• Aquino will rob us of everything


    Last Friday’s and Saturday’s newspapers bannered stories about Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares “overtaking Vice President Jejomar C. Binay as ‘frontrunner’ in the 2016 presidential race.” There was also a report about the non-performing President B. S. Aquino 3rd regaining his political “rating” from the ocean floor. Those reporting and writing the news treated the non-event as a major event. Many were instantly deceived. But the whole thing was a farce.

    The stories were based on alleged surveys conducted by our two most notorious propaganda pollsters. Pulse Asia is known as “False Asia” to many Filipinos, while SWS is owned and operated by Grace Poe’s adoptive uncle, Mahar Mangahas, whom many like to call “Mahal Mang-Ahas.” Their survey “ratings” do not come for free; they are normally handsomely paid for, except that the arrangements are never disclosed.

    Who paid for the surveys? Why were they conducted? We will never be told. In the US and Europe, these are the first things they disclose to the media and the public before they are allowed to disseminate their “results.” Not in these precincts. We are caught in a perverse propaganda and mind-conditioning game, in which whoever pays the fiddler calls the tune. But the fraudsters will never confess who are paying them. They even managed to get a court ruling in their favor, saying these transactions are strictly confidential.

    Those who had earlier suspected that Binay had locked himself into a permanent arrangement with the fraudsters since 2010 are now saying he was finally outbid and outmaneuvered by Malacanang and the oligarchy which would like to make Grace Poe president despite her not being qualified for the office under the Constitution. Something like this happened to Sen. Manuel Villar, the surveys’ early favorite in the run-up to the presidential elections in 2010.

    Then, as now, it was a mind-conditioning game. Villar was the most moneyed candidate with the most number of TV ads about his rise from his own version of the “log cabin.” He had a brother who was reported to have gone to school with Mangahas, and this reportedly explained why he led all the propaganda surveys in the beginning. Former President Erap Estrada had a fair share, but former defense secretary Gilberto Teodoro, a topnotch lawyer with an immaculate government record, who gave the most intelligent answer to every question put to all the candidates on TV, was nailed to a small percentage in the ratings game, just because he was Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s official candidate.

    When finally the unremarkable Sen. B. S. Aquino 3rd entered the race upon his mother’s death, without any special qualification other than being his celebrated parents’ son, the two polling firms with interlocking directorships related to the Cojuangco-Aquinos, quickly gave him a suspiciously high rating, which later shot past the roof after his camp accused Villar of being GMA’s “Trojan horse,” calling him “Villaroyo” (for Villar and Arroyo). Villar’s rating instantly crashed, and Aquino took the lead.

    Thereafter, Aquino claimed he would lead his closest rival in the elections by five million votes, except that GMA would cheat him, so he would be forced to claim his “victory” through “people power.” This panicked GMA and her financial backers, led by the same RR who is reportedly leading the current charge in the business sector to make Grace Poe president, to enter into some kind of political “pre-nuptial agreement” with the Aquino camp. Comelec Chairman Jose Melo led the effort to divest the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) voting machine of all its security and safety features and accuracy mechanisms in order to deliver to PNoy his claimed five million votes-plurality over Erap, his closest rival.

    The same formula is apparently being used now to shoehorn Grace Poe into the people’s consciousness. Thus, the stupid surveys. There is only one reason for these surveys, and Malacanang does not even have to say it. Do the people believe them? They are no longer as naïve and gullible as Malacanang believe they are. But it would be good to have a totally untainted polling firm run a survey with several thousand samples and ask this question: “Do you or do you not believe what Pulse Asia and SWS have been saying to the voters?

    The fraudsters’ failure to disclose vital information about their surveys is not the first reason why I call the whole Grace Poe exercise a farce. The more important reason is that the surveys are based on patently false assumptions, which are primarily meant to deceive. Let me explain this. There is, as of now, no presidential race to speak of. And there are as yet no presidential candidates from which to pick a possible president. The “samples” (individuals) interviewed—assuming real people were interviewed—were reportedly asked to choose a “possible successor to Aquino” from a short list prepared by the pollsters, of individuals who may have paid to be included in the list, rather than an open-ended list of individuals qualified to become president.

