A TV grab from GMA shows President Benigno Aquino addressing his “bosses” Wednesday night.

    A TV grab from GMA shows President Benigno Aquino addressing his “bosses” Wednesday night.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd again defended the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) on Wednesday and reiterated that he did not steal from public coffers through this fund scheme.

    In his 10-minute speech, the President took a swipe at some personalities involved in the alleged multi-billion peso pork barrel scam and said that they were the ones behind the attacks against the DAP.

    He said that his critics intend to distract the public on the issue of the P10-billion pork barrel scam allegedly perpetrated by Janet Lim-Napoles and several lawmakers.

    “ I repeat: The issue here is theft. I did not steal. Those who have been accused of stealing are those who are sowing confusion; they want to dismantle all that we have worked so hard to achieve on the straight path,” he said.

    ”We were stolen from, we were deceived—and now we are the ones being asked to explain? I have pursued truth and justice, and have been dismantling the systems that breed the abuse of power—and yet I am the one now being called the “Pork Barrel King?” he asked.

    Aquino was apparently referring to Senators Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrile and Ramon “Bong” Revilla, who along with 35 other respondents, were charged with plunder for their alleged involvement in the misuse of their pork barrel funds.

    The President maintained that DAP has a legal basis.

    “Spending through DAP is clearly allowed by the Constitution and by other laws. DAP is only a name for a process in which government can spend both savings and new and additional revenues,” he said.

    He noted that the DAP releases were sourced from the overall savings of the national government, which includes unprogrammed funds generated from windfall revenue collections, unreleased appropriations from slow-moving projects, and terminated programs, among others.

    ”Where did these funds come from? They came from our efforts to stop the connivance of some in bidding for contracts, in padding costs, overpricing, and kickbacks,” he added

    The President said that DAP should not be likened to the much maligned Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

    “The Disbursement Allocation Program is not pork barrel. The DAP is not theft. Theft is illegal,” he noted.

    He said that funds under the DAP went to projects that benefitted the people such as the building of roads, health and education programs for the poor, the program to relocate informal settlers, scholars and sitio electrification program, among others.

    “You can decide for yourselves: Is this wrong? When has it ever been wrong to look for a constitutional way to serve our countrymen more effectively?” he asked.

    “The benefits of these projects reached our countrymen faster and earlier, and we were able to spend the money allocated yearly in our National Budget more prudently and efficiently,” he added

    Aquino said that DAP contributed 1.3 percentage points to the gross domestic product growth of the country in the fourth quarter of 2011.

    The program also helped the Philippines acquire investment grade status from the three most reputable credit ratings agencies in the world.

    “This economic growth—and its positive effects, which have redounded to our countrymen, especially those in the margins of society—this is the product of principled spending, and not of stealing. Money once pocketed by the corrupt is now being used to help our people, particularly the poor,” he said.


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    1. What a waste of airtime …… nothing new really…. Come on Pnoy just roll that sleeves up and let your elbow stick out, that what we want to see ….. not your babbling …

    2. This inept president just don’t get it!

      The REAL ISSUE, for heaven’s sakes MR. BS AQUINO is CORRUPTION!!!


      JPE, JINGGOY, and the two BONGS et al were literally caught stealing as it were. They are guilty beyond reasonable doubt (at least in the eyes of public opinion) of PLUNDER already.

      YOU, and your ilks DRILON and ABAD for example are GUILTY (not of stealing as yet because the investigation and audit is still ongoing or perhaps being massaged) OF BRIBERY! BY USING DAP (constitutionality of which is being resolved by the Supreme Court) as BRIBE to obtain the votes of senator-judges to oust a sitting head of a co-equal branch of government which is the Supreme Court!

      BS AQUINO, you are a disgrace to the memory of your father.


      1. Bribery
      2. Malversation of public funds

      STEALING and BRIBERY. In my book, they belong together in THE DAANG MATUWAD that ends in wanton and rampant corruption!

    3. Shekel M. Sibala on

      Mr. President,

      Kung wala ka nangawat, kung dili ka kawatan, asa man paingon and kwarta. Pwede ka ba mag pa audit kay para maklaro. We could not take your word for it.

