• Aquino’s DAP lies


    (By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis & Commentaries, November 1, 2013)
    Very well put Mr. Tiglao!and now the novel idea of sj Puno needs prompt action to get results i.e. the PEOPLE’S INITIATIVE.You have my full support Sir.(estudyante mo ako noon)This is the better alternative than the parliament of the street!
    Ariel C. Manipula, manipulaw@yahoo.com

    Lahat sila walang ginawang masama they are all saints Baka Lang kunin sana agad ni lord kasi their not thieves. Ang babait nila
    Rommel Ibarra, Rshogun529@gmail.com

    So, with all those evidences vs Pnoy regarding culpable violation of the constitution, how can he be removed from the presidency in the quickest manner possible?? Else, by the way he does serious illegal things, he will commit more serious illegal actions against Philippine laws. Anyone, please help!!!!
    Don Licer, rliceral@ymail.com


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