    Although Binay had been leading the “trust ratings” for years, assuming the trust surveys were honest and scientific, what was being measured in his case was the public’s trust in him as a vice president, and not public support for him as a “presidential candidate,” which he is not yet. In simple English, he was a “frontrunner” in the trust surveys, but not a “frontrunner in a presidential race,” which doesn’t yet exist.

    Now, if Grace Poe is not even a natural-born Filipino, how could she possibly be a “frontrunner” in any presidential race, where only natural-born Filipinos are qualified to participate? It is simply absurd. The situation would not have been any different had the fraudsters included Hillary Clinton in their surveys and then said that more Filipinos, who did not know the President has to be a natural-born Filipino, and did not care whether or not Clinton was a natural-born Filipino, preferred her to anybody else as a possible presidential candidate. The numbers, even if true, would be simply irrelevant and immaterial because she would not be qualified to run at the end of the day.

    To make the point clearer, the Philippine presidential race will happen, if it happens, only in May 2016, when we elect a new president. It will begin when and only when the official campaign period begins six months before the election. Candidates will be required to file their official certificates of candidacy in October. For now, there are only presidential “aspirants,” men and women wanting to run for president. They are all self-nominated, and will remain self-nominated until they run. All of them are trying to procure favorable “survey ratings” to help them promote their self-nomination. But however high their ratings, they could run only if they are qualified to run, under the Constitution.

    In the case of Grace Poe, she is simply not qualified to run for president or vice president or even to remain as senator because she is not a natural-born Filipino citizen and she does not meet the residency requirement for presidential candidates. Most Filipinos do not know this, and most of them, including PNoy, RR and a few other tycoons, do not seem to care. But the fraudsters knew this or should have known it, and should not have included Grace Poe among the possible “choices.”

    Instead of excluding Sen. Bongbong Marcos from the possible choices, they could have put him in, if only to see if people had any real appreciation of the patriotic stand he has taken on the Bangsamoro issue where Grace Poe and all the others have simply buried their heads in the sand. This makes the whole Grace Poe survey exercise absolutely outrageous and damnable. But why oh why did they do it?

    I do not want to believe my own sources when they tell me the reason for this utter madness. But they have never given me any false or erroneous information before, and now they tell me that PNoy and his cronies are convinced that with their money and political clout, they could use the conscript media, the NGOs and other organizations to create an artificial clamor for Grace Poe that would drown all opposition, including all appeals to common sense and the Constitution, which provides that “no person may be elected President (or vice president) unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age on the day of the election, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding such election.”

    I believe I have established, in this column, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the fact that Grace Poe Llamanzares is not a natural-born Filipino citizen. “Natural-born” is not a medical term to describe a baby born the natural way rather than through the Caesarian section. It is a legal term, which Section 2 Article IV of the 1987 Constitution defines as one who is a citizen of the Philippines from birth “without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect (his/her) Philippine citizenship.” Those born before Jan. 17, 1973, of Filipino mothers, who elect Philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of majority are also deemed natural-born citizens.

    Born stateless as a foundling found by a pious woman inside the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral in Iloilo City on Sept. 3, 1968, Grace Poe was adopted by the actor Fernando Poe Jr. and his actress wife Susan Roces soon after they were married on Dec. 25, 1968. It is not known how she became a Filipino citizen, since her parents and their nationality were unknown. But this obviously involved a legal process, which prevents her from claiming she was natural-born, pursuant to the Constitution. She later renounced her Philippine citizenship to become an American citizen. She became a Filipino citizen again, after renouncing her US citizenship in 2012.

