Aquino the worst President ever: He damaged our institutions


President Benigno Aquino 3rd will go down in history as the country’s worst President ever.

One might accuse his predecessors, fairly or not, as having stolen from the state’s coffers. But this President damaged the very institutions of our Republic, and the effect of that would be to put the Philippines a decade back in building a modern, prosperous nation-state that uplifts the welfare of all its citizens.

To better understand this, remember that in the last two centuries, the method or discipline of rational inquiry (or simply the scientific method) has subjected, and demystified in many cases, nearly all phenomena under the sun, both natural and those created by humanity.

In the last two decades especially, one question that has been placed under close scrutiny has been why certain nations on earth have become prosperous and why others haven’t. While there are still opposing schools of thought to answer this question, there has remarkably been some convergence in the various analyses.

One consensus is that what plays a crucial role in a nation’s growth (or impoverishment) has been this thing we call “institutions.”

Noted political scientist Francis Fukuyama in his latest book, “Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy,” in fact, analyzes the strengthening and weakening of different nations in the world within the framework of how their institutions have grown or not, or have become inappropriate for their stages of development.

That kind of framework is actually centuries ahead of that prevailing mode of analysis you read in sophomoric blogs, and even in juvenile opinion columns, which agonize with a neurotic kind of self-immolation, on “what’s wrong with the Filipino character,” or what bad habits this group of people has that allow them to get stuck in a lousy nation with a lousy leadership.

Aquino’s defining moment: He bribed the legislative branch to decapitate the judicial branch, with its head replaced by his college buddy. With Chief Justice Renato Corona (picture above) removed from office, he thought his clan could get a much bigger land-reform compensation for its Hacienda Luisita. It was too late, though.

Aquino’s defining moment: He bribed the legislative branch to decapitate the judicial branch, with its head replaced by his college buddy. With Chief Justice Renato Corona (picture above) removed from office, he thought his clan could get a much bigger land-reform compensation for its Hacienda Luisita. It was too late, though.

“Institutions are ‘stable, valued recurring patterns of behavior that persist beyond the tenure of individual leaders,” Fukuyama explained in his book. “They are in essence, persistent rules that shape, limit and channel human behavior.”

Abstract as that may seem to be, we would very easily understand what sort of institution manifests such examples. “Post-Qaddafi Libya’s problem is a lack of basic institutions, must notably a state,” Fukuyama says. “Until there is a single source of authority that exercises a legitimate monopoly of force in that country, there will be no citizen security or the conditions for individuals to flourish.”

Fukuyama adds: “At the other end of the scale, the United States has long-standing and powerful institutions, but they have been subject to political decay.

Using the author’s analysis, the Aquino regime has resulted in our political decay.

Fukuyama explains that there are three sets of institutions whose strength or weakness have determined which nations are prosperous and strong, and which are not.

The first institution is the State, which he defines, as most political scientists do, as the institution that “possesses a monopoly of legitimate coercion and exercises that power over a defined territory.”fukuyama20150727

Prosperous countries have a modern state, the administration of which “does not consist of the ruler’s family and friends; rather recruitment to administrative positions is based on impersonal criteria as merit, education, or technical knowledge.” The raison d’être of modern states of course is to provide the necessary public goods and maintain order, which only it can do as it has the resources – taxes and the bureaucracy – and power to do so.

It is obviously in this context that former Senator Joker Arroyo’s jest that Aquino’s is an amateurish “student-council” government is really such an insightful criticism.

In the five years he has been in office, the Aquino government couldn’t even make the MRT-3 trains run on time and efficiently. In five years, even if the Congress had given it the funds, the Aquino state could not modernize the military, and instead, has all this time been stuck in allegations of corruption in the purchase of military equipment. Despite Aquino’s boast in 2011 that the country would be exporting rice soon, we are still importing 1 million tons of rice yearly.

The antithesis of the modern state is the “patrimonial” state, considered a “personal property of the ruler, and state administration is essentially an extension of the ruler’s household,” Fukuyama explained.

The second institution is the Rule of Law, or rules that are binding on the most politically powerful actors in a given society. Fukuyama makes a distinction that reminds us of what has been called Aquino’s “selective justice:” “Rule of law should be distinguished from what is sometimes referred to as ‘rule by law’,” which he explains as “commands issued by the ruler but not binding on the ruler himself” or his allies.

