Aquino’s big-lie propaganda technique


It was Adolf Hitler who pointed out first what is known as the big-lie propaganda technique, which his Joseph Goebbels perfected: “Tell a big lie, keep repeating it, and people will eventually believe it.“

Hitler in his Mein Kampf even explained why it is so effective: “(The masses) would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

The “big-lie” technique is what Aquino has been employing in his desperate effort to justify what is inarguably the biggest case of malversation of government funds in our history and perhaps even in the world – the P144 billion or $3 billion used for his grossly-misnamed Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

Aquino’s big lie, repeated again and again in so many versions, is that the DAP was intended to stimulate the economy, and funded projects beneficial to the country.

Hitler and Goebbels would have congratulated Aquino.

Intentionally or not, Aquino’s big-lie trick has successfully brought much of public discourse to such really tangential issues as whether or not he had good faith in undertaking the DAP scheme or – an inane question actually – whether or not the Administrative Code of 1987 authorizes the President to spend government funds in whatever way he wants. (It doesn’t; only savings are authorized, which the Supreme Court found were not the funds Aquino used.)

Aquino’s oath taking, before Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales, Chief Justice Renato Corona behind: DAP really started here.

Aquino’s oath taking, before Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales, Chief Justice Renato Corona behind: DAP really started here.

Some of the more reasonable of what have been called the “Noytards” (rabid believers of Aquino) in social media postings concede that the DAP was unconstitutional but still insist that, “anyway, it funded good projects such as the acquisition of a Doppler radar.”

The truth is that, launched in October 2011 when he moved to take out Corona, it was the only way for Aquino to raise the huge slush fund and additional pork barrel money he needed to motivate Congress to undertake the unprecedented ouster of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

The list of 116 projects funded through the DAP released the other day by the budget department incontrovertibly confirms such bribe money in the form of pork barrel and patronage funds authorized by Aquino as follows:

Item 41 (in the DBM listing), “Other Various Local Projects P6.5 billion released: This item shall fund priority local projects nationwide requested by legislators, local government officials and national agencies,” according to the DBM document itself.

Item 73, “Other various infrastructure projects: P8.1 billion released.” The DBM document even explains: “This item shall fund priority local projects nationwide requested by legislators, local government officials, and national agencies.”

These two items were the source of the P100-million bribe money per legislator that Sen. Jinggoy Estrada exposed on September 25, 2012, and which Corona’s defense counsel Judd Roy 3rd reported during the trial.

Evidence of this had been unearthed in the form of a copy of Senate President Franklin Drilon’s letter marked “Private and Confidential” to several senators asking him or her “to submit to Dir. Gen. Yolanda Doblon on or before August 31, 2012, P50 million worth of infrastructure projects you wish to be funded in 2012.”

Item 53, GOCCs: Other Various Local Projects, P1.9 billion. “This item shall fund priority development projects nationwide in the areas of municipal ports, farm-to-market roads, local roads and bridges, livelihood, nutrition development and electrification through certain government and government-owned or controlled corporations.” Who decided what projects would be funded? Abad, after instructions from Aquino.

Item 42, “Development Assistance to the Province of Quezon,” P750 million. That certainly would have been a big incentive for then Sen. Edgardo Angara, whose power base is Quezon province, to vote to remove Corona. And that P750 million is on top of the P50 million DAP-funded pork barrel funds he had received in 2012. No wonder his son, now Sen. Juan Edgardo Angara, has been so energetic in defending Aquino’s DAP, as one done in good faith.

One venue also for ensuring Congress support for his project to remove Corona, was through massive funds for local governments, which are under the aegis of congressmen and senators, among these:

“LGU Support Fund,” P4.5 billion; “NHA: On-site Development for Families along dangerous areas,” P10 billion; “Relocation sites for informal settlers along Iloilo River and its tributaries,” P100 million (No wonder Congress’ prosecutor Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas had so much energy for the trial.); Mindanao Rural Development Project, P919 million; “Various Priority Infrastructure Projects,” P2.8 billion; and the biggest pork barrel of course, P8.6 billion for local governments in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

But Aquino and his budget secretary Florencio Abad, of course, realized that the hijacking of funds from projects appropriated by Congress for the bribe money would be so obvious if the money funded only that agenda, even if disguised as priority infrastructure funds.