    According to the US Federal Register, the daily journal of the US government, this happened during the second quarter, ending June 30, of 2012. Did she pay the US government $450 or P2,350 as “severance” fee, and was she issued a certificate of loss of US citizenship? There are no details. But this was supposed to have happened two years after she became chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, which requires a Philippine citizenship, and one year before she was elected to the Senate, which requires a “natural-born” Philippine citizenship, and a residence for at least two years immediately preceding the election.

    Numerous lawyers have pointed out that although she claims to have returned to the country in 2005, she continued to use her US passport until Dec. 27, 2009, was issued a new US passport in 2011, and she lost her US citizenship only in 2012. Therefore she was not qualified to run as senator in 2013, and is not qualified to run for president or vice president in 2016.

    Why then are PNoy and her backers pushing Poe for 2016? Because they believe, my sources insist, that with a maddening media-generated clamor for Grace Poe to run, and with the PCOS machine completely under the control of Malacanang, any legal attempt to stop Poe from running would be quickly overtaken by the results of the hocus PCOS operation. The cries of “voxpopuli, vox Dei” (the voice of the people is the voice of God) would then inflame the air, even if the results were simply manufactured by Smartmatic and the rigged PCOS machine.

    There is a more important reason. I wrote about this, completely tongue-in-cheek, in my column last Friday. Completely unbeknownst to me then, a few hours after I had written what I thought was a joke, PNoy and his sisters were reported to have talked about the infinite merits of his running as vice president to Grace Poe. This apparently is the latest political brainstorm. It would be risk-free. The PCOS machine would take care of everything, and after the election, Aquino would take care of Grace Poe. Whether or not she is finally disqualified, she would have to step down, leaving Aquino to reoccupy the presidency.

    This is clearly insane, but insanity and criminal ambition recognize no limits. Aquino is determined to rob us of everything— our basic liberties, our inherent dignity, our essential sanity and common sense, our hard-earned right to have a government and a country. And he seems to believe he has already won, just because so many of us will swallow the grossest nonsense from the stupidest surveys.



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    1. The surveys of False Asia and SWS are really not to be trusted. In 2010, Sen. Richard J. Gordon, who was then running for president, hailed them to court for precisely the same ground – that they only serve to condition the minds of voters. They should be stopped because they don’t do the nation any good.

    2. 1) when it was BINAY leading the surveys, BOTH POLSTERS were CREDIBLE. Now that they have come up with a different results, TATAD of the opposition says the results are farce and starts calling the two polster names to discredit them.
      2) Senator Grace Poe seems to be a real strong candidate so much so that even before she can announce officially that she is indeed running for PRESIDENT, the hound dogs of the PRESIDENTIAL WANNABEES have already been unleashed to attack Poe.
      3) it is a pity to see intelligent people who use to be admired and respected by a lot of people suddenly become PAID ATTACK DOGS!

    3. Yes it would be nice if polls could be truthfully carried out & done in total transparancy but this is the philippines. Everything here is corrupt. Everyoine knows it & most accept it, if most would stand up & be counted it could start to change but that will take a long long time. Lets hope more people start taking notice & start taking action.

    4. Of course Grace Poe is born in the Philippines, why would someone make a ridiculous effort to send a baby to another country?

    5. Ernesto O. Maderal on

      I understand Grace Poe is not qualified as a senator since she lack of the required number of years residency. Why until now nobody filling a complaint to dismiss her as senator? Are anybody can file a complaint against the dismissal of Grace Poe or only Richard Gordon can file a complaint since he is number 13 on the last election of senator? If anybody can file a complaint against Grace Poe, so I think you MR. KIT TATAD can file a complaint agains Grace Poe in behalf of the people of the Philippines. I request you MR. KIT TATAD to file immediately the complaint against Grace Poe.

    6. I think Grace Poe will be a great President . Graduate of Political science in the states she is equipped with background in Politics. But I only don’t know really if she can handled pressure of being inside the snake pit. she should have better discernment of right from wrong. Her being a woman I think would work to her advantage . Go for Greatness … Bailout the country from misery of mismanagement and corruption. Make Philippines worth dying for..

