• Aquino used P9B of DAP funds for his Nobel Prize fantasy


    President Aquino’s fantasy of winning a Nobel Peace Prize has cost us taxpayers a total of P8.6 billion, which was taken from the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) that was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court yesterday.

    The P8.6 billion was packaged and released from 2012 to early 2013 as the “Transition Investment Support Plan” (TISP) Fund” for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). It was purportedly intended to stimulate the area’s economic growth in order to smoothen its transition to a Bangsamoro state, which will be set up by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

    A major part of the P8.6 billion was disbursed practically as Aquino’s pork barrel to political leaders in the ARMM, who could have siphoned them to their pockets in the manner of Janet Lim Napoles’ pork barrel scam, which involved a “lesser” amount of P2.2 billion.

    Ever since he made a dramatic move to meet with MILF top leaders in Tokyo in August 2011, Aquino fantasized—with his supporters stupidly lobbying the awards committee in Stockholm —to win the Nobel Peace Prize, on grounds that he ended the decades-old Muslim insurgency.

    In their hubris, and in their canonization of Aquino, they thought that they could do “an Obama.” In 2009, US President Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for reportedly fostering a “new climate” in international relations. Aquino and his people thought he could also get the same award for reaching a peace pact with the MILF.

    Photo insert: ARMM governor giving away P10 million checks in January 2013 from the DAP funds.

    Photo insert: ARMM governor giving away P10 million checks in January 2013 from the DAP funds.

    His obsessive fantasy to become a Nobel laureate explains why he promised the MILF the moon and the stars, through his patently unconstitutional Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro.

    It was easy to get the MILF to agree to a settlement, since he gave them what they wanted, which was the establishment of a substate, the Bangsamoro (Moro Nation), which its Central Jihad Committee would control with its army holding on to its arms, disguised as the Bangsamoro Police.

    The biggest hurdle though—other than getting Congress to enact the law implementing the pact, and for the Supreme Court to clear it as constitutional—are the Muslims in Mindanao themselves.

    The ARMM government and the bulk of Muslim political leaders and local officials in the region would in effect be sidelined by the agreement with the MILF, which actually represents a minority in the area, albeit an armed and very organized one.

    In the same way a huge part of the DAP was used to bribe congressmen and senators to remove Chief Justice Renato Corona, the P8.6 billion thrown to the ARMM was in reality Aquino’s bribe for them to acquiesce in his promises to the MILF.

    Aquino and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad themselves boasted in October 2012 that the P8.6 billion from the DAP “will be used to fund the transition processes towards the putting up of the Bangsamoro political entity that will replace the ARMM.”

    “This year (2013), the government has committed P8.59 billion for the Transition Investment Support Plan (TISP) on top of the P12.93 billion already allocated through our budget,” Aquino was quoted in several newspapers at that time.

    Indeed, the P8.6 billion thrown to the ARMM is nearly as big as the region’s budget already allocated by Congress, which was P11 billion for each year from 2011-2012 and P13 billion in 2013.

    Strangely, the COA has not audited the use of these P8.6 billion funds, nor even of the ARMM government’s funds.

    There is no mention of such “Transition Investment Support Fund” in any of the 2012 and 2013 audit reports for the provincial governments of Basilan, Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi as well as the 97 municipalities in these provinces.

    While part of the TISP money were sourced from and implemented by the regional offices of national agencies such as the public works and agrarian reform departments, an undetermined amount were disbursed directly to provincial governors and town mayors for unidentified “livelihood, agriculture and fisheries projects.”

    It was Aquino’s handpicked ARMM governor Mujiv Hataman who even distributed the checks in events widely published in Mindanao newspapers.

    “Each of the ARMM provinces received an initial tranche of more than P10 million from the Transition Support Investment Plan for local fisheries and agricultural projects intended to improve the lives of farmers and fisherfolks in remote areas in the autonomous region,” the Philippine Star’s Cotabato City correspondent reported on January 22, 2013.

