To Aquino, worsening traffic a sign of progress


Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy (left) with Philippines’ President Benigno Aquino 3rd before their meeting at the Moncloa in Madrid on Monday. AFP PHOTO

TO President Benigno Aquino 3rd, the worsening traffic condition in the country should not cause distress because it is a sign of economic progress.

During his meeting with members of the Filipino community in Spain on Sunday, the President said so much had changed in the Philippines in terms of infrastructure and business opportunities so that overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) can now find jobs at home.

“Even traffic, it changed. It worsened,” Aquino said, eliciting laughter from some 70 Filipinos who attended the meeting.

He attributed tighter traffic flow to growth, especially the increase in the number of people who are now in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, or the call center business.

The President said one can easily buy a car for only P500,000 with a monthly amortization of only P5,000.

“In the [BPO] sector, there are 500,00 directly employed. There are three companies [that]are in the car sales business. It’s now easy to buy a car,” he added.

According to the President, traffic is caused also by the fact that car sales far outpace the construction or widening of roads around the country.

“When you come home and you’re caught in traffic, just remember that people are running errands, not just loitering around. That is a sign of economic growth,” Aquino said.


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  1. Yan ang problema Kapag mababaw ang pinag kukunin ng pag-iisip, Pnoy pls naman, nakakahiya ka na talaga, esep esep naman sa sinasabi mo, Ateneo ka pa naman graduate o Baka pasang awa Lang yan sa Ateneo.

  2. Pnoy’s comment is a great and sure sign of ignorance and stupidity. how could worsening traffic be a sign of progress? hell, if that’s the case, the head of the MMDA can just forego about number coding, out of line public utility vehicles, and traffic management. if he got the balls, he can throw the same comment back to Pnoy for all i care. i’m telling you all, Pnoy makes a better fool of himself abroad more than when he is in the country. don’t we all agree?

  3. How can you say it’s progress if our country is losing 1.4 Billion pesos yearly due to thi traffic mess????

  4. Only a Clueless Buffoon like Penoy could mutter such dumb, incompetent statement such as this – to suffer the everyday rigors of this maddening traffic mayhem is like getting sodomized against your will – ini***ot ka nang Matuwid sa Daan’g Pa Tuwad.
    Whether the statement was in jest or seriously let out to convey his concept of being on top of things – you can hardly believe such – coming from a man like Penoy who has no idea of what is actually going on in the real world in the Philippines he is supposed to be managing – he could easily blame it on his predecessors. That is the easy escape to responsibility.

  5. jerry macapagal on

    Tama ang Presidente! The last four years na experience na ang economic growth sa Pinas as compare with the previous administration except the time of President Ramos. OK ang dalawa na ito dapat supportahan. We believe 10 more years na ganito ang prinsipyo ng Presidente we can compare our country with Singapore. Pero dapat iba naman ang humalili kay Presidente Aquino to respect the constitution. We have to maintain the 6-year term to avoid problems na naman. Supportahan natin si Pinoy at sana maayos din ang hahalili sa kanya if possible single not married walang nakikialam sa gabi or to avoid midnight meeting ng mga first ladies ng cabinet! Iyan ang nagpapahirap sa ating gobyerno the traditional & one-family battery of politicians! Be wise mga kabayan!

  6. YES agreed…but was there any foresight and concrete actions taken to address the inbound of “PROGRESS”? My take on this was the ECONOMIC cabinet shouted “PROGRESS” and no other government cabinet took the cudgel of asking what to prepare to meet the onslaught of “PROGRESS”…or they misheard “PROGRESS” as “LARGESSE”…

  7. james gutierrez on

    Worsening traffic is not a sign of progress. That is a careless comment from a president that only shows he has no idea how to govern. If progress is to continue the leadership of the president should address the worsening traffic, to get the progress he is talking about to the next stage. If it continues, business will abandon and not invest as traffic will just add to cost of doing business in Philippines. Therefore, to address traffic the government should encourage the people to use public transport and make public transport more affordable, secure, safe and reliable for the public to use. above all the government should invest more of mass public transport that will carry more people to every destination required by the people.

