Aquino unity call insincere – Poe


MANAOAG, PANGASINAN: Independent presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe on Saturday doubted the sincerity of the Liberal Party’s (LP) call for unity, saying that it should have initiated talks earlier.

In an interview with reporters here, Poe said the request for dialogue of President Benigno Aquino 3rd and LP standard bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd came too late.

She added that the request should have been communicated to her camp before the start of the campaign period.

“I think especially when it comes to unity, earlier on would have been better in order to at least prevent the personal attacks (against me),” Poe said.

The senator also said that if Aquino and Roxas are really sincere with their appeal, they could have called her or sent her a text message but, instead, they made the request through media.

“I’m waiting for their call or their text message but I have not received any.”
She added that the call for unity could have prevented the filing of disqualification cases against her.

The senator admitted that she has no idea what Aquino and Roxas wants to achieve with a dialogue with her amid speculations that they want to convince Poe to drop out of the presidential race and support Roxas’ bid instead.

Poe, however, said such option will not work because the only way to convince the electorate to support a candidate is by disseminating platforms and not by eliminating opponents.

“For me this is not a process of elimination that can guarantee anybody’s victory.
The people will choose who they think is honest, sincere and the one who can really serve for the good of the country” she pointed out.

Roxas lamented that by turning down their offer of a dialogue, Poe rejected national unity.

“We called for national unity. Binara po ito ng ating kinausap kaya hindi na natin malalaman kung ano ang magiging kahihitnatnan (This was rebuffed by the other camp so we won’t know for sure what will happen),” Roxas told reporters ahead of the Miting de Avance or the last campaign rally on Saturday.

Roxas argued that his call for unity is not about boosting his chances at winning but consolidating the forces of democracy against the “dictatorial tendencies” of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Roxas said that the Davao mayor has clearly embraced the ideals of dictatorship by coddling the New People’s Army, advocating an iron-fist rule that kills suspected criminals and threats of abolishing Congress to escape impeachment.

“I am confident on winning because my numbers are going up while Grace’s numbers are down. We have the momentum. I made the call publicly because such actions by the country’s leaders should not be done at the backdoor. It should not be among few people. I am just being consistent with my stand of being transparent,” Roxas said.

“It’s clear where Mayor Duterte wants to bring us. He has an iron hand and a dirty hand for he can’t explain his wealth. He wants us to pay revolutionary taxes to the NPA. And we don’t want these things to happen,” he stressed.

In the last Social Weather Stations survey before the May 9 balloting, Duterte (33 percent) is way ahead of his rivals Poe (22 percent) and Roxas (20 percent).

“What we want is democracy and freedom of the press that will go hand in hand in promoting good governance,” Roxas said in closing.


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  1. “Tuwad na Daan” is a great great liar at all times… sila ang sumisira sa demokrasya ng bayan sila rin ang mga taong sumasaula ng ating konstitusyon sa simula pa lamang… hindi uunlad ang bansa kapag merong ganitong mentalidad na ang inisip kunyari kapakanan ng bansa pero sa katutuhanan ay pansariling interest lamang… sa anim na taon niyang nakaupo pulos pamulitika lamang ang ginagawa…

  2. kirikiri togo on

    The personal attacks on Poe is not LP’s doing, it’s the work of Tiangco, Binays Lieutenant. Poe can’t be trusted, she is an opportunist and ambitious. She believed Chiz Escudero. Her insatiable greed and ambition to be the President is so important to her than any Filipinos, it happened after she top the senatorial election with also the help of LP that adopted her. She’s ungrateful and her refusal to run as VP of Mar Roxas show her color as an opportunist, she even criticized Pnoy’s inefficiency by lining up as a passenger of crowded MRT’s in front of TV crews and camera and tell Filipinos that she have the best solution to fix it. Ibang-iba siya sa yumaong amain na si Fernando Poe. Si Grace Llamanzares kung siya ay nasa America at Grace Poe naman kung sa Pilipinas … pareho lang sila ni Nancy Binay na kaya nanalo dahil sa Binay na apelyido…..pareho rin silang walang nagawa sa senado puro daldal lang. hahahaha…
    Kaya mabuti pa huwag na lang iboto ito!.. sariling interes lamang ang iniisip ni Poe!

    • Girlie Bebbeb on

      How can you so blind. God’s decree, ” Don’t judge, so you will not be judged”

  3. Pnoy and Roxas proposed meeting for a dialog with Grace Poe comes in too late and was not made personal by going personally to met Grace Poe in person to discuss the details. The Philippines and the whole Filipino people, be better prepared for the outcome if Digo wins the Presidency. Coup d’etat by the Philippine Military has been announced and planned by the Military in case Digo sits in Malacanyang Palace. If the CPP to take over the government, they should get fast in assassinating Generals and high ranking officers before the Military start arresting the CPP Leadership and followers. For the Military to succeed, they have to put Duterte fast into house arrest the snake head controlled and disabled. These will be a great news to the world.

  4. Pio Malonzo on

    Kompiasya si roxas na manalo kasi maliwanag na may malaking numero ang laman ng computer para sa kanya. Yan ang ibig sabihin nitong taong ito. Sanay naman sila sa pandaraya kaya hindi sila nawawalan ng pag-asa. Natikman na nila kong papaano mandaya at LUKUHIN ang taong bayan. Kaya mga kababayan unang isipin nyo ang kapabayaan tulad ng YOLANDA, MASAMPANO, LRT, MRT, MIA AIRPORT, MACAPAGAL AIRPORT, C.J CORONA, PDAP, DAP, LUNETA MASSACRE, HACIENDA BWISITA, SUGAR AT RICE SMUGGLING. Ilan lang ito sa mga kasalanan na ginawa ng mga ito. Idadag pa natin ang hinihinging tulong ng mga myembro ng SSS, HINDI PAGDALO SA PAGDATING NG MGA NAMATAY NA PULIS.

  5. Rodan Guerrero on

    That is true…..a LIAR will not listen to anybody. An OVER AMBITIOUS individual does everything to pursue her foolish objectives. Our country has been devastated by an incompetent, futile and self serving Psychologically Impaired President. We need a credible and management tested next president to repair the damages inflicted by this DESTUCTIVE REGIME. A over ambitious greenhorn who is not even a natural born person w/ only 3 yrs experience having ZERO accomplishment senator cant do the job. Much less by a conspirator of TUWAD NA DAAN who has mismanaged every cabinet post he handled. Most of all we should not allow a BERDUGO to enter Malakanyang. Because of Miriam Santiago`s illness, she remains AN ELECTED PRESIDENT WHO WILL NEVER BECOME PRESIDENT OF THIS REPUBLIC. Allegations of corruptions were made against Binay but none had been proven so I GO FOR BINAY, HE HAS THE BEST TRACK RECORD OF GOOD GOVERNANCE. Let us not be swayed once again because of popularity. Let us choose the right man to lead us!

  6. Josemakabayan on

    On the onset pnoy and roxas approached you to coalesced with them but you were so adamant because you belived so much on yourself and the proddings of others chiefly by escudero, so now the country is on the verge of becoming a communist state care of du30 with his comrade adviser joma.
    Now all we could do is to pray for divine intervention for this not to happen!!!!! Amen