Three opposition senators are jailed for alleged involvement in the pork-barrel scam. Aquino’s allies, though, are exempt from any such investigation.

The third institution, in Fukuyama’s framework, is Democratic Accountability. Its mechanisms include the Supreme Court and its lower courts and Congress, both of which are separate and independent and which act as checks to the ruler, i.e., the executive branch. Another important mechanism is made up of free and fraud-free elections.

Philippine patronage
Fukuyama, though, emphasizes how the three institutions all have to exist at the same time. He even uses the Philippines as an example of how things can go wrong if one institution is missing: “(The Philippines) democratized before it had a modern state and has, therefore, experienced substantial amounts of patronage and clientelism.”

Fukuyama is quite categorical, asserting that the “least developed parts of the world today are those that lacked” these institutions or had only weak versions of these. “Many of the problems of developing countries are by-products of the fact that they have weak and ineffective states,” he emphasizes.

At this point, I would think that the many cases of how Aquino has damaged all three institutions have already crossed the reader’s mind. Among the most prominent cases, by no means a complete listing, are as follows.

Aquino damaged severely the Philippine state’s most important institution, the Constitutional separation of the three branches of government.

The executive headed by Aquino bribed the legislative branch to decapitate the judicial branch, with its head replaced by a known ally of the President. That really was this regime’s defining moment. With Chief Justice Renato Corona out of the way, he thought his clan could get a much bigger land-reform compensation for Hacienda Lusita.

There were eight counts for impeachment against Chief Justice Renato Corona. All were proven wrong in the trial, yet he was still removed by the Senate for his failure to disclose his dollar accounts – which was not one of the eight counts.

It would only be unearthed later that each of the 20 senators who found him guilty had received during and right after the trial hundreds of millions of pesos in pork barrel and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds.

Aquino appointed as associate justice and then Chief Justice a legal academic, with little actual practice of law, whose main qualification was that she was the President’s college buddy and that that she prepared his family’s Supreme Court brief to get better compensation for their Hacienda Luisita’s expropriation. He appointed another inexperienced academic to the Court just because he negotiated an agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which was after all so favorable to the insurgent group.

Aquino damaged the Supreme Court, which has had decades of tradition that its members must have proven themselves to be legal luminaries both in practice and theory. Thrown to the dustbin in the appointment of the Court’s members is a modern state’s practice of appointing to government positions, as Fukuyama explained, “those based on impersonal criteria as merit, education, or technical knowledge.”

Even the chief of the Philippine National Police, a crucial position, was chosen not because of his qualifications but because he was Aquino’s close-in security during his mother’s term. Aquino pulled out of retirement general Voltaire Gazmin to be his Defense Secretary. His qualification? He headed his mother’s presidential guards.

Aquino even corrupted a bastion of democracy, the Fourth Estate, by recruiting a major newspaper and an internet-only news outfit as his propaganda arm in his campaigns against Corona, leading opposition senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon Revilla, and more recently Vice President Jejomar Binay, just because he is the frontrunner in the 2016 elections.

Congress becomes a rubber stamp
The institutions of democratic accountability has been all but wrecked with Congress, bribed by Aquino with pork-barrel funds, and have become the rubber stamp of the President.

A recent example of this is Aquino’s decision to file the case against China questioning its nine-dash line – a move that would weaken the country’s diplomatic relations with the superpower for the next four to five years until the case is resolved. His lawyers filed the case at the UN arbitral court Jan. 21. The next day, Aquino asked both houses of Congress to issue a resolution supporting it. The resolution was filed and approved on the same day on Jan. 22, with no discussion in either the Senate or the House of Representatives.

One would have to be very gullible not to believe that Aquino bullied former Ombudsman Mercedes Gutierrez to resign so she would be replaced by Conchita Carpio-Morales, who has become his political assassin, even against Binay.

The many cases the Ombudsman filed against Aquino’s enemies – allegedly drafted by lawyers close to Mar Roxas – will be dismissed sooner or later, as these were rushed to meet political deadlines or had no basis in the first place. The Ombudsman as our anti-graft institution will, therefore, be weakened, probably for a decade until it proves it is not a tool of the sitting President.

This President has damaged the institution called the Rule of Law in so many instances, two of the most important:

He ordered his police general, Alan Purisima, to head the Mamasapano operations against international terrorists even if the police general, his former close-in security, was suspended at the time by law for a graft investigation. Aquino hasn’t been made accountable for such violation of law.