  8. I can’t just believe it! How can a president of a country ever make a conclusion that traffic is the result of economic progress. This is is really for Ripley’s. I can’t just believe a sane man will ever say that….insane!

  9. Kayong mga bumabatikos ay hindi marunong umunawa ng biro sa katutuhanan. Sa seryoso nyong pag-iisip, sa palagay koy kailangan nyong mag break baka kayo’y masiraan ng ulo. O baka naman kasabwat kayo o beneficiary kayo nung mga corrupt na politicians kaya lahat ng mga pinakamaliit na bagay ay pilit nyong pinalalaki ma-alis lamang ang atensiyon ng mga tao sa mga corrupt na katulad nyo o kakampi nyo.

  10. Singapore is progressive but vehicular movement remains reasonable. Why? Because the Singaporean government discourage private transportation ownership while it encourage public transportation patronage.

    • Yes right, Like Singapore… Marcos attempted to discourage private car ownership by imposing high taxes. Taxes could go as high as 200%

  11. To say that traffic gridlock in Metro Manila is a sign of progress proves that this President is really clueless. Progressive countries manage their traffic well and don’t have the kind of gridlock that we have in the Philippines. While other countries rely on mass transit to move people around efficiently, this President wants people to move around in cars. Singapore, a First World country, has a world class transit system composed of MRT and buses, and at the same time restricted the number of cars in the city-state. The inept administration of Abnoy thinks in the reverse, encouraging car ownership while neglecting the development of mass transit like in Europe and many other countries. That’s why we have this chaotic traffic jams and nauseating air pollution in our streets – we just have too many cars and unreliable, dilapidated mass transit.

  12. Mikhail Hieronymus on

    Aquino must think the Pinoys in Spain are either stupid or do not read the Internet. How can you say to those people that the traffic congestion is a sign of prosperity. How can one be stupid to say that! Pinoys of Spain, please tell Pnoy the truth, and remind him that you are that dumb.

  13. ha ha ha, mga kababayan dyan sa spain, isisp isip kayo pag may time. hindi lumusot dito yang dahilan ni aquino na economic progress ang dahilan ng trapik congestion dito sa metro manila. alam lahat dito na kawalan ng kaalaman ang mga pinuno ng mmda at dotc sa kaguluhan ng trapik dito sa metro manila. alalahanin nya na kayo, as an ofw, ang isang malaking contributor sa economy ng pilipinas at yung sinasabi ni aquino na bpo commonly called call center. isip isip kung may time mga kababayan na 4 na taon ng binobola pa rin ni aquino.

  14. Mr president, just think that economic progress and sustainable development go hand in hand. Build metro lines, not freeways. Most BPO offices are in Makati and Mandaluyong, alongside EDSA and easily reached by rail commuters, if they can find a space in the MRT. Thinking that more automobiles is progress is a regression back to the 20th century. You need to look forward to the 21st century values and show that the Philippines can be a progressive country in terms of commuting management and environmental improvements. The goal is not to move cars. It is to provide people the means to move around efficiently without choking the streets with vehicles and the air with pollutants.

  15. I have to be living in Mars and mongoloid to believe to what the President is proclaiming – that traffic congestion is a sign of economic progress and OFWs can now find jobs back home!

  16. Boy oh boy, can you believe this man? He just said that incompetence is a sign of progress? What kind of type of lunacy is PNoy suffering from. Hey yellows, bilib na bilib talaga kayo sa Presidente nyo ha?

  17. To those critics of the president regarding traffic, they are full of shit. The president
    did not cause the traffic nor it is a job of a president to untangle traffic..

    • Tama ka pare. Totoo naman talaga na dumadami ang bagong sasakyan sa kalye, at ang kalsada di lumalaki at wala nang paglakihan. Try nyo research ng benta ng kotse sa toyota, mitsubishi at iba pang car dealers at magulat kayo sa dami ng kanilang nabenta bawat buwan. Di naman ganyan ka dami ng sasakyan ang na junk kada buawan, so dagdag yun sa kasikipan ng kalsada.