So they included as many projects they could identify immediately, and Abad just asked Cabinet members what they wanted to fund, if money not in the appropriations laws were available.

This is the reason why several of the projects the DAP funded had practically nothing to do with stimulating the economy but which Cabinet members and allies asked for as if asked by Santa Claus what they wanted for Christmas, among them:

• Economic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan asked for P100 million for the institution which has been his base for decades, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies to buy a new building for its headquarters;

• Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez asked for and got P5 billion for his “Tourism Road Infrastructure,” another P500 million to fund the advertisement costs abroad for his “It’s more fun in the Philippines” slogan; and P200 million to move from the Manila headquarters it has had for decades to a “JB Building” in Makati. That last expenditure would have been a boon for the owners of JB building. Was there a bidding where the new tourism department offices would be?

• Technical and Skills Development Authority head Joel Villanueva probably thought that a drastic expansion of his agency’s operations would boost his chances of winning a Senate seat in the 2013 elections, and asked for, and got, P1.6 billion additional funding for its training programs, nationwide.

• Interior and Local Governments Secretary Mar Roxas asked for, and got, P250 million “Performance Challenge Fund” for local governments, which he dispensed at his discretion to build up his political base for his presidential ambitions in 2016. That is on top of the P4.5 billion “LGU support fund” mentioned above, which he distributes at his discretion.

• And, of course, Peace Adviser Teresita Deles got one of the biggest allocations P1.8 billion for “peace activities” of her office, which included campaigning here and abroad to win Aquino a Nobel Peace Prize.

These Cabinet secretaries should check if their requests were made in writing. If they were, they should beg Abad to shred it.

As I will explain on Friday, several Sandiganbayan and Supreme Court decisions include as conspirators the recipients of government funds in malversation cases. They are also jailed, and ordered to shoulder the return of the money involved with the official who illegally released the funds.

Aquino, of course, wasn’t one to be left behind in the distribution, as it were, of the loot. “Hindi pagugulang,” as that precise Pilipino term would put it.

He allocated from DAP funds P2 billion for road projects in his home province of Tarlac, and where his family’s crown jewel, Hacienda Luisita, is conveniently located. Abad and public works secretary Rogelio Singson were even so sycophantic: A note in the DBM document said: “The total requirement was increased from P1.1 billion to P2 billion after DPWH reviewed and adjusted the costing.”

Still looking for projects to cover for the real nefarious goal of his DAP, Aquino probably was mulling over this as his eyes fell on his Presidential Security Group bodyguard. “Kayo, Sarge, kailangan ba niyo ng pera?”

Voila, he allocated P250 million from the DAP to “enhance command in (sic) control of critical information and communications of PSG.”

You might suspect, though ,that Aquino or Abad may have the gift of prescience. Aquino allocated P20 million out of DAP money to the DILG to build a “facility to house high-risk and high-profile inmates.”

This would be, according to the DBM document, at Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan, and definitely not the one in Camp Crame where senators Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla are jailed. Costing P20 million, that facility probably has a smoking room and another for electronic games.
FB: Rigoberto D. Tiglao


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  1. soooo dumb hitler WARNED of people that used the big lie technique to fool the masses…..



  2. Aquino never acted as head or leader of a state, he merely enjoys the sweet popularity he thought would last while his corrupt buddies enjoyed their own pie for their sweet tooth- MONEY.. I remember how these senators and congressmen show off their “skills and talents” in Corona trial. Boy, they were good- in delivering evil deeds.

