• Aquino unconvinced of VP’s ‘guilt’ – Palace


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd is keeping an open mind on allegations of graft against Vice President Jejomar Binay in connection with the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building 2, according to Malacañang deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte.

    Valte said the charges against Binay and the Senate hearing being conducted on the allegations are the least among the President’s concerns.

    “What the President said is that he has no sufficient information on the allegations. He only gets information from the media,” the Palace official told a news briefing on Thursday.

    Valte said she could not remember any moment that the President had talked about the matter.

    “He can’t say either for the truth or the falsity of [the]allegations and counter-allegations,” she added.

    Valte said Aquino’s friendship with Binay has not changed.

    “Remember he [the President]said: ‘The truth shall set you free’,” she pointed out.
    Valte said she monitored Thursday’s Senate hearing where the issue on reforming public biddings was raised.

    According to her, the Palace supports proposals to strengthen the government’s procurement process by making it more transparent.

    She gave assurances that the government has taken steps to ensure that biddings are open and transparent.

    Among these steps, Valte said, is “improving the PHilGEPS [Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System] website” that requires strict documentary compliance before projects are uploaded for bidding and for posting.


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    1. P-NOY watch the you tube on the hearing on that parking building if you got time,3 impeachment filed against you at the same time sino makikinabang kung naimpeach ka di si VP Binay next in line.Inihudas ka na sir freindship pa rin,no guts no glory.

    2. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      As a citizen of the Philippines, and trusted the Daang matuwid of President Aquino, I am totally dissapointed by the statement by Spokes man Abigail Valte, that the alleged corruption case of the VP is being ignored by no less than the President, the formulator of Daang Matuwid. I expected that he would have told the Ombudsman to start the investigation to find the truth. “Kumpare, Kaibigan, Family friend, I am afraid this will be the downfall of the president.

    3. “Remember he [the President] said: ‘The truth shall set you free’,”

      Mr. President, when will you and your family set the Filipino free on the truth of your father’s death? When will you move to uncover the true mastermind of this murder so that speculations will be once and for all answered?

    4. transparent? who is the administration fooling? there will only be total transparency if pnoy would certify the freedom of information or FOI as urgent. so for the time being, the only matters that can be open to the public are those of “lesser value” to the filipino people. anything greater than the “lesser value”, the administration will keep from the filipino people because that’s where the bulk of the corruption is. in pnoy’s court.

    5. No bidding policy are not thing of the past, if FOI remains un passed and not certified to congress as an urgent bill. But I know for sure Aquino now downplay FOI to avoid his administration transaction into any crucifixion especially what happen to HOL-DAP. But honestly beleive that before he step down he will make it sure That FOI is pass so that the next administration will have a hard time to do any corruption. Simply the best Aquino adviser, they no and smell the situation, because they are not sure if the one they annoint will win the 2016, Presidential election. It’s a trick.