Aquino to critics: We will crush you

WHOOPING IT UP Cadets of the Philippine Military Academy throw their caps into the air after their graduation on Sunday. Cadet First Class Arwi Chiday Martinez topped the Sinaglahi Class of 2015. PHOTO BY THOM PICAÑA

Cadets of the Philippine Military Academy throw their caps into the air after their graduation on Sunday. Cadet First Class Arwi Chiday Martinez topped the Sinaglahi Class of 2015. PHOTO BY THOM PICAÑA

BAGUIO CITY: President Benigno Aquino 3rd lashed out at his critics on Sunday, warning that they will be crushed if they continue to question his reform agenda and refuse to acknowledge the country’s economic gains.

“We will not hesitate to crush you,” Aquino said in his speech during the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) graduation rites.

The President vowed that he will not yield to his “enemies” who he said are blind to the reforms that he has introduced.

“Malinaw naman. Mga nagbubulag-bulagan at nagbibingi-bingihan lang ang hindi nakakaramdam sa malaking pagbabagong tinatamasa ng ating bayan [It is clear that only those who play blind and deaf are the only ones who do not feel the changes in our society],” Aquino said.

He reminded those “on the other side of the reform agenda” that the government is willing to dialogue with them.

But if they refuse and choose to endanger the country, the President said they will suffer the consequences.

“Kung patuloy ninyong ilalagay sa peligro ang sambayanan, hindi kami mag-aatubiling sagasaan kayo [If you continue to put the country in the line of danger, we will not hesitate to run you over],” Aquino warned.

He reiterated that he got his mandate from Filipinos to lead the country and it will be the people who will continue his reforms after he steps down in 2016.

Aquino acknowledged that he alone did not work for these reforms, but alon side “all decent Filipinos.”

“Ngayon ngang palapit nang palapit ang pagtatapos ng aking mandato, paulit-ulit ang mga nagtatanong: Sino ang magpapatuloy ng maganda nating nasimulan kapag bumaba na ako sa puwesto? Bakit di na lang ulitin ang termino raw at ituloy ang pagbabago sa ating pamumuno [Now that my mandate is soon to end, we continue to receive questions: Who will continue my legacy when I step down? Why don’t I just continue my term]?” he asked.

The President, however, pointed out that he would be setting a dangerous precedent if he stayed in power beyond his term.

“Baka dumating ang panahon na kapag bumaba na ako sa puwesto, isipin ng papalit sa akin na puwedeng panghabambuhay na siya sa katungkulan [Perhaps when the time will come that I finally step down, my successor would think that there is no problem with staying in power for life],” he said.

Vice President Jejomar Binay, who has long expressed his intention to run for President next year, was also present at Sunday’s ceremony.

The two leaders belong to opposing political parties.

Before his speech, the President inaugurated the newly-completed Philippine Military Academy Sports Complex.

The President was received by Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Armed Forces chief Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr. , PMA Superintendent Lt. Gen. Oscar Lopez and Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) chairman Cristino Naguiat Jr.

Aquino and Naguiat unveiled the marker of the sports complex, which has a 3,320-square meter floor area. The P89.9-million facility was built through the help of Pagcor.



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  1. Hindi talaga kaya ni pnoy ang situation tulad ng nangyari sa fallen 44 at 2010 foriegn national lunita incident, wala siya ginawa para mailigtas ang mga ito
    ,ang kailangan ay voluntary na siyang bumaba sa puesto, para wala gulo

  2. Maybe it’s time for me to have an eye check up because i appear to have gone blind – I don’t see any of his so-called reforms. Perhaps he thought he was still playing one of his computer games hence, the reforms and gains.

  3. Napaka sinungaling ng Presidenteng ito. Anong reporma ang kanyang nagawa eh ‘yong bulok na kongreso at senado na pugad ng mga magnanakaw na dinatnan niya ay siya pa ring iiwan sa atin pagkatapos nang kanyang termino. Ginoong Presidente, alam nang lahat na ang Kongreso at Senado ay bahay nang mga magnanakaw, ano ang ‘yong ginawa upang maisa-ayos ito? Wala…Wala….at …Wala. Kung tutuusin, nakipagsapakat ka sa kanila upang magawa mo ang ‘yong gusto para sa mga katulad mong mayayaman. Gumanda ang ekonomiya (kuno) pero sino ba ang nakinabang? ‘Yong mga mayayamang negosyante dahil ang ordinaryong mamamayan, nagugutom pa rin. At nagbabakasakali ka pa sa pangalawang termino. Diyos ko po, maawa ka sa amin! Tama na, sobra na.