    7. Kit, I can tell you that Ms. Grace will never occupy that office. Simyon will be lucky if he will still hold the office he usurped by the end of the year. My sources tell me that unless a deal is made with the US to abort it, tsaynah will invade us after the APEC Meet and simyon will use this to justify the imposition of martial law – simyon being knowledgable of the joint venture between aremika and tsaynah. That will backfire and simyon will be out of office.

    8. Roldan Guerrero on

      The Filipinos are damn tired with the Pignoy. If his plan is to use Grace Pwe to extend his term, I am sure there will be a national movement to unseat the STUPID PIGNOY. We wont let him to do more damage to the country. I am sure Sir KITS will be one of the leaders who will initiate his ouster.

    9. Sino ang dapat na magdisqualified kay Ms. poe because she lacks of requirement to run for President or any government positions/ Bakit siya nanalo ng Senadora na dapat pala hindi qualified…
      Di ba dapat ang COMELEC ang may katungkulan na magdisqualified sa mga nagfile ng candidacy bawat position sa gobyerno kung hindi sapat ang requirements?? bakit nakalusot si Grace Poe na tumakbo ng senador at nanalo pa.. ?? sino ang may pakana nito???

    10. laguatanlawZen.com on

      I highly appreciate Kit Tatad’s and other erudite commentaries herein about the citizenship of Grace Poe. She should come out clear and clean as to when did she become a US citizenship; as to when did she renounced her US citizenship and as to when did she re-acquire her Filipino citizenship. Her deafening silence on this very important issue is a suspect that she is not truthful. Enough of incompetent President. Let’s endorse Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President because he has the track record to back him up to make the Philippines truly great again. He is incorruptible; he is result-oriented; has the political will to push the economic programs; he loves so much the poor but he hates criminals and drug lords and pushers. So why gamble the future of the country to an inexperienced Grace Poe and corrupt politicians like Binay, Roxas and the rest?

      • Ronaldo Valdes on

        I hope you are right with Duterte, I remember when Estrada was the mayor of San Juan , he was like so much , a very good politician specially for the poor.. But everything was reverse when He bacame the president.. Remenber the logo ” Erap para sa Mahirap” after 2 years he was out due to corruption and still voted to become Manila’s Mayor..This is our main problem ..Power and Money Corrupt our Politician thats why I dont vote anymore its useless.. we have so many BOBOTANTE thats why.?? Anyway .. if Duterte is trully a good and uncorruptible person , Which i hope….May he win this comming election… Goodluck my friend.

    11. Isn’t it in the US when the meaning of “trust me” is actually “screw me!”

      So i appears that Mr. Tatad observation that the rule of lwa will be violated or disregarded instead “vox populi, vox dei” election result would be the given primary consideration!!!

      So Ms. Po is screwing us because she claims to be trustworthy and honest.
      Until now, she cannot honestly show her US passport to show the entries or stamps of the Philippine Immigration…on her travel to and from the Philippines…

    12. Bonifacio Claudio on

      We have been looking for “that the likes of that unique someone to help our country” for 3 decades now, more or less, but in vain. But NOW, the genes of the champion of the masses Ferdinand Edralin Marcos have come to age — the indomitable BBM for president 2016 !!!

    13. the present admin just uses Sen. Grace Poe to destroy VP Binay. then these users will leave her in limbo because she’s not qualified to run. they have not started wrecking Du30 since he has not declared his candidacy yet but i’m sure these manipulators have already laid their plan for each potential rival of Mar Roxas. let there be light!!

    14. genesisbughaw on

      Si BS Pnoy ay may ipagmamalaki naman po.

      Gaya ng pamumudmod ng pera sa mahihirap na siguradong mag kaka utuan naman.

      Haharap sila tao at sasabihin nila ng ganito; “Magpasalamat kayo kay Prisidinti Aquino at nakakatangap kayo ng salapi buwan buwan.”

