Aquino ‘witness’ vs. Arroyo is a top plotter of Maguindanao massacre


The so-called Maguindanao massacre four years ago last Saturday is the most brutal murder of innocents in our history. Some 58 unarmed men and women were mercilessly killed in broad daylight—just because they were thought to be with the candidate who challenged for the gubernatorial post the son of the province’s warlord Andal Ampatuan, Sr.

The international Committee to Protect Journalists called the massacre the “single deadliest event for journalists in history,” as 32 of those shot dead were journalists with the convoy. Challenger Esmael Mangudadatu’s wife and his two sisters were brutally killed, their bodies even mutilated. Five victims just happened to be motoring behind the convoys and were murdered so that there wouldn’t be eyewitnesses.

Some 101 of the suspects—including Ampatuan and his sons—have been arrested and are being tried in court, with another 88 remaining at large.

But justice seems so far from reach that the victims’ relatives have gone on a tack of filing a suit at the United Nations Human Rights Committee to demand for each victim’s family P2 million in compensation. The victims’ relatives—nearly all ordinary, powerless people—claim that they have been approached by purported representatives of the Ampatuan clan asking them to stop pursuing the case in exchange for as low as P50,000.

The Philippine defective justice system is certainly to blame for the delay in convicting the accused. But President Aquino and his cabal of conspirators share much of the blame.

The Maguindanao massacre: A top plotter is Norie Unas, Aquino’s sole witness vs. Arroyo in the PCSO plunder case. Inset: backhoe that Unas allegedly deployed to dig and hide the mass graves.

The Maguindanao massacre: A top plotter was Ampatuan’s right-hand man Norie Unas, who is Aquino’s sole witness vs. Arroyo in the 2007 electoral sabotage case against her. Inset: backhoe that Unas allegedly deployed to dig and hide the mass graves.

Aquino plucks massacre plotter
How can this government really go after the perpetrators when Aquino plucked one of the massacre’s main plotters to make him the sole accuser against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in the electoral sabotage case brought against her that had put her in detention?

That sole “witness” is one Norie Unas, who was then governor Andal Ampatuan Sr.’s long-time provincial administrator. Unas had been so much of Ampatuan’s right-hand man that the warlord was very seldom in his office. The factotum for two decades had been known in the area as running the provincial government, with his boss almost always at his mansion.

It has been common knowledge in Maguindanao and even in Justice Department circles that Unas would never, ever rat on Ampatuan, which he did in his accusation that his boss followed Arroyo’s order to massively cheat in the 2004 elections.

Never that is, unless the 70-year old bureaucrat has been in terror of spending even a day in jail, which he would have if he was charged along with the 189 other suspects.

And what exactly was Unas’ testimony, which the Court claimed, was enough arrest a former president, a seriously ill 65-year old grandmother to jail?

Aquino’s justice department is asking us to believe that, already accused of cheating in the 2004 elections, Arroyo would order within hearing distance of others, a politician, who owed his rise to power in 1986 to Corazon Aquino, to commit a crime, and not even for her candidacy but for her senatorial candidates.

After a dinner of over a hundred people in Malacañang in 2007, Unas claimed he “overheard” Arroyo order his boss Ampatuan Sr. to cheat for her senatorial candidates in the elections that year. He overheard her, despite the deafening din of a hundred people talking in an enclosed hall.

Sole witness in electoral sabotage case
The entire electoral sabotage case against Arroyo, for which she was barred in 2011 from leaving the country to seek medical help for her rare disease and ordered jailed, depends solely on Unas’ unrealistic claims. Justice Secretary Leila de Lima even defied a Supreme Court green light and stopped Arroyo from leaving for that medical urgency, a deed I think Aquino’s official would regret all her life.

Aquino and his officials obviously gave Unas an offer he could not refuse: Lie that Arroyo ordered cheating in the 2007 elections or spend your twilight years in jail, like your bosses, or even executed.

How morally depraved can a president be to let free a plotter responsible for the brutal murder of 58 men and women, so that his predecessor whom he has demonized would be put be jailed, so that he could project an image of an anti-graft crusader?

