Aquino will survive DAP storm – Palace


Malacañang is confident that President Benigno Aquino 3rd will survive the controversies arising from the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court last week.

In a news conference, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda on Wednesday said the Aquino administration managed to survive adverse rulings of the High Court in the past.

“I’m not a political analyst, but only time will tell. This same question was asked from us when EO [Executive Order] 1 was declared unconstitutional. So only time will tell, I guess,” Lacierda said when asked about the political impact of the DAP ruling.

He was referring to Aquino’s first executive order that was also struck out by the High Court early in his term of office. The order created a “Truth Commission” to probe alleged irregularities during former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration.

Lacierda admitted that there has been some “political heat” after the SC decision on the DAP came out. But he said Malacañang is focused on letting the people know the benefits from the program.

“That’s our role, that [is what]we need to explain to [the]people, to our countrymen, what was the purpose [of]the Disbursement Acceleration Program,” Lacierda noted.

The Palace official maintained that the executive branch did not misuse public funds under the DAP.

“If the Supreme Court said [the program]was used for ill purposes, they [SC justices] would have said so. But the Supreme Court said, no doubt, DAP was used to benefit the economy,” Lacierda said.

It was Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada who disclosed that several senators received some P50 million to P100 million in exchange for their vote to convict then-Chief Justice Renato Corona for tax evasion.

Lacierda said he believes that it is possible that senators who received the funds did not know that the monies that they received came from the DAP.

“It’s possible that they were not aware that [they were being given]disbursement acceleration fund[s], it’s possible. But the source of those funds [was]clearly . . . the Disbursement Acceleration Program,” he added.

Lacierda said the Palace will leave it to government agencies and individual lawmakers who funded projects from the DAP to account for their spending.


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    What Alejo Rosete said in this column is absolutely correct. No other president
    did what dis ngoyngoy and abad did to this country. Lacierda, ngoyngoy mouthpiece
    defend the indefensible, What he is saying is non-sense. If one steals money
    and use it for good purposes assuming, does that erase the gravity of the crime
    committed? No sir. If that is the kind of argument that they have, then they will
    trading a dangerous path. A dangerous precedent that people will follow suit.
    Anyway, people can just invoke good faith or the doctrine of operative fact if
    in case they are caught. The Supreme Court clearly explained in their ruling
    that the doctrine of operative fact or good faith cannot be applied to the authors,
    proponents and implementors of the DAP. Clearly, these authors like, abnoy
    and abad as well as these implementors like soliman, pulido tan and even gazmin
    are clealy liable. This administration does not respect the law anymore.

  2. nelson z. valles on

    Dapat isulong na ang kilos protesta! Tapusin na ito once and for all. Patalsikin at ikulong lahat ng involve at may alam.

  3. I hope the yellow president should resign. He has done nothing good for the country except to just bolster the culture of corruption through PDAF, DAP, Malampaya, etc., culture of violating the constitution, unabated rising of prices of basic commodities, and increased criminality. He cannot survive this DAP tsunami and it is slowly showing on the recent SWS survey. He has violated the constitution he was sworn to protect. He has coddled criminal minds like A Bad cabinet official who will circumvent no less than the constitution of the land and usurp the exclusive function of Congress, just to get what they want.
    His anti-corruption campaign was just a facade, just for the consumption of the common tao, but deep inside his circle, the rotten faces of corruption could be seen everywhere. “Parasites” abound around him waiting for dole outs and bribes.
    The leader of the yellow mob even made himself the PDAF and DAP king. Congress, a co-equal body, is beholden to him and willing to be prostituted by the yellow leader. He can bribe each of the members of both houses with monies coming from the taxes collected from law-abiding citizens.
    No, the PDAF and DAP king and leader of the yellow mob won’t survive the DAP storm. His downfall is now on the horizon.

  4. The Times’ cartoonist should draw a motorcycle with Abad driving and Noy grabbing anything pon the sidewalk, or Noy. Shooting oppositions. Killing in tandem.

  5. eltee mulawin on

    >>>If were an adviser of Nguyngoy Cojuangco -Aquino and if he wanted to be having a memorable and honorable legacy, i gonna advise him the following.
    1) Accept his mistakes and oversight about the rules and laws.
    2) For the sake of “Good Faith”, recall and withdraw all the charges to his opponents and political foes for the sake of national reconcilliation and unity among the political groups and for great economy of the nation.
    If this govt made a peace agreement to the rebel muslims MNLF and MILF ( before those were called “Terrorist”), why they can’t do it to their fellow politicians, because of their both self interest and f——g political ego.