He threw to the dustbin the General Appropriations Laws from 2011 to 2013, by hijacking funds authorized by those laws, for a fake DAP. The Supreme Court ruled he violated the Constitution. He hasn’t been made accountable for that at all.

Even the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), one of our few institutions that showed world-class operating standards, had been prostituted by Aquino.

The confidential bank accounts, first of Chief Justice Corona, and then of Vice President Binay and his family, were released — without a court order — to the Ombudsman by the Anti Money Laundering Council, which the BSP governor headed. It was the Ombudsman’s distorted report of these accounts that shifted public opinion against Corona that was the smokescreen for the Senate to find him guilty.

Aquino hasn’t even been able to lead the state in undertaking one of its basic functions, which is to provide services to the citizens of this country. His officials have made a mess of the MRT-3 that it has become a daily torture for hundreds of thousands of commuters in metropolitan Manila. His incompetence and that of his government has reached a criminal level in their failure to implement an effective rescue-and-relief operation for the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Yolanda Supertyphoon.

He has also failed in his duty to keep intact the territory of the Philippine nation state when he bungled the negotiations over the Scarborough Shoal crisis so that in the end we lost it forever to the Chinese.

Forget all those figures Aquino would rattle off this afternoon in his last SONA, which he usually distorts to paint a rosy, false picture of his regime.

He won’t dare boast that he has strengthened the institutions of the Philippine Republic, which is actually the most important task of a President, but which is really beyond his exiguous intellect.

He has, in fact, damaged them severely.
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  1. Everythings is a mess in the Philippines democratic system, full of incompetent, full of diversion, full of mistrust, and cannot even do the right cause for the Filipino peoples, the issues are recycle, never ending corrupt stories to our daily lives, nothing did change, only the the date changes dramatically, but the Philippines, still a sick man of Asia.

  2. Mr. Tiglao, I am not with you on this. We may have institutions but they never served our country nor our people well. Mr. Aquino did not destroy our institutions. Politicians and people in public office have been making a mockery of these institutions for centuries now and stealing our hard-earned taxes DESPITE these institutions. Ferdinand Marcos is still the worst President in my mind. I cannot believe that you would rate PNoy lower than Macoy, the dictator.

    • I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH YOU…President Marcos have done much to the country even all four succeeding presidents pale in comparison. HE HAD BUILT MAY POWER PLANTS , ROADS , bridges and hospitals. I reckon you are a boxed yellowtards who do not see any other color. YOU just have to use your eyes, an open mind to see what is happening to the country, almost everybody want to go abroad to work because the government failed to provide decent jobs, basic services were privatized.

  3. He still blames GMA for MRT’s woes not his party mates who had the gull to award to themselves a lucrative maintenance contract of MRT3. LP bigwigs probably thought that railroading bills in congress will qualify them for an actual railroad job. Look what happened…..

  4. I agree with the analysis of so many people, my question is, who put Pinoy in office???? Di ba kayo rin???? Nagtatanong lang po

  5. Lahat ng naninira kay pinoy ay nagpakita ng ugaling “crab mentality” o binayaran ng kalaban ni pnoy. Lahat ng sinabi nyo ay iyong salamin ikaw yan. Hindi dapat mag siraan or manisi kasi gusto mo lang ipalabas na magaling kang mag english or marami kang alam. Ako si Juan ang nahihiya at naging kawawa sa mga kagaguhan ninyo. Dapat magtulongan hindi magsisihan i manghusga. Ikaw kaya anong rating mo sa pagiging ama, anak, amo, mang gagawa, pulis, o sa iyong pagka Pilipino…. Pumasa ka ba? Aba oo simpre kung ikaw ang mag rating, yung kapit bahay mo nakapasa ba syimpre hindi kasi matalbogan ka pa

    • Hindi po ako presidente, ang milyun milyong pilipino ay hindi nakaasa sa akin bilang pangulo ng ating gobyerno, pero sinisiguro ko yung mga nakadepende sa akin ay nabigyan ko ng sapat na gabay at suporta sa lahat ngvkanilang pangangailangan,

      Yan ay hindi crab mentality, yan ay repleksyon ng lahat ng ginawa ng “butihing” pangulo. Ang crab mentality ay kahit tama na ang ginawa, sinisiraan mo pa din para mahatak sya pababa (parang kay binay – maayos na ang makati pero puro paninira pa rin ang sinasabi ng tao).