  4. What to do? The man is utterly insane. Can’t do much about it. Let’s just wait till his term expires. Can someone please prepare his room at Pavillion 2 of NMH complete with PS4 or Nintendo DS at Nueve de Febrero…

  5. Who’s WE? Idle threats from an idle mind. This man has truly turned into a mental case.

  6. People just don’t know the president. Try to ask his close supporters, the people in Malacanang, his relatives and the recruited sweet ladies for the presidents pleasantries, you’ll know that the person is a weakling, ladlad, bading that even the Bading clubs don’t want to associate with him. He is a very sick person, dependent on prescribed medicine to maintain his personality. His uncle Peping is very much worried of him. When Noynoy has the sign of courage and uses tough terms, the credit must go to his speech writer. Ask the people in his circle, they will only smile as they are very much benifited of the manners and attitude of the president. They will say to you, wait for your turn everything is weather-weather lang.

  7. Tama naman talaga si Pinoy sa kanyang mga sinabi….most of you people ay nagbulagbulagan…notice lang ninyo ang mga masasama mga nangyari sa kanyang administration….bakit hindi ninyo gunitain ang mga nangyari sa country panahon ni Estrada at lalo na sa panahon ni Arroyo… mo mga ito….siguro naman hindi kayo bulag at bingi….critics nga kayo…walang magawa kung hindi mag criticize…by the way hindi ako pro P-noy….fair and neutral observer lang ako…

  8. Christine Tan on

    he always use the word “sagasaan” hmm.. puro cover-ups na nga lang ginawa mo! puro pagyayabang! very thick face!

  9. BS Aquino will be remembered as the corrupt, incompetent, pathological liar, the clueless Commander-in-Chief who deserted his SAF men in their hour of need, the unrepentant traitor who sold out Mindanao to the MILF in the hope that BBL might get him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

    Shame on you Abnoy. You are a disgrace to our country.

  10. PNoy needs psychiatric help. He a danger to himself and the nation. Remember Gaddafi, Idi Amin, Hussain, Duvalier, and of course MARCOS, ???

  11. Vicente Penetrante on

    B.S.Aquino 3rd can be combative because he has a group of generals. Apart from his best friend, Purisima, several generals refused to talk on the Mamasapano incident.
    A BBL army of coalition with the MILF will be formed. Let us hope they’ll be as ‘ready to die’ to protect the Spratleys from China.

    • If that’s what he wants to do, let him do it. We are unafraid. A barking dog does not bite. And a barking dog that does not bite is stupid. Bring it on!

  12. anong pagbabago? baket wala syang mabigay na halimbawa? kung MRT lang hindi na nya kayang ayusin, bansa pa kaya?

  13. What economic gain you’re talking? You’re day dreaming in a fantasy world aquino. Wake up !!!
    Shame on you .

  14. Kabayang Jose on

    Criticizing public officials is part of democracy. But when critics disobey the law “crushing” the violators of the law is too dramatic and too fiery word to used. You just simply implement the law against violators.

    “The president should not be “balat sibuyas” If only he will listen to the criticism and accept the legitimate complains and make some personal changes, he will become a better leader. Kaso sabi ni Uncle, tigas ulo e.

    Mr President, just don;t forget that you are not above the law. You have to follow the law and don’t make short cuts for the sake of reforming the nation. The end and the means should be in accordance to the law, policy and procedures and code of conduct set for public servants.

    I agree with you the economy of the country is bullish and that;s the result of having a decent president and a great financial and economic team! Kudos for that. You simply learn to say “I am sorry, I made a mistake for (1) letting Purisima get involved in the Mamasapano operation even after his suspension (2) For not being there when the SAF 44 arrived (3) For not making make the PNP that I am on their side.” If you think you didnt do anything wrong, so why say, “sorry” The Bible says, :Pride goeth before a fall.” (Leaders of the PCEC and JIL, you disappointed me for not able to show the President the errors of his way. If you you believe he did not commit anything wrong, then you can keep quiet but if he did commit something wrong, its your God given duty to speak up like the prophets of old.)

    • kopong kopong on

      kailan ba nagkaroon ng paninindigan ang PCEC? Kay Erap lang naman naman sila nagprotesta, at sumali na lang sa rally dahil dagsa na ang tao sa edsa.

  15. President BS Aquino you are the one putting our country in danger.You abandoned and betrayed the SAF Commandos result Fallen 44 in favor of the the enemy of the state your friend the terrorist MILF.You let China build islands on our reefs instead of confronting them with our small Coastguard you keep filling protest.President BS Aquino you are a coward and a traitor,you should not even be speaking in front of the PMA graduate you are a disgrace as a commander in chief.

