• Aquino woos INC, skips de Lima’s birthday party


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd skipped the birthday party of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima at the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Thursday for fear of also becoming a target of a supposed hate campaign of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) against de Lima.

    Members of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) flocked the DOJ when around 100 members of the powerful INC trooped the DOJ in Padre Faura Street in Manila to rally against de Lima.

    Aquino was a no-show, however, prompting the PSG to vacate the DOJ premises.

    A high-ranking Justice official told The Manila Times that the President did not want to risk “irking” INC, which was said to be furious with de Lima giving “special treatment” to ousted INC Minister Isaias Samson.

    The DOJ official said getting de Lima as a senatorial candidate in the 2016 elections is a “kiss of death.”

    The INC is known for its block voting, its hierarchy telling millions of its members whom to pick during elections.

    Samson has lodged criminal charges, including serious illegal detention, against high-ranking INC officials namely lawyer Glicerio Santos Jr., Radel Cortez, Bienvenido Santiago Sr., Mathusalem Pareja, Rolando Esguerra, Eraño Codera, Rodelio Cabrera and Maximo Bularan.

    The other complainants are Samson’s wife, Myrna Dionela Samson, and son, Isaiah Samson.

    They alleged that they were prohibited from leaving their house in Quezon City last July after he was accused of being “Antonio Ebanghelista,” a blogger who has been writing against the INC.

    Isaias, former editor-in-chief of the INC’s official publication Pasugo, denied the allegation.

    Some members of the INC, who talked with The Manila Times on condition of anonymity, said the rally against de Lima would last until Saturday with plans of overnight vigil and campout near the DOJ building.

    During the INC’s Thursday worship, the source from the Justice department said, a circular was disseminated to the flock to go to the DOJ and protect the rights of the INC.

    The INC has issued a statement, through Bienvenido Santiago Jr., criticizing de Lima for employing selective justice against the INC.

    During de Lima’s birthday party speech at the DOJ grounds, she even asked the crowd for support in her next career move, apparently referring to her run for the Senate.

    “From J to S, [are you with me]?” she asked the throng of employees, prosecutors, National Bureau of Investigation officials and several guests.

    “J” refers to the Department of Justice and “S” refers to the Senate.

    The INC members told this paper that with de Lima “irking” the INC, the religious sect would surely junk her in the May 2016 polls.


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    1. and the complaint issued by Samson against the INC leaders is not as heavy as the SAF fallen 44 case PDAF, etc. so the case should have been issued to the “mababang Hukuman” first. what the inc protestes been shouting at the EDSA is for Liela De Lima whose been giving the complaint of Samson special Treatment of handling the case in the DOJ.

    2. catholics and other non INC members should stop commenting like they all know the rules and regulations of the Ministry of the INC. Samson has been accused of spreading of some sort of destructive written article about the INC. so while he is on investigation hes been prevented from going out from his House with his family to prevent further Damage on both part, Samson is not detained because they can still go out to attend the “Pagsamba” worship service. so if you analyze it, the family of Samson are not detained, he is just prevented from going out to the public, make some presscon, make some ally, spread some wrong idea to the fellow brethren while he’s been under investigation. he is not detained because he still have the right to to to pagsamba with his family.

    3. Yolanda Victim’s Donation, Fallen 44, Bureau of Customs, PDAF, DAP – De Lima, these concern the whole nation, until now wala pang nangyayari? Obviously you’re just riding with the INC issue for your own personal motive. Well that’s the Philippine Government what can we expect.

    4. It is very wrong for the INC to accuse Secretary de Lima of giving special attention to the complaint of Mr. Samson. Firstly, Mr. Samson asked the DOJ for help and guidance regarding his sufferings and his family against the INC officials when he and his family were prevented from leaving their house against their will. Secondly, INC seem to be behaving like a “spoiled brat” when INC threatens Sec. de Lima to behave and seem to lecture her to ignore the complaint lodged by Mr. Samson against INC officials. Thirdly, it appears that INC would like to insinuate that every time there is a complaint filed by a concerned citizen, DOJ would ask first for the religion this complainant belongs. INC seems to forget that DOJ would only protect every citizens rights regardless of the religion, race etc.

      INC is also invoking the principle of separation of church from the state, precisely, this question can be asked, Why are they (INC) intervening/interfering with the state’s responsibility in attending to a citizen’s complaint.

      Sec. de Lima can only be accused of interfering with one’s affairs of his religion when Sec. de Lima herself approached Mr. Samson to file a case against INC officials but she DID NOT.

      I suspect that Iglesia Ni Manalo (INM) sic INC is now panicking and the very reason why they are doing this (protest) in front of DOJ because the dirt inside INC would now be surfaced because of impending investigation which shall be done by DOJ.

    5. May sense din yun say mg mg INC na may selective justice but may I remind you na you are employing harassment tactics. Let justice prevail for what your outcast minister did was doing his right to complain. Let justice prevail whether it takes time or not unless you guys may tinatago talaga na you are putting gags on your members.

    6. So what is the possibility that in March 2016, that officially there will two groups of INC each one saying that they speak the wisdom of the founder while the other side is misguided by corruption and being hungry for the power of money.