      Sa mga nakasaad sa itaas, may mali po ba?

  6. Until now… May mga yellowtards d2?
    @LPOrticio, isa k n sa bobong pilipino.kht gnun c marcos marame pa sya ginawa para sa mamayan kesa sa mga dumaang presidente. Name things your Aquino had made…. None. Puro sya sisi sa mga nakaraang administration. Instead looking forward, pabalik ang ginawa. Kaya pag inatake ka sa puso wag ka mag patingen sa Heart Center. Si marxos nag patayo nyan kaya kung marcos hater ka.. Sa lahat ng napatayo ni marcos wag ka pumunta. Ambobo mo pramis =)))) democracy is for the poor not for the rich. Mula ng naupo ang aquino sa trono wala na. Nga nga na tau. Mga artista, boxer, model etc etc nakakapasok na sa politika. The government is a disgrace. Panahon ni marcos kumpleto tau sa mga gadgets sa armed forces. Ngyon? Ni matinong pandigma wla tau. Di ako maka marcos,i was born lng when he is on the seat of presidency. Mas malala ngyn kesa sa dati. Kung corrupt si marcos, eh ano nmn this peesent times? Mas malala pa ngyon kesa sa dati ungas. Bobo mo!

    • I forgot to add: Lack of manners. Try to learn how to argue without being rude.

  7. www.

    Aquino destroys the Philippines.
    Aquino is not a president, he is a traitor to his own people, the permits that individual criminals plundering the Philippines with impunity.
    Aquino is a selfish, corrupt and – not – patriotic man!
    Aquino supports all corrupt and criminal subjecte in Bi and Doj.
    Aquino’s political and military decisions show a high degree of intellectual impotence.
    Aquino made sure that the Philippines as a banana republic of – is classified – the third world.
    Aquino makes his wickedness that is that the Philippines be avoided in future by tourists, businessmen and investors in the protection of the president’s office.
    Aquino gambled the future of the Philippines.

  8. In fairness to Aquino’s administration, I reckon he’s only the president who’s done remarkable achievements for Filipinos in the history of Philippine politics by impeaching the chief justice, putting behind bars greedy politicians, etc. Certainly he’s flaws but I believe he’s done everything he could to make a difference in the corrupt-laden government. In any country, whether it’s a democracy or socialist, the leader will somehow protect his allies, and it’s a normal human instinct. In the final analysis, it’s the power of the people to not keep on electing self-serving candidates.

  9. bravo mr. tiglao. you are right , Pnoy is the worst and most liar of the President of the Philippines we ever had. I disagree with the other who comments Mr. abnoy made a lot of road and bridges?? where are the new roads and bridges.. and how may kilometers they have made by DPWH. iyon nga railways system natin napakabulok..sobrang trapik.. ito ba ang sinasabi ni Mr. Ano na development??. Siguro development sa pagnanakaw ng mga dilawan na kaban ng bayan. pahirap sa mamayang filipino. If you stiill remember, ms. corykong states that let the Filipino to suffer in able them to blame Marcoses.. Makatao ba itong salita na ito… They were more than EVIL..

  10. i just want to say one thing…..dont let aquino and his minions get away with all these….they must be punished for everything they had done in our country and people…..that is all i want….

  11. To us MRT riders, to say that Pnoy is the worst president ever is an understatement.
    Why? If only our MRT, LRT and PNR train system operates orderly, safe and efficient his lack of leadership and statemanship may be tolerated by a few, yet the hardship experienced every time you ride the above train system you will always utter how Pnoy is the worst president of them all.

  12. Roldan Guerrero on

    I just watched his SONA and really wonder why Filipinos let this long to stay in power a STUPID, LIAR and GROSSLY INCOMPETENT President!

  13. Well, even if he were selective, he still was able to put put away some powerful wealth hoarders not seen on previous administrations… And yes, he may also have some mild form of autism… But i’m no shrink… Just a hunch…

  14. cesar g.villegas on

    I live in America. What I see in TV or hear in Radio station is that when a leader commits a blunder his name is mentioned in all TV and news report. I have not seen the pictures or read the names of the Philippine Senators who received bribe from President Aquino to render a wrong and unsupported verdict against Chief Justice Corona, In America once a black American is a victim of injustice the whole black community and leaders will demand justice by rally and even riots. Not the brave Filipinos. And our national an theme says ” nang mamatay ng dahil sa yo. All are subjected to grave injustice, the typhoon victims, the MRT riders, the farmer but no rally or demonstration against the corrupt officials. Why, I do not understand.