    3) Lastly if the above proponent could not be possible for this govt, THEN BETTER DECLARE MARTIAL LAW ( NEW VERSION AND STYLE) FORMALY RIGHT NOW !!!!
    Anyways since the election campaign 2010 he already started raping and f—–g the Constitution and Laws for his own agenda and family clan vendetta. At least he could do what he wanted to do and no more violation of rules /laws and Constitution. This is the ULTIMATE remedy to his f—–g govt.

  6. Ang mga simpleng mamamayan kapag nahuli dahil sa paglabag sa isang batas, nahuhuli, nahahatulan kaagad. Pero ngayon nakikita na maraming palusot, maraming rason, maraming excuse. Kung ilegal, “ilegal” at kung legal, “legal, That’s it.

  7. Anumang bagay na hingi mo pag-aari at kinuha mo ito ng walang pahintulot ay pagnanakaw. Parang si Robin Hood, nagnanakaw siya para sa mga mahihirap, kahit nagnanakaw siya para sa kabutihan ng maraming tao, pagnanakaw pa rin iyon kung labag sa batas, labag sa batas ng tao at sa batas ng Diyos ang pag-angkin sa isang bagay na hindi mo pag-aari at walang kinalaman ang may-ari. Ganun pinalalabas ang DAP ngayon, kahit unconstitutional dahil ginamit ito sa ikabubuti (daw) ng tao, gusto ngayong gawing legal at pilit nilang sinasabi na ikinabuti ito ng marami. Ang pag-umit at pagnanakaw ay parehas lang na ofensa sa may-ari.

    • iba iyong kay robin hood ,sa mahihirap binibigay walang interest, Kay abnoy, sa mga buwaya dahil sa conflict of interes.malaki ang balik

  8. eltee mulawin on

    >>>Mr. Lacierda better stop talking PALUSOT. EO [Executive Order] 1 was to creat a Truth Commission was declared unconstitutional by SC. While the DAP is about taking or transferring money from different projects by departments/agency/institutions which is declared illegal and unconstitutional which culpable violation of constitution and betrayal of public funds.

    >>>similarly or same in other cases, the Supreme Court ruled :
    a) …”that good faith does not excuse an official who juggles government funds or property from one public purpose to another”.
    b)….“It is the commission of an act as defined by the law, and not the character or effect thereof, that determines whether or not the provision has been violated. Hence, malice or criminal intent is completely irrelevant,”

    >>> lahat naman na nakaupo sa pamahalaan ay may “good faith”, PERO MAYROON MGA BATAS AT SALIGANG BATAS NA SUNDIN NG LAHAT.

    >>>kung ang pagbabatayan ay ang salitang “Good Faith”… hindi tama ang hatol sa senate impeachment kay SC CJ Corona, na ang sanhi ay “incomplete SALN”, na ang tinutukoy ay ang mga halagang Milyons of Pesos sa ibang savings bank account niya. Which is infact could be negotiated accordingly with concerned agency of govt. The simple word of the case is Incomplete SALN.



    • At isa pa po, paano kung ako for example, ayon sa aking motibo ay masasabing “good faith” at pagnanakawan ko ang iba, makakalusot ba ako sa batas kung sasabihin kong in “good faith” ang aking motibo? Mabibigyan lamang ng alibi ang mga magnanakaw at lumalabag sa batas kung sasabihin ng gobyerno na ginawa nila iyon in good faith. In good faith, magnanakaw ako, in good faith magpu-push ako ng illegal drugs, in good faith maghu-human traffic ako, in good faith mag-aangkin ako ng mga lupa ng ibang tao, in good faith magga-gun smuggling ako, in good faith magi-NPA ako, in good faith etchetera, etc….. paano iyon?

  9. I really don’t know how this pathetic person [Lacierda] can sleep at night with his family and keep telling to his kids don’t lie is not good; it’s a sin. And yet, here he is; keep on lying. Do he really think that those people listening to his lousy answer are too stupid to believe him? Lacierda, Noynoy, Abad, Alcala, Dinky, Deles, Valte, Roxas and other BS Aquino buddies are EPIC example of “A boy who cried wolves”. Pathetic.

  10. That’s what you call DAANG MATUWID, Gagawa ng bagay na LABAG sa constitution?

    FAIL sa pagsugpo ng krimen, tayo na ang world’s capital ng riding in tandem!

    FAIL sa sobrang kaunti ng infrastructures!

    FAIL sa hindi mapigil na pagtaas ng presyo ng bigas at iba pang bilihin!

    FAIL sa rehabilitation ng yolanda!