      Piro tika po , pira ng taong bayan ang ginagamit nila.

      Nagdududa po ako kung totally insane sila, kasi naghahanap po sila ng deodarizer kung ganun alam nila na mabantut ang pirpurmans nila.

      Kaya kahit po paano, may kaunting katinuan sila yung nga lang napakagulang talaga.

    15. Lord Chimera on

      Mr. Tatad with this kind administration and the guy sitting in the head ANY thing is possible.

    16. Poe, survey firms, and smartmatic pcos, are simply tools to retain power by this super corrupt yellow goverment of bonoynoy.

    17. This tycoon RR should be cut to pieces. As billionaire as he is, or even if, he should not be allowed to chart the destiny of the nation. Businessmen are like that. In them, personal interest always comes first. They invest in politics for business purposes. They cling to the “powers that be” not only for the protection of their businesses but to extract even more. Do we still wonder why the rich become richer and the poor, poorer? That the gap between the rich and the poor are getting larger and larger? God bless the Philippines for having leaders beholden to business.

      • can I make a guest about “RR”? There’s only person who’s a billionaire to go by that initials. Does it stand for “RICKY RAZON”, the son of Pocholo Razon who inherited his father’s monopoly of the Manila Port Arrastre services? Just guessing….

    18. PCOS machines are man made and they are just made to speed up the counting of votes. And it is therefore safer so to speak than manual counting because manual counting is tedios and dangerous because the Traditional Politicians who are nurturing goons and mantaining an armament of guns can, as it happened before manipulate the ballot boxes and the result of elections.
      But as I said comelec people can manipulate the PCOS machines, therefore who ever Trapo or any candidate who has the money amd power could dictate the comelec.
      We should not therfore use PCOS machines bec Comelec people are Corrupt also.

    19. I truly believe that Grace Poe knows her true identity but wont say it . I am sure that it is part of the plan to create a mystery or suspense for a controversy so that she can be noticed. Filipinos love stories and intrigues.
      Grace Poe does not have proof of experience working in government which is going to be another OJT . Lets not be blinded about the character she or her supporters are painting for us to believe. I hope Grace Poe realizes that her supporters will be using and manipulating her in the end . If she truly wants to serve this nation . She should be smart enough to wait and learn the problem of this country and prove herself worthy by doing good as a senator . Learn to be patient to wait for the time when she has fulfilled all the knowledge and requirement needed to be a good leader and have her Own Voice .
      This country does not need another OJT team .

    20. Johnny Ramos on

      I am not sadden by Binay drop to 2nd in the most recent survey. It is when the campaign starts that the best of Jojo Binay will shine. He was a poor third placer at the start in the 2010 election. Grace Poe is a product of media manipulations by making it appear that the draft findings on Mamasapano massacre but look at where the report now it did not even reach the senate plenary which 50 feet away from Senator Grace Poe office. People were blinded by media and some even propelled her as greatest senator we ever had with no great work done.

    21. Isang tanong lang po? Ano po ba ang nagawa na makabuluhan na bill at naging batas na ni Sen. Poe sa Kongreso? Tingnan nyo puro lang press releases. Puro papuri sa kanya. Si Sen. Marcos na lumalaban para sa bansa, wala? Magising naman tayo mga kababayan. Mabuti pa si Sen. Santiago, ang daming bill ang naipasa kahit meron sya karamdaman.

      • Nancy Bulok Cake on

        Tama ka abnoy. Pero ano rin ang nagawa nina Nancy at Abigail Binay? Wala, dahil takot ang magkapatid na ito na makipag-argumento sa kongreso ahil walang laman ang mga utak nila. Ang nakapagtataka kay Tatad ay wala siyang negative comments noong nangunguna si Binay sa mga surveys. Ngayon at padausdos na si Binay ay nabayaran daw ang survey. Mga kababayan, gumising na kayo sa tunay na layunin ng mga Binay dahil pag nanalo (huwag po sanang pahintulutan ng Diyos) si Nognog Binay ay magiging senate president si (mukhang ulikba) Nancy at speaker naman si Abigail. Panginoong Diyos, huwag mo sanang pahintulutan na mangyayari ito.