  15. Very well said, I do believed the current President is the worst ever in the history and we should wake up and Filipino should learn from our mistake and I hope they will not be an instrument to have another President like Pnoy.

  16. Frank A. Tucker on

    ONLY in the Philippines ! World wide my vote goes to POTUS B. Obama — WORST EVER ! {F@}

  17. ricardo dimaapi on

    what can you expect from a tail wagging cahoots of a much worst corrupt ptesident now pretending a genius journalist.its all sour graping.maybe another term for Pnoy so that you can join your master – GMA in her bedside.your poisoning lot of gullible filipinos here.

  18. cesar climaco on

    How can you clean up the highest court of the Land?
    They are lawyers who know every loophole to hide their corruption so no evidence, except their bank accounts.
    If they had dummies abroad who opened the bamk accounts (Marcos) they they will never be caught.
    So how can justice be served?????

  19. Dong Malonga on

    If we are toick just one failure that says the kind of President Pnoy is – it would be the MRT3 Mismanagement! MRT3 was attended by corruption, incompetence and mismanagement! Even the new GM doesn’t know what his doing. There are solutions but does not care at all. Worst is, MRT3 handling shows how Pnoy doesn’t really care with the thousands of Commuters suffering daily! Walang Habag!

  20. Aquino may not be the best president but I will have to say that the worst offender was Marcos. He mocked democratic principles, lied, plundered, etc. The decades of his rule resulted in so many brilliant young lives to perish just because they dissented. There was no executive, legislative, or judicial branches to speak of because he declared Martial law. The greatest sin against the people however, was not bringing to justice his cronies & puppets who continued the paradigm of corruption, self-enrichment, and lack of love of country, and that I have to give Aquino some credit.The early demise of potential great leaders or their leaving the country en masse, left us with no choices other than movie stars worshiped by the masses. This lack of role models has left the country bereft of good leadership & inability to establish a respectable democratic framework of governance. I do not need the likes of Fukuyama to tell me theoretical frameworks and conceptualizations with what I have experienced. We the poor peons are the recipients of cyclical abuse from these sharks who continue up to now to occupy most branches of the government who see to it that the poor remains poor so they can likewise continue enriching themselves & buy votes. Then they refuse to leave power by assigning their offsprings and genetic lineage, otherwise called dynasties, as if it is Darwinian principle. The institutions of this republic are weak because of it. So please, don’t flaunt these books to us because it insults whatever is left of our intelligence.

  21. Nope Mr. Tiglao. Pnoy is the best among the last 4 presidents we have. We have achieved a robust economic development under this administration. Roads and other countryside infrastructure have been implemented all over the country. Foreign and local investments are doing good. The real estate industry is booming as people can now afford to acquire houses and properties. And the best of all is that Pnoy did not steal money from the Filipino people. He is not tainted by allegation of corruption. Can you say the same to the past 3 presidents from Ramos, Estrada & Arroyo? We are thankful that under PNoy, thieves and corrupt public official such as Napoles, Estrada, Enrile & Revilla are unmasked and brought before the court of law. So be fair and spare us your bias view of pinoy politics!

    • Nope, Mr. Yellow Zombie. How can he be the best president if he keeps on playing the blame game and point fingers at anyone, including the past administration to cover up his shortcomings.

      The reason why we have achieved economic growth is because of Arroyo’s efforts and policies while he’s taking all the credit for himself. Only local investment is good because he favors his own local cronies while foreign investors would suffer about the 60/40 restrictions provided by the Constitution. Don’t just brag about the real estate crap and just cite proof, plez. And he didn’t steal money from the Filipino people? DAP and PDAF, which is unconstitutional and he vehemently tried to defend, are a proof of it. And to tell you, corruption is more than just stealing money. Its definition: the inability and refusal to do anything good or right. Also, INCOMPETENCE is also a form of corruption. In other words, you’re very ignorant about its meaning.