  3. FilipinoAreFools on

    The crab mentality of Filipinos is disgusting. I am appalled to hear such negative opinion and comments to someone who helped you bring something good to the table.

    Ingrates and fools.

    • Not all Filipinos are fools. These can all be black propaganda as should be expected if you attack so many politicians. The president, if he is strong and wise, should already have a countermeasure. Good luck to whoever is doing the right thing to the eyes of our Lord.

  4. Why is there a lot of discussion…? It is plain and simple, and the timing of events is as clear as day: money was scraped from other ‘budget allocations’ so that pnoy can pay congressmen and senators to prod them to remove corona, …eventually for his family’s (cojuangco’s) interest. In the process, everybody else who got the special ‘allocations’ had their pockets filled – with taxpayers’ money.
    Exhibit A: Corona’s trial was a sham and a mockery of justice.
    Exhibit B: the DAP.

    Whew! …wish the pinoys were a little bit more observant (and, analytical).

    It’s ‘pun’ in the Philippines!

  5. That was an astonishing list. And like the Gandhis (Indira and later her son Sandjay) he profits from bearing the name of a great freedom fighter.

  6. eltee mulawin on

    >>> This President shows himself a BOBO and in reality of being empty headed or AMPAW in the world. He wanted the Supreme Court to rule in accordance to what he wanted to do.

    1ST… He should change the form of government into PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM.
    2nd …Or Declare Martial Law in his own format and character ways and means.
    But if not…He is the very first thing among the Filipino people to RESPECT THE RULE OF LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION….most of all the Supreme Court.

    Another thing I noticed…he said ““What happened to the principle of “innocent until proven guilty?,”
    >>> ALAM DIN PALA NIYA NIYA ANG PANGUNGUSAP NA ITO. Dahil siya ang nasa kumunoy ng kahihiyan at kapalpakan. Pero sa mga kalaban niya walang ganoon kaisipan siya naalala.

    >>> I dont know if this President is an Attorney, if he is, his brain was became an ash or ABU and that is why his mentality became GAGO. That makes himself an ABUGAGO.

    >>>Then if he is a tunay na Abugado at may pinag-aralan sa Law, he should know these phrase….IT IS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW THAT TO BE PROVEN IN THE COURT !!!!


  7. To escape: You are the worst bootlicker of Aquino I have ever known. Tiglao is not telling “kasinungalingan” according to you – he is quoting the documents he obtained from DBM. Can’t you see the quotation mark? You are another bs member of the yellow mobs who voted for PNoy even if he is not qualifiedly prepared for the Presidency. Stop exposing your ignorance to the public. You’re a shame!!!!!!!&&&%%%%###

  8. Very clever indeed, thanks for the very good read. I don’t know what is in the Philippines to deserve a president such as the incumbent.

  9. P. Akialamiro on

    Escapo: Bakit hindi mo patunayan na nagsisinungaling si Mr. Tiglao? Dapat magpasalamat ka dahil kung wala ang katulad niya, wala kang malalaman sa mga katiwalian ng iyong gobyerno.

  10. Congratulations and thank you Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao for a very informative and enlightening column. I would like to support and give information to the truth of the DAP being used not just to influenced and corrupt the senator judges and congressmen in the impeachement of CJ Corona. As to the DBM items nos. 41 and 53, they were also used in the last local elections of 2013 to buy votes and influenced the voters by massive vote buying here in San Fernando, Pampanga. The mayor then, Oscar Rodriguez who was also in the Napoles list and a BFF of Butch aBAD and a converted Liberal party man after being a LDP, PMP, Lakas member to mention a few, was runing for congress. He was given the DAP money to distribute such money the whole of the third district of Pampanga. So, where now is the truth of what PeNoy was saying that the DAP funds were for the good of the people in general?????? For the good of their aBAD intentions, I would say.

  11. Edgar Balido on

    we need to remove this guy from office, how, I really do not know, maybe Divine Providence will step in and hep the Philippine nation. We cannot have a President who has a total disregard for the law of the land, otherwise the whole country would descend into anarchy.

