• Aquino will not attend House probe


    President Benigno Aquino 3rd will not heed the call of some lawmakers for him to attend the inquiry by the House of Representatives into the massacre of 44 police commandos in Mamasapano,Maguindanao.
    Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the President cannot be forced to attend congressional hearings.

    “You have to consider that it’s the Office of the President that we’re talking about, the office of the head of the executive branch, which is a separate and independent and co-equal from Congress. You also have to afford the office the courtesy and the respect that office demands,” Valte stressed.

    She was reacting to the statement of Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, chairman of the House ad hoc panel on the Bangsamoro, that the President should explain why he trusted a suspended chief of the Philippine National Police to execute the mission to arrest terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan.

    “That [having the President in a congressional probe]is a matter that they [lawmakers]need to talk and put to a vote, if they are really going to push for it,” Valte said.

    She noted that asking Aquino to face Congress is not the only way to get the president’s output.

    She cited the move of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Safety led by Sen. Grace Poe to write Aquino a letter to secure the copy of text messages between the President and Purisima on January 25.

    The president granted the Senate panel’s request.

    “We leave it up to the responsible congressmen to come up with the proper methodology by which to ask the president that particular question [on Mamasapano],” Valte said.

    But for House Deputy Minority Leader Neri Colmenares of Bayan Muna, the release of the text messages is not enough.

    He said the cell phones of the president and other officials involved in the Mamasapano incident should be thoroughly scrutinized.

    “If we want to get to the truth fast and without favor, that [forensic analysis]will be a start,” Colmenares said.

    “He [President Aquino] owes it not just to the victims of the Mamasapano incident but the whole Filipino people as well,” he added.


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    1. After ng Congress BOI, Sigurado tatawagan Nya yung Head ng BOI para sabihin na “Hurt” sya sa findings na sya ang Liable sa Massacre ng Gallant SAF 44. Pero Hindi sya na “Hurt” sa Massacre ng Gallant SAF 44 at para sa kanya ay “Tabla Tabla lang. LIAR!

    2. Filipinos with good enough sense about them, knows the real reason as to why BS Cojuangco Aquino III, does not want to face the investigating panel personally, and without a telepromter to read from, he is always caught speaking and revealing himself, he is afterall just as tactless as his celebrity sister, who thinks everything can be just be a matter of gimmick and a form of entertainment.

      BS Cojuangco Aquino III, when speaking live in front of an audience, would come out with a revealing statement, and would incriminate himself in front of the nation,and that is what his handlers are trying to avoid getting him put on the spot.

    3. If the president doesnt attend this meeting it will or should bode bad for him. It will seem he doesnt want to co operate with this fully. We all know why. He thinks by avoiding it will just go away, i think he will be very mistaken on that. The people want transparency in this & there is none. There seems to be a cover up to protect the president. If it had all gone to plan he would have taken the credit for organising it in such a professional way, excuse me for laughing at that statement. There was not a single thing professional about that operation, it was a shambles from start to finnish & it seems certain powers dont want the whole truth to come out.

    4. vagoneto rieles on

      As one body, the Congressmen should take a deep breath and look themselves in the mirror..before taking on such tasks as investigating the Presidency; or, just read what’s said about them.
      Much has already been said of President Aquino’s role in the Mamasapano affair..both in regular media and through the internet. Some of these were positive, (or benign); most were scathing, acrimonious and downright scurrilous. It is one subject that has probably run its course; and, it is quite likely that all sensible thinkers have formed their own conclusions. Ratcheting up the tension another notch by suggesting that the President be grilled by Congress..after two relevant reports were released.. is taking this ”raid’s” outcome to the absurd..on two levels.1) Let’s not forget that ‘Mamasapano’ was a mission to get Marwan and Usman who were holed up among hostiles. A firefight ensued and, quite predictably, casualties fell..on both sides; 2) The performance of those in-charge of the raid looked sloppy and suspect..but that’s for military minds to assess. We have our opinions, but that’s all they are.
      President Aquino only represents the institution of the Presidency. While he may be faulted as a man, the Presidency itself is inviolable; its importance..paramount. Speaking solely for myself, I’d say enough has been said of ‘Mamasapano’.

    5. The illegitimate usurper’s reaction is as expected. Blame it on his distorted sense of his own self-importance, unjustified arrogance and hubris, his “kayabangan kahit walang alam”, his cowardice and fear that he will be exposed as a grand LIAR.

      Let us leave him to his delusions for now. Anyway, it won’t be long now before we will be able to witness his entering jail for the criminal offenses he committed while in office. When that time comes, saan kaya pupulutin ang kayabangan niya?

      • apolonio reyes on

        AMEN Guadalupe, 467 days na lamang ang hihintaying natin, this is sooner than anyone think. Anyway, only one person and Malascanang, out of 108M Filipinos who does not know ” kung kaninong kamay ang may bahid ng dugo ng 44 SAF FALLEN HEROES, DI BA Guadalupe?