      Thieves and corrupt public official such as Napoles, Estrada, Enrile & Revilla are unmasked because of Noynoy? Nice TROLLING, Yellowfag. That is more of CIRCUMSTANCES than policy, as he goes against his so-called enemies, while he keeps on defending his own allies suspect for corruption. If he was really “honest” and “sincere”, he would have fired his budget secretary Abad when he got implicated in the pork barrel scam and DAP. Likewise, he should have fired all the other cabinet members who have been embroiled in controversy by now.

      So please stop being a Yellow Minion and set your priorities for once. You should be the one who should be fair and spare us your own delusional nonsense and stupidity.

  22. Ano ang maaasahan mo sa isang mentally retarded.Wala ng ginawa kundi maghignti,manisi,magpabaya at manigarilyo ng manigarilyo ang gago.

    • kumusta ka naman goryo ano ba nagawa mo para sa bansa o kaya para sa sarili mo man lang para umunlad?

  23. We are Filipinos all (maybe dual citizens some of us) and face it we are the laughing stock of the global community. The stigma is attached to every foreign airport where I present my passport for entry clearance. What I always get is some smirked faces and rye smiles. We are the ordinary people trying to be good RP citizens in other foreign lands while you are in RP blundgeoning each other with the kind of words I read in our local papers. You have the temerity to criticize but do not have the balls to contribute for the good of the common cause. You wield your pen as mighty as the powerful sword only to fan the air of disunity. Sometimes my wits surmmized your likes are the ones sowing the ill faith of our nation..remember this words your pen is writing the word HATE without you knowing.

  24. isidro c. valencia on

    PIGNOY’s moral, intellectual, and spiritual decay cannot be hide in SONA.
    PIGNOY is a trying hard, third rate copy cat of dictator Marcos. Our damaged institutions created by Marcos, restored by his mother Cory into a truly independent 3-equal branches of government are wrecked and prostituted by PIGNOY, the worst President in the entire history of our country.

  25. Cornelio Paz on

    What do you expect if our President Aquino has some historical fact of mental defect, then therefore it will be very difficult for him to distinguish the difference on what is right and what is wrong. That is the reason on why there are so many wrongs we have seen during his administration…in the end of course, our country and our people has been severely affected.

  26. Ang commentario ninyo ay singliwanag ng sikat ng araw. Akoy nanalig na maiintidihan ng sambayanan Pilipinas. Naway ipagpatuloy ninyo ang inyong tapang sa buong Pilipinas na ipaalam sa mga tao ang tunay na nangyayari sa ating bayan. You have declared to the whole world the unfortunate state of our country for having the “WORST PRESIDENT

  27. Pascual Delgado Jr. on

    We had “worst presidents” before, what is one more? Many are still coming if we are not careful enough in 2016 election.

  28. Teddy Sevilla on

    I cringe everytime superlatives are used, especially in the opening statements. I think, ‘Whoa! Here we go again!’ I brace myself for a litany of rants rather than an objective, rationale, statesman-like article.

    The ‘worst president’ ever? Come on! Admit it. Every Philippine president – since we had presidents – was supposed to be the ‘worst.’ I would not have picked up a fight with your item had you been a runny-nosed, know-it-all, 26-year old reporter and not have known any better. But you should know better.

    Instinctively, every president sought or seeks to push against the boundaries of the executive power. In defense of Pinoy, I don’t think he has the grey matter to visualize and execute the destruction of institutions that his predecessors have tried to do and which you alleged he had done. Only Marcos succeeded in this regard, using the brute force of the military to erase entire legislative and judicial institutions as he sought, and ultimately failed, to set up his ‘New Society.’ If Pinoy was only half as successful as Macoy I doubt if you would have dared to write an article of this type.

    Your list of sins that Pinoy has supposedly committed? You could make a similar list for each and every president that ever walked this planet. Yes, even for GMA – even if you vehemently disagree as every political analyst should for his favorite prez. This penchant for listing is the stuff for beer garden debates. Please give credit to MT readers, and do not resort to such pedestrian argumentation.

    Also, superimposing your opinions on the ideas of someone else. You really need the crutch of an authority? Why turn to such cerebral plagiarism? I can imagine Mr. Fukuyama just chuckling if he happens to come across your article. He surely would have meant his book as a historical analysis rather than a specific criticism of the present administration.

