Aquino won’t apologize for Laude wake remarks


President Benigno Aquino 3rd will not apologize for his remarks explaining why he was not attending the wake of slain transgender Jennifer Laude.

Secretary Herminio Coloma of the Presidential Communications Operations Office made the announcement on Saturday, a day after Laude, 26, was laid to rest in Olongapo City.

Laude, a transgender, was allegedly killed by US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton.

The President was quoted as saying that: “In general, I don’t attend wakes of people I don’t know . . . I’m not comfortable in trying to condole with people who don’t know me.”

Coloma said the President did not meant to insult the Laude family. “He just expressed his sentiments. And based on what we’ve gathered, a great percentage of our people agreed with the President’s decision.”

Kabataan Rep. Terry Ridon had taken the President to task for making “the most callous and insensitive remark that any President could give.”

“Instead of offering condolences to the Laude family just as any self-respecting statesman would do, President Aquino decided to blurt out these obtuse statements. Apparently, he (Aquino) is not content with brandishing his administration’s powerlessness in failing to assert for Private Pemberton’s custody, he even has the gall to insult the family of the victim,” Ridon said.

“This is a very low blow, Mr. President—an act unbecoming of any public official. He sounded like a ranting privileged haciendero teenager,” he added.


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  1. Imagine how many hours the president, no matter who he/she may be at any given point, would be wasting if they would have to attend wakes like this. Hours that we are paying for. How many of these “taxpayer heroes” die everyday? How many are sensationalized by the media? The death on the hands of a US soldier who is here because of the VFA is the issue here, let’s remind ourselves that.

    I have nothing against the Kabataan Partylist as I consider some of their members my friends, but they do tend to criticize the current administration. I agree that it wouldn’t hurt the president to send his condolences, but the way his statement was said, it seems more like him not being comfortable in attending the wake and NOT in giving his condolences.

    Come on, we all feel sorry for what happened to Laude and her family, but this is starting to become a circus. Let’s focus on finding justice and stop feeling like “privileged teenagers”.

  2. I for one in my humble self do agree with Mr. Coloma. What happens here is there is so much publicitgy of all sorts. The event that happened became a very juicy subject because it involved an American soldier who just happened to be deceived and all of a sudden got berserk…so was the result and no time to think twice as he was just exiting his teenage life. More analysis is needed to understand this kind of event.

  3. mikhail hieronymus on

    Isn’t Mr. benigno simeon aquino III the president of all citizens of the Philippines? During election time, we vote for candidates that we really do not personally or met in person, and yet we write down their name on the ballot.

    If we are following the words of Abnoy, then can we say in voting that: ” “In general, I don’t vote for people I don’t know . . . I’m not comfortable in trying to vote for the people who don’t know me.”

    • This kind of inconsiderate leader can only be found in the Philippines. A very special one compare to the patriotic stance of his mother. This man is a total jerk! Pnoy is the biggest fail of Filipino masses!

  4. This is getting to be so annoying. As if Laude is a national hero. What his contribution to this country? Maybe the Manila Times can tell us. He made a bad choice and that’s the consequences. I am sorry that he’s gone, but that was his choice.

    • Yes it was his choice and that is the consequence he got. But the topic here is not what he had done. The topic is the response of the so called president who has done nothing good for the country and to help the family of the murdered victim get the justice and yet he got balls to make such an Imbecile statement. That kind of word should never come out from the mouth of the so called president that was trusted of the people who voted for him. And who do u think u are to question what Laude did for this country? do u know him personally? he paid taxes when he was still alive. he was a citizen of this country. isn’t that enough for your president to seek justice for him? you, what have you done for this country? that’s the reason why people like you are called NOYTARDS. u people make such careless and arrogant statements like your president but do nothing to help. if u got nothing good to say, better you and your president shut your mouth.

    • Benjamin Vallejo Jr on

      She paid her taxes to the State, especially the 12% VAT. Now that does answer your question?

  5. Like all Cojuangco-Aquino’s – Kris, Balsy, mischievous one PNoy, these kind of Neanderthals does not have any feeling of sympathy or empathy towards Filipinos. They are ideal examples of what an arrogant person is all about, yet the yellow media continue to practice idolatry towards these low-down specimen of Darwin.