  12. Hi, Bobi

    What about Item 24 in the list of DAP projects: DAR – Landowners’ Compensation

    Description: 5.4B indicated in the memo the President, but only indicated as cash releases that is not included in the 72.110B proposed funding

    Proposed funding: left blank

    Allotment release: left blank

    Remarks: this item was included in the DAP as part of the disbursement strategy since it only required the release of the NCA (cash). It already has an appropriation in the FY 2010 and FY 2011 GAA in the total amount of 7.932B. The cash requirement was released on October 4, 2011 to beef up disbursement alongside disbursement under DAP

    This Item 24 is something that needs to be fleshed out. What is this DAP disbursement on top of the budgets provided in the GAA?

    • rosendo bagtas on

      masyado kang gahaman, escapo. di mo ba napansin, sa sarili mo, na sobra ang pagkalulong mo sa panaginip ukol sa minimithi mong si PNoy. ito ang tinaguriang – PANAGINIP SA TANGHALING TAPAT! magising ka, escapo, at tingnan ang sarili mo kong saan ka ngayon! ‘wag kang patuloy maging bayaran sa isan huwad na pamunuan . . . ulit – – – magising ka sana sa katotohanan!!!!!!

    • Escapo, you are free to disprove Mr. Tiglao. Do you have some truth in you? if you have then share it.

    • Ha ha ha ganyan talaga escapo, masakit malaman, marinig or mabasa ang katotohanan. Ikaw pwede mo naman i check if tama ba ang pinagsasabi ni Mr. Tiglao….Para malaman mo sakasakaing di mo pa alam ha? Lahat ng sinulat ni Ginoong Tiglao ay ni minsan hindi pa pinabulaanan ng taga malakanyang…

    • Escapo, Journalists like Mr. Tiglao must observe ethics and principle which they must follow in reporting only the truth and facts accordingly , and Manila Times has displayed the good reputation which many readers finds it a very good and reliable source of information for many to know.

    • tulad ng pagsisinungaling ni Aquino? if puro kasinungalingan ang pinagsasabi ni Tiglao then who dont you re-butt his argument? answer him point to pont? a mere statement na Puro Kasinungalingan si Tiglao is baseless if you can’t answer his argument with a correct reasoning.

    • Pano mo naman nalaman na kasinungalingan ang mga sinulat ni Mr. Tiglao, aber??? Wala ka maisagot kaya ang ginamit mong pangalan eh ESCAPO. or escape in English. para wala kang sabit.

    • Wala ka namang pinaniniwalaan kundi si bompanot na isa rin pa lang kurakot. Palitan mo na iyang yellow ribbon mo at idilat mo ang mga mata mo!!!

    • Mr. Tiglao must have culled the DAP project database funding from the list of DBM projects funded as released by DBM. The data information is a good starting point for COA Chairman Grace Pulido Tan to perform a close ande scrutinizing audit of the fundings of the projects, if they were indeed received and spent for the purpose by the implementing agency. As to why COA Chairman Tan is so quiet to announce whether or not there was an audit of DAP funds or she is in the process of doing, Is a mystery to me! She is silent as Tan might step on the toes of Aquino and jeopardizes her being appointed to the Supreme Court since she might have the forewarned knowledge that DAP is illegal and unconstitutional. She, however, admitted COA got some DAP funds to purchase vehicle for her Commissioners and some IT equipments. COA is a separate Constitutional body and DAP funding to it is “cross-border” diversion of funding, ruled prohibited as unconstitutional and illegal. COA Chairman Tan must come out of her shell and speak out the truth of her audit regardless of her concern for her SC nomination!
      As to Aquino’s psychological media strategy of “Goebbel’s-like style” to tell big lies and continue to pound and drum it up until it stick to public mind as the “truth” is a product of Aquino’s stubborn-headed and autistically passionate on things he thought what it should be or is he himself thought is right…… like juggling the DAP funds! A stubborn-headed fellow never admits the views, ideas and informed judgement of others! He is a one-track mind person and will insist and never give in unless over his dead body! Aquino must submit to SC rulings, divert his energy and attention from PDAP and DAP to other more urgent needs of the poor people (like spiraling prices of prime commodities, energy and electric and water, and foremost the uncheck increase of crimes (guns-for-hire murders; robberies and rape) If Aquino is truthful and honest to his policy of straight path, he must investigate, prosecute and indict all congressmen and senators involved in PDAP and DAP, whether allies or foes! Up to now the typhoon victims of Yolanda in Samar is still sufferings from lack of shelter and danger of another typhoon, yet Aquino, despite large international donations, had abandoned them, or turtle-slow in aiding them! Osmena is right, Aquino has no managerial acumen or capabilities and gets overwhelmed or
      paralyzed by the current political or social crisis of the day!
      Jun Adan
      New York City