Was Unas really involved in the massacre?
In 2011, the target of the massacre, now Maguindanao Governor Mangudadatu vehemently protested why Unas wasn’t among the 189 charged for the massacre, and was even put by the Justice Department under its Witness Protection Program for his “testimony” in the case against Arroyo.

Mangudadatu even claimed that it was Unas who thought of, and ordered, the use of a tractor backhoe so that the victims’ mass graves could be dug up quickly and hidden. Strangely though, he had become subsequently silent in his protests against Unas. I was told he was prevailed to stop his denunciation of Unas by well-known Palace emissaries if he wanted to enjoy the administration’s patronage.

But truth often has a way of insisting itself.

In February, and strangely largely ignored by print media, the Quezon City court trying the case dropped as one of the accused in the massacre case former Barongis town vice- mayor Zukarno Badal, after he was taken in as witness against the accused. A breakthrough for the prosecution, private counsel Nena Santos called it.

Badal’s testimony vs. Unas
His testimony? Unas, it seems, was not only the clean-up man, who deployed the tractor backhoe. Badal in his affidavit claimed that the Ampatuans planned the killing of Mangudadatu in three locations where he might file his candidacy: Manila, Cotabato City, and Shariff Aguak town in Maguindanao.

Ampatuan, Sr. ordered his son Zaldy to kill Mangudadatu if he filed his candidacy in Manila, and Unas together with one Atty. Cynthia Sayadi if it were in Cotabato City. Ampatuan, Sr. himself would do the deed if the candidacy were filed in Shariff Aguak.

And as it turned out, it was in Datu Unsay Ampatuan town, just four kilometers from Shariff Aguak where the 58 people in a six-car convoy—which the killers wrongly thought would included Mangudadatu on his way to file his candidacy—were intercepted, and taken to a nearby field to be shot dead.

But that raises the possibility, since he was the right-hand man of the aging Ampatuan, Sr., of Unas himself on the ground undertaking his boss’ dirty work, as a trusted underboss would.

Eight months after Badal identified Unas as one of the top conspirators in the Maguindanao massacre, he hasn’t been included among the 189 charged, which even included drivers of those who actually did the shooting.

As long as he is Aquino and de Lima’s sole “witness” against Arroyo, I don’t think he’d be ever charged for the most horrible murder in our history. and


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  1. it was during the arroyo administration when this maguindanao massacre occurred which resulted to 57 people left lifeless and buried by the use of government owned back hoe…

    and it was GMA’s justice secretary who announced on national tv that the ampatuan are not involved in the said massacre…he dropped the charges against the ampatuans…he was secretary agra a GMA appointee…check related articles on this matter…

    upon that announcement, sec agra received a nationwide criticism for allegedly and speculatively favoring to the ampatuans…sec agra appeared teary eyes the next tv appearance and following was his resignation…sec leila de lima succeeded the vacated post…

    what is the difference to take the ampatuan as witness against GMA and the possibility of making janet napoles as state witness…

  2. >>> ayon sa mga babasahin at mga pangyayari nakaraan…. nang si Cory ay nasa seryosong kalagayan sa hospital, ang kaniyang military or police escort ay ipinatawag ng mother unit o headquarter na sa pang-unawa at dala na rin ng media, “sinadyang tinanggalan ng escort kaagad si Cory na kinasama ng loob ng mga Aquino lalo na si Kris at itong si Ngungoy. At ang usapin tungkol sa Hacienda Luisita sa SC ay natalo sa ilalim ng pamumuno no Corona at sa ilalim ng pamahalaan ni GMA.
    Kaya diyan lalong tumindi at sumidhi ang galit nila.

  3. I urge every filipino na dapat gumising na tayong lahat sa katotohanan. Noong
    election para presidente, inilabas na nila yong mga psychiatric examination ni
    abnoy. Findings? He was found to be suffering from mental depression. Pero
    we voters simply dismissed and did give credit to it at all. Ang tao kapag he
    is subjected to such examination ay mayroon na silang nakikita na deferencia
    niya. Pero dahil namatay ang kanyang ina na pareho niyang walang nagawa sa puesto ibinoto pa rin siya. Kaya walang sisihin kundi ang mga tao rin na bumoto
    sa kanya. Imagine filipinos voting an insane president. Ngayon makikita na natin
    na lumalabas na yong tunay na abnoy. The truth realy hurts.