    22. Venerando Desales on

      When Penoy runs as Vice President to either Roxas or Poe, that would be the confirmation of all of what you have written Mr. Tatad. Former Chief Justice Corona had forewarned about a dictatorship in the offing which the subsequent events proved true. The President exudes the aura of a dictator, proof of which is that his cabinet members cannot counsel him if he is wrong. He does not accept correction nor expresses remorse!They are afraid of him! Another proof is his temerity and audacity to scold targeted government officials whom he dislikes while delivering speech. Could this be a form of a go ahead signal or a marching order to his minions, say the Secretary of Justice or the Speaker of the House and the Senate President, to act accordingly?

    23. janet banquil on

      BSA not again were fed up already having an incompetent president ,nd the fraudest nd a treasonist no need we need a credible,an intelligent,with dignity,passionate ,compassionate,patriot and most of all with love nd care for the country nd for the FILIPINOS.and we want another MARCOS to MALACANANG again nd that is our BELOVED SEN BBM!peace nd GOD bless the Philippines nd to all the filipinos!

    24. Jose A. Oliveros on

      Even if Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares (this is how she should identify herself, not Sen. Grace L. Poe) were born of a Filipino mother in 1968, she should have elected Filipino citizenship in 1989 – that is within three years after attaining the age of majority which was 21 years old, having been born in 1968. Even if she could avail herself of the law lowering the age of majority to 18 which was approved in 1989, the earliest she could have elected Filipino citizenship was in 1986.

    25. if i were young and naive, i would support and vote for grace poe because of her so-called virtues (sincerity, honesty, etc.). but i was burned before. i supported cory but i realized now that she was a failure as philippine president. failure because she failed to continue the good projects of her immediate predecessor.

      nadinig ko na ang mga katagang “walang alam sa graft and corruption, hidden wealth, etc.” na ikinabit sa isang kandidatong walang sapat na kakayahan at karanasan upang hikayatin ang mga botante na iboto ang kandidatong walang sapat na karanasan.

      i have wisdom and maturity to know that sincerity and honesty are not enough reason why we should vote for a certain candidate.

    26. Felimon A. Soria on

      I wonder what all freedom loving Filipinos are going to do? We can shout from the highest hill like a song lyric but then not a whimper can be heard. Is there anyone who can help our country?
      May God Bless Our Country the Republic of the Philippines

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        We have been looking for “that the likes of that unique someone to help our country” for 3 decades now, more or less, but in vain. But NOW, the genes of the champion of the masses Ferdinand Edralin Marcos have come to age — the indomitable BBM for president 2016 !!!

    27. Great Article and Analysis from Tatad. Grace Poe should be disqualified as Senator as soon as possible. She has no experience and even while she was in the USA she did not lead or spearhead any advocacies for the good of the Philippines. What did she accomplish for the Filipino community while living in the US for more than 12 years as a US citizen ?? She will undergo a lot of learning curve – for several years, should she be elected as VP or Pres of the Phils. This will be a waste of time and stolen years again for the Filipinos. Grace Poe it seems to me has not even studied and mastered the Philippine Constitution as she already violated it. She does not know anything about local governments and problems at the barangay level as she was living in the US as a US citizen for so many years. Grace Poe is so detached from the problems and issues of the country. Unlike Binay who served as Mayor and should know the problems down to the barangay level.

      Mar Roxas is so corrupt and should be charged for his many sins against the Filipino people as an example in Tacloban , the Yolanda victims. His misuse of DAP funds and BUB. Mar has no appeal to the masses. PNoy is the most corrupt and vindictive President in Philippine history !! God help the Philippines!