• Aquino to blame for death of SAF 44 – JPE


    SENATE Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile on Monday said he has evidence to prove that President Benigno Aquino 3rd did nothing to save the lives of the Special Action Force (SAF) police commandos mowed down while carrying out an operation to capture a terrorist in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, almost a year ago

    Enrile claimed that Aquino actively involved himself in the planning and preparation for Oplan Exodus, the police operation launched to capture suspected terrorist Zulkifli Bin Hir alias Marwan.

    “So that there will be no more questions about whether we should reopen the Mamasapano hearings or not, I would like to make it on record that I have evidence that the President of the Philippines, Benigno S. Aquino 3rd, actively and directly involved himself in the planning and preparation for Oplan Exodus,” the senator said.

    Enrile added that he also has proof to show that Aquino was monitoring the operation on the day of the actual operation while on his way to Zamboanga City.

    “Third, while the operation was going on and the SAF units were being slaughtered, he did not do anything at all to save them and I’m going to prove this with evidence in that hearing,” he said.

    It was Enrile who sought the reopening of the investigation of the Mamasapano bloodbath that left 44 SAF troops dead.

    Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said the investigation is justified by continuing cries for justice from families of the slain police commandos.

    “Almost a year has passed after the Mamasapano massacre and yet we continue to hear complaints from some of the kin of the SAF 44 that they are yet to receive the assistance the government promised to them,” Marcos noted.

    He cited reports quoting widows Virgie Viernes and Merlyn Gamutan who bared that they have not received the aid pledged by the government.

    Marcos said the complaint of the two widows runs counter to the claim of the Philippine National Police that they have provided about P80 million in cash aid for the kin of the fallen policemen.

    “But what the families of the SAF 44 are asking most from the government is justice for their loved ones. Yet until now no case has been filed in court to prosecute those responsible,” the senator added.

    Former Local Government Secretary Rafael Alunan also blamed Aquino for the bloodshed in Mamasapano.

    “What I can say as an observer is that what happened in Mamasapano was very, very unusual. It should not have happened. Saving those guys is the primordial interest of the government, especially for the Commander-in-Chief,” Alunan told the weekly Kapihan sa Manila forum.

    As Commander-in-Chief, Aquino approves very sensitive missions and has the duty to make sure that a unit is given all the resources to accomplish that mission, and to do everything to keep its members from harm, he noted.

    “I think perhaps that he has complied with the first one but with the second role of the Commander-in-Chief, that’s where he failed. Not enough was done, perhaps nothing was done to get the troops out of harm’s way,” Alunan said.

    “Operations as crucial as this one require the approval of the Commander-in-Chief but he did not perform the most crucial role in that entire operations which was to make sure that the boys who are in trouble were supported by troops to extricate them,” he added.

    Alunan said the President and other officials were keeping the truth from the public where the orders during the botched operation came from.

    “That is the one that has to be unearthed by this new probe on Mamasapano,” he added. “In this particular case, it’s really a mystery why the Army unit there was not able to extend help despite repeated requests for assistance.”


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    1. Pinoy had commanded his generals for this operation planned mamasapano. He had given his general the windows of offortunity to do the action planned. Pinoy had to do others executive meetings for that day. Pinoy had to be informed from time to time of the situation. The generals on the ground should be coordinated and executed their function in one common goal. I think if this action planned will be played again I think the generals should be in the frontline and It will be very sure the arrest is perfectly done with very less casualty. The Philippine is not ready to face war against the intruder because the generals are haluzinated and pointing finger to each other is their expertise. We spent a lot of taxe payer money and yet the result was a dismay. ” It should have been assisted by spy drawn to know the movements of arresting group zap and the positions of the arms group in the area. By this spy drawn can measured the position and coordinates of the of the arms groups and feed to artillery or this spy drawn is equipped of air to surface missiles and operate strike from Manila based using satellite feed which is the smartest recommendation or plan.” Again, It’s not Pinoy.

    2. Well, lets wait and see how incriminating the evidence could be. It is given that we know the distiction between gross and simple or deliverate negligence. Kung sinadya ng presidente na wag tulungan ang mga nmatay n pulis, nrarapat lang n pagdusahan nya sa kulungan ito.

    3. What is the truth behind the mamasapano massacre. Since this lunatic president of the philippines sit at the malacanang, a lot of incident happened in his administration.
      in my opinion parang hinahayaang niyang mamatay ang ating mga sundalo sa mga terrorist rebels…he should be prosecute for the negligence of his duty as Commander in Chief of our country.. .. irresponsible person, palibhasa inutil..

    4. If the army was allowed to go in how many more lives could have been lost and moreover may have triggered an extensive war in Mindanao..we dont forget that our soldiers trespassed on MILF’s territory and dont blame them to react ..its the same scenario for Pnoy will be blamed if more lives and new wars erupted..

      • soldiers trespassed on MILF’s territory

        The MILF territory ?

        Those were police officers not soldiers for one, another point is the police are allowed to arrest anyone anywhere in the Philippines if they have probable cause and last time i checked they were in the Philippines which makes the the police actions legal and lawful.