    4. i believe u P’noy na hinda ka nag nakaw. pero ung mga taohan mo ang magnanakaw. nag take advantage lang sila by joining liberal party. like ARMM. ipa audit mo ang ARMM para makita mo kung saan nila nilagay ang billions of pesos na binigay mo sa ARMM thru DAP. Makita mo lang ang mga bagong sasakyan ang mansions ng mga officials ng ARMM including officials of the provinces under ARMM. baka mi commission galing sa kanila kung ayaw mo silang ipa audit. Walang ibang systima katulad ng dating presidente.

    5. Wow, did I hear right? The King of Pork did not steal? Then may I ask, is using the peoples tax money by illegal means to bribe legislators and government executives for your own selfish intentions not stealing? Hey PNoy, stealing is not only taking money and putting it inside your pocket. Stealing is also taking money not your own and using the money to corrupt others for your own benefit. If the King of Denial does not understand this simple thought, then, boy of boy, we will continue to be in deep, deep trouble until 2016.

    6. Easy to deny wrong doings. But, actions speaks more than anything. If Pnoy is not so sure of his move, then, take advise from experts prior to disposed. Money is considered a sensitive issue he entered into. It is not HIS but buy the general citizens in the country. He cannot just say yes to mr Abad his budget officer who from time to time, keep to whisper unto his ears in moving huge cash. Abad is not his boss. He must see to it that any move to muster funds, must be in concordance to the existing rules of procedures where people is the thru benefactors. He is not stealing, yet, he is indirectly enticed to such mode of operation.

    7. Ang galing mong magpaikot at magsinungaling Pnoy,tama kana,kung talagang malinis ka walisin mo si Abad, Alcala,buong pamilya ni Abad mga anay sa iyo iyan, pati na si Drillon, Ochoa, at mga taong nakapaligid sa iyo, mga kamaganak na nakikinabang sa iyo, maniwala ka sa isinisigaw ng taong bayan, pakinggan mo sila maglinis ka ng sarili, sobra na ang nawaldas na salapi sa iilang taon na panunongkulan mo,lahat ng PDAP,DAP lahat ng nagmula sa kaisipan ni Abad na pagkakaperahan ay alisin mo na.

    8. I’ve never heard of DAP before all these hoohaa. In my opinion, there is a lack of transparency on who or what gets funded; thus, it might not be stolen but it still could be used or abused for political mileage. Regarding scholarships, aren’t those institutionalized; e.g., DOST, etc.? If there is a need for a President’s Scholarship (similar to that in Singapore for grooming potential leaders), then create the necessary institution and fund it via the national budget. We want to see our tax money go to the appropriate recipient via the appropriate channels. DAP funded via savings is rather dodgy; e.g., savings from a project that has been overpriced at the outset is a fallacy when a lower price is realized. There must also be a constitutional and transparent mechanism for disbursing funds for emergency or budget shortfall anywhere in the system, discretionary or otherwise (dapat walang palusot).

    9. I trust President Aquino, he is not a thief, He is the only president who runs after the thieves, and more than 50% of the Filipinos support him. While the outrage of the people over the scammers on the legislators PDAF, the president has never been implicated in any shape or form on any of this. I urge the Filipinos to support the president in his desire to preserve the DAP for him to be able to access to this fund in time of emergency, which the country often times suffers from these calamities, year round. Trust him, he is your life line. When he makes mistake, we will also remind him. May God guide the people and country for a brighter future, tomorrow.

    10. Sinong politician ang hindi nagnakaw? Yong pagkawala ng government funds of which Abad and Purisima could not explain its disappearance. How will you call that? Nobody believes you anyway since you were caught lying many times already.Tell that to your yellow mob.There are many forms of stealing just as corruptions have many faces, and there are many people around you who are willing to do it for you mr. president. You want to get back the trust of the people? Then pass the FOI bill, Drop your presidential pork worth 600 billions next year and tell congress to abolish Pork in all its forms, no ifs and buts.

    11. That’s what you said. You did not steal. The truth is I dont know if you steal or not. The issue of DAP is the way you used it. By bribing legislators and how you favors other selective agencies, projects and politicians. That is the big issue. Another issue is how your administration hide it from the public. It was only reveal after Senatong Jinggoy privilege speech. .

    12. I just hope and pray that those who stole from the government will pay for their crime.
      i am with you all the way Mr. President.