Aquino’s blunders that prolonged Zamboanga crisis


I’m from Zamboanga, i never thought na this will happen to our place, not in our wildest dream!! nakakasakit po ng loob na wala pong pakialam ang gobyerno sa nangyayari sa zamboanga! napaka carefree po ng mga tao sa amin, kahit po abutin nag madalinga raw sa labas wala po nangyayari! nagkakaisa po ang muslim at kristiyano! more than a hundred thousands lost their homes, pero wala pa rin po ginagawa ang gobyerno! nagtataka lang po ako, bakit po sa luzon, isang araw pa lang ang baha, state of calamity, bakit po sa zamboanga hindi na nila agad nilagay sa state of emergency!! Wag po sanang mamasamain ng ibang reader,… useless lang po pumunta ng Zamboanga si Pnoy, wla nman syang nagawa…nakakkairita na po sya! salamat po!

On the first day of the siege I already wondered why Scout rangers were sent and not the PNP SAF OR SWAT, which was trained in Urban warfare. Scout rangers are trained for jungle and open field fighting and not urban fighting. The MNLF had snipers at every strategic places where the military had a hard time penetrating.

People wondered why it was Roxas doing the briefing instead of Gen Gazmin more so when the President arrived. It was a big blunder for the President for not letting the Generals and field commanders to do the brainstorming.
Butch Natividad,


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  1. he allowed a war happened to poof for himself that he is powerful he didnt see the effect of his decision now after 18 days past the question now is how much money they spent, how many houses lose burned, even churchsmuslim nasira, it only shows that pnoy ay kulang sa i . un sa pork cno ba ang may pnakamalaki pork barel cya 1.3 trillion cya lang ang may karapatan gumastos wal kau pakialam. ang daming ibang problema ng pilipinas dinaagdagan pa nya

  2. Rosauro Feliciano on

    Which do we people prefer, to give-in to the demand of the rebel in order to let them leave scot-free so civilians would be released to prevent what we may call the “blunders that prolonged Zamboanga City crisis”, or not to give-in resulting to what has happened now and giving the rebels the chances to regroup for more attacks? We have learned bitter lesson from the “MNLF Cabatangan siege” also in Zamboanag City in the early nineteen nineties and so our Commander-in-Chief took that bitter lesson under the circumstances. We heard from military men say that it is better to bleed during training than bleed to dead at war. Yes those who died in this prolonged Zamboanga City crisis did not die in vain because they died for saving more lives of those did not born yet. They are remembered as TRUE MARTYRS because they were truly innocent people who did nothing wrong or even part of the war; a war not of their plan and implementation. We should start each day with a prayer asking HIM for wisdom so we can make discernment in fullness.