Aquino trying to sway court– VACC


The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) said President Benigno Aquino 3rd can be impeached because of his statement appealing to the Sandiganbayan to go “easy” on Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, who is facing plunder and graft charges.

The group accused the President of trying to influence the anti-graft court.

Aquino on Wednesday said the court should consider the age and health condition of the 90-year-old senator. The anti-graft court is yet to say if it found probable cause to order the arrest of Enrile. Hi co-accused, senators Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, are already detained at Camp Crame, headquarters of the Philippine National Police in Quezon City.

Dante Jimenez, founding chairman of the VACC, said the President could be held liable for influence-peddling since the Sandiganbayan Third Division is still in the process of determining probable cause.

“That [Aquino’s statement] is a breach of public trust and confidence, which is a ground for impeachment,“ Jimenez noted.

He explained that Aquino’s statement carries weight because he is the President.

Instead of issuing irresponsible statements that tend to influence the court, the President, according to Jimenez, should just wait for the anti-graft court to decide on the matter.

“Our legal team is already studying the matter and we believe that it can be ground for impeachment,” he said in an interview.

Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd, however, welcomed the Aquino’s statement, saying it only showed that the President has compassion.

Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano also sees nothing wrong with the President’s pronouncement, saying it would not influence the court.


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  1. Bernardo Carpio on

    Nag ma-ma-ang ma-angan pa itong si kalbong presidente. Double kara at double standards. 1.6 trillion na pera ng bayan ginawang sariling DAP.

  2. Sobrang tanda na ni Enrile pero ayaw bumitiw sa pagkasenador. Ayaw magpaubaya sa mga malalakas pa ang katawan at pandinig na may magagawa sanang tama sa senado. Bakit kaya? Tapos ngayon makukulong biglang hindi pwede dahil matanda na? Anu ba yan! Sabi nya nung una handa siyang mamatay sa kulungan, ngayon iba na naman sinasabi. Parang ganyan din nya biglang iniwan si Marcos nung makaramdam ng panganib.

  3. Aquino thinks that he can fool everyone,Senator Sotto stick to eat bulaga you clown….

  4. Antonio Javier Belzunce on

    Mr. President be fair to Filipinos

    As stated, “The Constitution itself, under the Bill of Rights, states that “cruel, degrading or inhumane punishment” should not be inflicted on a person, the President said.”

    Isn’t it Mr. President cruel degrading and inhumane the actions of legislators stealing the money of the poor people of the Philippines just simply because they are greedy. Mr. Enrile knows his age and for him to be that greedy not to retire seems suspicious. He either worried that someone might realized all the wrong doings he has done and hide in the umbrella of the Senate or he is so greedy and selfish for power he cannot let go. Do you think he cared for the Filipino people? Why should the people feel bad about jailing a person of his age if he is still so arrogantly sane. If he can be conniving and steal the money of the people he is supposed to represent let him suffer as the poor people suffer not having any opportunity to better life. Mr. President it sounds that you are partial to Mr. Enrile’s cause and that is the very thing why corruption cannot be abated. No full punishment with special treatment for friends..He does not deserve any sympathy as he had all his life navigating towards his own selfish agenda.

  5. That is very clear that the statement made by the President is influencing the Sandiganbayan ,w/c is under the Supreme Court and should be equally treated as an independent branch of gov’t , free from any influence from the executive branch nor legislative branch of the gov’t.

  6. Tito Sotto is really a corny comedian. He should stick with Eat Bulaga so that he can express all his corny jokes and people will not mind all his nonsenses, and ditto to a stooge like Cayetano who want to replace Abnoy in 2016. These 2 nonsensical Senatong should have never been elected and should not be in any governemnt position in the future. The counry will not prosper with these kind of people running the affairs of govt.


    This goes to show how imcompetent this president is. Regardless of the reason, he
    is already encroaching upon the powers of the judiciary which according to the
    constitution should be independent from the executive. Does the president of the
    republic does not know that? Even a high school student knows that there are
    three branches of government these are the executive, judiciary and legislative.
    This president must go back to school to learn. Appealing to the Sandigan Bayan
    to easy on Enrile is already influencing and encroaching upon the power of the
    judiciary. This is the kind of president who does not care for what he does regardless
    of whether it is against the law like the PDAP which was declared unconstitutional and
    the case of the DAP an invention of Abad. Now yellows, teach your president what
    to do before doing something but it seems that he does not learn. As the saying goes,
    Old dogs never learn new tricks.

  8. samuel daniel on

    VACC is’s a sign of weakness of the president. While the people is awaiting for the arrest of the corrupt senator enrile…words from the president favors the accused is not gives influence or weight how the sandiganbayan decide the case. misleading and inconsistent with his program against corruption. sign of incompetence…