    5. This is the reason why our country cannot move on because too many twisted brain politicians that is getting involved on everything, except on their wrong doings. People get emotional when the dead SAF are mentioned and blame it to the Commander-in-Chief. To me, this is a bad case of a military unit that went on a mission and it was poorly led by an incompetent officer. In Iraq and Afghanistan wars, there were thousands of dead and wounded American soldiers, but you do not see politicians, Congress and Senate investigating how these soldiers slaughtered or died in combat. Only in the Philippines!

    6. bsaquino did something by ordering the army to stand down after telling him “papasok na ba kami” by the army who were supposed to march onward to reinforce the helpless trapped saf-44 who ran out of ammunition … what a very painful sad way of dying

    7. Only in the Philippines where a failed military mission is blamed to the Commander-in-Chief. Instead, it should have been seen as a failure of his administration because he is the Commander-in Chief. In any civilized / democratic country, military missions, are the responsibility of the highest ranking military commander on the ground. The success and failures of any military mission always in the hands of the highest military commander on the ground executing the mission.

      There were so many areas where the ground commander have failed during the mission execution. Training, rehearsal (what actions your men would do in the event of fire fight on your way to your objective), coordination (who are on your flanks) in case you need fire support, grid coordinates plotted on maps?), communication (what kind of communication equipment and frequencies are used), and weapons ( what would they use in dead spaces. Grenade launchers? drop mortar round?), night vision goggles were used? Were there alternate actions / special instructions before crossing the line of departure? It seems like an endless preparation before going on a mission, but that is the way it should always be.

      Sad to say, that few of our troops were executed after the fire fight, and they should have been taken as Prisoner Of War (POW). It is also sad to say that whoever those enemies were, they are not SIGNATORY of the GENEVA CONVENTION, also known as “The Law of War”.

      The bottom line (if you take politics out), the success and failures of any military mission is on the highest ranking military commander on the ground, period!

      • The bottom line (if you take politics out), the success and failures of any military mission is on the highest ranking military commander on the ground, period!

        What if the President steps in and takes charge issuing orders to stand down thereby causing the deaths of the soldiers or SAF in this case ?

        Did Pnoy abandon the SAF because his BBL peace negotiator Deles advised him not to send in more troops ? Whatever the reason it needs to come out.

      • Then we are clamoring for BBL to pass congress with MILF killing mercilessly our soldiers and still gave them free hospital coverage from Philhealth. What an irony ? Whoever is running this comedy must be a moron.

    8. wouldn’t it be nice to have it proven that Aquino and roxas were both responsible for the mamasapano massacre? and put in jail? karma at its best for a very vindictive president who will stop at nothing to have his family’s enemies jailed!

    9. I wonder if he and Marcos would take responsibilities for the thousands of lives lost in the Mindanao conflict during their tenure as Defense Minister and PHL president. The old man is delusional.

    10. Just by allowing suspended Police Chef Allan Purisma to be in charge of that sensitive operation make him guilty by law. If his minion are still allowed to participate, it is nowhere to be resolve.

    11. Huwag tayong umasa na mapapanagot natin ang mga pumatay sa SAF44 na mga rebeldeng Muslim. Ang pag-asa natin na magkaroon ng hustisya sa pagkamatay nila ay papanagutin si Noynoy sa hindi paggawa ng paraan upang maligtas, kung totoo na wala siyang ginawa para iligtas sila.

    12. I a sensitive combat situation the Commander in Chief, the President approve the Master Plan. No “If and But”. He the President is responsible for the Success and/or Failure of the mission. Let us not look at the sensitive mission like a basketball game, passing the ball, if the team sin “Congrats” if it losses “Sorry” for the Couch. The President must face squarely his responsibility. Period

    13. “Third, while the operation was going on and the SAF units were being slaughtered, he did not do anything at all to save them and I’m going to prove this with evidence in that hearing,”

      Everyone knows that already even tho Grace Poe made sure to not to pursue that line of questioning.
      The real question is why did he abandon the SAF and why didn’t Roxas and Gazmin do anything once they knew Aquino was going to abandon them.

    14. If Pnoy was able to react swiftly on the bombing in Zamboanga City 3 days before the Mamasapano incident and had to fly there on January 25,2015 to inspect the aftermath, how can the operation Exodus be negleted when it was he personally approved to get Marwan. It is really impossible for Pnoy not knowing the firefight when even the field commanders were calling for help. Enrile may not be able to prove it but the circumstances boils down that Pnoy did not move a finger earlier to extract the fallen troopers.

    15. Carlos de Castro on

      Nobody is to blame in any military operations. Some will be okay , others will be not.There are thousand of operations militarily in Aghanistan., however there are no finger pointing of who s to blame in case of failure and who is to be given a medal in case its good one.there are pvt.,cpl.,sgt.,lt.,capt.,maj.,lt.col.,cols. and generals who are susceptible of not following a good plan. In each of these failure, you don’t blame the president for these.All plans are god in the beg. it only turn sour at the end, when everything goes array. So, JPE pls. stop. You are supposed to rertire na. Pls. do so, and I tell its been a long time, and its good.

    16. Is Juan Ponce Enrile “to blame” for the plundered of hundereds of millions of pesos of the Filipinos hard-earned tax money?

      Is Juan Ponce Enrile “to blame” for the hundreds of Martial Law-era human rights victims?