  16. The best President ever. Unprecedented economic growth no other presidents have achieved. We will not allow militants to undermine and destroy the economic status our country has achieved worldwide. Thank you Mr President. Mabuhay ka, mabuhay ang mamamayang Filipino.

    • Yes! Could you also tell him thanks for the crumbling infrastructure like the MRT, that there is less heavy industry setting shop here too. Could you? pretty please. ooops, gotta wear yellow so i cannot be branded a militant.

  17. The national interest are never synonymous with the interests of simyon and vice versa. Similarly, asking questions on matters of public interests is never a personal attack on the virility of simyon nor his manhood. For simyon to equate the two is the height of megalomania. A president with wisdom should instead dialogue with his critics instead of talking “big” like “sasagasaan”. On the other hand, he might be the one who will be “sasagasaan” by the majority of the people who have not felt the higher credit rating ranted by Standard & Poor. In the first place, the “mandate” he is referring to is the sleight-of-hand tricks played on the people with their manipulation of the PCOS machines and the removal of those safety mechanisms as mandated by the e-law.

  18. Aquino needs to tell the entire truth about the massacre of the 44 poilicemen. Instead he changes the subject to bring more chaos to the public debate. He attacks enemies of his reform program. He doesn’t want to discuss his role in the massacre so he introduces a new subject and attacks its enemies. He did not even explain what his reform program is all about. This is a president who cannot respond with the truth and is trying to divert attention to another subject and attacking. He is a very poor president indeed.

  19. Dominador D. Canastra on

    Mr. President, you are sounding more and more like Marcos when he was about to fall!

  20. Firstly, Benigno Aquino, you did not get your mandate from the Filipino people. You got it by cheating the system using hocus-pcos. Secondly, look around you. The “kayo” that you are referring to have dwindled in number, and consists only of pigs from congress who because of having been fattened up by the constant flow of illegal funds and porky delights coming from your direction, cannot even run, let alone do your bidding of crushing us.
    Thirdly, it is us, the people who will come and take you away, preferably screaming, but without hurting you physically, so that you can taste the full anguish of your very well deserved punishment, in an isolated cell with no trimmings or a hospital ward in the country’s mental hospital. That’s right. I said ward, not room. You deserve an accommodation with the rest of the mental cases that would otherwise be sleeping under some bridge, kariton, or park bench. That is how much we hate you and want to see you punished, for all your short-comings, stupid decisions, and lack of morals. I would gladly take you to your future accommodations, myself just to see that last smirk disappear from your face, to be replaced by fear and anguish.

  21. Samuel Santos on

    Not even a person with a 20/20 vision could see “phantom” achievements, Mr. President.

  22. The only people who do not see reforms working are the poor, the hungry, the typhoon victims and everyone that is not connected with the corrupt government, both local and national.

  23. Hibang at lasing na yata itong si Aquino!at puro yabang ang nasa utak!
    Nakikita at tinatanggap lang niya ang mabuting nagawa niya,pero ang maraming kapalpakan nagawa niya ay ayaw niya tanggapin!
    Napakapalad ng taong ito,lahat ng ganid at makapangyarihan tao ay sumusuporta sa lahat ng ginagawa niya!
    Puro pasensya na lang ba?matiisin talaga ang mga pilipino!!!

  24. Marcos had also warned his critics: “Uubusin naming kayo!” (We will finish you off!)

    Then EDSA happened.

  25. Now, what former Sen. Tatad fears is coming through. The rumored madness of the Abnoy has become officially certifiable. Imagine that! He believes his own hallucinations and fantasies. Hasn’t he seen the economic indicators? Poverty has worsened. In the countryside, the farmers cannot even recover their costs because of the smuggling of farms products, like garlic and onions. Even animal products like pork, beef and chicken from local sources are losing out to imported .ones. Transportation is a daily crucifixion for commuters . Peace and order is still a big problem. And now, our southern end threatens to be swallowed up by Malaysia just as our South China sea territories including the Ayungin Shoals have already been engulfed by China. And amidst all of this, this mad man in Malacanang talks about Phil. progress. My foot! He must be under the influence of his own medication.

    We are therefore inclined to believe that “niloloko” din siya by his own cabinet or that he is hallucinating on what he calls “progress ” for the country.

  26. wrong message at a special event but what do you expect from a mentally unsound president…

  27. Aquino got his mandate from Filipinos? Hmmm…..I thought he got it from some Venezuelan dictator’s company selling something called PCOS.