  4. Mr Tiglao certainly, we have a defective justice system in the Philippines. So,will please publish or attach in your column the sworn affidavit of former Barongis Vice Mayor Zukarno Badal as well as the Quezon City Court transcript of record that you said was strangely ignored by print media! We are counting and standing by side Sir! Thank you.

  5. What is happening to pnoy government is bad karma from the people that he prosecuted without due process. All of these are catching up with him. Too bad there are too many collateral damage like us taxpayers.

  6. jeric buencamino on

    only a stupid moron will not see it coming.. and only stagnant imbecile will continue so.. what this administration is doing is nothing but a deed of a fool

    • next you will see in jail along with corrupt officials and their PRs – radio commentators, publicist, news reports and not but not the least are newspaper writers and editors…as they try to mislead many because they have to favor and protect the interest of corrupt official where they are affiliated and for the reason of “debt of gratitude” because they were appointed in/given government post aside from they are in their payroll of these crooks…

  7. Only a beast will go as low as your president (BSA) if karma is true, he will pay very dearly for his actions. But, since he is INSANE, I don’t think it would matter. His cohorts should beware if they are not also INSANE!!!!

  8. Sabi ko na nga ba nuon pa. Eh tao nila Aquino/Conjuangco ang mga Ampatuan. Si Cory ang nag-install kay Binay as OIC of Makati and also Ampatuan as OIC of Maguindanao. And since then hindi na nila binitawan ang kanilang posisyon. Kaya nakakpagtaka na i-link ng Inquirer si GMA sa mga ito dahil tao nga ng mga Cojuangco si Apmatuan. Talagang napa-corrupt ang pamilyang Aquino-Cojuangco. Panahon pa ng lolo nila na Makapilis sa mga Japon at ninunu pa nilang nagsimula ng yaman nila sa Malacanang nuong panahon pa ng Kastila…

    • Tsk..tsk..tsk mukhang nagbunga ang pagpapaaral ni GMa kay tiglao…kasi sa mga kwentong barbero ni tiglao mukhang magaling na ito mag ilusyon.

    • Marami pa dyang nagging milyonario galling OIC sa panahon ni Cory Aquino. Yan lang si Binay ang pinaka kapit-tuko kaya huway tayong maniwala kay Binay. Dilaw din yan at parang espiya syat pakitang tao lang na oposisyon.

    • Pinoy Makabayan on

      Roly Javier, bakit kayong mga dilaw, pag walang masabi, lagin “bayaran” and accusation niyo. Labanan mo, punto por punto kung meron kang nalalaman sagot pikon na pnoy yan!

    • Bakit di mo, Sec. Tiglao, research ang sinabi ni Sen. Noynoy nuon binigyan ni GMA ng executive clemency yuon mga sundalong nakulong sa pagpatay kay Ninoy at baka nandyan ang hinahanap mong sagot kung bakit galit si Pnoy kay GMA… Huwag kayong parang kabayo na nasa harap lagi ang tingin, Tiglao man o Dilaw !

  9. if your a GMA lackey it’s no suprising that your everyday column and comments are automatically designed to critricized the current Governement (palpak man o maganda ang ginawa)…ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw..hehehe…

    • Hindi ako nagtaka bakit galit na galit si aquino kay arroyo dahil siya mismo ay magnanakaw rin. Hindi lang millions kung di billions pa. This is a reply to nazi.

    • TO LEOMAR101

      prove it…show proof, evidences and witnesses that aquino himself did steal or even plan to steal government money…

  10. Slowly BSAquino is being exposed for what he is really is — the devil incarnate. I know history will be kind to GMA and CJ Corona, victims of the evils that reside in Malacanang and Senate.

  11. Pres.Aquino he cannot speed-up the Ampatuans victim because the Judge has to hear many witnesses despite 4 years of hearing BUT Noy wants to finish the plunder cases against his political enemies before end of 2014? He should transfer Ombudsman Morales to hear the Ampatuan cases instead.

