Aquino will not seek second term


President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Thursday admitted consulting some people about a proposal to amend the Constitution but made it clear he is not interested in seeking another term.

In an interview with Bombo Radyo, Aquino said he looks forward to stepping down in 2016.

“In one year and 10 months, I will be with (Undersecretary) Rey Marfil and (Assistant Secretary) Jun Delantar. On July 1, the day after we step down from office, we will eat well with Kalayaan [Freedom] written on our backs,” the President added.

Aquino was referring to Communications Undersecretary Renato Marfil and Assistant Executive Secretary Reynaldo Delantar Jr.

He reiterated that his priority is to ensure the continuity of the reforms that he started.

“Hindi ako masokista. Pero at the same time, sabi ko nga, makikinig ako sa anumang utos ng mga boss natin [I am not a masochist. But at the same time, like I said, I will listen to whatever the bosses want],” Aquino said, referring to the people.

According to him, there are ordinary Filipinos who have told him to stay on.
In a recent visit to Cagayan, the President said someone from the crowd shouted, “Isa pa hong termino![One more term!].”

Aquino noted that it was a “good thing” that the other people did not join in on the “spontaneous” call.

The President recalled that when he went to a wake, a woman approached him and said, “Huwag po ninyong iiwan iyong Pilipinas [Please don’t leave the Philippines].

Kailangan pa namin ho kayo. Marami pa hong kailangang gawin. Dapat ituloy na ho ninyo [We still need you. There are still a lot of things to do. You should continue].”

He said he has to find his successor but the issue of whether this leader can continue his reforms still needs to be addressed.

“So can I tell them we have a limit. Our work is to find someone who will continue our reforms,” the President added.

“[They ask], ‘What’s the guarantee that what you did will continue? Perhaps it’ll be like we were on vacation for six years then we will go back to the old system,’” he said.

Aquino fueled speculation on the possible lifting of term limits during an interview with TV5.

Under the 1987 Constitution, the President is limited to a single term of six years.

SC meddling
The President explained that his interest in Charter change is to impose limits on the “overreach” of the judiciary.

He said the Supreme Court has been meddling too much, making it difficult for him to run the government.

“There were other instances wherein, like in martial law, they didn’t want to meddle [in some cases]and now they want to meddle in everything,” the President added.

“It has become excessive,” he said.

The President added that policies of the Supreme Court are problematic in that the
tribunal seems unsure if these policies would be able to withstand legal scrutiny.

He cited the High Court’s decision on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), parts of which were declared unconstitutional.

The court also declared that authors and proponents of the DAP will be held accountable unless proven innocent by the proper tribunal.

The President said the Supreme Court may have presumed the executive department guilty when it should be the other way around.

“[In the] Bill of Rights, [it is]presumed innocent until proven guilty. [Here, it was changed], guilty until proven innocent… [The Constitution seemed to have been changed here],” he added.


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  1. Ronaldo Valdes on

    Lets just compare President Aquino to other president that we had. Gloria, Estrada,Marcos,Ramos… Who do you think is the worst and the best ?? Would you like the best to quit his work.. Or you want somebody that is an unknown evil t run our country… Kaya tayo hinde umasenso kase puro kawatan ang gusto ninyong mamuno tapos nag rarally pa kyo.. When the unknown evil run this country again just shut your mouth and Go Back to Sleep …

  2. He wont because he is already feeling the heat even from international media. Few days ago, the New York Times wrote an opinion about him and also calling for him to step down when his turn is up.

  3. The only person that will continue the reform you started is you P-NOY,6 more years will be enough to complete your reform,Those people opposing it are the negative people,anti-reform,pro-corruption,dont let this devils wins.The devil himself VP Binay will be in jail soon,end of the Binay Mafia Clan(Makati).Guaranteeee.

  4. Sinabi ni Pnoy ng nasa burol sya sa Cagayan de Oro ay meron lumapit sa kanyang matandang babae na nag himok na tumakbo sya uli sa 2016 election. Di kaya yuon nakaburol ang lumapit at narinig ni Pnoy?
    Masamng pangitain ito na baka pati yuon mga nakaburol, mga patay at Birds at Bees ay bumoto sa election sa 2016, Di ba Sixto? O kaya-kaya na ito ng Hokus-Pcos machine, Di ba Sixto…..?

  5. Ruben V. Calip on

    It’s already 629 a.m. in Metro Manila, Manila Times. Why are your Today’s front page and Busness page in this website still Thursday August 28?

  6. the president is obviously scared of his impending incarceration.
    that’s why his erratic behavior.

  7. Arch.Angelito ( Lito) L. Mallonga on

    Now we can truly take our time and move on as Pres. Aquinbo 3 is
    not running and changing the constitution. SC needs to do reforms within.
    Is it now the time for all to declare their earnings very year regardless
    if they made money or not. That’s the only way our economy can be strong
    and once and for all reduce the fixing within the BIR. Every one knows
    about it anyways. It is good that the Pork Barrel was brought out as it affects
    all of us for a very long time. Taking advantage of the taxes of each of every
    Filipinos at large.
    Just carry on Pres. Aquino 3 on what you have started and I am sure there will
    be someone out there who will take over. One who does not have any political
    agenda but only think for the good and benefit of our people & country.

    We have 100 Million population and I am sure there will always be somebody
    who is qualified enough to carry your programs not on popularity but one who
    will deliver and perform.

    • Haay naku Lito!!! Saksakan ka nga TaNgA!!! or shall I say very, very StUpID!!! SC justices already publish in the newspaper their SALN a long time ago in case you don’t know and your president, BS Aquino the Turd is the PORK BARREL king in case you don’t known also. BS Aquino, wants to clip the power of the SC justices for declaring PDAF and DAP as unconstitutional. Where do you think BS Aquino the Turd will get money to bribe the senatongs and Tongressman if there’s no pork barrel to distribute among lawmakers? The problem w/ you Arch. Lito, is you can see clearly but you choose to be blind.

  8. if only you had acted in good faith and adhered to the law in every gov’t policies a President is supposed to do , then all your ” bosses- the Filipino people will not ask you to step down before your term ends , and may need not worry from the judiciary (SC) whose role of check and balance is as important as any branches of a democratic government like ours.

  9. He, he. Fact is PNoy realizes now that he cannot and will not be able to make another run for another 6 year term. He is just trying to justify and please himself by these statements. He also knows that if he will be allowed to run he will definitely be defeated even by my dog, if allowed to run against PNoy. Wala na yatang bumobola kay PNoy kaya realize nya na galit ang taong bayan sa kanyang gusting gawin.