  13. napoleon rama on

    Please don’t impeach the president; let him be banished from the face of the earth. Don’t prolong the agony of the people; his continued stay will further harm our people. Pabugsobugso lang cguro ang autistic mentality nya.

    • Hey napoleon rama, what do you mean by saying “let him be banished from the face of the earth?” Are you advocating assasination of him? That is a rude, crude, indecent and criminal proposal my friend.

    • An insane president could do more harm to the people if he is allowed to stay longer still. Look where we are now. The misused of public funds, his abused of power and his continued disrespect for the constitution is reason enough to remove him in office as soon as possible. We are more powerful than this mentally sick president.

  14. Migs Doromal on

    I would like to see this shameless animal, BS Aquino fall from grace and locked behind bars.

    And the faces of his father, Ninoy and mother, Corazon permanently removed from all our money bills!

    Marcos was right. They wanted to kick him out because they wanted their turn in looting the nation’s coffers.

    Give me one Coryista who hasn’t benefited or stolen from taxpayers money during post Edsa days.

  15. Rosa Maria Tabia on

    Remember Mr. Joseph Estrada when he mentioned that that there are judges dressed in wolf. And after this they unseat him with the help of the Congress.
    Be careful with their coffer cause they have savings and they do not want to spend it for the expenses of their offices and to fast track to resolve immediately all crimes done. But they want to save it so that when there is a change in presidency they will instead use it as their bonus. JUDGES pls. Help us to understand the laws.
    Also pls. Do not mislead us there is another
    Article no. 48, allowing the President to use this saving as DAP.
    Basa BROD PETE of the Philippines.

    • The problem is that the Supreme court found out after examining the papers submitted to them that there were no actual savings. palabas lang nila na may savings. But actually they terminate the projects, most likely.

    • The SC agrees “savings” can be used which can be computed at years end. Pnoy utilized the funds mid-year, how then can this be savings?

      That is the issue. I trust Pnoy in using funds as i trust his honesty. But he cannot right a wrong.

      The worst part is that it sets a precedent for the next president.

      I dread the next president will not be Binay, as we’d all be in deep shit!


    This president is likened to a mad man who roam around the street but know nothing
    good. I have yet to see a president who openly attack the Supreme Court. Isn’t
    that he was sworn to protect, defend and respect the constitution? Isn’t that the
    Supreme Court is final arbiter of legal issues in this country. If this president has
    no respect in the constitution and the supreme court, then there is no excuse also
    for the ordinary people in the street to defy the law? If the president who is supposed
    to be the first to obey the decision of the Supreme Court does not even show respect
    to it, then what kind of country do we have. To whom will the people ran to for
    refuge if no less than the president can just defy the Supreme Court? Will the
    people in this country ran to the mountains and join these who cannot find justice
    in their government? If this is soo, then this country is now in, in a lawless society.

  17. Mr. Tiglao, what can you say about the P30billion disbursement to capitalise the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas? Is that LEGAL?