    “We ought to thank President Benigno Aquino 3rd and the ARMM leadership for these grants,” the correspondent quoted vice governor Hadja Ruby Sahali. The paper reported that the P10 million checks were “only 47 percent of the total agriculture and fisheries TISP package for the autonomous region.”

    That calculates to P21 million disbursed directly to each of the four provincial governors of ARMM. My sources said that each of the 97 mayors received P1 million as their allocations from the TISP.

    These figures exclude other projects, which they could have dipped their fingers on, in the manner politicians manage to get a certain percentage of pork barrel funds used for small infrastructure projects.

    Aquino in June 2012 inadvertently pointed to the likelihood that the TISP funds were just being pocketed. While he had been told that the funds had been released to the regions’ local governments, a report given to him showed that most of the projects listed “were not yet started or ongoing.”

    “It was the talk here in Mindanao in 2012,” a Christian vice-mayor in ARMM had told me, “that Aquino was giving away millions to the leaders so they’d be quiet about the MILF agreements.” He added: “Even if the MILF under the pact will be ruling over them, have you heard a peep from them?”

    The vice-mayor had a very worrying comment: “Many of us believe that some of that money even went to the MILF, which used it to buy more arms. So ask any Christian leader here—they are also arming themselves.”

    Of course, perhaps the governors and mayors in ARMM are such selfless patriotic leaders that, unlike the senators and congressmen who siphoned off pork-barrel money to their pockets, they used Aquino’s bribe money to uplift their constituents’ lives and set up hundreds of “agriculture and fishery projects.”

    But we have no idea if the ARMM politicians are “cleaner” than the congressmen and senators who received DAP and pork barrel money. Why? Because the COA has not seen fit to audit this P8.6 billion money given away by Aquino to the ARMM.

    COA went through the P2.2 billion pork barrel funds allegedly handled by Napoles with a fine-tooth comb. Since she was part of Aquino’s team to persecute the three senators and implicate yet again former president Gloria Arroyo, COA chair Grace Pulido-Tan ordered a special audit in October 12, 2011 of the agrarian reform department’s use of the Malampaya Fund, which amounted to P900 million.

    Has she ordered an audit of the P8.6 billion Aquino used to bribe the ARMM in the Mindanao area? Now that the Supreme Court has declared the DAP unconstitutional, shouldn’t all use of the DAP funds be audited?

    We don’t expect COA’s Tan to move an inch because as reports would have it, she wants to continue being Aquino’s lackey so he will appoint her as a Supreme Court justice.

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    1. Thanks mr. Tiglao. God will make a way to lead us to real discernment and freedom. Truth will set us free.

    2. Hey ###.. You’re just one of those #### who writes thinking that you know everything. How could you and your sources even say that those funds given to ARMM were bribed to the Bangsamoro masses to persuade them to not to go against the Bangsamoro substate? Which, in fact, this is our only chance of copping up with the misfortunes your forefathers from luzon and visayas brought us. For decades, we only receive a fraction of development funds being given to other regions and now that we were given a slice of the pie you’re telling us that these are bribes. ###!

      ** Manila Times Admin: Post relevant but edited for foul language. **

    3. I was really wondering why high-level officials of the ARMM were so “quiet” about the CAB’s plan to abolish the ARMM. I was expecting them to become restless as it would mean displacement of thousands of ARMM personnel. So, these pay-offs explain it.

      No matter who they will bribe, we MNLFs, under the leadership of Nur Misuari, will hold our grounds as we have sworn to our people that we will stand at the front-line to protect the 1976 MNLF-GPH Tripoli Agreement, the 1996 MNLF-GPH Final Peace Agreement, and its subsequent product, the ARMM Organic Act (RA 9054).


      In behalf of the MNLF, we will present the most comprehensive argument why PNoy’s self-nomination for Nobel Peace Prize would be a desecration to the spirit of Nobel. The idea of it propped up from his subordinates in Malacanang, hence, no doubt a self-nomination. PNoy is anti-integration, hence anti-peace. His stigmatic approach against the MNLF is by far of greater weight than his bribe-driven peace with the MILF.

