• Aquino unfazed by BBL delay


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Wednesday expressed confidence that the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) would eventually get past Congress.

    The President made the statement in a speech in Japan where he is now on a state visit.

    “We are determined to get the Bangsamoro Basic Law passed in Congress, which will be a major step in freeing thousands of our countrymen from the shackles of conflict and in attaining lasting peace and prosperity in the autonomous region,” Aquino said.

    The BBL, which will embody a peace deal between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), was passed by the House ad hoc committee on the BBL last week and is undergoing plenary discussion.

    Its counterpart bill in Senate, however, hit a snag Wednesday after the Senate Committee on Local Government headed by Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. disapproved the draft law.

    Meanwhile, Aquino expressed appreciation for Japan’s continuous support for the peace process in Mindanao in southern Philippines, where the MILF and other rebel groups are active.

    He said the signing of Mindanao peace deal was made possible with the help of “our gracious and faithful ally, Japan, whose commitment to peace and security really shone through.”

    Aquino thanked Tokyo for providing the venue of talks between him and MILF Chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim during the early stages of the peace process.

    “My very first meeting with the leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front happened because Japan opened its doors to us on very, very short notice. They provided an environment where both sides could see the sincerity of their dialogue partners. This was a breakthrough in the peace process, which we thought had reached a deadlock,” he said.

    Officials were also not bothered by the Senate committee’s rejection of the draft BBL.

    “The aim of Senator Marcos to craft a BBL for the good of all is laudable. We also desire this, that’s why we conducted 553 consultation sessions with various sectors that have a stake in the peace process,” Teresita Deles, Aquino’s adviser on the peace process, told The Manila Times.

    Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., who is with the President in Japan, said they will wait for the action of the Senate as a whole before making a comment on the Marcos committee thumbing down the BBL.


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    1. Cacao Irene on

      Go Mr President! we will support you in promoting peace in our country.. The passage of the BBL will promote peace and security, progress, and development not only in the Bangsamoro and Mindanao but also for the entire country. Those monies used to buy weapons and ammunition will be used to build roads, irrigations, clinics, etc.; Hoping and praying that our fellow Filipino would think critically and with Open minds..

    2. Charlie Lopez on

      The 16th Congress of the Philippines will pass the BBL. They will make history as the congress that shepherded our beloved Pilipinas into a new dawn of understanding that may yet bring us to the same standing as Indonesia , Singapore , Malaysia and other countries that leveraged their cultural diversity for their economic and political gain. Imagine the FDIs that will come in to Ph .

    3. Krissy Cingco on

      We know that the BBL will not guarantee peace. but it is the beginning, it is a blue print.

      BBL is a breakthrough, it is not perfect but it is the best we’ve ever come up with a product of hundreds of consultations. sayang kung ibasura. But its just like us crab mentality Filipinos to ruin a good thing.

    4. Treason for all those who favors and signed BBL which is clearly unconstitutional. They want a bangsa moro republic state within our Philippine territory. This is ridiculous and shameful..
      are these people are out of their minds??? or they want us filipino people to fight each other….WALA KAYONG PAGMAMAHAL SA ATING BANSA.. PALIBHASA PURO PAGNANAKAW NG PERA ANG INAATUPAG NINYO… GABAAN SANA KAYO NG DIYOS…

    5. Roldan Guerrero on

      I suggest the STUPID President must stop from issuing harmful and critical statements which are hazardous to the country and the Filipino people. He does not understand the BBL and this should be junked once and for all or better it be left for the next regime to tackle it. His provocative warning to China will endanger not only us but including other countries in the region. Had he not misused TRILLIONS of funds, which most were allocated to his LP Allies and KKK, we should have a stronger Armed Forces so to boost our national and territorial defenses. A HOAX like PIGNOY should not be allowed to enter Japan, he is actually attracting this country into DANGER just like he is doing to the Philippines.

    6. Crook Rep.Rufus Rodriquez is part of the 3rd batch on the PDAF corruption with this coward P-NOY will play him like a puppet and the rest of the yes voters are all crooks and again traitor P-NOY play all of them like a puppet.That is our moron President is confident that the BBL will pass.

    7. “Unfazed” my eye pnoy must be losing hair at double speed with this rejection of his sona and Nobel prize delusion and by a Marcos no less. This moron is an embarrassing phenomenon whenever he goes abroad with his nauseating and continuous attempts to lift himself by pulling up his boot straps proclaiming the “progress” of the Philippines as due to the “reforms” he has started with his daang matuwid as if he is God’s gift to filipinos. No other head of state talks this way at best they would only accept the unsolicited accolades and praises of others but not this moron who will not wait for others to praise his achievements if there are any but goes right out on self praising frencies in every opportunity.

    8. Unfazed even if the BBL laws was being railroaded in both houses of congress . This is treason at it highest forms. What kind of love do you have for this country ? Our constitution was being violated but still the Congress blindly passed the BBLs why? Where is the love and respect for our country?