• Aquino: Vigilance will protect hard-won freedom


    Philippine President Benigno Aquino inspects honour guards near the monument of national hero Jose Rizal during the 118th Independence Day celebration in Manila on June 12, 2016.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Sunday reminded Filipinos to be vigilant in order to ensure that their hard-won freedom will not be snatched from them.

    Aquino said this during his toast at the vin d’honneur in celebration of the country’s 118th Independence Day—his last commemoration of such as President before he steps down from office on June 30.

    “Every year, we gather to commemorate our independence. This year, however, we made the decision to slightly change how we observe this occasion, by recalling how difficult it was to obtain the freedom we now enjoy,” he noted.

    “Let us remember: It has only been a little over a generation since a government led by a Filipino curtailed the freedom of their fellow Filipinos,” the President said.

    A video script was played narrating, through the eyes of a young Aquino, the detention of his father the late former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. during martial law up to the latter’s assassination and the “people power” uprising of 1986 when then-President Ferdinand Marcos was ousted.

    “I emphasize that this has happened. Once, a fellow Filipino stole our freedom. This means that if we are not vigilant, it could happen again,” Aquino said in his speech.

    “As we enter a new chapter in our history, let us never forget: Freedom must be defended and protected. Everything that is of value must be worked for and fought for. As the writer Edmund Burke said: All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” he added.

    Aquino said he has fulfilled his promise that by the time he steps down, he will leave behind a better Philippines.

    “All those who are enjoying new opportunities due to the growth of our economy, and who have seen our transformation from the Sick Man of Asia to the Darling of Asia, know this. The entire world, which has grown to admire the resolve, the integrity and the fortitude of the Filipino, knows this,” he added.

    The President said, “We have achieved everything we are enjoying today while respecting the process, the law, as well as the rights of each person. We did this without silencing anyone, and while valuing the freedom that those before us fought for. We firmly believe in this principle: That there can be no true progress if we surrender our dignity and our rights.”

    Proposing his toast, he then added, “To the Filipino people: May we never lose our patience with the ways of democracy, and may we never take it for granted or be passive in its defense.”

    “To the friends of the Philippines: As we collectively face the challenges of an ever-shrinking world, may our solidarity continue to bear fruit in the cooperation that improves the lives of our respective peoples,” Aquino said.

    “To our hard won Filipino freedom: Earned by the blood and sacrifice of martyrs, nurtured by the vigilance of an empowered people, may it never again be challenged, diminished, or negated,” he added.


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    1. Hoy Panot!!! Your father had a fair go from President Marcos, better than how you have treated PGMA, you animal you. Your father was sentenced to death by a military court and the man you are maligning saved him only to be killed by your own kin. You ungrateful opportunistic son of a bitch. I hope we have seen the last of you.

    2. I say good riddance to this jerk in malacanang. There is one more Aquino we should get rid also, the copy cat Senator Bam who wants to appear like his treacherous uncle. Get rid of the crooked Aquinos and our country will rise again. Salot kayo mga Aquino. Traitor, sinungaling, mga kawatan , bengativo at KAPAL MUKHA. Ang Reyna ng tulo huwag na sana bumalik dito. Maraming tarugo sa Hawai. Magpakasawa ka dyan.

    3. At last I won’t be seeing that yellow ribbon on Pinoy’s breast anymore which I consider to be an eyesore.

    4. I’m so glad that this boastful and boy sisi is stepping down…I believed that Our Almighty God will bless Philippines once this evil will cast out from the Phil. Govt…God bless Philippines…

    5. Pnoy said that nobody can beat his record. I was thinking, what record? Record in incompetence, record in threefold increase in crime, record on unfinished skyway, record on 44 SAF deaths, record on veto on SSS pension increase, record on 90 percent drug sold in our barangays. You are not fit to be our president. You are lazy, Manhid , jerk and panot . May your coming days be as bad as what you did to my country. What you sow, you reap.

    6. Aquino: “As we enter a new chapter in our history, let us never forget: Freedom must be defended and protected.

      FREEDOM to produce drugs in bilibid prison.
      FREEDOM to use drugs openly.
      FREEDOM to sell drugs nationwide.
      FREEDOM to pocket money within 6 years of governanace.
      FREEDOM to rapist & made easy for them to enjoy.
      FREEDOM to kidnap for ransom.

      “I emphasize that this has need to happened. Once, a fellow Filipino stole our freedom. This means that we are not enjoying, it needs to happen again,”

      More FREEDOM in the Philippines. . . . NAKAKATAKOT mga kaibigan di ba?

    7. PNoy, what freedom are you talking about? how can there be freedom when our minimum wage cannot even feed a four-member family?

      perhaps freedom for the rich????? well they can always guard their freedoms with their money. but with THE LORD, no amount of money can forever cover their greed and their cohort in govt.

      LORD, help us against the greed of the 1% rich in the Philippines–enjoying yacht, caviar, and rich food while we do not even have a meal a day, nor a hospital bed when we are sick,, watching our loved ones die for lack of medical help.

    8. Jose Rodrigueza on

      I’m glad that this president’s term is almost over, one of the worst president of the Philippines. Incompetent administration, corruption, murders and drugs increased three fold during his tenure that’s the kind of legacy he will leave behind.