      Remember, Nur Misuari received his U.N. peace prize Award and Nobel Peace prize Nomination because the 1996 MNLF-GPH has resulted to actual and official National Statistics Office report that ARMM became the most peaceful region in the Philippines when Misuari sat as regional governor.

      How about PNoy? Southern Philippines has recorded the highest number of armed conflicts during his regime; and some tagged him as one of the masterminds of stage play armed conflicts to cover up state sponsored forced evictions against the marginalized sectors. Not to mention he failed to implemented the obligation of the government specified in the 1996 MNLF-GPH Final Peace Agreement. In the department of peace process, this man is incompetent.

    4. Sa mga tagapag tanggol ni Penoy, Masakit bang malaman ang katotohanan at nakukuha nyo pang sumbatan si Mr. Tiglao? Kung anuman ang rason ni Mr. Tiglao sa pagpapalabas nya ng katiwalian sa gobyernong Aquino, ang dapat lang nating alamin e TUTUO BA ITO? Di ba tayo pwedeng magsama sama laban sa katiwalian?

    5. what a shame. that most people buy such a cheap and old “kurakot yan” scheme made by the lowly government who wants to become the president and the Communists being paid by CHina, well. as Binay want to Impeach PNoy, but he also took some money in DAP. and the Communist butthurt because of AFP modernization that could kill them in no time. and having a very good status because of so many projects used from DAP, and now, around the world by we are now being praised? because of PNoy himself? indeed, im soooo disappointed to you, my Countrymen, as your brains seems to be left out and now easily poisoned by these “Enemies of the State”. as what the old saying, if you really didint want to have a stupid president, dont be stupid too to vote. broken countrymen = Broken country. we are really sick

    6. Michael Sanchez on


      Mirriam Defensor Santiago for President
      Rigoberto Tiglao for Vice President

      What a happy nation we will have!

    7. Benigno KUHA-KO AKIN-NA on

      8.6 Billion pesos for MILF to buy arms, bullets and tanks for their independence! PeeNOY is guilty of bribery and treason!

    8. What a shame for a president to buy an award to glorify himself, and the DAP and PDAF, WOW, this student body is really doing a lot of blunder…It is high time to see heads rolling…Abnoy, Abad, Ochoa, Pulido-Tan, Morales, Delima, Mendoza, Drilon,Alcala, Villanueva….tila mauubos ang gabinete nya ah…

    9. emgarciajr@gmail.com on

      we are attacking the wrong people……the SC down is broken down and should ne thrown out,,,,lets outsource it to SIN, HKG, US, or some developed country with a known judicial system that is morally upright .

      • And who suspended her? A Sandigan justice trying to save his own skin by currying favor from the administration.

      • Migs Doromal on

        har har…

        Turns out BOY SISI is far more corrupt than Tiglao’s former boss!!!

        My goodness. Go flush your head in the toilet!

    10. Alejo Rosete on

      What !!!!!!!! Nobel Prize for what?

      Maybe you mean a Noble Price = Pesos 8.6 billon
      What a Price?

      National Artist? Maybe you mean “National Arte” – magaling umarte.

      National Hero?
      Who is the brain of the murder of Ninoy?

      Before, I thought it’s “Imelda” but the real brain is a member of their clan. Is that the reason that they (Aquino presidents) are not interested to continue the investigation to make a closure. They already know who is the mastermind of the murder of Ninoy. If it is proven that a member of their clan is the brain – then Ninoy’s statue will be torn down (like Stalin statue was torn down), then Ninoy is no longer a hero.

      Now a Nobel Price at a price of 8.6 billion. Poor Juan dela Cruz.