  12. Imagine if it was your grandmother, a 65 year-old woman, ailing at that, being held without bail…for a weak charge that will not even stand in court…

    Karma retribution comes swiftly in the next 2 years…and that will be scary…

    People should be minded that what is being done to GMA is a violation of the due process, for political purposes…and may be done to any other ordinary citizen…

    Why a trial has not been held in the last 3 1/2 years…how would you restore 3 1/2 lost years to anyone…much less to an aging woman…

    She must be allowed to post bail, and a trial promptly started, to see if she is indeed a criminal…we can not go on forever by suspicions alone….

    • Christie Flores on

      I agree with you 101%………let us not forget that there is Divine Justice…BSA will have his time…i.hope and pray it would be very soon…we’ve had.enough of him…

    • GMA did the same thing to ERAP when he was pacing his plunder case…if you do think that the government has weak evidence against GMA, if there is really a weak evidence let GMA lawyers prove and justify it before the court…

      details below is for your information…

      Tiglao was appointed as Presidential Spokesperson with Cabinet rank by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on April 23, 2001, Press Secretary on April 1, 2002 and as Presidential Chief of Staff on December 9, 2002 until he was appointed as ambassador in 2005.

  13. -I think bs Aquino thinks that pinoys will believe the nonsense of his witness. He undermines the common sense of pinoys even without higher education. kung si lola ko pa, “gamitin mo sentido common mo!”. Aquino is the most insecured president of the Philippines and thinking back, I wonder how pinoys voted for him when he wasn’t even good as a senator! Just the mother’s name who just passed away at that time , naging sentimiento ang mga pinoys. His father would be turning in his grave seeing what his son turned to be. so insecured that in almost every speech, he mentions his is better than the previous administration. Pinoy, you don’t have to say that, the people will see it. Go forward with honest governance not looking back at people whom your family hates and find means to put them in jail. I thought that you are a religious family, is that what religion taught you? To put all your enemies in jail or put them in shame to uplift your status? Lies? and fraud? the Filipino people could have used the money you gave to those who voted for Corona’s ouster, but you preferred to do that to satisfy your revenge, revenge for what? a sane normal person would have gone forward without looking back, Pinoy, you have too many baggage on your shoulders. parang officemate ko, to cover up his incompetence, he puts down other people. ha ha ha, is this funny or what? the president of the Philippines? ho hummmmm! what else is new!

  14. don’t forget who created this monster called ampatuan,most of those who were designated as OIC’s immediately after the people power revolutions have grown rich and powerful with almost no exceptions.I won’t mention names but just a quick look at the past and present of who’s who among the rich and corrupt will give one the answers.

  15. BSAquino, de Lima et al MUST be charged and jailed after his term expires. Or if there is a God, Filipinos can be rid of this corrupt tyrant and his cabal by an uprising or a coup.

    • Si de Lima galing sa Human Right as a lawyer pero siya ang tumatapak sa karapatan ni GMA. Anong klaseng tao ito. Lahat sa cabinet ni BS Aquino ay Human Right Abuser.

    • no wonder why your comment is like this…
      to quote your comment “if there is a God” what does this mean?

      i see no basis in your comment why do they have to be put to jail upon the expiration of aquino’s term of office. show me your proof…not just that you have read from this article…

  16. I remember that GMA was about to leave for abroad and de Lima was frantic to stop her especially with a SC TRO allowing her to go when Brillantes suddenly comes around with a non bailable violation charge of electoral sabotage and a warrant of arrest materializing from thin air from a judge not known for speedy action in his sala. I must concede that pnoy really had his people totally under his control they forced themselves to be creative to cater to his whims. Brillantes was at his best getting Unas to testify as he did and getting de Lima and the rest of pnoy’s cabal like Lacierda and the other lawyers like him to declare that Unas’ testimony had enough value to keep GMA under arrest. Any law student will tell you that Unas’ statements are worthless being heresay besides his personal circumstances of being a lackey of the Ampatuans which makes it even worse. I am a lawyer myself and I am totally aghast at how low Brillantes and de Lima brought the majesty of the legal profession to.

    • the main reason why gma has to leave for abroad is for medical reason that she is in bad condition that requires immediate operation…until they were stopped in the airport…for how many years she’s been here yet no operation is done to her and she is still very much alive…she can travel for several hours by land…still can stand by herself…

      ito man lang sana ay nakita mo ginoong abogado…