    Huwag niyo gawing tanga ang taong-bayan malapit na kaming mapundi, CLOWNS!!

  11. rosendo bagtas on

    lacierda is hallucinating too much. masyadong nilalansi nyo ang utak ng taumbayan. the SC’s striking down of EO 1as unconstitutional was based on grounds far too different from those of DAP. in DAP, billions of pesos in government funds were forcibly impounded for reasons only PNoy and Abad knew but ultimately the SC and the Filipino people took notice and threw the sledge and hammer on malacañang. bakit ayaw aminin ni lacierda na totoo ang panininawala ng taumbayan ng nagbibingi-bingian si abad dahil masyado siyang nakatoon sa pagsira ng mga dokomento’ng related to DAP? malacañang is now engrossed in double-take and counter-propaganda against the Filipino people’s call for PNoy and Abad to answer for their transgression in governance! nakakalungkot itong ginagawa ni PNoy, abad, coloma, lacierda, valte, atbp. na nagmamatigasan at patuloy’ng paglason sa utak at damdamin ng taumbayan sa kanilang mapagkunwaring ‘daang matuwid’ that the SC have unmasked as the real ‘DAP-ang matuwid’.

  12. With all the corrupted and bribed legislators serving in both chambers, of course King of DAP PNoy will survive any and all attempts to impeach the “evil genius” as described by Sen. Joker Arroyo. But it is good only up to his term will end on 2016. Can these thieves continue to protect him after his term? Wait lang tayo.

  13. Arrogance and lawlessness reflect the true culture of Pnoy and his cohorts. His spokesmen can deny and say business as usual, but Filipinos are sick and tired
    of Pnoy’s hipocrisy. HIs moral standard is very low (can’t blame his, he’s got low IQ)
    All the donations (billions) for the Yolanda victims – Are these people going to get them or they will be used for the 2016 elections by his party. The whole world rallied around the Filipinos last year and gave generous donations in cash and in goods.
    Can we have an accounting of everything? We just want to make sure that all the victims will receive their fair share of help that the world sent to them.


    Harry Roque of the Manila Standard is very right. Obviously this Lacierda was
    asleep when his law professors were teaching him about the sanctity of the constitution. Yes this president does not realize that he is surrounded by misfits
    like Lacierda. “Dura Lex Sed Lex- The law is harsh but it is the law” and Ignorantia
    Legis Est Nimenem Escusat- The people are presumed to know the law and
    Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance thereof.” We have yet
    to see an ignorant abnoy, abad and his spokesmen like Lacierda. These people
    cannot by any means the “Doctrine of Operative Fact” because the decision
    of the Supreme Court is very clear that good faith cannot apply to these authors
    like abnoy and abad. Besides abnoy cannot be in good faith because when he
    was a senator he authored senate bill 3121 which prohibits the impounding of unobligated funds. He knew very well from the start that what he did was clearly
    illegal. Therefore, this president very clearly is a violator of law who should be
    punish to the fullest. A president should be an example to his people and never
    as perpetrator of a crime.

  15. Benefit of DAP is highly questionable when one looks at the senatorial recipients, some of them now under arrest for plunders and grafts. DAP IS NOTHING BUT PDAF SANCTIONED BY MALACANANG. THIS ARGUMENT IS LAUGHABLE!

  16. Roldan Guerrero on

    That may be your opinion Mr. Lacierda and you are entitled of it as you are one of those who cospired in the birth and implementation of DAP. An illegal deed could never turn right. It should be good if you as creators and implementors just ended in the POLITICAL HARAKIRI you committed but you extended it in crippling with you the Filipino People. Your end is now coming and you should start rolling your mats now.

  17. Alejo Rosete on

    How many Unconstitutional acts this Administration has done?
    Is there other President in the past who has done as much unconstitutional acts.
    For vengeance? Not even Marcos because, Marcos know the law.

    The Truth Commission – to find faults done by Gloria.

    The Impeachment of Justice Corona who was impeached using the DAP

    The PDAF – declared unconstitutional.

    Now the DAP – declared Unconstitutional.

    What is next?

    This Administration is famous with unconstitutionality.

    What are we doing? Get rid of this “Tuwid na daan” to unconstitutionality.

    • PDAF, DAP in accordance with the law as ruled by the Supreme Court are unconstitutional. The use of all that funds are illegal. The people in the administration, the President and his advisers and alipores also acknowledges that what they were doing are illegal but because they are in power, they are above the law so what they have done are in good faith. We, the Pilipino people who are after for the daang matuwid could do nothing except to wait for their demise.