      • they sacrificed Ninoy to gain power, and Ninoy was willing to be sacrificed since he is dying.. ninoy knows it and the aquino-cojuanco family knows it.

        i suggest you watch the assasination video of ninoy again, his interview at the plane before he got shot gives alot of clues. after watching maybe you would ask yourself “how come he knows exactly whats going to happen” and did not do anything about it. instead he let the whole world watch as he was gunned down .

        for me everything was staged by the aquinos and cojuancos to gain power.

        we filipinos have been played. this is the biggest conspiracy of the country.. lets all try to find and investigate put the pieces into place, i also want the truth to be revealed

        Ferdinand Marcos had the decency to value a human life above politics. At the height of his power, Marcos assented to Ninoy Aquino’s request to go to the United States for his heart surgery.
        The claim that US President Jimmy Carter arm-twisted Marcos to allow Ninoy to leave is rubbish. In his February 1981 speech in an anti-Marcos assembly in Los Angeles, Ninoy narrated that after complaining of chest pains weeks before, he was brought to the Philippine Heart Center in the evening of May 5, 1980, diagnosed the next day as requiring immediate heart surgery, and left for the US May 8. The US president managed to intervene in Philippine affairs in a span of two days?
        Ninoy’s account, lifted from his speech’s transcript: “No, if I cannot be operated in America, then bring me back to my cell, I told them (on May 6). The deputy minister of defense asked me: ‘Are you willing to write a letter to Marcos requesting to be brought to America?’ I said yes. And so, I wrote my letter Wednesday (May 7) to Mr. Marcos and made two covenants: that if I leave, I shall return, and two, that while in America, I should not speak out against his regime.

        The next morning, May 8, the beautiful one (Imelda Marcos) ascended into my (hospital) suite. She talked to me… she was very nice. And then, all of a sudden, after one hour, she said, Would you like to go to America? Aba’y kako, sure. Sure! Oo, oo. Palayasin na niyo ’ko, papuntahin niyo ako sa America. Sabi niya, there’s a plane leaving at 6 o’ clock. You can be in that plane. And so she ordered the foreign office to issue us passports. They called up the American embassy to get us the visas. At 2:30 in the afternoon, they brought me to my house…. They gave me 30 minutes to pack and take a shower. Then they brought me to the airport, put me in a 747, and out of the Philippines.”

    11. how come rigoberto tiglao is so bitter with everything? get a life frustrated communist.

    12. tsk, tsk, distributing taxpayers money like its gonna be expiring tomorrow, Pnoy style!!!

      • Mr. Tiglao is just writing the truth. Why are you here? Go read the Peenoy’s newspaper….

    13. Paul & Ghina on

      Why oh why do filipinos let their so called government do this to them, time and time again. Your country, and the people, will always be poor until you stand up to them. The people must revolt, peacefully – everyone should strike, stop paying taxes etc. We have lived there, my wife is a pinay, but we because sick of the corruption, and being ripped off. Do it now, before it is too late.
      Expat & Pinay.

      • that is the sad fact, never did Filipinos agreed to what they want and what they want to do….


      Spending P8.6B to get an award? What a shame. The Nobel Prize Foundation
      should know this that whenever this corrupt abnoy get nominated for the award,
      Nobel Prize should know what to do. He is not satisfied in corrupting the country.
      He also want to corrupt the Nobel Prize and try to buy an award. What’s the use
      of having an award if you spent P8.6B in buying it. Buying an award is a shame.

    15. First of all, kudos to you Mr Tiglao! Since I read one of your articles last week, I now see myself “Googling” your articles daily! I am officially one of your fans…

      Secondly, I just saw the news yesterday (with Ralph Recto interviewed), on impeachment, my greatest fear is that Mr Recto might be correct. It will be utterly difficult for Ngoyngoy to be impeached for the simplest reason: he has used DAP to pay too many representatives (ergo he gets the paid loyalty from them), to get majority to sign up impeachment complaint for using DAP. (From me: Boomerang yun di ba? If they impeach Ngoyngoy for DAP, they are also liable for receiving the DAP)

      Finally, I quote Nora Aunor’s shirt (where did she got that shirt?!!): Proud to be Filipino | Ashamed of my Government.

