• Aquino’s arrogant ad hominem presidency


    Aquino’s is now formally an “ad hominem presidency” – a government dedicated to the demonization and destruction of political opponents and rivals. “Ad hominem” means directed against a person rather than his arguments.

    President Aquino crossed into this side of lunacy and arrogance when he announced the other day his plan to lead a People Power uprising to prevent the leading vice-presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. from sitting if elected to office on May 9. He would do so if his ongoing hate campaign against Bongbong Marcos does not dissuade enough voters to prevent Marcos’ election.

    Mercifully, Aquino has only 72 days left in office, counting from today. On June 30, it will be “goodbye, farewell and amen” to this man whom Filipinos alternately calls “noynoying” (which means pretending to be busy while doing nothing); “manhid at palpak” (which means unfeeling and incompetent); and BS (which stands for Benigno Simeon, and needs no definition).

    Learning from Obama    
    Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer first used the phrase “ad hominem presidency” in 2013 to describe President Barack Obama’s administration because of its policy of denigrating and demonizing his Republican opponents and media critics, and subjecting conservative groups to discriminatory action by the US justice department.

    Krauthammer wrote: “For years the administration has conducted a concerted campaign to demonize Fox News (disclosure: for which I am a commentator), delegitimizing it as a news organization, even urging its ostracism….

    “No one goes to jail for creating such a climate of intolerance. Nor is it a crime to incessantly claim that those who offer this president opposition and push-back – do so only for ‘politics,’ power and pure partisanship, while the Dear Leader devotes himself exclusively to the nation, the middle class, the good and just.

    “It’s not unlawful to run an ad hominem presidency. It’s merely shameful. The great rhetorical specialty of this president has been his unrelenting attribution of bad faith to those who disagree with him. He acts on principle; they from the basest of instincts.”

    Aquino’s version of ad hominem administration takes demonization to a higher level, viz:

    Filing plunder charges against his political opponents, notably former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and keeping them in jail or under detention.

    Impeaching a sitting chief justice of the Supreme Court (Renato Corona).

    Sticking the Ombudsman on opponents to dig up dirt and file charges against them.

    Using crony media to publicize his campaigns against opponents.

    Deploying the service of crony schools and crony corporations to badmouth opponents and mount phony civil-society actions.

    Stopping Bongbong Marcos
    Many have tasted the lash of this Aquino policy, but none more severely than the Marcoses, particularly Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

    Not content with having a full-time agency, the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG), dedicated to the family’s destruction and with the fruits of three decades of persecution and prosecution, he has now upped his hate game to prevent the younger Marcos from being elected Vice-President.

    Marcos, Jr. has become a special target because he is a senator of the Republic and he has distinguished himself as one (especially by bucking Aquino’s lunatic projects). And now he is considered by almost everyone as the frontrunner in the vice-presidential race in the May elections. And there is talk of his inevitable rise to the presidency, like the scions of former Presidents in other Asian countries.

    Most believe that only brazen electronic cheating can prevent Marcos’s election. If tried, this could provoke serious political turmoil and upheaval.

    This is the reason Aquino has come up with the lunatic idea of using people power to prevent Marcos’s accession to the vice presidency.

    The big problem is that Marcos is a more astute politician and better leader than BS Aquino.

    No Martin Luther King, no JPE, no FVR    
    If Aquino calls for people power to stop Marcos, will the people join him? It could be a party which no one will bother to attend.

    The only ones he can count on are the usual suspects – oligarchs, cronies, and political friends who are already feeding at the trough.

    How many can be induced to attend a rally at EDSA or Rizal Park?

    Aquino should recognize that many of his former supporters now feel serious voter’s remorse over his election in 2010. They will not march with him.

    Vice-President Binay, who marched at EDSA, has publicly rejected the very idea.

    Aquino should remember, too, that his mother, President Cory Aquino, tried to use people power against the Philippine Senate during its vote on the renewal of the Philippines-US military bases treaty. She was crushed.

    If BS marches to prevent the proclamation of Bongbong, he will most likely march alone. He himself might not attend.

    He is no Martin Luther King.

    He is not even Juan Ponce Enrile or Fidel V. Ramos.

    He is probably counting on the Sereno court to side with him in this shameless effort to cheat Bongbong of victory. If the justices could be cowed and bought to give Grace Poe the green light to run for President, they could be cowed and greased again.

    Only Aquino’s election matters
    Aquino forgets why we have elections, and why our people so ardently take part in elections (to the tune of 90 percent turnout). The key reason is that we need elections to halt an agenda that the public does not like. We value the chance and the opportunity to change our leaders.

    In his narcissism, President Aquino thinks that only his election to the presidency matters. The election of others is of no moment. He is telling us: “I have the power and the rest of government be damned.”

    He believes in his policies even when they do not work. He clings to the fantasy of success in daring the presidential candidates, “Beat my achievements.”