    Mr. Tiglao, I, too, believe that Pinoy blew it. But rather than the devil incarnate, I see him as a bumbling, hardheaded, simple-minded, easily manipulated, barkada-loving, trying-hard-to-be-nerdy trapo. (Note, no *est word.)

    MT is not a tabloid. Rather than using bombastic language, you could employ subtler journalistic tools. You owe MT readers that much.

    • Marcos was ever legalistic if you care to read the facts Mr. Another yellowtards speaking with a boxed and close mind who don’t recognize facts. You just have to open your eyes and see what is happening.Aquino destroyed the institution and he is in cohort with his family, friends who are corrupt…

  29. Noy Akino III on

    Exiguous intellect… ha ha ha… you got me again there.

    Intellect notwithstanding, HocusPCOS is the secret, mon ami.
    He he he

    Now, I miss Fr. Bu already who really knew me.
    (sob, sob)

  30. adones padero on

    You are right sir!! Nawawala ang Daan na Matuwid what we have is Baluktot na pamamahala.

  31. the ousting of corona was the first in history I believe. People all over the world said “what?” Only in the Philippines right? of maybe in other corrupt countries. But what can we expect from a child who is still living in the shadow of his mother? His father would have been ashamed of him! This child keeps clinging unto the hemline of his mother’s dress, being surrounded by people who once were people of his mom, and he relies on them like a child being surrounded by his family. He cannot survive without these people, he still has his thumb inside his mouth, sucking it hard, and he needs this people to surround him and protect him since his mother is not there anymore. What a helpless child!

  32. Glenn Alan Boyles on

    The three branches in our democratic government should have been independent and respective by its other. Checks and balances gives strength but giving in to the corruptions of power destroyed the merits of our democracy.

    PNoy should be held responsible for his actions. Much more the honorables in the other branches who gave in to the corruptor.

    The next President should not be as vendictive as PNoy in order to recover from our downfall.

    Just a personal discernment.

  33. Rafael Santos on

    Worst? Considering those that have come before him, its pretty tight to call.

    And seriously, what’s to damage? What’s one more decade between bobotante and blame-everyone-else-know-it-alls? What’s to decay?

    Aquino’s sins are simply a remix of what most of our elected government officials of have done or are doing.

  34. Quote “he bribed the Legistative branch to decapitate the Judiciary branch” unquote.

    He sinned when he did that but the biggest sin were committed by the congressmen and senators who willingly received the bribes – they are the JUDAS of our modern times …greedy

  35. bakit ikaw may nagawa ?tama lahat ang ginawa nya at kung may nagawa ka ano asan ?puro wento puro wento ala wenta

  36. The BOBOtante who voted for this
    Brainless, merciless and Incompetent president is partly to
    blame. Next time, let’s examine the
    Track record of perforomance, experienced and psychological frame of mind of every candidate
    we’re going to put in office.

  37. Political corruption is worst than corruption itself. It all started when CJ Corona was impeached by corrupt politician corrupted by the Executive thru pork barrel allocations.
    The three Institutions, the Executive, The Legislative, and the Judiciary collapsed in a blink of eye because of corruption.
    After him, we will start from scratches to rebuild our honorable institutions especially the Judiciary, the last bastion of democracy in our country.

  38. Marciano Pulilan on

    Blaming that the public treasury was ransacked when he came to power is a silly excuse, Tax collection and government profits did not stop in 2010. PDAF and DAP distribution did not stop as well. So the Trillions the Aquino government collected and spent does not reflect the infrastructure developments for the country, in fact the existing ones even degraded so much like the MRT, Flood control and traffic. Incompetence or Corruption, it can only be either or or both.

  39. Miggy Miguel on

    I want this President and his merry men and women to pay…and pay dearly for all the damage they have done. They have made a mockery of all our government institutions. May I live to see karma do its work on Baldy and his cohorts.

  40. Dahil sa stigma ng hindi magandang pamumuno ng mga naunang administrasyon ay magaling nilang napapaniwala na tama ang kanilang ginagawa. Sana mamulat ang mga kababayan natin, na sa malalimang pag-aanalisa ay hindi maganda at tuwid ang daang tinatahak ni Pinoy.

