• Aquino upset with generals opposing Bangsamoro bill


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd on Monday expressed disappointment over a paid advertisement purportedly signed by retired generals, some of whom are close to him, that rejected the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) as the tool that could end conflict in Mindanao.

    In an interview, Aquino said he read the advertisement that gave him “a number of thoughts.” He said he is willing to sit down and talk with the retired officers to clarify their opposing views.

    “Meron ba silang minumungkahi sa MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front)? Iyong pagbababa ng armas, pagtatanggal ng uniporme, pagtatanggal ‘nung command structure… Apat ‘yung hinihingi nila e. Ang maliwanag sa akin doon, wala naman kapalit. Meron bang negosasyon na puro hingi at walang bigay? Di ba? Iyan ang tinatawag na ‘give and take’ (Do they have a proposal to the MILF? Such as the laying down of arms, decommissioning of commands… Are there negotiations where all you do is ask and not give anything in return?)” the president said.

    He was referring to an open letter from the group of retired generals from the military, police, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, Bureau of Fire Protection and other uniformed services which said that the BBL is not the solution to the age-old conflicts in Mindanao.

    Aquino however noted that the open letter was more critical than recommendatory. He said that it could do more harm than good as the public could grow anxious over the issue at hand.

    He lamented that some of those who signed the letter were his friends and some were even members of the Cabinet security cluster and they could have just discussed the matter with him.

    He urged the members of the group to find time to listen to him, especially those he had worked with in the past.


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    1. Two things that should be seen and adopted when it comes to BBL. First, it is constitutional and, second, it brings all aggrieved parties to negotiation table. Nothing less, nothing more.

      • Mr. Oro pizza, before you make these statement, you read the bbl and read/listen to commentaries. First, bbl at its present form is uncontitutional. It does not cover all parties concern. Let us not fool ourselves, majority of milf mnlf cannot be trusted. They are a bunch of hoodlums and kidnapers. If you read your philippine history, these people are lawless and traitors. I can still remember the horrible traitor acts they did to saf 44. I am willing to bet that bbl will not pass. We are not stupid and we know our enemies.

    2. BS Aquino didnt mentioned that this BBL is unconstitutional due to tha fact they want a separate state inside our own terrritory which is agains the Philippine constitution and soveeighnity…Reject BBL. otherwise make a referendum . this is what you will see the people spoken after referendum..

    3. Ex- Generals don’t want peaceful resolution in Mindanao because if there is no conflict there is no money, nor business for them as Security consultant to corrupt politicians maintaining Private Armed Group (PAG’s) just a simple as that. It’s an open secret who and who’s the General being connected by politicians with PAG’s. If peace and stability will be attained in Mindanao as result of the BBL these General’ s surely will lost some of their livelihood (Security Consultant). By Humble Tibo??

    4. to the MOST HONORABLE GENERALS , HWAG TATANGGAPIN ANG SUHOL NANAMAN NI bsaquino STICK TO WHAT YOU THINK IS THE BEST FOR THE REP. of the PHILIPPINES AS A WHOLE , INCLUSIVE OF THE WHOLE ARCHIPELAGO ESP. our Muslim brothers in Mindanao .. I SALUTE THE SIGNATORIES (KEEP YOUR BALLS UP IN THE AIR ,,, bsaquino et als’ balls always down and always in the wrong place / direction)

    5. art divinagracia on

      BBL should be voted through referemdum cause majority of Filipinos are against BBL. Philippines should be one nation, one government.

      • Willie Enriquez on

        BBL is mostly created by the Maguindanons, Yakans,Samal,Maranaos of the Central Mindanao. It was the Tausugs who spearheaded the all aspirations of Muslim Mindanao and Sulu. Sen. Marcos was right, those Gays in the Administration underestimated the Voice of the Tausugs Majorities. What you have heard are mostly from from the puppet of the current administration. Peace is elusive as it seem they way the pleases those only with self interest that was included in the consultative. If the passaged of the BBL end up in failure as others foresee the outcome.Then its the Filipino Taxes that was wasted. We wanted Peace to prevail or given a genuine chance atleast. If all parties were respected and treated with sincerity. Then maybe there will Peace in the South.