      I truly hope you, your articles, and more others (like me) can drive this government to a far better one.

    16. It’s time for the Filipino people to stand and fight against these people who portray themselves as Daang Matuwid. I am a supporter of President Pnoy, but what I am seeing and what he is and their doing is against what they portray themselves as Champion of the masses. their allies in congress and senate definitely will protect Pnoy for being impeach. That’s for sure because his allies are also part of DAP scandal. COA will not audit these DAP. That will for sure unmask on what to the hundred of billions of funds. The Makabayan congressmen, oppositions and those congressmen and senators who still have conscience should come together and protect our nation against this tyrant leader and his co-horts. Stand and wake up. It’s time to act now. Cardinal Tagle where are you? Archbishop Soc Villegas lead us to fight. We are waiting. This is for our family and children.

    17. Let him dream of Nobel Prize nomination and winning it. The Nobel Foundation won’t bite.

      We should endorse him for special award to the Hans Christian Andersen Foundation for factually acting the ‘Emperor Has No Clothes’ story.

    18. john c. jacinto on

      Tuklaw, if that is the price for peace then so be it! Inggit ka lang.

      • Daang Matuwid on

        what peace? do you think there will be peace? i’m from mindanao and you don’t have any idea of the peace you’re saying.

      • if you have read the article titled “MNLF Position Paper on the Status of the 1996 MNLF-GPH Final peace Agreement”, the requested price for peace in Southern Philippines is only P100M/year, subject to regular audit.

        If I have P8.6B, I could offer you peace for the entire South East Asia.

        The MILF has entered into at least five peace pacts (i.e. 2001 MILF-GPH Tripoli Agreement, 2008 MILF-GPH Memorandum of Agreement for Ancestral Domain, 2010 MILF-GPH Bangsamoro Substate, 2012 MILF-GPH Framework Agreement for Bangsamoro, 2013 MILF-GPH Comprehensive Agreement for Bangsamoro, and another one coming up called MILF-GPH Bangsamoro Basic Law) yet the MILF still continues to be a threat to national security. Just this week, the whole Southern Mindanao has been dragged into commotion, you can Google and read “Military braces for rebel attack in Lanao jail facility”. These guys (MILF) are not serious in whatever peace pacts they enter into with the GPH.

    19. Dan Basilio on

      Thank you Mr Tiglao for your detailed exposition and trenchant analysis of the DAP scheme. There’s only one word to describe its sheer magnitude, its dire ramifications had it gone undiscovered and unchecked, and the surreptitious manner by which it was conceived and implemented: KAHINDIK-HINDIK !!!

    20. John austin on

      Nice job on your article regarding the DAP uncostitutional. Appresident must be impeach. Butch abad must resign asap. Keep up the good reporting. Pls publish this comment.

    21. Edgar Balido on

      Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao,

      I am glad you brought up the subject of the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsangmoro.
      Can you address this subject in more detail in your future columns – my question is, what can be done now so that the Philippine Government can get out of it?

      According to a writer from Business World, the way the agreement was written, all the MILF has to do is declare independence right now, and there really is nothing the Philippines can do especially if other nations were to recognize it.


    22. Former national treasurer Leonor Briones, in a TV interview yesterday, asked how we are going to get back what was lost in the DAP and the earlier PDAF. She rued the fact that it was taxpayers’ money that the Abnoy misappropriated in this unconstitutional banditry. It most certainly is not just a matter of pointing out who are culpable. What concerns us most is how we get back the hard earned money we paid to the government?

    23. carlo dinoy on

      Pres. Aquino and Sec. Abad forgets the golden rule. Sooner or latter they will experience the humiliation, the pain and agony that the public will do to them. The deeds they have done will return to their own shame. The decision of SC marks the waterloo of this government.