  41. You are very much correct Mr. Tiglao. You know, I am a Taclobanon. I was a victim of Typhoon Yolanda. To tell you frankly, we did not received any tangible help from the government since our Mayor is a Romualdez. All the help were diverted to Palo, Leyte because of Petilla, their allies. I could not imagine, even our Parish Priest confided me of the injustices being made to this government to all Taclobanons. I am a church-goer and a believer of God. I could not believe that as a son of Cory who is also a devoted Catholic will do these things to us just because of politics. Walang kaluluwa itong Presidente natin. We are thankful to all international help as well as to those Good Samaritans at least we were able to get help from them pero wala sa gobyernong ito….

  42. The cultural moral code is the highest institution standard. When the executive, congress, court and main stream media lies with impunity. The entire nation is damaged. Conscienceless retarded BS Aquino is congenital liar and coerced other government institution to lie by means of bribery and treat of persecution. When morals goes out of Malacanang. The government becomes prostitute of immorality. BS Aquino is immoral mongoloid. Let it not happen again. Ensure BS Aquino’s jail term when he steps out of Malacanang.

  43. Totally agree. He broke every rule in our books. The recent INC revelations show that they have sold off the BOC to the INC, the BIR to the LSD and who knows what else. The dysfunction in the government shows the lack of fear among the office holders in their wanton corruption.

  44. Odnalor Obirt on

    I was a firm believer and defender of Benigno Simoun Aquino III when he seems true to his promises to fight against corruptions. I hate him to the bone when the truth surfaced about PDAF and DAP. Most of all when he abandoned the Super Typhoon Yolanda victims and the SAF 44. The worst was when he showed his wholehearted love to the MILF Rebels. He even tried to railroad the BBL for the creation of Bangsamoro which will be given several billions of pesos from the taxes of true Filipinos and from us, the OFWs. I cannot imagine how a President of the Republic of the Philippines sided with the Muslim Rebels who started the war of Filipinos against Filipinos. By the way, the officials of this rebel group made the propaganda that they drafted the BBL because they wanted to end the war of Filipino against Filipino. Logic and common sense is: their decision to raise arms against the Philippine Government is the start of war against Filipinos. The claims of injustices against this rebels are mostly propagandas and short of real proofs. Marcos and Estrada sent the Phil. Armies in Mindanao to suppress the ongoing rebellion and secession activities in Mindanao. If these rebels really want peace they have to cooperate with the government in getting rid off the bad armed groups in their areas such are those foreign terrorist they protected.

    My family was also originated in Mindanao and we decided to leave the place where our grandparents lived. We used to pay a monthly protection fee to the rebel group and experienced several harassment when got delayed in our payment.

  45. Sir Tiglao, well said again. One thing sure why Abnoy deliberately abandoned the repair of MRT even there is a sufficient fund? MRT was built by Marcos, period.

    Kaya, mas mabutina lang kung magpagasaga siya kasama niya si Sec. Abaya..

    Mismo na siya ang nagsabi na magpagasagasa siya kasama niya si Sec. Abaya kung hindi niya marepair ang MRT. And now the hour has come…!

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      Isip bata nga kaya di alam ang sinasabi. Mga kalaro niya KKK at ang kanyang pamangkin. Mabuti ng mabuti kung chess dahil sa kahit paano magiisip ng move. Pero hindi, games kaya utak robotic na rin. Masakit para sa akin ang magsulat ng ganito, pero yan lamang ang magagawa natin sa ngayon dahil siya naman katotohanan. Tingnan natin kung sasamahan ni ABAYA si P-Noy sa pagpapasagasa? Di yata pABAYA iyan. Patnubayan tayo ng Panginoon.

    • ken, while i agree with your opinion, i would like to correct you. the MRT was started by ramos and started operations during erap’s time. the LRT was the one built by makoy. this LRT has been in service for so long and was properly maintained before boy sisi took over. when boy sisi’s man called boy pickup and aberya took over the management of LRT and MRT, both suffered decay

  46. There is no doubt that BSA III weakened the country’s institutions. However, he could not have done this by his own lonesome himself. The other parties who played along with him (e.g., Congress) are just as guilty, if not more guilty. for instance, in the case of the Executive-Legislative tango, BSA III, for his own right or wrong reasons, attempted to strengthen his branch, the Executive, while the Senators and Congressmen willfully weakened the very institution they comprised for bribe money. More or less, the same seems true for the other cases. They succumbed to the Executive branch and willfully destroyed their own inatitutions. That, to me, makes them more guilty than BSA III.

    Just a thought…