    But it is all a delusion in his deranged mind. Aquino is not the Republic. He is only our chief of state for his brief and temporary term.

    The expiry date of this ad hominem presidency is up.



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    1. Sino naman mga luko luko ang papansin sa panawagan ng tamad at manhid na Simeon na iyan…vengatibo, matabil ang bunganga na patutsadero, mga pananalita na self righteous na self centered, na habang binabasa sa magkabilang teleprompter ang mga speeches na siya mismo ay hindi nauunawaan kung ano mga pinagsasabi niya – mga pananalita nang kanyang busalsal na mga labi at usli na nguso na parang sa isda’ng bisugo- talagang icon na icon ng isang kalbo’ng abnoy..sabay ngiti ng mga naninilaw na ngipin gawa ng kakayosi…

    2. what a delusional nincompoop!!! he can’t even fill edsa with enough people during anniversaies of the 1986 revolution……….

    3. I think the article was well written and direct to the point. Victorts is also correct. Pnoy should realise that if Marcos wins, its the peoples way of protesting against his administration, like a rebellious child. A lot of the people who marched during Edsa 1 will actually vote for Marcos. Pnoy should stop being delusional about his non-existent success as a president and think why a Marcos is being voted for by the people.

    4. Is this a joke? hehehe….the writer nailed it. Magrally sya kasama mga cronies nya at mga yellow fanatics and communists including their hakot crowd pero I am sure that the people will not sit down this time. A counter rally for Marcos will surely rise at lalamunin ang hakot crowd at mga saradong isip na dilawan at pulaan. BBM is the VP and he will be!

    5. My message to Mr. PNOY and his appointed COMELEC chairman Bautista is to better embark on making the election transparent,honest and no bribery by the candidates in particular LP,UNA,NPC,PDP in order for the nation to have an orderly and the most HONESt election so that our nation’s integrity will be restored!….
      Proverbs 14:34New King James Version (NKJV)

      34 Righteousness exalts a nation,
      But sin is a reproach to any people….. . Proverbs 17:23New King James Version (NKJV)
      23 A wicked man accepts a bribe behind the back[a]
      To pervert the ways of justice.

    6. renato irlanda on

      yes to noynoying!
      yes to manhid and palpak
      but a big fat no to BS (bull shit)
      because a BULL, penoy is definitely not! an injustice to the BULL!!
      a BULL is a proven sire, may anak, supling, penoy WALA!!!
      pero pwedeng pwede sya dun sa “S”
      what he has done for the Philippines and the Filipinos is pure SHIT!

    7. PNoy is now using his uncle’s SWS survey to commit fraudulent survey results that his LP candidate for VP – Ms. Leni Robredo is “supposedly” now leading the polls for VP. This is so LAUGHABLE and UNBELIEVABLE !! Leni Robredo is NOT even popular in her hometown of Cam Sur as she did not accomplish anything at all and so many people dislike Robredo in Cam Sur, even in Naga City ! I am from Naga City so I know…..Robredo is believing her own FAKE press releases.

      For PNoy – he will move heaven and earth so that BongBong Marcos will not win BUT even in Naga City and Cam Sur Marcos is MORE popular than Robredo. It is very obvious that the PAID survey results of SWS that “Leni Robredo is leading the VP race” is SO “FAKE” and “UNTRUE”. PNoy and his LP yellow cult are now going crazy and desperate – BongBong Marcos will be the true winner in an honest election. Leni will not even win in Bicol. For sure she will lose in the solid north. Robredo’s only chance is to CHEAT using their usual Hocus Pcos and the Filipino people will REVOLT when this happens. The yellow people should go to jail including PNoy and ROBREDO and ROXAS and Drilon, ETC

    8. Noynoy the lunatic, is not the President of the Republic of the Philippines, he’s only the president of the yellow ribbon, ang mga taong may sakit sa baga. Saan ka nakakita ng Presidente ng isang bansa na ribbon ang nakalagay sa dibdidb instead na yung flag ng country na ni re represent nya. KAYA HUWAG IBUTO ANG MGA DILAWAN AT LAHAT NG LP PATI NA ANG SECRET CANDIDATE NYA NA LABAS SA BUHO AT HINDI KILALA ANG MGA MAGULANG, EH DI ANAK NG PUTA!

    9. No more noynoying, and no more Aquino at the government position. He will be last Aquino at the highest government position. They were evil and devil of our nation. salot sa ating lipunan at pahirap sa mamayang Filipino lalo na sa ating mga magsasaka at manggawa.. Boycott all the yellow cult media network, like ABS CBN , inquirier, at lahat ng bayarang dilawan. Also the schools like ATENEO DE CAMOTE UNIVERSITY, UP, DELA SALLE, ANG MG UTAK NG MGA ESTUDYANTE DITO NGAYON AY ZERO NA.. UTAK TALANGKA… IAM SORRY BUT THIS IS TRUE…

    10. Maribel Calanda on

      Look now, the last 60 days in ofc of BS Aquino will be devoted to capaigning against BBM. Government funds are used to naildown his enemies. He is no different from his predecessor. At least GMA has done something for the nation.

