

    • Braincleaner on

      Ang tanungin natin sa ating mga sarili ay kung bakit sa kabila nang pinagyayabang nating “demokrasya” at pagiging tuta ng Amerikano ay wala tayong salapi at armas. Ang tanungin natin sa ating mga sarali ay kung bakit ang sigasig natin sa pag-claim sa mga isla ng China Sea na lulubog lilitaw, maging hysterical na anti-China, habang lantaran natin isinuko ang Sabah sa Malaysia, kahit na ito ay nagbabayad pa ng renta sa Sultanate of Sulu. Isang teritoryo na pinipilit bawiin nang mga Pilipino kahit sa pamamagitan ng armadong pagkilos ngunit sila pa ang pinahuhuli ng gubyerno ni BS Aquino III. Isang teritoryo ng Pilipinas na pinatunayang hitik na hitik sa yaman, at tinitirhan ng milyong Pilipinong inaapi nang Malaysia! Isang teritoryo na kayang-kayang ipanalo sa international arbitration kung tutulong ang sinasabi nating mga “kaalyado” sa pangunguna ng US! Isipin natin itong mabuti, kung totoo mang meron pa tayong kakayahang mag-isip!

  35. Rod Villanueva on

    Sad situation. A tactical blunder by our gov’t. Our frigate should have stuck in at Panatag and defended it. Smaller boats should have brought food and supplies to them instead as we did in Ayungin.

  36. Firestarter on

    This is clearly shows that Aquino and Trillanes are bunch of BOBO and Uto Uto…. We must expel the Chinese Ambassador and cut our diplomatic ties with them. Implement a total ban on imported Chinese products in the country and start creating an ASEAN Unity council excluding China from establishing an economic organization among the small countries in Southeast Asia. We can survive even without China, we can open our business for investment of other non hostile countries.

    • Manny De Guzman on

      Agree! Don’t buy made in china. Pinayaman nyo pinalayas ng mga ugok na senador ang base at nagpicture taking pa itong tanda enrile,salonga,gingoona at iba pang kilalang mga tao. Kong hindi nyo pinalayas ang base ng Amerika may panangga kayo. ting-nan nyo ang Korea at Japan maunlad.Hindi na depende sa lease na binabayad ng Amerika. Ngayon, umiiyak kayo dahil inagawan kayo ng lupa. Manigas kayong lahat dahil darating ang araw baka ang pinas ay pulutin sa kangkongan.