    • napoleon rama on

      If the source is wrong, then the use is wrong – it is illegal. Let the congress appropriate for the additional capitalization of the BSP. The BSP management should explain to congress why they need additional capital, for what plan, and how it affects the economy of the country. If Pnoy just hijack the funds from other sectors of the economy, those sectors would be underfunded. And if one of the sectors happen to be the coconut industry, the kolisap problem would be neglected. Since the hijacked fund was given to BSP, the BSP people will rejoice for more bonuses but the coco farmers will cry due to famine.

  18. WOW! and WOW! As being said and the written, it is oh, so easy to make a list. Question Does all these recipients really exist? Or were these projects simply products of King of DAP PNoy and his Prince Abad. It would be very nice if somebody or anybody will audit and check the existence of these projects. Those projects worded as “other various projects” are the biggest lie, the most blatant example of fooling the public and stealing their hard earned tax money which should have benefitted them. AS always the yellows seem to celebrate that finally the list is out in the open and as stupid they are, immediately accepted the list as gospel true, not knowing that they are, once again, being subjected to more spin by the spin-in-chief, King of DAP, PNoy. Let us focus in the next days or weeks, when folks with good intentions start dissecting the list. Truth will come out if not immediately but very soon.

  19. Why don’t we start a nationwide campaign for inclusion in the Guiness Records of the USD3B as the BIGGEST DOCUMENTED THEFT OF PUBLIC FUNDS IN HISTORY. Then, DAP King Simyon can lay claim rightfully to worldwide fame.

  20. Recent developments have confirmed what many have long suspected: the President of our Republic is insane.

  21. Alex de villa on

    Please look into the nha project of 12 billion for the relocation and squatters and pnp afp housing. No bidding for the projects were made in violation of the Government Procurement Act. Most of the contractors appointed were friends of chito cruz, classmate of Pnoy.

  22. aquino unmasked. a true LP and true to form. just what are we in power for? time’s up. time to move. time to unleash.and that time is NOW!

  23. A Bad Boy Pnoy on

    Tsk tsk tsk, no wonder na ang Pinas na sinasabing uunlad sa pamamahala (daw) ni Aquino hangga ngayon ay puno pa rin ang bansa ng corruption. At kahit katiting ay walang naramdaman ang kahit sinong umasenso. Ay, meron pala yung mga nag-abroad, mga Cojuangco, Pangilinan, Ayala, Sy, Gokongwei, Mar Roxas, Frank Drilon, Abad, Tupaz, Angara, President Aquino, Lacierda, Alcala: pakikalkal nga ang mga banko ng mga ito, please! At tignan naman natin kung may bank account ang mga Juan dela Cruz sa Pilipinas. Makakapal nga kasi ang mga mukha ng mga Politiko sa atin!

  24. remember this times, because in 24 months there will be a new president,
    who will try to please everybody, and not get anything accomplished.

    then people will recall t he time of noynoy who stepped on a lot of toes,
    but moved the country forward, at least a little bit.

    • “..not get anything accomplished..”??? You must be a very good psychic. Now which President are you talking about who will not get anything accomplished from 2016 onwards? I bet you’re talking about Kris
      Aquino. You’re right, and I agree with you completely.

    • are you nuts! Panotsky tried to please everybody in Congress except the Filipino masses. Look around if you are really an observer, the traffic, floods, power shortage, prices of goods, gasoline, smuggling and true lies. Or maybe you are having a yellow blinder. don’t forget to pin your twisted yellow ribbon, that symbolizes twisted minds.

    • Pnoy did not accomplish anything. He did not move the country forward. On the contrary, his challenging the Supreme Court, moved the country backward and delivered this country on the brink of civil war. A dangerous person, Pnoy is. He is even more dangerous as a President.

    • Yes, I truly believe that in the future I will look back and see I made a terrible mistake. I had voted for PNOY for president, only to see him become the worse president of our country ever.