    11. I mostly like Yen’s articles, but now I know he is an contributor to fox news, I will read him more critically in future. There is hardly a more biased disreputable news outlet in the world. Obama is right to attack it.

    12. fidel S. Pescador on

      ang taong d marunong tumaggap ng pakakamali at d marunong magpatawad sa kapuwa ay isang taong d marunong sumunod sa batas at lalong lalo na sa Utos ng Panginoong DIOS, at lahat na pinaggagawa, lahat ay babalik sa kanya aanihin niya lahat …Kung ano ang tinanim ay siya rin ang aanihin….God bless and save Philippines…

    13. Despite ABSCBN, This Aquino and the Red Flag bearers, looks like the ghost of 1986 is making a comeback. Maybe only the ABSCBN commentators, the former congressman of Leyte and the feeling intelligent lady host(who should take an IQ test after bullying a senatorial candidate– to show she has the gray matter to join a beauty pageant), will join a rally with the worst President we ever had.
      Abuser of AMLA, nakakahiya tuloy sa Bangladesh and the world financial community !!!

    14. argumentum ad hominem is one of the logical fallacies. it attacks the person instead of the substance of the person’s position/argument. it is a weak argument which is often utilized to cover up lack or absence of convincing statements. its application is a sign of desperation. people who uses this kind of argument are always weak in logical thinking either thru lack of proper social attitudes or proper mental capacities. try to observe persons who use this argument and correlate it to their personality. you might find something weird.

    15. This Abnoy president is afraid of his own shadow, a lazy president who rely mostly on his job to his cabinet in doing his job. Why afraid of Bong bong Marcos.?, perhaps this Abnoy forget that we are in democratic process & leading a People’s Power with his cabinet members and his sisters will only lead to shameful acts of arrogance and hard loser in this coming election. He must respect the will of the people, he must respect the result of the right of suffrage of the Filipino people.

      • rogelio lim, wouldn’t be a sight to see benito leading the yellow cultists to block marcos jr’s ascent to the vp position if he wins despite the hocus pcos machines of andoy and benito?? sana mangyari sa kanya ang nabatuta, na tear gas at nabaril ng mga pulis sa kidapawan para makita nya ang kabuktutan ng kanyang mga alipores na kkk na nagutos sa mga pulis na walisin ang mga farmers na nagblock ng highway. balita ko kaya nagpanic na walisin ang mga farmers ay natakot yung gobernadora sa pagdating ni du30 na may dalang bigas at maging political rally ang lumabas at mapahiya ang gobernadora kay boy pickup

    16. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Very well written. Only big businesses (Ang Miguel among them) would care for BS if ever. Since the time is up for him, who would care, even Ang Miguel and others may switch as they are doing- to an ambitious, inexperienced, unqualified, disloyal, etc. candidate. God save the Philippines.

    17. Hi yenM I deeply appreciate ur write up because at last ur d only writer who has d guts to say dat to Pinoy and hs bunch of cronies…Marcos wl not rise had aquinos done much good to d people during there 12yrs regime…what a waste…cheers…

    18. If Aquino really believes he has done a great job as president of the Philippines, somebody should tell this delusional nincompoop to stop believing his own lies. If he needs to march on EDSA to unseat Bongbong if he wins the vice-presidency, doesn’t it occur to him that the people really hate him to elect the man he most hates? He has just barely two months to fantasize and it will be a more permanent lucid interval for him. If not, I just hope he checks himself in an institution for lunatics.

    19. Girlie Bebbeb on

      It will not be surprising kung mag-suffer siya nang husto sa mga diseases (like his mother before him) bago siya mamatay dahil mapaghiganti siya at marami na siyang injustice na ginawa sa kapwa.

    20. Don’t believe the sinister propaganda of ABS-CBN, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philstar, Rappler, liberal media and the entire Liberal Party.

    21. The problem with BS Aquino is he is incompetent not knowing that democracy is PH form of government where the rule of majority are the people, its the people who governed, the politicians including the president were only elected to represent the majority. If the majority of the people will elect anyone including Marcos then the majority of the citizens made their choice that cannot be challenged even by the highest court of the land.
      What is BS Aquino thinking, he is like an uneducated alien only born yesterday with mind full of mud and his head got infested with termites.

    22. Like it or not, there is such thing as ‘solid ‘ north; besides, he is the most and well-qualified at that, compred to the rest. ‘Noynoying’ will soon be a “lame duck” and will have NO clout. He will come down to earth and say: “Whahappen”?

      May God save the Republic of the Philippines.

    23. Trash waste of time, self-righteous article. Lots of ad hominem attacks too, ironically, for someone whining against it.