Aquino wants Poe out of pres’l race– Osmeña


PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd does not want Senator Grace Poe to run for president next year, Senator Sergio Osmeña said on Tuesday.

Osmena said Aquino has been meeting with Poe to convince her to be the running mate of Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, the presumptive standard bearer of the ruling Liberal Party (LP).

“The President wants Grace out of the presidential picture and to run as the VP of Mar (Roxas) because he feels that the votes of Grace will go to Mar,” Osmena, a known political strategist, said.

On the other hand, the senator said Poe is hoping to get Aquino’s nomination believing that the president has no other choice because of Roxas’ poor survey ratings.

Osmena however said he expects Aquino to stick with Roxas, a decision that could lead to serious implications because of the possibility that some LP members may join other political parties with stronger candidates.

“You will see when the campaign season start that many LP members will transfer to stronger candidates,” he added.

When that happens, Osmena said, Roxas can only blame himself for not being able to improve his ratings.

The senator expects Poe to team up with Senator Francis Escudero in 2016 but he admitted that it is difficult to say who among the possible presidential candidates will dominate the polls.

Osmena said he expects a four way fight between Poe, Roxas, Vice President Jejomar Binay and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.


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  1. Leodegardo Pruna on

    But who is Senator Osmena in making forecasts and even predictions. Grace Poe has still much explaining to do in her claim of Filipino citizenship. All is being mixed up and in as far as candidates for the presidency is concerned, no one among those being mentioned are qualified as all of them have an explanation to do. God bless the Philippines.

  2. jesus nazario on

    The scourge of Vote Splitting will inflict its destructive power on the 2016 elections with 4 candidates running. The scourge is that the worse candidate among these candidates will win rather than the best or the next best because of the effect of Vote Splitting. For example, the Gore (by-a-hairline) loss in the year 2000 elections was due to the splitting of the votes caused by the entry of Ralph Nader as the 3rd candidate. Bush won as we all know. Among the four, who is the worse ? Expect him/her to win or prevent the best from among them from winning. Well, of course, the overarching specter of the hocus-ing of the PCOS (unless stopped) will be the ultimate King or Queen maker.

  3. jesus nazario on

    A la Camelot, for this one-and-only brief shining moment in more than 5 years, Aquino is at long last correct ! Discouraging Po-eh from running for the Presidency.

  4. I agree . how could an inexperienced person like her in politics ever run for office? this is the reason why the country will never prosper. voters who will vote for her are stupid to begin with. there is no such thing as on the job training president.