    24. OMG. What a big TREASON. This confirm my long doubt that PNOY is doing something which he don’t know.

    25. Mr. Tiglao you sounds like a broken record. You always criticized Pres. Aquino but little with those people in the opposition. I agree that Pres. Aquino did a lot of mistakes and to be honest, I am so happy that you bring those mistakes in public. But Mr. Tiglao there are more people who did worst than Pres. Aquino and you are silent about them.
      Are you sure you don’t have your own private agenda? You know, if you want to establish credibility among your readers then, you should start being non-partisan in writing your commentaries.

      • I strongly agree… I understand Pnoy is not perfect. But he is better president than the past administration. Mr. Tiglao why dont you expose corruptions of PGMA where all this PDAF and all sorts of scams originated. Pnoy is only fixing the problem and only those who are affected like you dislikes him and try to bring him down.
        Why airports are congested? Because more tourist are coming in and out and we need more airplanes. So tourism is booming. Philippines now become tourist destination in the world.. Only Pnoy made AFP modernization in reality maybe through DAP. Shopping malls, housing projects are rising everywhere in the key cities in the provincies. Means people has more money and can afford to buy. Is it not a sign of progress??? Then what was the previous administration did?… Pocketing peoples money left and right through scams supported by strong evidences! Why don’t you say about this.. Other than misleading the people through your commentaries like this which is baseless.

      • Mr George Acebedo you’re talking opposition now under attached using your tax money for personal vendeta.You know that everybody is now afraid of Abnoy . Other opponent of LP working secretly for 2016 candidacy .If Abnoy found who’s he , that’s a go signal for LP demoilition squad for total destruction. Only Binay can claim for presidency because he is also tuta of Aquino’s.Remember Abnoy has DAP to spend,nobody can question or you are looking for trouble

    26. daniel marahomsar on

      kahit noon pa..lahat nang napupunta sa muslim Mindanao na pera ay nauwi lamang sa iilang tao..di na bago ito..Lumang tugtugin na yan…pero ang mga nasa taas na posisyon nang gobyerno ay di pa rin natototo….kalian kaya???

    27. Migs Doromal on

      It’s a no-brainer that COA Chair Grace Pulido-Tan is BS Aquino’s choice for the next SC justice slot. That slut, err slot after all was also being eyed upon by DOJ Sec.Leila De Lima – another of BS Aquino’s sipsip gang who eagerly prostitute their public posts in the furtherance of their benefactor’s continued rape and abuse of the constitution.

      Great read, RT. Been awhile that I doggedly follow a Filipino columnist since Max Soliven’s passing.

      As a Mindanaoan, I will spit on BS Aquino’s face if the opportunity presents itself.

    28. Another bombshell! More wastage of peoples money by the King of Pork administration. Susme, the fraud done by PNoy, Abad, the COA of Pulido-Tan/Heidi Mendoza has apparently been going on just like an land-slide. There could be no end to public money being abused by this administration to show-off. Another good reporting Mr. Tiglao, please continue with all your exposures of the sins and ills of this propaganda King PNoy. The public deserves to know what is really going on in the country by reading and listening more to information and news not coming from yellow media sources like PDI, ABS-DBN network and the rest of the yellows.

    29. Mr. Rigoberto D. Tiglao, don’t you ever write these nasty things about P-‘Noy. Please, write something nastier and ghastlier. He deserves it anyway. As for his fictional Nobel Prize illusion, let us award him with a headdress of guava leaves fitted to his receding balding head! May I add that I puke whenever he displays his hypocrisy with regard to his “tuwid na daan” tenet. Awwwsss?!


      What? For violating the constitution in the cases of PDAP and the DAP, he want
      to be a Nobel Laureat? Ang kapal talaga ang mukha. This guy Abnoy want to rise
      at the expense of the Filipino by spending government money. The meaning
      of award that I know is that it should be given voluntarily as a recognition of
      of a visible and worthy accomplishment. Never that it will given in exchange for
      any material consideration. Spending P8.6B to buy a Nobel Laureat? No way.
      That is just like buying a diploma for a degree. What a shame.